Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/30/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/30/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor checks on Maggie as she faints at Brady's party in the nightclub while Nicole goes to get her bag.

Chad and JJ watch as Abigail insists that Ben was right there but realizes that she imagined the whole thing. Chad puts the gun down and asks her to sit down. Abigail complains that it felt so real but wasn't and wonders what's happening to her as Chad hugs her.

Victor, Brady, and Philip get Maggie back up. Maggie says she's fine and just leaned over too fast. Brady and Victor want to call 911 but Maggie says it's nothing. Victor worries that it's the second time today. Maggie tells him that she's not ruining Brady's party. John goes to get Maggie some water. Maggie reveals the reason she leaned over is because she found Theresa's ring. Victor says now they know what Brady was going to say so Theresa asks Victor if he's going to welcome her to the family. Maggie tells Victor that he always makes a big production over everything. John brings Maggie water and checks on her. Maggie assures that she's fine and tells Brady to finish what he was saying. Brady officially announces that he proposed to Theresa and she said yes. Victor mocks it while Maggie warns him. Brady talks about coming through a lot with Theresa and he wanted to share the joy with the people he loves. They clap as Belle wants to hear from Theresa now. Theresa talks about Brady being everything she wants in a man and jokes about sticking it to Victor. Theresa talks about how her family couldn't be here but now she's making a new family. Theresa promises not to give them a reason to regret. Maggie gets up and hugs her.

Chad understands that Abigail is scared because of Ben and that it will take time to get over it. Chad says Abigail is seeing Ben because he's in her head. Chad suggests Abigail just had a dream about Ben but Abigail tells him that she was awake and worries that she's losing her mind. JJ makes a call to speak to a doctor. Chad hugs Abigail as she repeats that she thinks she's losing her mind. Chad sits her down as Thomas wakes up crying. JJ offers to take Thomas upstairs but Chad decides they should leave him with Abigail. Abigail holds Thomas and tells him that they are safe and nothing will ever happen to them.

John approaches Brady and Theresa. Theresa guesses he's upset but John says no, he just wanted to welcome her to the family. Theresa asks if he means that. John says if she makes Brady happy then she makes him happy. John understands they are not the same people they were a year ago. Theresa gets emotional and hugs John, telling him how happy he made her. John tells them to just be happy and steps away. Brady tells Theresa that he's still worried about Maggie so they decide to wind things down. Brady goes and tells Maggie and Victor that they will call it a night. Maggie hopes it's not because of her which Brady says it's not. Victor says they were leaving any way. Maggie goes to say goodbye to Theresa. Brady wishes Victor could be happy for him. Victor says he wishes that too and walks away.

Fynn comes to the DiMera Mansion and checks on Abigail. Abigail tells him that she's fine and they shouldn't have called. Fynn notes that she's physically okay but had a panic attack. Fynn adds that JJ filled him on what she's been through so it's perfectly normal. Fynn suggests seeing a therapist to cope with the stress. Fynn prescribes a bottle of pills for anxiety. Abigail and Chad thank him for coming. JJ walks Fynn out. Chad gets Abigail a drink to take a pill and tells her that everything will be okay. JJ decides he's going to leave and let Chad and Abigail get some sleep. JJ reminds that he's just a phone call away and there's still a unit outside all night. Abigail and Chad thank JJ. JJ tells Chad to keep him posted as he exits. Abigail asks Chad what else she may have imagined. Chad assures her that her night gown was shredded. Abigail wonders what if it wasn't Ben but herself.

Brady and Theresa go home where Theresa admires her ring. They sit in front of the fireplace and kiss. They acknowledge being worried about Maggie. Brady is sorry all that drama upstaged their announcement. Theresa jokes about getting used to drama. Theresa calls it interesting to see everyone's reactions as Maggie and Belle seemed genuinely happy while John wanted to bury the hatchet. Brady thinks she won everyone in the room over tonight but Theresa points out Victor.

Victor and Maggie return home. Victor calls Maggie stubborn. Maggie says she has to be stubborn to be married to him. Victor thinks she should've stopped at the hospital but Maggie continues to claim it no big deal. Maggie blames it on being tired and just finding out about her daughter while Victor was trying to ruin the party. Victor wants to take care of her so Maggie agrees. They kiss and Maggie heads upstairs while Victor plans to make her tea. Maggie gets dizzy and suddenly falls down the stairs. Victor rushes to check on her.

Chad tries to convince Abigail that she didn't shred her own night gown as it makes no sense. Abigail appreciates him trying to keep her sane. Chad argues that she's just thinking about it too much. Chad says if it were true, they would deal with it together and get her treated but he thinks she's okay. Chad points out how she focused on Thomas when he needed her. Chad tells Abigail to just let the medicine take affect and think about Thomas to let it all go. Abigail cries. Chad says he'll go make her some tea but she asks him not to go because she doesn't want him to leave her alone.

