Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/12/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/12/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Suzanne

Roman gives Eric advice about prison.

Roman sits with Eric in the Pub, going over where Eric will be going to prison. Eric tells Roman not to pull favors for him. Roman refuses to let his son go to prison without doing anything he can to make it easier. Eric feels he doesn't deserve it but Roman insists so Eric thanks him.

Lucas brings Jennifer home. Jennifer says he is being silly but Lucas was worried about making sure she got home in one piece. Lucas tells Jennifer that she has a pill problem. Jennifer blames her back problem but Lucas knows what an addict is like. Jennifer argues that she just needs to rest. Jennifer says she doesn't have time for surgery and can manage with the pills. Jennifer claims she just takes one when she needs to take the edge off. Lucas compares it to the behavior of addicts. JJ rushes in to tell Jennifer about Abigail but stops when he thinks he might be interrupting. Jennifer informs JJ that Lucas was just leaving.

Abigail plays with Thomas in the living room where Chad joins them. Chad suggests they go to a hotel for the night but Abigail says no way. Chad doesn't think she should have to go back upstairs tonight. Abigail acts like she doesn't know why.

Roman tells Eric to call him if he's ever in trouble and gives him a second number to call if he isn't able to pick up. Roman worries about Eric having a target on his back in prison for being his son. Roman asks what Eric plans to do tonight. Eric says nothing much. Roman calls it his last night of freedom. Eric tells him that he won't go nuts and hasn't had a drink in three days. Roman calls that good. Eric says the least he could do is go sober before his sentencing. Roman asks how it feels. Eric admits it's been hard but knows it's nothing compared to where he's going. Roman agrees that this will be the hardest thing Eric will ever do.

JJ tells Lucas and Jenn what happened.

Lucas asks about Abigail. JJ reveals that Ben showed up and got in to the DiMera Mansion. Jennifer and Lucas can't believe it. JJ explains that Ben knocked out one of the guards and tried to get Abigail but he's in the hospital under arrest. Lucas questions why he's not in jail. JJ informs them that Abigail fought back and it got a little crazy so Ben was injured.

Chad tells Abigail that the bedroom still smells terrible and mentions the cops getting there. Abigail continues acting oblivious. Chad asks how she is doing and wants her to be calm. Chad reminds her that the cops took Ben so he will never hurt her again. Abigail asks where the cops found Ben. Chad tells her that he was here which Abigail questions, leaving Chad concerned.

Roman tells Eric that prison is Hell but adds that it's smart to get the booze out of his system before going in. Roman encourages him to use his faith and his smarts. Roman gets a call and says he'll be there in ten minutes. Roman tells Eric he has to work and asks where he's going now. Eric doesn't know. Roman asks Eric to please go see Marlena and questions why he wouldn't. Eric doesn't want her to see him like this as he admits he's scared. Roman hugs him and says it's natural but they are here for him and will be praying for him. Roman calls Eric a great guy and says now he just has to be a tough guy too. Eric thanks him for everything. Roman tells him that he loves him and that he will see him tomorrow as they hug goodbye. Roman exits the Pub. Eric sits back down with tears in his eyes.

Jennifer asks what exactly happened. JJ says the details are fuzzy but Ben tried to attack Abigail and she fought back. JJ notes that Ben was burned but Abigail is okay. Jennifer wants to see Abigail. Lucas offers to drive but Jennifer tells him that she's fine and that she and JJ are going to handle this. JJ gets a call and steps out. Lucas tells Jennifer that they are through for now but they aren't done. Jennifer declares they are done and rushes out with JJ as Lucas exits as well. Jennifer asks what JJ isn't telling her. JJ tells her that what happened is Abigail's nightmare and Chad thinks it might have pushed her over the edge. JJ and Jennifer leave together.

Chad asks Abigail what she remembers from tonight. Abigail states that she remembers something happened. Abigail says she had a bad dream. Chad asks about it. Abigail calls it jumbled images and says it isn't important. Abigail questions why he wants to know about her dream. Chad blows it off and says all that's important is that they are safe. Abigail asks Chad about Ben being there. Chad tells her that he's gone and is never going to hurt her again. Abigail asks if she saw Ben. Chad again suggests they go get a hotel room but Abigail refuses to leave. Chad agrees to stay then. Abigail declares she wants to stay on the couch all night with Chad and Thomas so she's not leaving. Abigail asks Chad if everything is going to be okay now. Chad promises that it is.

John and Marlena get cozy.

