Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/14/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/14/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Theresa is happy to see Brady come home

Brady joins Theresa in the living room after looking over the budgets that she and Nicole gave him. Brady confirms to her that they are great which makes her happy. Brady tells her that he's proud of her. Brady brings up dinner and suggests going on an actual date as they kiss.

Summer sits at the bar of the nightclub, having a drink. She thinks back to Maggie revealing to her that she gave her away. Summer finishes her drink and orders another.

Rafe and Hope continue kissing. They stop and comment on that happening. Rafe decides he should leave now but Hope invites him to stay and have a drink. Rafe agrees that he could use a drink.

Abigail sleeps on the couch of the DiMera Mansion. Thomas starts crying so Abigail wakes up as Ciara is going to check on Thomas. Abigail rushes over and tells Ciara not to touch her baby then apologizes when she realizes it's her. Abigail admits she thought it was Ben. Ciara understands she was scared. Abigail questions why she's here so late. Ciara tells her that Chad asked her to come over so that she could sleep. Abigail asks where Chad went. Ciara says he only said he had to take care of something and would be back soon. Abigail starts looking for her phone.

Rafe and Hope sit together having a drink. They agree that it's crazy as it's not like they just met or a first date. Hope says they kissed and it's no big deal. They agree that it was nice and kind of incredible. Hope then tells Rafe that it can't happen again. Rafe agrees if she feels that way. Hope brings up Rafe having a lot on his plate with his family. Hope tells him how much their friendship means to her so she's scared of messing it up. Hope asks if she's right but Rafe tells her that she's wrong.

Drunk Summer watches Brady and Theresa on her way to the restroom

Brady and Theresa go to the nightclub for their date. Theresa is glad they decided to go out when they've been so busy with work and worried about Victor and Maggie. Brady appreciates having her by his side. The hostess Donna greets them and takes them to their table. Summer remains at the bar then gets up to go to the restroom when she sees Brady and Theresa on the way. Summer goes over and greets them. Brady says they didn't see her when they came in. Theresa talks about it being their first night out in a long time. Brady asks if she's here with someone. She's not and was just going to the restroom. Brady asks if she's okay which she claims she is. Brady invites her to join them which annoys Theresa.

Hope repeats to Rafe that she is scared of messing up their friendship. Rafe says they are already more than friends which is why this just happened. Rafe's phone rings but he says it can wait. Rafe asks Hope to just hear him out. Rafe asks her what she's thinking. Hope tells him that she's thinking about how much she loves being partners with him and how it makes her look forward to work because she's inspired by that but she's afraid that if they get involved, it will all go away. Rafe thinks she's right that they are in this together but that she would look forward to work more. Rafe knows she has been through Hell lately. Rafe tells Hope that she doesn't have to say anything right now and it's okay if she doesn't feel the same way. Rafe says he can handle it but he loves her so much that he couldn't hold it back anymore. Rafe gets a text from Chad that says it's urgent so he has to go. Rafe decides this is to be continued. He finishes his drink and then exits.

Summer tells Brady that she's fine but Brady notes that she looks like she's about to cry. Summer says she just had some drinks and is going back to the Salem Inn. Theresa thinks he should let her go but Brady continues asking about her and if something happened with Maggie. Summer tells him that she doesn't know anyone in the town and just got bored so she came out for a drink. Brady offers to get her a cab ride home but Summer insists she's fine and tells them to have a great night as she walks away. Theresa thinks she looked fine to her and convinces Brady to sit back down. Brady continues looking back to Summer at the bar. Theresa wants him to let it go but Brady can't, knowing something is wrong and says he won't be long. Brady goes to the bar and asks Summer if she needs money. Summer argues that she's fine and is just looking for her phone. Brady stops her and says he knows it's not fine so he demands to know what happened.

Rafe meets Chad outside of the town square and goes over what happened with Ben. Chad wants confirmation that Ben will not go back to the same institution that he broke out of. Rafe brings up that Ben is in the ICU right now and a judge will decide where he goes next. Chad wants him in a maximum security prison but Rafe can't guarantee that. Chad questions if they are going to go easy on Ben. Rafe warns him about trying to take matters in to his own hands. Chad feels he has to do something. Rafe calms him down and says he will try to find out some information for him then get in to contact with him. Chad says Abigail and Thomas are the most important things to him. Rafe tells him to go be with them while he deals with Ben so Chad walks away.

