Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/11/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/11/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abby prepares to light Ben on fire

Ben tells Abigail that she doesn't have what it takes. Abigail responds that maybe before she didn't but he doesn't know how he changed her. Abigail talks about how he stalked, terrorized, and threatened her. Abigail lights a match as Ben panics while tied to the bed. Abigail tells Ben that he changed her in to a person who could douse him in lighter fluid and enjoy watching him go down in flames. Abigail lights another match and holds it over Ben.

Steve sits in the town square where Joey joins him and comments that he looks like crap. Joey guesses he's hungover. Steve insists he's fine. Joey asks if he and Kayla got in to a fight last night. Steve asks why he would ask that. Joey calls it not the first time he'd been hungover after they fight. Joey adds that he saw the flowers and note that he left for Kayla. Joey questions why Kayla is giving up.

Fynn checks on Kayla in a hospital bed after she had fainted at the hospital. Fynn informs her of what happened. Kayla tries to say she's fine but Fynn shows her a CAT scan of a possible aneurysm.

Ben tells Abigail that she might want to do this but she can't. Abigail calls it her duty.

Chad gets in to the DiMera Mansion and calls for Abigail as he checks around.

Abigail drops the match on Ben, lighting him on fire. Ben screams that he loves her. Chad bursts in to the room and Abigail stops him from trying to put out the fire. Chad manages to put the fire out while Abigail screams at him not to. Abigail cries that he stopped her and questions why. Abigail tells Chad that Ben needs to die as she rushes out of the room. Chad turns and looks down at Ben, burned and still tied to the bed. Chad then follows Abigail out.

Steve watches his kid Joe walk away with his girlfriend

Jade joins Joey and Steve in the town square. Jade mentions hoping for Joey to give her a ride on his motorcycle but Joey says he hasn't earned that right unless Steve will cut him some slack. Steve tells him to forget about it. Joey jokes about Steve's drinking. Jade tells Steve that Joey should be more like him. Jade suggests she and Joey go to the Pub to let Steve eat in peace. She adds that it's always good to see Steve as they exit. Steve then gets a call that disturbs him.

Fynn tells Kayla that this is serious and questions what caused her head injury. Kayla informs him that she was knocked unconscious but the details won't help him. Kayla argues that the bleeding doesn't look severe enough to require surgery. Fynn points out that she passed out. Kayla suggests they keep monitoring it and make the decision down the road. Fynn doesn't trust her. Kayla promises to have surgery if anything changes. Fynn prescribes her to meds. They agree to schedule surgery if her condition doesn't improve. Kayla asks him to keep it between them because she doesn't want her family to know but Fynn is afraid it's too late for that.

Ben continues struggling with being tied to the bed.

Abigail sits with Thomas downstairs. Chad joins her and slowly approaches but she tells him not to touch her. Chad says they need to talk. Abigail questions Chad letting Ben live. Chad tells her that he did it for her sake. Abigail cries that he let him live. Chad argues that she would regret killing him for the rest of her life. Abigail responds that at least she would have a life. Abigail insists that Ben is going to kill her but Chad says he and JJ won't let that happen. Abigail argues that he can't stop him and nobody can. Abigail says that fire would have stopped him but Chad put that out so when he kills her now, it will be Chad's fault.

Ben gets his arms free, breaking the ties to the bedposts.

Jade and Joey eat together at the Pub. Jade brings up a concert in Chicago on a spring break and that she has an ex boyfriend who can get them in for free. Jade suggests they could stay in Chicago the whole week. Joey admits it sounds fun but isn't sure. Jade asks for one good reason why he should stay in Salem.

Kayla asks Fynn what he means that it's too late. Fynn informs her that he had already left Steve a voicemail that she had been admitted to the hospital but he didn't say why. Fynn apologizes since she wanted to keep it but he felt Steve needed to know. Kayla doesn't want him to be any part of this at all. Fynn doesn't understand as he thought they were getting married. Kayla says that's on hold indefinitely. Kayla wants a phone to call Steve but Steve arrives and tells her it's too late as he's already there. Steve asks what's going on and if she's alright. Fynn exits to let them talk. Steve notes that Fynn didn't say why she was in the hospital so he asks what happened, but Kayla tells him that it's none of his business.

Chad steps out of the living room and makes a phone call to JJ, who is at the station. Chad orders a squad car since Ben is there. JJ is shocked and asks if Abigail and Thomas are okay. Chad confirms they are fine but that Ben was hurt pretty badly and he needs JJ there immediately. Chad hangs up and goes back to Abigail to tell her that the police will be there any minute. Abigail responds that they don't have much time so she needs to kill Ben now.

Ben sits up in pain with his hands now free from the ties.

