Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/7/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/7/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla sits at home where Roman arrives knocking at the door. Roman says he came by to see how she's doing. Roman asks if Steve is there. Kayla responds that he's not and is not going to be. Roman notes that sounds kind of final. Kayla states that she meant it to be.

Steve sits at the Pub drinking at the bar.

JJ finishes a phone call at the police station, saying to contact as soon as he's identified. JJ then makes another call.

Abigail dreams of being in bed with Chad who then turns in to Ben telling her that she's crazy. Abigail wakes up in a panic.

Chad talks on the phone with JJ, saying he's watching Thomas so that Abigail can sleep. JJ tells Chad about the FBI thinking Ben is in the California area.

Abigail thinks back to imagining Ben before. Abigail tells herself that he is not real. Abigail then gets a call from a blocked number. She tells herself it's just the phone and answers the call which is from Ciara, who is in the town square with Theo. Ciara asks if it's a bad time but Abigail said it's fine and asks what's up. Ciara mentions wanting to be a babysitter for her. Abigail invites her to come over now.

Steve continues drinking at the Pub where a woman joins him at the bar. Steve informs her that he's flying solo tonight. She notes that he doesn't remember her. Steve states that she looks a little familiar. She introduces herself as Tina Bradley and states that Steve saved her life once and risked his life doing it. Steve responds that he does that a lot.

Roman questions Kayla throwing Steve out and the timing of it. Roman argues that Steve and Joey are off the hook. Kayla says she and Joey have to figure out how to live with this for the rest of his life. Kayla adds that they wouldn't be in this mess if she never took Steve back. Kayla says she was going to stand by Steve through the trial but when it all went away, she realized she couldn't continue living like that. Roman agrees it's been a bumpy ride. Kayla says these last few months have convinced her that she hates that lifestyle.

Chad tells JJ to let him know the minute he hears anything and hangs up. Abigail comes in and asks Chad what he was talking to JJ about. Chad tells her that he found something out that might mean Ben is back behind bars as someone was caught in Mexico who resembled Ben. Abigail asks Chad if he thinks it's Ben. Chad doesn't know what to think and says JJ is waiting for an ID. Abigail thinks back to her nightmare. Abigail wants to go with Chad but Chad tells her not to wake Thomas up. Chad reminds her that there are guards all over so they will be fine. Chad kisses her goodbye as the doorbell rings. Ciara and Theo arrive. They greet Chad and Abigail with hugs. Abigail tells Chad about Ciara being interested in babysitting for them. Ciara asks if she's sure it's not a bad time. Abigail states that Chad was just on his way out so she will fill him in on the interview later but everything is fine.

Kayla tells Roman that she didn't want Steve to go to prison but didn't like how he acted when it was over. Kayla repeats that she cannot go back to living like that since Steve is never going to change.

Tina tells Steve the story of how he saved her from a group of guys with knives. Tina calls him like a guardian angel and couldn't believe it happened twice because her live needs saving again and here he is.

Chad goes to the police station and meets with JJ. JJ tells him that he's still waiting. Chad just wants it to be over. JJ asks how Abigail is doing. Chad says she says she's fine but she doesn't want him to know how scared she is.

Ciara asks Theo if it's hard to be back in the DiMera Mansion. Theo says everything is still the same except Stefano being gone. Ciara feels she shouldn't have brought him back as she didn't think. Theo says he didn't think either and just wanted to help her. Abigail comes in and is so glad Ciara is interested in babysitting. Ciara tells her that she knows it's a big responsibility but thinks she's up for it. Abigail informs Ciara that Chase was here last night looking for a place to stay but Chad sent him away. Abigail knows what he did to her. Ciara asks if she doesn't want her to work for her because of that. Abigail says she gets it and understands but just wants to make sure that she's really okay. Ciara insists that she is and she won't let what happened to her change her. Abigail is glad and says that's the same promise she made to herself. Ciara asks how she is. Abigail admits she struggled for awhile but she's winning. Ciara says she is too.

Roman knows what Kayla is saying but also knows what it's like to come home to an empty house. Kayla tells him that she's not desperate. Roman tells her that ending this is not the only answer. Roman says Steve loves her and would die for her. Kayla suggests maybe she's keeping him from that. Kayla doesn't want to be watching when Steve's luck runs out.

Steve asks Tina what makes her think her life is in danger. Tina informs him that her husband Frank died a couple of years ago. Tina talks about Frank being an accountant and one night he went out but never came back. Tina says she was told that he was hit by a car and shortly after, the police told her that he worked for criminals and discovered he was stealing money from his boss. Tina tells him about seeing someone outside of her building every night and she doesn't have much money. Tina says that she's scared. Steve asks her to describe the man while his conscience questions him getting involved.