Belle and Philip go back to Philip's hotel room. Belle talks about wanting Philip and Brady to get along. Philip asks Belle what she thinks about their relationship. Belle thought they had been over it. Philip talks about how Brady is engaged and happy while Victor has been happier than ever with Maggie. Philip tells Belle that he's been thinking about them a lot. Philip brings up how she said things are changed but feels she doesn't want to talk about it. Belle thinks they can just let it be but Philip wants to know where he stands. Belle tells him that she's happy letting things take their course without defining it. Philip asks what if he does want to define it. Belle asks if he's going to propose.

Victor calls for Henderson to call a doctor as he tries to ask Maggie what happened. Deimos enters the mansion and states that maybe he can help. Victor tells him to get out. Deimos tells Victor that right now, he needs him more than anyone on the planet because he's the only one who knows exactly what's wrong with Maggie. Deimos reveals that Maggie has been poisoned because he needed to do something to get his attention. Victor questions what he gave her. Deimos says it's a slow acting poison as he substituted her medication. Deimos says Victor needs him to give her the antidote but only at a price.

Chad tells Abigail that he was only going to the kitchen but Abigail doesn't want him to leave her alone until they know exactly what's going on with her. Chad agrees to stay by her side then. Abigail says she's exhausted. Chad asks if she wants to go upstairs to bed but Abigail wants to stay here and lay on the couch. Chad says he will put Thomas in his crib and then stay with her. Chad puts Thomas in his crib behind the couch while Abigail lays down. Chad offers to turn off the lights but Abigail says no. Chad puts a blanket over and lays with her on the couch. Abigail thanks him. Chad tells her they are in this together so he will be by her side forever. Chad wants her to relax and get some sleep.

Philip and Belle laugh off the idea of proposing. Philip doesn't think they are marriage material which Belle agrees with. Philip would like to know that she's not going to be with anyone else and will always come home to him. Belle mocks the idea and says she's a person not property. Philip brings up love. Belle hates being told how she feels. Philip informs her that he's falling in love with her all over again. Belle says he sounds sweet and sincere but also like he's pressuring her in to saying she loves him too. Philip admits he didn't think she needed to be pressured.

Victor demands the antidote from Deimos. Deimos says negotiations should be easy. Deimos wants everything Victor has and owns as that's the price for saving Maggie's life. Deimos points out that she is barely hanging on and has less than five minutes left. Deimos says he has all the paperwork so he only needs his signature. Victor calls him a liar and asks how he knows the antidote is real. Deimos says he won't until he signs and gives it to her. Deimos tells him that he will have to take a chance and trust him.

Abigail wakes up on the couch with Chad and sneaks up while Chad is sleeping. Abigail checks on Thomas then goes to check outside in the garden. Abigail walks out and thinks back to imagining Ben. Abigail then turns around and sees Ben again.

Theresa talks to Brady about worrying about Victor while all that matters is Brady. Theresa talks about everything she's done to get what she has now. Brady hopes she realizes she deserves this as they kiss.

Victor takes Deimos' paperwork and signs it. Deimos praises Victor for choosing love over power and saving the woman unlike thirty years ago. Victor tells him to just give Maggie the antidote and shut up. Deimos injects it in to Maggie and tells Victor that he is a man of his word.

Belle asks Philip what's more important to him, hearing what he wants or a little honesty. Philip comments on honesty being overrated but Belle thinks they need some now as they have known each other far too long. Belle tells him that she won't say she loves him and she doesn't think he's really in love with her either. Belle thinks Philip is lost and looking for something to hold on to. Belle tells him that she's not ready and isn't going to let him pressure her. Philip stops her and tells her to forget he said he loved her then because he will take her however he can get as they then kiss.

Theresa and Brady continue kissing until Theresa suggests checking on Tate. Brady says she already did and tonight they celebrate so they continue kissing in front of the fireplace.

Abigail repeats that she knows Ben is not really there and runs back inside. Chad wakes up and asks what she's doing. Chad shuts the door as Abigail says she just needed some fresh air. Chad takes her back to the couch. Abigail cries that she doesn't want to lose her mind as Chad hugs her. Chad assures her they will get through it together and lays back down with her. Abigail looks up and imagines Ben outside the door then the vision disappears. Chad comforts her and Abigail says everything is fine.

Victor has Maggie brought to the hospital and waits for an update. Fynn comes out and tells him that the poison has been neutralized. Victor claims he doesn't know anything about how it happened but just wants to know she will be alright. Fynn reveals that the poison has neutralized but Maggie broke her back in the fall down the stairs and her legs are paralyzed. Victor thinks back to his words to Deimos about paying for a deadly blow with a deadly blow.

Deimos stands alone in the Kiriakis Mansion and declares "finally, it's done."

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