Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/5/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/5/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John sits in the town square, finishing a phone call as Hope and Ciara approach. John says if that works out, he thinks everyone will be happy and asks how they are doing. Hope calls it a busy morning so John says he will see them later. Ciara guesses John knew that she's seeing Marlena today but Hope assures her that she would keep it confidential and that she will be safe.

Chase breaks in to Jennifer's house and enters the living room where looking at the couch reminds him of raping Ciara there. Chase then heads upstairs.

Steve cleans up from he and Kayla's last night together. Steve reminds Kayla that she needs to get to work while he has to meet Belle. Kayla tells him that he doesn't because he was right. Kayla suggests they take off with Joey, leave Salem and start over. Kayla says she has already packed some of their things. Steve stops her and questions her wanting to leave Salem. Kayla says she loves him and Joey can't watch him go to prison for what he did. Kayla worries that Joey would break down and end up in prison too so she tells Steve not to do it. Steve tells her that she can't leave her home and her family as they can't live on the run. Kayla says she has before but Steve reminds her that people depend on her at the hospital. Kayla argues that it's their best option. Steve promises to make it okay for them.

Joey sits alone in the Pub where Jade joins him and comments that he looks like hell. Joey admits he didn't sleep last night since Steve is going on trial for murder today. Joey goes over the news reports all saying Steve doesn't have a chance to it's all on him.

Hope encourages Ciara about meeting with Marlena. Ciara insists she's fine but Hope wants to know what's wrong. Ciara brings up Chase being out there and how she can run in to him anywhere. Hope reminds her that everyone has her back. Hope says she will do her best to make sure she doesn't run in to Chase but reminds her to call and someone will be there immediately.

Rafe goes to Jennifer's and enters through the unlocked door. Chase comes downstairs with bags packed but is caught by Rafe who questions what he is doing.

Hope sits at the police station and gets a call, informing her that Ciara is late for her appointment with Marlena which surprises her. Hope hangs up and calls Ciara.

Ciara meets Theo outside the town square. Ciara informs him that she cancelled her appointment because she wasn't in the mood to talk. Theo asks about her wanting to talk to him. Ciara says he's different since he makes it easier by not making her talk about it. Theo tells her that she does need to talk about it. Ciara complains that everyone thinks they know how she should handle her issues. Ciara argues that she decides how to handle it. Theo asks how she's going to handle it but Ciara doesn't know. Ciara goes over how they have both lost a parent so bad things happen all the time. Ciara gets a text from Hope and responds that she's fine and just wasn't in to it. Theo questions Ciara just blowing off her appointment. Ciara calls it her business. Ciara tells Theo that she needs to go to Jennifer's house to pick up her books and she hates going there alone so she asks Theo to come with her and they walk off.

Rafe questions Chase helping himself to stuff. Chase says he just took what is his. Rafe reveals that they know about him robbing a woman of her purse. Chase offers the money that he claims is all he took. Chase apologizes and says he ran out of money but knows it was stupid. Rafe asks if this means he's out of cash now. Chase says he'll sell his laptop. Rafe questions how he made bail. Chase reveals that he signed over his trust fund check. Rafe arrests Chase for breaking and entering, pointing out that they changed the locks because he's not welcome.

John waits outside the Pub. Roman walks by and informs him that Victor had a heart attack last night. Roman brings up that Caroline was at the hospital all night. John asks about Maggie so Roman tells him about her fall and how they aren't sure if she will walk again. John questions what was going on there last night. Roman walks away, calling Caroline and leaving another message to call him. John gets a call and is happy to hear some good news. John says he will round everybody up at the station and walks away.

Kayla questions Steve about how he will make things okay. Steve says he can handle prison. Steve talks about how Belle will try but he doesn't have a case for self defense so there is no justification. Kayla agrees that they should run but Steve doesn't want that life for her and Joey. Steve says he can live with prison but Kayla says they can't. Steve argues that deep down, she's not sure about him anymore and can't commit to life on the run with him. Steve brings up all the trouble he's brought them since coming back. Steve declares that Kayla and Joey would be better off without him.

Justin checks in with Fynn at the hospital but says he has to get to court but he will call as soon as he's free. Justin tells Fynn that he called Maggie's daughters so they will be calling. Fynn mentions Maggie's operation being today. Justin thanks him for taking care of everyone. Fynn agrees to call if anything changes as Justin then exits.

Ciara and Theo go to Jennifer's, surprised to find the door already open. Theo enters and Ciara follows. Ciara sees Chase's shirt on the stairs and thinks back to being raped. Ciara points it out and starts freaking out that he's here. Theo says he will check upstairs while telling her to wait outside. Ciara stops him as she gets a text from Rafe that he has Chase at the station. Ciara cries that she hates feeling like this and storms out.

Kayla tells Steve that he's wrong as she loves him. Steve says that doesn't mean she could live with him. Kayla questions him giving up. Steve says he's being realistic. Kayla worries about him pleading guilty. Steve says if he does then Belle might can get him a reduced sentence. Kayla argues that anything can happen in the trial. Steve worries about them finding something that leads to Joey so they need to end it quick to keep him safe. Belle shows up and asks if Steve is ready. Steve says he's ready and that Kayla has to stop in at work so they will see her at court. Kayla warns Steve not to forget what she said as she exits.