Chad talks to JJ about Abigail starting to suggest she shred her own nightgown and that she's having nightmares about Ben. Chad tells him that her imagining Ben is real to her even though she knows it can't be. Chad questions the police being unable to find Ben. JJ hopes it may be him in California. Chad states the only place that he knows Ben is, is in Abigail's head.

Thomas wakes up so Ciara picks him to practice babysitting. Abigail comments on them bonding already. Abigail says she will check with Chad to make sure it's cool with him and asks how quick she can start. Ciara agrees to start tomorrow after school. Abigail says that's perfect. Ciara adds that she will be available always when school is out. Ciara prepares to leave. Theo offers to stay until Chad comes back but Abigail says she will be fine. Ciara and Theo exit. Abigail stays with Thomas. Abigail is startled when she sees one of the guards checking the door. Abigail invites him in for some lemonade but he says he will wait until his break and makes sure they are okay. Abigail turns around and imagines Ben standing in the doorway.

Steve asks Tina for more details. She feels better talking to him and says he's the only one she can turn to. Steve asks for her address and number which she gives him. Steve's conscience argues with himself that he's proving Kayla right by getting involved in more danger.

Roman finishes a call and tells Kayla that he's needed at a crime scene. Kayla says she needs to be at the hospital anyway. Roman questions her, thinking she needs to rest but Kayla wants to stay busy. Kayla says she didn't enjoy kicking Steve out but that it had to be done. Kayla walks forward and stumbles which alarms Roman.

JJ tells Chad that the police are having to wait to identify the man. JJ gets a photo sent to him.

Abigail repeats that she knows Ben is not really here. Abigail closes her eyes and says to get out of her head and he disappears which makes her happy. Abigail tells Thomas that everything is just fine. Abigail takes Thomas upstairs, leaving her phone behind as Chad calls.

Chad leaves a message for Abigail that they just got a picture of the guy in California, who is not Ben.

Abigail plays with Thomas upstairs.

One of the guards checks the DiMera Mansion outside and stops to tie his shoe when Ben suddenly appears and chokes him out from behind. Ben steals the keys from the guard and looks towards the door.

Kayla assures Roman that she just forgot to have lunch. Roman tells her to take care of herself. Roman knows she meant what she told Steve but tells her not to just turn him down if he wants to work things out. Roman calls Steve one of a kind. Kayla thanks him for coming as he exits. Kayla starts to get a headache.

Steve tells Tina that he was glad he was able to help her out in the past but he's not that guy anymore. Steve says what she needs now is the police. Tina worries that they might think she was involved. Steve tells her that the police are her best bet and wishes her luck. Steve then exits the Pub.

Ciara and Theo walk through the town square together. Ciara talk about not having anytime with school, babysitting, and what Hope wants her to do. Ciara can't believe the list from her classes and worries about not having any time for herself. Ciara mentions not knowing if she will have time for the summer movies coming out. Theo says she has a lot going on so he will get going. Ciara stops him and says she didn't mean she won't have time for him. Ciara kisses him and tells him that she will see him later.

Abigail comes back downstairs with Thomas. Abigail finds her phone and plays the voicemail from Chad confirming they did not find Ben in California and he will be home soon. Abigail turns around and Ben appears in the doorway. Abigail again repeats that she knows he's not there. Abigail closes her eyes but this time Ben doesn't disappear and informs her that he is real. Abigail screams for help as Ben approaches. Ben informs her that nobody else is in the house and mocks the guards outside, revealing he knocked one out in the bushes. Ben tells Abigail that it's just them and they have maybe ten minutes together so he wants to make the most of it.

Steve returns home with flowers and calls out for Kayla but she's not home. Steve lays the flowers on the table and writes a note for Kayla that he's never giving up on them and she shouldn't either. Steve places the ring with the note and exits.

Kayla arrives at the hospital and collapses at the front desk.

Abigail tries to run but Ben grabs her and says she's not getting away from him this time after all he went through to get here and to get her away from all of this. Abigail asks what he wants from her. Ben wants them to be together, reminding her that they were in love and were about to be so happy raising their baby together. Ben doesn't get what happened and why it didn't work out. Ben asks why he wasn't good enough for her and why she had to love Chad. Abigail responds that she doesn't get it or understand either and claims the truth is that it's always been so much better with him to convince him. Abigail grabs Ben and kisses him.

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