Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/6/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/6/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady goes home where Theresa greets him. Brady says he just came home to shower and asks how she is. Theresa talks about Tate and asks how everything is going. Brady tells her that Victor is still unconscious and lucky to be alive with no guarantee what his condition will be. Theresa asks about Maggie. Brady responds that she's going in to surgery. Theresa is scared for Maggie.

Nicole brings flowers to Maggie at the hospital. Maggie thanks her for saving Victor's life despite how Victor treats her. Nicole says all she could think about was how much Daniel loved him. Nicole asks how Maggie is doing with her surgery scheduled today. Maggie talks about her injury being incomplete and her chance to walk again. Maggie says all she can think about is Victor and being unable to be with him. Maggie asks if Nicole can get her in to see him or to at least let him know she loves him. Nicole gets an idea and grabs her phone so Maggie can tell him herself.

Jade stops Joey from going to the courthouse and warns him that it's not a good idea. Joey says he won't say anything unless they find Steve guilty. Jade follows Joey out of the town square.

Justin argues against the director of the ISA caring about Steve's trial. Pamela reveals that she already talked to the judge and wiped out the trial. Pamela claims to Justin that Steve has been working undercover for the ISA for a long time and only took out Ava because she was a threat. Justin is shocked as Pamela continues that all charges against Steve have been wiped away which pleases Steve, John, and Belle. Justin argues that they don't order assassinations and questions what took her so long to intervene. Pamela explains that they hoped it wouldn't come this far. Justin asks Belle if Steve ever mentioned this. Justin warns them not to leave until he gets back as he goes to talk to the judge and Belle follows out. Roman welcomes Pamela to Salem. Roman exits to make some calls. Steve then asks what the hell just happened here.

Theresa asks if Brady got any sleep. Brady says he got a couple of hours. Theresa reminds him about his medication. Brady assures her that he will take them in the shower. Brady says he just had to be there last night. Philip shows up at the door. Brady asks what he's doing here. Philip wants to find out how Victor is.

Nicole uses her phone to record Maggie saying a message to Victor and agrees to play it for him if she can get in to his room. Nicole asks about Maggie's surgery. Maggie says it is supposed to start now. Nicole offers to stay with her until they come to get her but Maggie says she's fine. Maggie talks about sending Jennifer home and talking her daughters out of coming because it's stressful to have people hover. Nicole understands and says she will report back if she gets in to Victor's room. Maggie thanks her again. Nicole stops and gives her a photo of Daniel from her wallet to comfort her. Nicole says she can give it back after her surgery. Maggie cries that she will take extra good care of it. Nicole then exits. Maggie cries over the photo of Daniel. As Nicole exits, she runs in to Summer who asks about Maggie's surgery. Nicole mentions that they are behind and that Maggie doesn't want people hovering. Nicole asks Summer to not make things worse but Summer insists that she wants to see her mother and walks away.

Steve tells Pamela how much this means to him. Pamela says this is what they do for each other. Steve points out that he wasn't currently working for the ISA but Pamela says once an agent, always an agent. Justin and Belle return. Justin announces the judge confirmed what was said. Roman tells Steve that he is free to go then and the case is closed.

Summer visits Maggie and hopes it's okay that she came back as she doesn't want to bother or upset her. Maggie tells her it's alright. Summer doesn't know why she is here since she hates hospitals and sucks at situations like this. Maggie mentions there being a chance they can repair her damaged spinal cord. Summer calls that really great and asks how Victor is. Maggie says he's the same. Summer tells her that she's sorry. Summer brings up the parents she grew up with being very religious while she thought it was boring but since this happened, she has been praying harder than ever. Summer cries that if Maggie can walk again, maybe she will start believing. Summer worries that she upset Maggie after telling Nicole that she wouldn't. Maggie responds that she can just feel that Summer really cares about her when she doesn't deserve it. Summer assures her that what happened to her wasn't her fault and now they have a second chance. Maggie is not sure she deserves that either. Summer asks why she would say that.

Belle assumes John had a lot to do with what happened and decides the less she knows, the better but she's happy for them. Steve thanks Belle for everything she did for them. Belle admits that they wouldn't have had much chance in court. Belle and John exit. Steve tells Kayla that he can't believe it's over as he hugs her and says they can go home now. Kayla doesn't seem enthused and says Steve they can talk about it at home. They leave the room as Joey shows up at the station, excited that it's all over and asks how it happened. Steve says what's important is that it's over so they can go home. Roman approaches and tells Steve that he just dodged a major bullet. Steve and Kayla thank Roman for whatever his role is. Jade shows up and congratulates Steve even though she was looking forward to her first murder trial. Steve asks who she is which Kayla says Joey can fill her in on as they exit.

Brady invites Philip in. Philip asks how Victor is. Theresa suggests he go to the hospital to find out himself. Philip responds that hospitals don't say much and he's the last person Victor wants to see. Tate wakes up crying so Theresa goes to check on him. Philip asks if Victor is going to recover. Brady admits he doesn't know but he hopes so and that he would be dead if not for Nicole. Brady informs Philip that Deimos and Kate were in bed in the mansion while it was happening. Philip is shocked and questions what Deimos was doing in the mansion. Brady responds that they can both guess the answer to that.

