Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/13/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/13/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Eduardo sees his ex-wife.

Eduardo sits in the town square finishing a meal when he spots Adriana walking by. He approaches her and she questions why he's still here. Eduardo responds that he has some unfinished business with her but she says he doesn't. Eduardo tells her that she still doesn't need the whole story so he would like her to hear it from him if she's willing to listen.

Caroline sits alone in the Pub where Hope joins her. Caroline has a bible that Eric left her. Caroline hopes Eric doesn't lose his faith. Hope encourages that he still has their love and support. Hope informs Caroline that Victor is stable and Maggie's out of surgery. Hope mentions that it's too soon to see how Maggie will recover but the surgery went well. Caroline tells Hope that Deimos is pure evil and she knows he is responsible for what happened. Hope believes in Caroline's vision bringing Bo back before. Caroline says they thought Stefano was behind Bo's torture but she thinks it was Deimos.

Deimos has men pack up Victor's things at the Kiriakis Mansion. Nicole arrives and comments that he doesn't waste time settling in. Deimos says he never does and asks what she's doing here. Nicole says she came to see him. Deimos asks if she came to take up his offer for a cup of coffee. Deimos offers a glass of wine to toast to getting what they want and deserve.

Adriana believes in common courtesy so she sits with Eduardo. Adriana talks about teaching their children after he showed them the opposite. Eduardo apologizes but she doesn't want to hear it. She talks about how she used to hope every day that he would call until eventually she just wanted to forget. She says if she's going to let him say his piece then he must answer the question that kept her up at night. Adriana asks how things went so wrong for them. She knows he will say he didn't have a choice but there is always a choice. She questions why he couldn't have chosen any other job and how he could let her fall in love with him in the first place.

Caroline chats with Hope

Caroline asks Hope if it was something she said. Hope tells her it's not her and closes the door to the Pub. Hope tells Caroline that she is going to tell her something because she deserves to know the truth but it can't leave this room. Hope says she did a really terrible thing. Caroline tells her that God forgives but Hope says not if she's not sorry and she isn't. Hope reveals to Caroline that she killed Stefano because she was so sure that he was behind what happened to Bo and wanted him to pay. Caroline says good for her and that she did the world a favor because Stefano was not innocent. Caroline remarks that her only regret was not shoooting him herself.

Eduardo knows he broke Adriana's heart but points out that they still made beautiful children together. Eduardo says they meant everything to him and always wanted to get out of the assassin work but he failed. Eduardo argues that what they had was a good life. Eduardo says if the alliance left him alone, they would still be together to this day.

Caroline questions if Hope thought she would be upset with her. Hope states that she murdered a man. Caroline argues that he wasn't a man but a devil who tried to destroy their family. Caroline points out he took Bo from them forever. Hope informs her that she isn't sure that's true anymore and brings up the phone call that she got that said she killed the wrong man. Hope asks what if it was Deimos. Hope adds that she doesn't have proof but felt Caroline deserved to know the truth. Caroline insists that she already knew after her vision of Deimos with Seth Malcolm and tried to tell Victor. Hope doesn't know what to think. Caroline tells her not to be upset because Stefano got what he deserved. Caroline says they will see to it that Deimos has to pay for Bo's death if he was responsible.

Deimos turns on the charme with Nicole.

Nicole tells Deimos that she can't toast to that because she hasn't gotten what she wants yet which is answers. Deimos sits with her on the couch. Nicole brings up his thirty years in prison for murder and thinks he got a little upset when she saved Victor's life. Nicole admits that she tried to kill Victor once herself. Deimos says he heard that and questions why she helped him now. Nicole says she is trying to be a better person. Nicole adds that she's done her research and seen pictures of Helena. Deimos asks if she thinks he's going to kill her too because she looks so much like her. Deimos claims to be an innocent man. Deimos says he didn't kill Helena as that was all Victor. Nicole questions him and says Victor never once mentioned their resemblance. Deimos argues that it's why Victor married her. Nicole is uncomfortable by how Deimos looks at her. Deimos calls the resemblance to Helena uncanny. Deimos says he's done his research too and knows she has lived an interesting life. Nicole says he has too and can't even imagine how he got Victor's mansion from him. Deimos calls it a long story. Nicole says she has time and would love to hear what brought him to Salem and what else he wants.

