Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/31/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/31/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Gabi goes to the hospital looking for Eduardo but finds out from a nurse that he checked out against medical advice.

Eduardo returns to his hotel room and begins packing his bags.

Rafe works at the police station where a cop brings him another stack of papers including a file on Ben Weston.

Abigail wakes up on the couch from a nightmare of Ben showing up at the door. Someone then knocks on the door so Chad comes to answer. Abigail tries to stop him from answering it. Chad goes out to the garden and finds one of his guards has caught Chase. Chad questions him. Chase says he was just looking for Andre. Chad responds that he's in jail which he's heard is where Chase should be too.

Rafe questions Hope at the station about how Chase made bail. Hope talks about it being his word against Ciara's. Hope explains that Chase somehow got a high power attorney from Chicago who argued that Chase was unfairly singled out. Rafe asks if Ciara knows. Hope says she hasn't answered her calls so she worries about how she will take the news. Ciara then shows up and says not well. Ciara shouts that Hope promised her she would be safe so she questions how he is free. Hope apologizes and tells her that she is just as shocked. Hope says Chase made bail but the charges still stand so he will pay. Ciara asks why no one told her. Hope says she just found out and asks how Ciara found out. Ciara admits she saw him in the town square so she pushed him away and ran. Ciara cries that she can't deal with him. Rafe says Chase will be back in a cell if he comes near her. Ciara cries that Chase is already there and driving her crazy.

Abigail checks in with Chad then goes back to take care of Thomas. Chad asks the guard to give him a minute with Chase. Chad questions why Chase wanted to see Andre. Chase calls him a friend which doesn't surprise Chad. Chad wonders what Andre wanted in return. Chase mentions how Andre disappeared. Chad tells him that he's in prison for murdering Stefano. Chase figured Andre would have made bail by now but Chad tells him that no one in town likes him. Chad asks what he wants from Andre. Chase says he needed a place to stay so he thought Andre might let him. Chad tells him that this is his house that belongs to he, Abigail, and Thomas. Chad asks Chase if what he did to Ciara is true. Chad then orders him off his property and has his guard escort him away as he heads back inside. Abigail asks why Chase wanted to see Andre. Chad says he doesn't know and doesn't care. Abigail can't look at Chase after what he did to Ciara and comments on a lot of bad things happening right now. Chad encourages her about the good things like Thomas and being married. Abigail tells him that she is grateful for that but realizes how quickly it can be taken away. Chad brings up her not sleeping and says it's no wonder she's on edge as he hugs her. Chad asks if she is still having visions of Ben. Abigail claims she isn't. Chad promises to keep her safe no matter what it takes.

Hope goes in to the interrogation room with Ciara to try and calm her down. Ciara complains that this is never going to be over. Hope assures her that they will get Chase back behind bars and out of her life. Ciara worries that she will never stop thinking about what he did as she feels he took away who she is. Hope argues that he does not have the power to do that unless she gives it to him. Hope encourages her to be strong.

Rafe talks on the phone in the town square about the judge's ruling regarding Chase. Rafe's mom Adriana approaches and greets him. She asks what's wrong and tells him not to say it's nothing. Rafe says he's just not having the best of luck helping a friend. Rafe asks how she's feeling. She tells him that she's fine. Rafe mentions Gabi calling and telling him that Eduardo checked himself out of the hospital. Rafe asks if she's spoken to him or if she has any idea what he's planning. Adriana responds that she hasn't and doesn't want to know.

Eduardo finishes packing his bag and getting dressed. He goes to leave his hotel room when Gabi arrives at the door. Gabi questions him running out on them again.

Chad and Abigail go out to the garden for a picnic and drink some wine. Abigail asks what the occasion is. Chad says they don't need one and he just saw the expensive bottle of wine in the cellar. Chad tells her she deserves it. Abigail feels detached from reality. Chad encourages her that this is reality and they are in love with an amazing future. Chad says they didn't have the wedding or honeymoon of their dreams but it's all going to change. Chad toasts to her making him happier than he could've ever dreamed. Chad calls her his heart and soul. Chad asks if she's happy which she confirms she is as they kiss. Abigail tells him that she will show him how happy he makes her as she begins unbuttoning his shirt.

Gabi questions Eduardo checking himself out of the hospital and now being in a hurry to get away from them. Eduardo says it's been suggested that it would be better for everybody if he disappeared and he can't disagree. Eduardo brings up how Gabi's daughter and mother could've died the other night which would've been on him. Gabi tells him not to pretend that he's doing them a favor when he's leaving because he thinks it's best for him.

Rafe offers to walk Adriana home. She tells him that she's enjoying her evening stroll. Rafe wants her to rest but she says she couldn't sleep. Rafe understands she has a lot on her mind. She calls Eduardo the devil. Rafe brings up how she had no idea what he did for a living. She wants to concentrate on what is good in her life like being here with her children. Rafe tells her that he's glad she's here even if the circumstances could've been better. Rafe offers to take her to dinner and says he'll call Gabi and Dario for a little family reunion. Rafe suggests the town square but she wants to go to a familiar place. Adriana brings up Rafe being back on the police force and asks if Rafe likes his partner Hope. Rafe calls her great to work with. Adriana asks if that's all. Rafe insists that it is and that they have each other's backs.