Ciara tries to help Abby take care of Thomas

Abigail holds Thomas while he cries. Ciara gives her advice from Hope that babies soak up the feelings of their loved ones. Abigail questions if she thinks he is crying because of her. Ciara explains that he may be upset because she is upset so Abigail gives him back to Ciara and he stops crying. Ciara sings him a song that Bo used to sing to her. Abigail recognizes that her nanny used to sing it to her. Abigail notes that Ciara is really good with him and wonders why she can't do that. Ciara says she has but just isn't in the best shape right now. Abigail thinks back to lighting Ben on fire. Abigail starts feeling sick and runs out of the room.

Summer tells Brady that Theresa will be mad if he doesn't get back to her. Brady wants to be sure that she's okay. Summer says she just had a couple of drinks. Brady knows Maggie is in the hospital and Victor wasn't very nice to her before. Summer agrees that Victor can be mean. Summer insists that she will be okay but Brady continues to worry since he is responsible for bringing her here, feeling sorry for putting her in to bad treatment. Brady refuses to abandon her. Summer says it's not like it hasn't happened before. Summer tells Brady that he has nothing to feel guilty about as he's always been nice to her. Brady hopes she and Maggie can find a way to have a good relationship. Summer comments that it would be nice. Brady tells her that she can count on him. Summer tells him she believes that and to go back to Theresa. Brady asks if she needs money for a cab. She says no so Brady tells her to get home safe. Brady then goes back to Theresa.

Hope looks at a photo of Tom and Alice, wishing she could talk to Alice so that she would know what to do. Hope says to herself that Rafe is a good man but wonders if she's just not ready to open her heart to someone new.

Rafe sits in the town square alone thinking back to kissing Hope.

Chad listens intently as Ciara tells him how she thinks Abby feels.

Chad comes home and asks Ciara where Abigail is. Ciara informs him that she's in the bathroom throwing up. Chad worries if she's sick. Ciara tells her how Abigail woke up and thought she was Ben trying to take the baby and was in bad shape. Chad apologizes for her. Ciara brings up what Chase did to her so she thinks she gets Abigail feeling like a victim. Ciara talks about still blaming herself sometimes so she thinks Abigail is doing the same. Chad is glad Ciara is here. Ciara is sorry for what Abigail is going through. Chad knows she's not supposed to work tomorrow but he asks if she can come by after school which she agrees to. Abigail comes back in and Chad hugs her.

Brady and Theresa finish their meal. Theresa suggests getting dessert but then asks if Brady wants to call the Salem Inn to see if Summer got there alright. Brady apologizes, saying he knows something is wrong with Summer. Theresa just doesn't want to spend their one night out talking about Summer. Brady agrees and is just starting to think it was a huge mistake to bring Summer here as he didn't think about how Maggie or Victor would take it. Brady says he was just convinced that he could save Summer and help Maggie cope with the loss of Daniel. Theresa knows he was just trying to help but Brady feels that Summer is no better off than when he found her. Theresa tells him that it's out of his hands and Summer has to do it herself.

Summer sits in her hotel room finishing another drink. She gets up and looks at the charm she took from Maggie. Summer then gathers her things and hurries out of the room.

Chad apologizes to Abigail for taking so long and says he just had stuff to take care of. Ciara gives Thomas back to Abigail and he starts to cry again. Abigail tells Ciara that she's got it now so she can go home. Ciara exits. Chad asks Abigail if she wants him to take Thomas but Abigail argues that she can do it and knows she can take care of her own son as he continues to cry.

Theresa thinks Brady is under enough stress without worrying about Summer. Brady agrees and suggests they dance together. Theresa talks about wanting their wedding to be perfect and they kiss.

Abigail tries feeding Thomas but he continues crying. Chad wants to take him but Abigail refuses, getting mad at the thought that she can't take care of her own son.

Hope chats with Rafe on the phone.

Rafe calls Hope, saying he was afraid she might not pick up since he thought he may have scared her away. Hope tells him what he said was sweet and romantic. Rafe says he meant every word. Hope says it was sweet to call but Ciara just got home from babysitting. Rafe knows it must be tough for Abigail. Hope says she's going to check on Ciara. Hope tells Rafe that they will talk tomorrow. They say goodnight and hang up.

Brady and Theresa kiss back to their place. Theresa says she had such a good time that they should have date nights more often. Brady then spots Summer sitting outside their door. Brady asks her what happened. Summer says she doesn't know and just couldn't stay in her room anymore. Brady tells her that she can stay with them which annoys Theresa.

Chad takes Thomas from Abigail and he immediately stops crying. Abigail gets upset and leaves the room.

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