Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/4/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/4/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie wakes up and asks Summer why she's in the hospital and where Victor is.

Deimos tells Victor that he never wanted to hurt Maggie. Victor tells him that he crippled her. Deimos says he gave him a choice. Victor threatens to kill him. Victor grabs Deimos and shoves him against the wall with a knife but then drops the knife as he begins suffering chest pains and collapses on the couch much like in Caroline's old vision.

Maggie asks Summer again why she's here. Summer tells her that she's not sure but she must have gotten really sick. Maggie wonders why Victor isn't here but Summer doesn't know. Summer tells her that Victor was there but he must have had something to do. Summer tries to keep Maggie calm as she worries and states that she can't feel her legs.

Brady calls Victor, leaving a message that he needs to get back as Maggie needs him. Theresa returns to Brady and tells him that she couldn't find Victor. Brady doesn't get where Victor could be.

Deimos pours a drink while Victor clutches his chest on the couch. Deimos takes a drink and walks out of the room. Deimos heads upstairs to Kate. Kate asks if she heard him arguing with Victor. Deimos confirms it was Victor as he pours champagne for them. Deimos tells her that he's sure Victor is gone by now.

Caroline closes the Pub for the night and smiles as she thinks back to her last conversation with Victor after she moved out of his mansion where he got her a gift of a pendent with greek symbol for good luck. Caroline then has the vision of Victor having chest pains and calls out his name as she drops the bracelet.

Victor reaches for his phone but drops it on the floor. Nicole shows up outside and enters the Kiriakis Mansion, calling out for Maggie, Henderson, or Victor. Nicole says she left her tablet then goes inside to find Victor on the couch. Nicole tells him that it's okay and she's going to help him.

Deimos and Kate drink champagne in bed while listening to music. They finish their drinks and begin kissing.

Maggie repeats to Summer that she can't feel her legs and doesn't remember what happened. Summer asks what she last remembers. Maggie recalls Brady and Theresa's party to announce their engagement and that she fell. Summer assumes Victor probably brought her to the hospital because of that. Maggie remembers going home and that something happened there. Summer asks if she remembers what she was doing. Maggie remembers Victor going to the kitchen and she went upstairs where she lost her balance and fell. Maggie regrets not listening to Victor about going to the hospital. Maggie cries about being unable to feel her legs while Summer tries to calm her down. Maggie cries that she needs Victor.

Nicole calls 911 and tries to keep Victor conscious as she asks where everyone is. Nicole encourages him that he will be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. Nicole calls out for help for anyone who is home.

Deimos and Kate continue kissing in bed until they hear the sirens coming close. Kate recognizes it's an ambulance but Deimos tries to ignore it. Kate gets up worried about it being close. Kate looks out the window and sees the ambulance is right outside. Kate questions what's going on but Deimos says he's only interested in them and doesn't care.

The paramedics come in and Nicole tells them what she knows as they check on Victor. Nicole encourages that he's going to make it.

Summer rushes to get Fynn to Maggie's room. Maggie panics about being unable to feel her legs. Maggie asks about what happened. Fynn confirms that she fell down the stairs and there is damage to her spine but they don't know how much. Fynn checks her feet but she has no feeling. Maggie asks if she's ever going to walk again. Fynn says this doesn't mean that she won't. Fynn tells her that they have surgery scheduled first thing tomorrow morning and then he can answer her question. Maggie asks Summer to find Victor so she exits to do that.

Victor is stretchered out of the mansion while Nicole leaves a message for Maggie to call her back.

Caroline tries calling Victor then rushes out of the Pub.

Nicole tells the paramedics to hurry and she will locate the rest of the family. Nicole goes back in and finds Victor's phone on the floor. Kate comes downstairs and questions what is going on and what Nicole is doing there. Nicole asks what Kate is doing there. Kate questions the ambulance as Deimos comes in and Nicole asks who the hell he is. Kate repeats her question about the ambulance. Nicole says she asked who her friend is. Kate wants an answer. Deimos questions who Nicole is. Nicole asks Kate what is going on. Kate tells her to stop evading and questions the ambulance. Nicole informs her that she was trying to save Victor's life as she found him on the couch after having a heart attack. Deimos informs Nicole who he is and questions who she is. Nicole identifies herself and doesn't understand them not hearing her calls for help. Deimos questions her family background and if they originated in Greece. Nicole questions what is wrong with him caring about that instead of his brother's heart attack.

Brady and Theresa find Summer. Brady asks how Maggie is doing. Summer cries that she didn't know what to say or how to help. Brady and Theresa try to calm her down. Brady wants to go talk to her but Summer tells him that Fynn is with her now. Summer panics about being unable to find Victor. Theresa and Brady tell her that they couldn't find him either. Brady suggests checking the mansion but he wants to wait for Fynn's update on Maggie. Theresa asks Summer if Victor was with Maggie when she got there. Summer says he was but didn't give any idea as to where he was going.