Rafe sits Chase at the station with Hope. Rafe informs Hope that he found Chase after breaking in to the Horton house. Chase insists that he just wanted to get his stuff and waited until Hope and Ciara wouldn't see him. Hope questions him spying on them and asks what if Ciara came home. Hope asks if he knows what he did to her. Rafe says he will book him so it's over. Ciara then shows up at the station and sees Chase. Hope orders Chase to be taken out but Ciara says not yet. Ciara tells Chase that he did not break her. Chase claims he never wanted to but Ciara doesn't want to hear it. Ciara states that she's not afraid of him and repeats that he will never break her. Rafe escorts Chase away. Hope asks Ciara if she's okay. She says she will be. Hope mentions Marlena's office calling about her not showing. Ciara apologizes for not going and says she will next time. Hope offers to reschedule for her but Ciara says she will do it. Ciara says she needs to handle it herself in her time and she will. Hope hugs her and tells her that she loves her.

Jade tells Joey that everything about his dad sounds pretty serious. Jade asks when he's going to the courthouse. Joey points out that Steve doesn't want him there in case he confesses in the middle of the trial. Jade brings up it being more likely that a clue leads to him. Joey encourages him to go since he has to be curious, offering to go with him. Joey calls her twisted which Jade jokes isn't a bad thing. Jade tells him that she thinks Steve can beat this. Jade says she researched his dad and knows he's a badass.

Steve and Belle go to the station where they meet Justin and Roman. Steve asks Justin how Victor is doing. Justin states that he is stable. Belle mentions they are praying for Victor and Maggie. Justin goes over Belle's defense and tells her that will take weeks and will cost a lot of money but she will still lose. Justin offers a deal for Steve to do ten years for voluntary manslaughter. Justin points out that Steve is family so he feels for him but this is a very good deal and asks what he says.

Hope and Rafe go to the Pub. Hope doesn't think they will both have to testify. Rafe assures her that they have Chase locked up. Hope is thankful and questions what happened to Chase to turn in to this person who stole Ciara's confidence. Rafe encourages that she still has it. Rafe calls her tough and courageous which runs in the family.

Ciara finds Theo outside the town square and joins him for their free period to study. Ciara thanks Theo for earlier. Theo mentions learning a lot in therapy.

Kayla walks through the town square where she finds Joey with Jade and questions where he's been. Joey introduces Kayla to Jade. Kayla mentions being on her way to court. Joey says he will see her there even though Steve doesn't want him there but he has to see the trial. Kayla asks to speak to Joey alone but Joey says she can talk in front of Jade. Kayla worries that it will upset Steve seeing Joey there. Jade declares that she will go with Joey and make sure he stays cool and doesn't blurt out the truth. Jade believes it would look more suspicious if he wasn't there. Kayla pulls Joey aside and can't believe he told Jade the truth.

Steve turns down Justin's deal, saying he has confidence in Belle. Justin thinks he is making a huge mistake. Justin says he has no choice as his job is to uphold the law. Justin says he will see them in court. John enters the room. Roman says they have to get to court but John says not yet as he needs to speak with all of them about Steve's case.

Theo asks Ciara what happened at the police station. Ciara admits that she saw Chase. Ciara notes that Rafe said Chase won't get out after his arrest this time. Theo asks how it was seeing him. Ciara responds that she will be okay and won't ever let him ruin anything else. Ciara thanks Theo for doing all the right things and still being there. Theo replies that he always will be.

Kayla questions what Joey is thinking. Joey says he needed a friend. Kayla asks how long he's known her. Joey admits it's been a few weeks but insists that he trusts her. Kayla can't believe it, going over how wrong this could go. Joey argues that he needed someone to talk to other than her. Joey points out that Jade doesn't want him in jail either. Kayla orders Joey to stay away from the courthouse. Kayla says she will call him after court and then walks off. Jade asks if everything is okay which Joey says it is.

John declares this is crucial to the case and asks Justin for ten minutes. Belle questions what is going on. John says it will all make sense in a few minutes but they are just waiting for someone. Justin argues that he can just bring any evidence to court but John insists.

Rafe tells Hope that nobody is at the courthouse yet so they have a little longer. Hope asks how things are with his mom. Rafe is glad she's safe and close again. Hope asks if that means all is good. Rafe says she is getting to know her granddaughter. Hope points out that he didn't say yes and asks what's going on. Rafe says there is a lot of old stuff surfacing. Hope thinks it's a lot more than that. Hope wants to listen to him. Rafe feels she has enough on her plate. Hope knows her partner needs to talk and encourages him to lean on her for once. Rafe says he leans on her more than she knows. Hope then gets a call from Marlena and steps away to answer.

Jade apologizes to Joey for spilling the beans as she thought it would help if Kayla knew he had support. Joey tells her that Kayla strongly warned him not to show up in court. Jade offers to go for him to keep him updated. Joey argues that he has to see what happens himself.

Kayla goes to the station and questions what's going on and why they aren't all in court. Justin says they are headed there now. A woman named Pamela then enters, introduced as the director of the ISA. Pamela thanks them for waiting and states that this won't take long.

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