Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/1/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/1/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Summer dreams about telling Maggie about her stealing in the past. Summer wakes up and says to herself that she blew it like she always does.

Kayla looks around the house for Steve and is surprised to find him cooking late. She questions him doing this late at night. Steve reminds her that they don't know what's going to happen tomorrow but they have tonight. Steve gives her a beer and they toast their drinks.

Brady sits at home and feels strange when he tries to get up. Theresa comes in and checks on him. Brady isn't sure why he is suddenly feels anxious. Theresa wants to call the hospital but Brady says there's no pain. Theresa asks what he's worried about. Brady responds that he doesn't have anything to worry about.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion at Deimos' request and questions what this is all about. Deimos offers her champagne. Kate asks what he's doing in Victor's house. Deimos reveals that it's no longer Victor's house but his. Kate laughs at the thought but Deimos tells her that he's celebrating and hoped she would join him. Kate says she knows how Victor feels about this house and that he would never give it to him. Deimos informs her that it wasn't exactly voluntary but he made an offer he couldn't refuse.

Victor sits at Maggie's side in the hospital as she sleeps. Victor thinks back to Deimos forcing him to sign over everything in order to save her. Victor swears that Deimos will pay for what he did to Maggie. Fynn comes in and informs Victor that the latest tests show the poison is completely gone from Maggie's system. Fynn says they are preparing her for surgery tomorrow and need her to be as strong as possible. Victor asks about her legs and demands the truth as to if she will walk. Fynn responds that he doesn't have a definite answer which Victor questions. Fynn explains what the MRI shows and that they won't know until they go in whether or not the nerve can heal. Victor takes that to mean he has no idea if she will walk or not. Fynn says they don't know but will make sure she has the best treatment possible to do everything they can to make sure she walks again. Fynn promises to take really good care of her as he then exits.

Kate questions Deimos' offer to Victor and mentions that Victor loathes him so she feels like he's lying. Deimos asks how he can prove it and offers to show her the house deed and accounts in his name. Kate asks what he did. Deimos explains that he gave him an option of love or money and he surprisingly chose love. Kate calls that vague and thought Deimos was done with his vendetta. Deimos declares that he is now that he won. Kate questions how he won since he had to have forced Victor somehow. Kate orders Deimos to tell her what he did or she's walking out the door and not looking back.

Kayla tells Steve that this could be his last night as a free man so she thinks they should talk. Steve wants to talk about anything but tomorrow. Steve says no matter what happens, his life is not over. Steve jokes with her as he continues cooking.

Deimos talks to Kate about being up against Victor and how it was easier than he thought. Deimos tells her that he discovered Victor's Achilles heel and talks about Victor only caring about himself until Maggie made him human and vulnerable. Kate questions him using Victor's love for Maggie against him and asks how he did it. Deimos admits he poisoned Maggie.

Theresa rushes to the hospital with Brady and tells Fynn that something is wrong with Brady's heart so she asks him to please help. They take Brady into a room to check on him. Brady says that it wasn't a pain but just a feeling of anxiety. Fynn says everything he is seeing seems normal. Brady calls it a false alarm then but Fynn tells him to always come in if he feels the need. Fynn brings up Brady not knowing why he was feeling anxious and reveals to him that Maggie had fallen down the stairs. Brady can't believe it and rushes out of the room. Theresa tries to stop him. Brady tells Theresa to call Summer to let her know. Theresa thinks they should wait but Brady insists. Brady exits going to get Victor while Theresa calls Summer, who is walking through the town square. Theresa informs Summer that there has been an accident and Maggie is in the hospital so Brady wants her to come. Summer agrees to come and thanks her for calling.