Marlena and John sit together at home. Marlena asks for a rain check on his big plans for the night. John agrees to anything she wants. Marlena says she will check the fridge for supper. John answers the door as Eric arrives. Eric asks if it's a bad time. Marlena says it's a perfect time and she's so glad he came by. John hugs Eric and tells him he will see him in the morning as he heads to the back to finish up some work. Eric tells Marlena that he doesn't know what is going to happen tomorrow after the sentencing. Eric says they might take him away right then and there won't be enough time for a goodbye. Marlena tells him it's not goodbye. Marlena says they will all come to see him. Eric apologizes but Marlena says he has nothing to apologize for. Eric feels he let her down completely.

Chad gives Jenn some details about what happened to Abby.

Abigail falls asleep on the couch and dreams about what happened with Ben. Chad comes downstairs and shuts the door to the living room as JJ and Jennifer arrive. Chad tells them that Abigail is sleeping. Jennifer asks what happened as she wants to hear from him what exactly happened. Chad informs her that Ben broke in and grabbed Abigail so she did whatever she could to fight him off. Jennifer questions how it got crazy and wants to know exactly what Abigail did. Chad reveals that she stabbed him with scissors which slowed him down but didn't stop him so she threw a kerosene lamp on him which burned him. Chad tries to explain that it all just happened and Abigail is trying to rest now. Jennifer insists on seeing her and says she won't wake her up as she heads in to the room. JJ questions Chad about kerosene lamps which Chad insists were there.

Marlena tells Eric that he just made a mistake and didn't intend for someone to die. Eric knows he's facing his problem and starting tomorrow, he has all the time in the world to re-examine. Marlena calls it a good use of the time. Marlena reminds him that his whole family is here. Eric doesn't know if he wants them coming up there every week so this is for him to do. Marlena says he won't be alone as he needs help with this. Eric comments on not sleeping much lately due to bad dreams. Eric mentions a dream where he tried to apologize to Daniel. Marlena encourages him to forgive himself. Eric tells her that he hasn't had a drink in three days which she calls wonderful. Marlena invites him to stay the night so they can go together tomorrow but Eric says he has more goodbyes to make. Marlena hugs him as she cries. Marlena calls him such a good man and tells him not to forget that. Eric says he will see her tomorrow as he exits.

JJ tells Chad to keep everyone's story consistent and that he needs to come clean now if anything can be contradicted later. Chad tells him that he told him what he saw and what Abigail said so he wants the case closed. Jennifer returns and says she's ready to go, adding that she will stop by tomorrow. Chad asks if Jennifer is feeling okay. Jennifer insists that she's fine and just worried about Abigail. Jennifer tells him to tell Abigail to call her when she has time as she exits. Chad heads back in to the living room and watches Abigail sleep.

JJ brings Jennifer home and tells her that he will be off in a couple hours. Jennifer assures him that she's good and he doesn't need to rush. Jennifer tells him that there is nothing more they can do for Abigail as long as he makes sure Ben stays locked up. JJ asks how she thinks it will affect Abigail. Jennifer says she could wake up tomorrow and be fine. JJ tells her he loves her and exits. Jennifer goes in to the living room and pours a drink then goes to her purse and takes a pain pill. Eric shows up at her door. Jennifer asks if she can help him. Eric tells her that he needs a hideout and she tells him this is the perfect spot.

JJ goes to the hospital and in to Ben's room. JJ looks at Ben, unconscious, burned and cuffed to the bed. JJ says this isn't enough after he tortured his sister and used everyone. JJ talks about Ben playing insane and ending up in the hospital. JJ says Ben knew he would be able to break out and thought he could get away with it but he won't.

Jennifer tells Eric to help himself so he pours a glass of wine. They toast to their hideout and take a drink. Eric asks what she's hiding from. Jennifer jokes that she's hiding from Lucas. Eric says he is too and asks her what else. Jennifer talks about trying to do everything right but it doesn't work because the world still sneaks up. They talk about how one second is all it takes. Eric talks about not having to deal with the world anymore. Jennifer remembers he is going away tomorrow which he confirms. Jennifer then grabs Eric and kisses him.

John comes back out to Marlena and hugs her as she breaks down crying.

Jennifer and Eric continue kissing. They stop and she gets up, takes his hand and rushes out. They kiss again. Eric asks where they should go. Jennifer doesn't care and tells him to just take her somewhere so they exit together.

Chad continues watching Abigail sleep as he researches on his computer.

JJ continues talking to the unconscious Ben, saying he knows he can hear him. JJ tells Ben that one way or another, he will answer for killing Paige, Will, and Serena. JJ declares that Ben will pay.

J.J. threatens an unconscious Ben.

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