Eduardo talks about thinking he was free but they found him and made him do more. Adriana questions why he didn't confide in her. Eduardo says they threatened to kill her and the kids so the only way to keep her safe was to leave. She doesn't believe him. Eduardo says she saw what they were capable of so he couldn't take that chance with his family. Eduardo talks about their family photos. Adriana smiles at the memory of when the kids were young. Eduardo talks about having to destroy his photos so that the alliance would believe him leaving. Eduardo needs her to understand. She questions him leaving because he loved her. Eduardo says he never stopped loving her and regrets it. Eduardo declares he would do anything for her and the children and to have his family back.

Rafe and Roman go to the Pub where Hope lets them in. Roman questions the Pub being closed. Caroline says it was slow so they just decided to have a heart to heart. Hope tells her it's okay as they know. Hope informs them that she told Caroline the truth that she killed Stefano. Roman knows they can trust her. Rafe questions how that came up. Hope explains that they were talking Deimos and how maybe she killed the wrong man. Caroline declares that they have to find a way to stop Deimos.

Deimos goes over spending thirty years in prison for his brother's crime and coming to Salem to settle the score. Deimos says now he just wants to live and won't let any opportunity pass by. Nicole thinks he'll have two weeks before Victor comes calling. Deimos argues that Victor has no fight left in him. Nicole says he doesn't know Victor as well as she does. Deimos questions why she cares. Nicole admits she married Victor for money and it wasn't worth it but she loves Maggie. Deimos questions why. Nicole informs him that she was engaged to Maggie's son, Daniel who died in a car accident on New Year's Eve. Deimos tells her that he's sorry. Nicole mentions how Maggie might not be able to walk now. Nicole warns Deimos that if he is a threat to Maggie in any way then she is a threat to him. Deimos tells Nicole that he holds no ill will towards Maggie who he calls an innocent victim. Deimos says he prays for her speedy recover. Nicole comments that he doesn't seem like the praying time. Deimos declares that his conflict with Victor is over as he won so there is nothing for her to worry about. Nicole is not sure she believes him. Deimos invites her to dinner to tell his side of the story.

Roman asks Caroline what she wants him to do about Deimos. Caroline argues that he obviously kidnapped and tortured Bo. Roman says they need proof. Rafe notes that it will take some time. Caroline brings up that Deimos swindled Victor and Maggie then almost killed both of them. Hope thought Maggie's fall was an accident. Roman points out that Victor never accused Deimos. Caroline doesn't believe in accidents and shouts that they have to find a way to get rid of Deimos.

Adriana wishes she could believe and forgive Eduardo. She says he has made the pain so fresh again. Dario interrupts and questions what he did to her this time.

Rafe and Hope walk through the town square. Hope doesn't want Rafe to be mad at her as she felt Caroline needed to know. Rafe says he isn't and she doesn't owe him an explanation. Hope goes over everything Rafe has done for her and talks about Caroline's visions. Rafe wishes there was something he could do. Hope says he has done plenty for her and she would be in jail without him right now. Hope says she's here leaning on him again. Rafe tells her to go ahead because he isn't going away. Rafe asks about Ciara. Hope then gets a text from Ciara that she's on her way to babysit Thomas for Abigail and Chad. Hope wants staying busy to keep her mind off everything else. Rafe is glad she wasn't at the DiMera Mansion earlier. Hope can't believe Ben made it past the guards. Rafe assures that he won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Rafe turns around and sees Dario with Adriana and Eduardo. Hope asks if he wants to go see what's going on. Rafe says he doesn't as every time he tries to make peace, Dario creates another argument so they have to work it out themselves. Hope wants things to work out for his family as they walk away together.