Kate questions Deimos trying to kill Maggie because she's Victor's Achilles heel. Deimos admits it sounds cold. Deimos blames Victor putting this all in motion 30 years ago. Kate asks if he murdered Maggie. Deimos says she's still with them and was simply a means to an end. Deimos explains how he slipped something in to Maggie's medication and then negotiated with Victor. Kate warns that Victor won't take this lying down but Deimos doesn't care. Kate brings up how she once poisoned someone and it ended up with her married to Stefano. Kate admits that after a while her and Stefano did get along. Deimos asks about her liking powerful men with sizable holdings like him. Kate points out that she only has his word on his holdings. He tells her that she's welcome and isn't keeping secrets which is why he's been completely open with her. Deimos says he can't do anything about it if what he did changes things between them but he felt it was worth it to be completely open and honest. Kate goes over what he did and asks if she's supposed to be disarmed by his honesty. Deimos tells her that he doesn't want to keep secrets from her. Deimos tells her that he did try to mend fences with Victor if only he apologized but he refused. Deimos is sorry that if she's upset by what he did since she and Victor go way back. Kate acknowledges that she and Victor share a son so their lives will always be linked. Deimos knows she didn't want him to go after Victor but he felt he had no choice and knew he was risking losing her. Kate tells him that he just sealed the deal. Kate brings up Stefano blackmailing her in to marrying him when she needs her freedom. Kate explains that Victor laughed and thought it was hilarious even though he hated Stefano. Kate declares that she's going to have the last laugh as she kisses Deimos.

Brady joins Victor in Maggie's room. Victor explains how Maggie got dizzy and fell down the stairs, breaking her back so she's going in to surgery tomorrow. Victor says this never should have happened. Brady calls it an accident. Theresa enters and says she's so sorry. Brady asks if there's anything they can do for him. Theresa offers him to stay with them but Victor states that he's staying at the hospital all night. Victor orders a scotch and soda so Brady agrees to go get one from the club while Theresa makes calls and they exit. Victor declares that Deimos will pay for what he did and he will make him wish he was never born. Summer enters, asking if she's going to be okay. Victor questions what she's doing there. Summer says Theresa called so she wanted to see her and asks what happened. Victor tells her that she fell. Victor calls Summer an opportunistic drifter. Summer argues that they don't know each other. Victor reveals that he knows everything about her including her criminal record and jail time. Summer calls that the past but Victor calls her a con and tells her to crawl back where Brady found her. Summer responds that she's not going anywhere as she was honest with Maggie about her past. Victor tells her to leave or he will have her thrown out. Summer warns that he shouldn't be talking like that because Maggie will sense the tension. Summer exits as Fynn returns. Fynn offers to set up a bed for Victor but he tells him that he has something to do that shouldn't take too long.

Steve and Kayla eat together at home and talk about past times together. They then get up and dance together to "When I Said I Do".

Deimos and Kate express their happiness together as Kate then heads upstairs to wait for him. Deimos goes to follow but Victor enters the mansion and says he will see him in Hell for what he did to Maggie.

Steve and Kayla continue to dance. Steve tells her that he loves her and they kiss.

Summer returns to Maggie's room in the hospital. Summer tells her that she's so sorry as she can't help but feel like it's all her fault. Summer knew she wasn't feeling well and knows she screwed things up for her. Summer wishes she didn't tell her all that she did. Summer cries that it's hard to think that she might lose her as Theresa appears in the doorway. Summer asks Maggie to please be okay.

Deimos tells Victor that he made his choice and tells him to get out as this is no longer his house. Deimos blames Victor for taking Helena from him 30 years ago and then took his life and future but wouldn't say he was sorry. Victor responds that he isn't and will never be sorry but that Deimos will be for what he did to Maggie. Deimos questions him, saying she's fine after getting the antidote but Victor informs him that because of him, Maggie may never walk again which catches Deimos by surprise.

Steve gets up from bed and joins Kayla since she had gotten up. Kayla says she was restless and that Steve was sleeping peacefully. Steve tells her that tonight was everything he wanted and wished they could stay like that forever. Kayla tells him they can't because of tomorrow. Steve tells her that it doesn't matter what happens tomorrow as long as she loves him and they kiss.

Brady returns to the hospital and tells Theresa that he's going to bring Victor his drink but she tells him that Victor left to get some air. Brady questions Maggie being alone but Theresa informs him that Summer is in there. Brady notes that she sounds upset about that. Theresa says she's trying not to be. Brady doesn't think Theresa trusts Summer but she says she does.

Maggie wakes up and asks Summer why she's in the hospital and where Victor is.

Deimos tells Victor that he never wanted to hurt Maggie. Victor tells him that he crippled her. Deimos says he gave him a choice. Victor threatens to kill him. Victor grabs Deimos and shoves him against the wall with a knife but then drops the knife as he begins suffering chest pains and collapses on the couch much like in Caroline's old vision.

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