Hope encourages Ciara going in to this with a positive attitude. Ciara agrees to see Marlena tomorrow morning with an open mind. Hope tells her that she's proud of her. Ciara asks about tonight and doesn't think she can go back to Jennifer's in case Chase comes looking for her. Ciara asks if she can go to Claire's but Hope says she has a better idea and they leave the station together.

Gabi tells Eduardo that he can't run scared and blame it on them. Eduardo thought it was safe to finally come home but he was wrong. Gabi asks if it's safe now. Eduardo hopes it is but he can't be sure so he's not willing for her to get hurt. Gabi talks about this hurting her. Gabi says she never knew what it was like to lose her father because he was never there. Gabi adds that regardless of Rafe or Dario, she was happy that her father was there. Gabi believed he had changed and wouldn't run out on them again. Eduardo responds that it's not like he wants to. Gabi tells him not to then. Gabi knows what Adriana and Dario told him but thinks they just need time. Eduardo thinks it will take more than time. Gabi brings up Rafe wanting to give him a chance. Eduardo says he could see relief in Rafe when he said he was leaving. Gabi says that's just how Rafe is. Eduardo calls Rafe a cop while he's a criminal and he doesn't see Rafe forgiving him now that he knows the things he's done. Gabi asks if he ever thought he would forgive him for leaving because he was getting there. Gabi points out that Eduardo took a bullet for Rafe and saved his life. Gabi calls it the first time they've all been together ever. Gabi says he just needs time and family. Gabi asks him to please stay and give them that chance.

Dario joins Rafe and Adriana at the Pub. Rafe is glad he could make it and says he left a message for Gabi so hopefully she will be here as well. Adriana tells them that she missed her sons. Dario hopes no one invited Eduardo and says he will leave if he comes. Adriana hopes Eduardo leaves town. Dario adds that he wants him to rot in Hell.

Chad and Abigail lay together in the garden after making love. Abigail talks about the first time they made love her and how it felt so right but she still stayed with Ben. Abigail wonders how she let it get so far with Ben. Abigail states that everything Ben did was because of her. Chad tells her not to think that since he was evil. Abigail apologizes for ruining their wedding. Chad says she didn't. Abigail wishes she could make it up to him and do it all over again. Chad tells her that they have the rest of their lives as they kiss. Abigail starts to worry that the guards could've seen them but Chad assures her they weren't there and they kiss.

Eduardo loves that Gabi wants him to be a part of her life but it's not clear what is supposed to happen next so he's going to need time to figure that out. Gabi mentions Rafe's message inviting her to a family dinner at the Pub. Gabi invites Eduardo but he says no one wants him there. Gabi insists but Eduardo tells her to go and have fun. Eduardo promises not to leave town tonight. Gabi says she will call him in the morning as she then exits.

Dario knows Eduardo says he was leaving but doesn't trust him. Dario says they can't send him directly to Hell yet but can at least never have to look at him again. Dario wants Rafe to arrest Eduardo because of his assassin work killing people. Rafe says it's not that simple. Adriana reminds them that this is supposed to be a nice family dinner. Rafe gets a text from Hope that she and Ciara are going off the grid and that she hopes he gets a break too.

Hope brings Ciara to a hotel room and says she should've thought about this earlier, calling it a girls escape. Hope says they will do anything to get her through the night.

Abigail puts Chad's shirt on and goes in to the mansion to get him a sweater. She then imagines Ben walking in.

Hope and Ciara sit together eating ice cream. Ciara talks about how when Hope was her age, she was falling in love with Bo while she has never been in love before. Hope encourages that she has plenty of time for that. Ciara responds that she can't imagine being in love anymore. Hope says that's because she is still in pain but promises things will get better. Ciara complains that it doesn't feel like it, saying everything is ruined after what Chase did to her.

Chase walks through the town square and sits down on the floor against the wall.

Gabi joins her family at the Pub. Adriana asks about Arianna. Gabi tells her that she's sleeping with the babysitter. Dario wants to make sure Gabi is on board with the plan to get rid of Eduardo before another terrible thing happens. Gabi points out that they are all together and safe. Dario says they could've been killed. Rafe wants everyone to calm down. Gabi asks if Dario ever made a mistake. Dario calls what Eduardo did deliberate. Gabi brings up that Rafe was going to forgive Eduardo, pointing out that he saved Rafe's life. Rafe admits he's grateful. Rafe says it would be better if Eduardo left town but he may be willing to give a relationship a try if he stays in town. Gabi thanks Rafe but Dario calls that a mistake. Eduardo appears outside the Pub and looks in through the window at them.

Abigail tells herself that Ben is not real and he disappears. Abigail then turns to go back out to the garden when she again sees Ben appear in front of her. He says that he is real but no one is going to believe that now.

Ciara tells Hope that she was waiting until she was in love. Hope tells her not to blame herself. Hope says Chase took something precious from her without her consent but that does not define who she is. Hope continues to encourage her and promises her it will be okay as she hugs her.

Chase remains sitting in the town square and pulls out his wallet with the little money he has. Chase sees a woman walk by so he jumps up and steals her purse, knocking the woman down and then he runs away.

Eduardo enters the Pub. Dario tells him to get out. Gabi explains that she asked him to come. Dario doesn't care that he took a bullet for Rafe and declares they are done with him.

Chad holds Thomas out in the garden. Abigail screams for Chad so he rushes in and asks what's wrong. Abigail tells him that Ben was there but he's gone now. Abigail insists that she felt him and that he said he would be back.

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