Summer questions why Maggie wouldn't deserve a second chance with her. The nurse comes in and announces it's time to take Maggie to the operating room. Summer encourages her.

Deimos uses his computer to search Nicole and holds up the picture of Helena, calling it unbelievable that she's her double. Deimos reads a biography on Nicole and is stunned to find out she was once married to Victor.

Nicole visits Victor and encourages him not to give up now. Nicole jokes about people thinking she's a hero when she thought she'd be the one to give him a heart attack, not save his life. Nicole says she's not here to bug him but she has an important message. Nicole plays the video message of Maggie for Victor even though he is unconscious. In the video, Maggie asks Victor not to leave her now and encourages him to recover. Nicole says she kept her promise and goes to leave when Victor suddenly calls out for Maggie.

Philip asks Brady to keep him posted on Victor's progress. Brady agrees to if Philip promises to do everything he can to make things right with Victor if he makes it through this. Brady wants Victor's family behind him. Philip agrees to think about it and exits. Theresa comes back out and tells him that Tate is fine. She asks what happened with Philip. Brady responds that something happened between he and Victor but he won't tell him what it is. Brady asked him to make things right with Victor but something tells him it will go from bad to worse.

Nicole tells Victor that she will go get the doctor. Victor just asks how Maggie is. Nicole tells him that she's fine and the surgeon is hopeful Maggie will walk again. Victor calls Deimos a bastard. Nicole mentions meeting him. Victor thought he was a goner until Nicole came. Nicole calls him lucky. Victor notes that she saved his life and says that can't be right. Nicole jokes that it's hard to believe but it happened. Victor thanks her. Nicole brings up Deimos saying he was his brother and that he didn't act like it. Victor informs her that they hate each other. Nicole doesn't know what she did to him but notes that she was creeped out by how he looked at her. Victor warns her to stay away from him because he will come to her now that he's seen her. Nicole questions what he means.

Steve sits at home with Joey and Jade while Kayla prepares food for them. Steve asks if Jade has somewhere else to be but she doesn't want to miss the victory celebration. Kayla comes in with food. Steve asks to take Joey for a walk so they can talk but Joey stops him and reveals that Jade already knows. Jade confirms that she knows Joey killed Ava. Steve is shocked and can't believe it. Steve warns Jade that she can't say anything to anyone. Jade assures that she would never get Joey in trouble and thinks it's great that Steve was willing to go to prison for him. Jade adds that she would kill to have a dad like him. Kayla is scared of Jade knowing. Joey agrees that he's lucky to have a dad like him and he'll never forget what he did for him. Steve tells Joey that the police closed the case so it's over now and he has nothing to worry about. Kayla encourages Joey to figure out how to move forward now, suggesting counseling. Joey argues that he can't tell a shrink what he did. Kayla thinks he could discuss his feelings. Joey thinks they want to talk without them so he exits with Jade. Kayla can't believe Jade is the one that Joey chose to confide in. Steve encourages her that things couldn't have turned out much better. Kayla goes over that Joey murdered someone and Steve once again avoids disaster but nothing ever seems to stick to him.

Joey and Jade walk out of the town square. Jade asks what he wants to do. Joey says he doesn't care as they sit down on the bench. Joey is so relieved that Steve is out of this mess. Jade thinks Kayla is worried about him. Joey wishes sometimes that Roman didn't cover for him. Jade asks if he wants to get sent away. Joey says that getting away with killing somebody doesn't make you hate yourself any less. Jade tells him that Ava got what she deserved. Joey points out that she didn't even know her. Jade knows what he told her and goes over that she played him, hit Kayla over the head, and then went after Steve. Jade calls Ava crazy and says she was never going to stop but Joey stopped him. Jade declares that it had to be done as it was either her or his family so he had no choice. Joey asks if she really believes that. Jade suggests doing something crazy and kisses him.

Steve asks Kayla what's going on since she's been cold to him all day. Kayla turns away. Steve asks if she really does think she and Joey would be better off without him. Steve demands an answer. Kayla admits a part of her does think that and claims it's not because she doesn't love him but just that trouble follows him even if he always seems to beat it. Kayla says it's exciting to him but the people around him get caught in it. Kayla says now Joey will have to live with murder on his conscience for the rest of his life. Kayla adds that Joey wouldn't have known Ava if Steve never came back. Steve tells her that he carries that guilt every day. Kayla tells him that he's now free and Joey's safe. Kayla argues that Steve created this situation because he can't stop himself from making life more difficult and dangerous so she's not sure she can deal with that.

Nicole asks Victor why Deimos would want to see her again. Victor tells her just to trust him and stay away from him because he's evil. Deimos appears outside the room, looking in the window at Nicole sitting by Victor's side.

Steve questions what Kayla means. Kayla says she took him back because she wanted it to be different this time but since she did, her and Joey's lives have been madness. Steve argues that he didn't invite Ava back. Kayla points out that she did come back and now Joey has to live with the fallout for the rest of his life. Kayla declares protecting her son is her priority even if that means protecting him from Steve. Steve shouts that everything he's done has been to protect him including being willing to go to prison for him. Steve asks where this leaves them. Kayla says she needs to figure it out and until then she's giving his ring back. Kayla states that she can't pretend things are good between them when they aren't. Kayla adds that she loves him but has to figure out if they can share a life together. Kayla then exits the house, leaving Steve upset.

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