Kate tells Nicole that she's in complete shock over this and asks if Victor is going to be alright. Nicole tells her that it's bad and he had completely blacked out. Nicole tells Deimos that he's creeping her out as she exits the mansion. Kate turns back to Deimos, who looks confused after seeing Nicole.

Theresa encourages Summer about Victor. Brady gets a call from Victor's phone but it's Nicole. Brady asks what's going on. Nicole informs him that Victor had a heart attack and he's on his way to the hospital. Nicole says she will meet him there and hangs up. Brady decides he has to tell Maggie about Victor's heart attack.

Kate questions Deimos about what just happened. Deimos responds that he was just surprised seeing Nicole and asks how long Kate has known her. Kate says too long and goes back to asking about Victor and his heart attack. Kate questions if Deimos left him to die. Deimos asks why she would think that. Kate points out that he stole everything from him and tried to kill Maggie. Deimos claims he didn't steal a thing. Kate asks again if Victor had his heart attack while they were arguing. Kate demands an answer. Kate points out that Deimos went upstairs thinking Victor would die while he had sex with his ex. Kate asks if he's going to the hospital. Deimos says he wouldn't be welcome there and heads back upstairs so Kate follows.

Theresa goes in to see Maggie. Theresa tells Maggie that she needs her advice on something. Theresa talks about being so in love with Brady while he loves his family especially Maggie. Theresa praises Maggie for helping her change as a person. Theresa talks about being worried about her just as much as Brady is now so she wants to tell her how much she means to her. Theresa calls Maggie her role model and says she loves her. Theresa encourages her about getting better. Maggie advises her as they both get emotional.

Deimos notes that Kate seemed less than friendly with Nicole and asks about Nicole's temper. Kate asks if Deimos quarrel with Victor ever got physical. Deimos assures that he never laid a hand on him. Kate asks him if he had anything to do with Victor's heart attack. Deimos confirms that he didn't inject him with anything and it just happened. Deimos remarks that Victor's heart wanted to put him out of his misery that he brought on himself. Deimos knows losing everything put him under too much pressure. Deimos adds that Victor won't have 30 years to suffer like him. Kate asks if he cares if Victor dies. Deimos admits he won't shed a tear. Kate calls him a cold bastard. Deimos agrees that he can be but thinks that's something that attracted her to him. Deimos feels the same about her but Kate says no. Kate questions him about Nicole. Deimos responds that she reminded him of someone but it's not important. Deimos points out that they are alone again and takes her hand but Kate repeats that no means no.

Victor is brought in to the hospital. Fynn tells Brady that he will update him as soon as he can.

Deimos offers to take Kate to breakfast in the morning but Kate says she has things to think about. Deimos didn't think this would phase her. Kate walks out and heads downstairs. Kate goes to leave the mansion as Caroline enters. Kate asks what she's doing there. Caroline says she's looking for Victor and heads inside looking for him. Kate reveals to her that Victor is at the hospital after having a heart attack. Kate notes that she doesn't seem surprised. Caroline mentions knowing that Victor was in pain. Caroline senses that Deimos is here and calls him the devil who is responsible for all of this. Kate claims not to know what she's talking about. Caroline looks upstairs and proclaims that he won't get away with this and she won't let him hurt anymore. Caroline vows to drive him out of Salem if it's the last thing he does. Deimos hears from upstairs and remarks "Dream on, bitch."

Brady and Summer go over what happened to Maggie with Nicole at the hospital. Summer goes to get some tea for Nicole. Brady notes that nobody would have been there to help Victor if Nicole didn't go back to the mansion. Nicole informs Brady that Kate and Deimos were there but didn't do anything to help. Brady is shocked to learn they were there. Nicole tells Brady that Deimos didn't care about Victor's heart attack. Nicole mentions Deimos' eyes and how you don't see cold eyes like that every day, referring to him as pure evil.

Deimos sits down on the bed with his wallet.

Caroline arrives at the hospital and asks Fynn if Victor is still alive. Fynn confirms that he is so they just have to wait and see. Caroline asks if she can go in. Fynn tells her not to say anything to upset him if he wakes up. Caroline jokes with him and heads inside. Caroline sits at Victor's side and tells him not to dare die on her.

Deimos pulls an old photo from his wallet.

Maggie looks at Theresa's ring with her and they talk about Theresa losing it with Maggie find it and their announcement. Brady comes in to the room. Maggie asks if he's seen Victor. Maggie asks what's wrong when he doesn't respond. Summer comes in to the room. Brady informs Maggie that Victor had a heart attack so he's in the hospital, resting but they won't know the damage for a little while. Maggie breaks down crying. Brady encourages that they are praying and not going anywhere.

Deimos looks at the old photo of a woman, presumably Helena, who has a resemblance to Nicole.

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