Kayla is very cold with Steve

Steve wants to help Kayla get through this together but Kayla blows it off as nothing and insists she's fine. Kayla says she does need to take it easy and fighting with him isn't doing that. Steve wants to know what happened but Kayla tells him to back off and give her space. Kayla blames being under a lot of stress lately which started with him. Steve apologizes for that. Kayla tells Steve that he has to give her time if there will ever be any hope of them ending up together. Steve gets it but says he can't walk out and leave her without knowing what happened. Kayla informs him that she has had bleeding on her brain and then she passed out. Steve asks if it's life threatening. Kayla responds that it should go away. Steve feels she is shutting him out. Kayla assures him that she will be fine. Steve asks what if it doesn't go away. Kayla says she will have surgery then. Steve asks how this happened. Kayla admits it's from Ava knocking her out.

Abigail tells Chad to take Thomas. Chad goes over that Abigail plans to kill a human being and that's not her. Chad encourages her that Thomas needs them and Ben will never be able to hurt them again unless she murders him. Chad points out that Thomas would then grow up without a mother. Chad reminds her that the police are on their way. Abigail breaks down crying. Chad encourages that they won't let Ben destroy their lives as they are stronger than that. Chad agrees they don't have a lot of time. Ben begins to slowly make his way down the stairs while Chad is talking with Abigail.

Joey tells Jade that he feels like he shouldn't be away from his parents for a week when they are at it again. Jade goes over what happened the last time he tried to help his parents get together with Ava. Joey decides she's right that maybe they don't need his help.

Steve apologizes to Kayla. Kayla knows he's sorry. Steve blames himself for Ava ever being in their lives. Steve says he's understanding more why she can't get past the way he lives. Kayla asks for space instead of going around and around. Steve asks for a chance to help her through this. Kayla argues that she doesn't need him hovering as she took care of herself and Joey for a long time without him. Steve agrees that everything she is saying is true but she left out one thing; that she loves him. Steve states that she is in a serious situation so there is no reason to push him away other than fear. Kayla thinks she's earned the right to be fearful. Kayla doesn't blame him for what's happened but they can't erase the fact that she is in this bed because of the danger he brought in to their lives. Kayla adds that their son could go to prison for murder. Kayla declares she has learned the hard way that love does not conquer all. Kayla tells Steve to just go if he wants to help her. Steve reluctantly exits the room.

Chad continues to encourage Abigail as she cries. Abigail talks about thinking she was crazy when she saw Ben. Abigail admits to Chad that she made Ben think that she wanted to be with him in order to get him away from Thomas. Chad praises her for being smart and brave to keep Thomas safe. Abigail cries that she really wanted to hurt Ben so he would feel as much pain as he made them feel. Abigail tells Chad about stabbing Ben with the scissors and then tying him up and lihting him on fire. Chad tells her that he's sorry that he wasn't there and she had to do all of that alone. Chad tells her that she did what she had to do to protect Thomas in self defense. Abigail argues that it wasn't self defense as she wanted to kill him. Chad tries to stop her as she repeats it. Chad tells her to tell JJ that it was self defense because of how much Thomas needs her in his life. Ben makes his way to the bottom of the stairs where Chad catches him and knocks him out with a punch.

Steve talks with Fynn about Kayla's condition. Fynn tells him that Kayla told him not to talk about her condition so he goes back to Kayla's room. Steve looks in through the window. Fynn tells Kayla that he wants her to stay at the hospital for the night. Kayla assures that she will be careful at home and more comfortable. Kayla promises to come right back if anything happens. Fynn tells her to call any time. Kayla thanks him as he exits.

Ben tries to tell the cops and paramedics that Abby set him on fire

The police arrive, along with the ambulance. They strap Ben to the stretcher as JJ orders other cops to follow in a squad car and to shoot Ben if he makes a move. Ben tries to speak about what happened but JJ says he's a psycho so it doesn't matter what he says as they take him out. JJ tells Chad that Ben has second and third degree burns. Chad goes over the story that Ben dragged Abigail upstairs and she stabbed him in self defense. Lani says she wants to hear it from Abigail but Chad argues that she's in no condition to be questioned. Lani states that isn't his call. Chad responds that it his and blames the police for Abigail going through this. Chad threatens Lani with lawyers while JJ calms him down. Chad says he will only agree after Abigail has seen a doctor. Chad thought they would be treating Abigail as a victim instead of a witness. JJ asks if he can talk to her. Chad tells him to keep it short because she's exhausted. JJ heads in to the living room. JJ tells Abigail that it's over and Ben won't ever bother her again. JJ tells her that he loves her and Thomas, insisting that they will make sure everything is okay. JJ adds that he will stick around for awhile and say goodnight before he goes while Abigail remains silently looking at Thomas.

Steve walks outside of the town square and sits down on the bench. Steve looks at a photo of Kayla on his phone.

Kayla returns home to find Steve's flowers and note.

Chad returns to Abigail and tells her it's okay as he cleaned the bedroom and the police believed it was self defense so it's all over. Abigail is pissed off at Chad and says she will never be free because of him. Abigail questions how he could do this to her. Abigail cries as she holds Thomas. Chad comforts her as she cries.

Abby cries in Chad's arms with their baby.

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