Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/8/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/8/16


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Summer visits Maggie in the hospital

Maggie wakes up after her surgery to Summer at her bed side. Summer suggests she sleep some more but Maggie wants to be fully alert so she can know what she's feeling or if she's feeling. Maggie asks Summer to stay with her and talk to her about anything. Summer agrees to stay but can't think of anything to talk about. Maggie wants to hear about her life in Los Angeles. Summer responds that it isn't a pleasant subject. Maggie thinks it's something she should talk about to her mother. Maggie wants to get to know everything about her.

Nicole arrives at the hospital and runs in to Deimos. Deimos tells her that Victor is resting if she came to see him. Nicole says it's still hard to wrap her head around Victor even having a younger brother. Nicole brings up that she and Victor were once married. Deimos says he recently learned that and he knows why he would want her as his wife. Nicole tells him that in all those years, Victor never mentioned Deimos once. Deimos says that's because he hates him. Nicole questions why he's living in his house then. Deimos responds that he owns it now.

Chad and JJ talk at the station, worrying that he could be anywhere. Chad hopes he's as far away from Abigail as possible.

Abigail kisses Ben to try and convince him that she feels the same. They stop and then continue kissing until Abigail's phone rings with a call from Chad. Abigail tries to say it's not important but Ben grabs the phone and asks if she's going to give him up. They ignore the call. Ben asks what is going on. Abigail tells him that she's been so scared and confused but claims all the feelings of love came rushing back to her when she saw him again. Ben tells her that he never stopped loving her even after she betrayed him. Ben adds that he will never love anyone like her. Ben shows her that he got "Abby" tattooed on his knuckles. Ben tells her that she can't play him since she loved Chad all along instead of him. Abigail tries to tell him that she was wrong. Abigail starts crying about how Chad treats her. Ben asks if he's hit her which Abigail claims that he did. Abigail asks Ben to forgive her.

Chad can't get a hold of Abigail so he calls to check on security but the guard he calls is the one who Ben choked out. Chad leaves a message and tells JJ that security isn't picking up. JJ makes a call while Chad rushes out.

Ben tells Abigail that he doesn't know since she betrayed him. Abigail tells him that she would never do that again and that she just wants out of the house, away from Chad. Abigail talks to Ben about Chad manipulating her about him and how she can't escape. Abigail tells him that she made a huge mistake and she needs him as her only hope. Ben questions why she screamed when she saw him then. Abigail cries that she didn't know if she was imagining him or if he was actually real. Abigail says it all came flooding back when he touched her. Ben asks where Chad is now. Abigail responds that Chad is gone away on business and won't be back for a couple of hours which means they are all alone. Abigail tells Ben to take her upstairs and make love to her. When Ben turns away, Abigail holds back tears. Ben then heads upstairs as Abigail tries not to break down. Abigail then follows Ben up the stairs.

Nicole laughs at Deimos, but he tells her it's true that he now owns the Kiriakis Mansion. Nicole questions Victor selling his house. Deimos corrects her that he gave it to him to repay an old debt. Deimos invites her for coffee so he can explain it to her but Nicole declines, pointing out that she came to see Maggie. Nicole asks him to stop looking at her like he does. Deimos tells her that she just reminds him so much of someone he knew a long time ago. Nicole tells her she's just her and she's gone as she walks away. Deimos then exits the hospital.

Abby gets upset at the idea of having to pretend to have sex with Ben.

Ben and Abigail kiss in the bedroom. Ben stops but Abigail says it's okay and she gets that he's completely confused right now after she treated him badly and turned her back on him but now she's begging him to take her back. Abigail asks him to trust her this one last time. Ben tells her that he loves her so much as they kiss. Abigail pretends to be comfortable and tries not to cry as they hug. Ben talks about dreaming of this so many times at the mental hospital. They kiss onto the bed as Abigail tells him this isn't a dream. Abigail reaches the drawer open as they kiss and pulls out a pair of scissors. Abigail then suddenly stabs Ben with the scissors. Ben pushes her off and pulls the scissors out as he yells in pain. Abigail then smashes a lamp over his head, knocking him out.

Abigail gets a call from Chad who is in the town square now. Chad mentions her not answering earlier. Abigail claims she was upstairs with Thomas and left her phone downstairs. Abigail tells Chad that she's okay. Chad tells her about the suspect in California not being Ben. Abigail says she would love to see this done and see Ben completely helpless, getting what he deserves. Chad tells her not to worry as odds are he's long gone now. Chad tells her that he will be home in 5-10 minutes which surprises Abigail. Abigail then asks him to stop and pick up some diapers and milk. Abigail ties Ben up in the bed as she asks Chad to also pick some cookies. Chad agrees and tells her not to worry. Abigail thanks him and says she's not worried at all as Ben isn't a problem for her anymore. Chad asks about the security guard that isn't answering. Abigail says she saw him walk by awhile ago and she will tell him to call. Chad thanks her and says he loves her as they hang up. Abigail cuts a cord to continue tying Ben to the bedposts, saying they will have plenty of time together.

Nicole uses her tablet to research Deimos where she finds out he served 30 years in prison for the murder of Helena.

Deimos sits at the mansion looking through old newspaper clippings along with an earring and a bloody napkin.

Summer tells Maggie about her struggles to find a job in Los Angeles while she found it easier to pull a con so she always went back to that even though she knew it wasn't right. Summer cries that she was supposed to be better than this and now feels like Maggie is ashamed of her as she turns away.

Abigail finishes tying Ben to the bedposts by his arms and legs. Abigail goes downstairs and returns with a glass of water and lighter fluid. She throws the water on him to wake him up. Ben panics and yells at her to untie him. Ben questions what she's doing and yells for her to untie him. Abigail asks what he thinks she's doing. Ben calls her a lying slut and yells that she said she loved and needed him. Abigail mocks him believing every word. Abigail then pours the lighter fluid all over him while laughing at him. Abigail reminds him of when he did this to her. Ben tries to tell her that he's not really here. Abigail then drives her first in to the stab wound in his chest. Abigail says this isn't even close to what he has coming.

Nicole is shocked to learn about Deimos murdering Victor's fiancée, Helena. Nicole starts to go visit Maggie but stops when she sees Summer in the room crying. Nicole turns and walks the other way. Maggie takes Summer's hand and says she's not judging her at all. Maggie says Summer is being really nice to her but she blames herself. Summer argues that she did nothing wrong but Maggie believes she did something terribly wrong.

Abigail continues pouring lighter fluid over Ben, talking about being tired of imagining him every day and night. Ben asks if she's going to kill him now. Abigail says yes. Ben tells her that he will always be in her mind and dreams forever. Ben tells her to do whatever she has to do. Abigail questions him not caring. Ben repeats that they are linked and death won't change that. Abigail grabs the box of matches and says they will have to see about that.

Maggie reveals to Summer that she knew had survived and no one actually told her that her baby died. Maggie says she was young and selfish and couldn't imagine raising a child. They both break down in tears as Maggie informs her that she made the choice to give her away.

Nicole goes to the Pub and researches Helena. Nicole then finds a photo of Helena. She looks shocked that Helena looks like her.

Fynn brings Victor a gift that was delivered to the front desk. Fynn exits as Victor opens the gift which is the earring and bloody napkin that Deimos had with a note that says he can never forget.

Chad comes home to find Jerry the security guard knocked out outside. Chad tries to rush in to the mansion but it's locked so he tries to find another way around.

Ben argues that Abigail won't do it. Ben knows she doesn't have it in her to kill another human being. Abigail agrees that she doesn't but says Ben is not human. Abigail takes a match from the box and lights it.

Ben is not happy to see that lit match

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