Dario tells Eduardo to go away. Eduardo tells him to let her explain. Dario threatens to make Eduardo go. Adriana tries to calm him down. Dario questions if Adriana is letting him get to her and is going to let him back in to her life.

Nicole tells Deimos that she's busy tonight. Deimos gives her his business card which lists him as the CEO of Titan. Nicole is shocked and says he does work fast. Deimos calls it thirty years in the making and says he is a man of infinite patience. Deimos tells her that he will be waiting. Nicole asks if she really looks like Helena. Deimos says he'd swear they were twins. Nicole says they obviously aren't related since her last name was Mendes and her family tree is pretty messed up. Deimos calls that something in common. Nicole asks if she's like Helena in any other way. Deimos calls her one of a kind and says he can see already that Nicole is too so time will tell. Nicole turns to exit as Kate arrives in the doorway.

Adriana tells Dario that maybe they have all lived with this pain for too long. Dario tells her that she can't forgive Eduardo. She brings up how they all used to pray together every night and none of them are free of sin. She adds that she will continue to pray. Eduardo says that's all he can ask. Adriana asks Dario to walk her home. Eduardo asks if they can continue this conversation over breakfast tomorrow. Dario says no but Adriana agrees to it. Eduardo says he will be in touch as Dario walks Adriana away.

Rafe brings Hope back to Jennifer's. Hope admits to Rafe that if she did kill the wrong man, part of her doesn't want to know but asks how she can let it go if Deimos was behind what happened to Bo. Hope then ponders what if it turns out Deimos had nothing to do with what happened after she puts all that energy into it.

Kate comments on Nicole being back and questions what she's doing here. Nicole questions if Kate is living here now. Kate tells her it's not her concern. Nicole agrees and goes to leave but Kate points out she didn't answer her question. Nicole says she came to deliver a warning to Deimos. Kate mocks Nicole's company with Theresa. Nicole informs that she warned Deimos that she will bury him if he comes near Victor or Maggie again. Deimos assures that he has no intention of doing that. Kate suggests Nicole leave. Nicole tells Deimos that he can do better as she exits. Kate questions Deimos as to what's really going on with he and Nicole. Kate tells him not to tell her it's nothing as any friend of Nicole's is an enemy of her. Deimos asks what's going on between them. Kate doesn't know where to begin. Kate doesn't know what his interest is in Nicole but she is not playing games. Deimos calls her irresistible and kisses her. Deimos tells Kate that he wants to make love to her in every room of his new home as they continue kissing.

Dario thinks about Nicole

Nicole walks through the town square where she comes across Dario. Nicole apologizes for having a lot on her mind. Dario says he has too until he saw her. Dario offers to buy her a drink to take her mind off her troubles, feeling he owes her one. Nicole jokes that he's the second guy to offer tonight. Dario calls it a smart move to turn the other guy down and wait for him. Nicole says she has an early call tomorrow so she'll be sleeping. Dario suggests a rain check. Nicole doesn't think she's ready. Dario says he's not asking for her hand in marriage but just one drink. Nicole decides on maybe. Dario takes that as a yes. Nicole says goodnight and walks away.

Rafe tells Hope that he can take over the case on Maggie's fall and can look in to Deimos. Hope worries that he has enough cases already and that people will think he's not objective. Rafe says he'll do it under the radar. Hope worries about Deimos being dangerous. Rafe brings up the phone call she received and says they need to figure out who knows what they've done. Hope argues that this isn't really Rafe's problem but Rafe reminds her they are in this together. Hope says she couldn't ask for a better friend as he makes her feel safe. Rafe decides to go. Hope says goodnight, but Rafe turns around and declares he's sick of playing it safe, then kisses Hope.

Rafe and Hope kiss - finally!

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