Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/29/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/29/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole and Dario bring Maggie home and try to make sure she's okay which she insists that she is.

John talks to Marlena at home about going to Brady's party. Marlena thought John might want to rest after all he's been through. John assures that he does not want to disappoint Brady. Marlena points out it's Brady and Theresa then questions if John has no idea what this party is all about.

Brady finishes a call with the nanny as he and Theresa set up at the nightclub. Theresa worries about everything being perfect. Brady assures her and kisses her. Theresa realizes she isn't wearing her ring and starts to panic about what happened to her ring.

Chad searches the tunnels of the DiMera Mansion with his gun and flashlight.

Abigail sees Ben in front of her. Ben tells Abigail that their son has gotten so big and recalls the day he was born in the cabin. Abigail screams for Chad. Ben comments that they don't want to scare the baby.

Maggie apologizes for snapping but doesn't want to make a fuss and just blames coming down with a cold. Nicole suggests she go upstairs while they make her soup and she can sleep it off. Maggie says she can't because Brady and Theresa's party is tonight. Maggie questions Nicole not going. Nicole thought it was more of a family thing so she just wants to go home and rest. Victor enters and questions what the hell they are doing there.

Marlena tells John that Brady and Theresa are tying the knot which John is unsure about. Marlena asks if he still wants to go. John believes that Theresa really has changed. John confirms he will still be there, feeling he would be sending a bad message to Brady if he didn't attend. John wants to be a father so he can suck it up around Theresa. Marlena kisses him and says she loves him as they hug.

Theresa can't believe she lost her ring. Brady tries to calm her down and retrace her steps. Theresa calls out to the staff, offering $1000 to whoever finds the ring.

Ben talks about Thomas being so peaceful. Abigail tries to convince Ben to give him to her but Ben refuses, calling her a baby hog. Ben declares this is his time with his son. Ben says he missed him so much and that he dreamed of him every night. Abigail tries to talk loudly so someone will hear. Ben responds that he dreamed of her too as he missed his family that Chad took away. Ben states that Chad destroyed everything.

Chad continues searching the tunnels when the door shuts on him and he's locked in.

Theresa searches the floor for her ring. Brady tries to calm her down. Belle and Philip arrive. Belle asks what's going on. Brady tells her that they lost the ring which Theresa claims means her key ring. Theresa asks Brady if Philip was invited which he confirms. Belle asks what's going on.

Dario says it's good to see Victor again. Victor tells him he's not welcome if he wanted his job back and complains about Dario walking out on Titan. Victor questions if Nicole is with him. Maggie tells him to thank them both. Nicole starts to explain but Maggie claims they just helped her get home out of the rain as she thanks them.

Abigail tells Ben that she's sorry it's been so hard for him and asks him to sit with her. Ben says he can tell her everything from where he is. Ben asks if she missed him and what Chad would think about that. Abigail tells him that this isn't about Chad. Ben questions her having him locked up all on her own. Ben argues that he didn't belong in the psych ward as he needed her and his son. Ben questions what she is doing in this house. Abigail tries to convince him to sit down. Ben says he can't stop her from sacrificing herself but he will save his son from Chad.

Chad tries to break out of the room he's gotten stuck in.

Brady tells Belle and Philip that nothing is wrong while Theresa continues looking for her ring. Belle goes to get she and Philip drinks. Philip asks Brady why he said yes to him coming tonight. Brady says he just didn't want Belle on his back about it. Philip brings up being family. Brady points out that he betrayed Victor and gave the formula to Deimos. Philip explains that Victor told him to get Deimos to trust him. Brady questions Philip trying to blame Victor. Philip goes over how Brady left Titan. Brady calls it very different and doesn't want to get in to it with him. Belle returns with their drinks. Philip decides he needs some air and exits. Belle asks Brady what just happened here.

Nicole decides they are going to leave and tells Maggie to feel better as she exits. Dario follows her out. Victor questions Maggie's story and wants the truth now. Maggie admits she got a little dizzy. Victor wants to call the doctor because she hasn't been feeling well all day. Maggie argues that she isn't sick but just got emotional after seeing Summer. Victor questions if Summer set her off. Maggie calls her complex and sweet. Victor calls Summer trouble.

Summer packs her bags in her hotel room and comes across the charm that she took from Maggie.

Abigail tells Ben that they can go away together where ever he wants to go. Ben questions her suddenly wanting to go with him but understands she wants to be with Thomas. Abigail calls her baby Thomas which confuses Ben because he remembers his name as Colin. Ben tells Abigail that she can't change his son's name and questions her changing the name on the birth certificate. Ben questions who decided to rename his son. Abigail shouts that he's not his son. Abigail reveals to Ben that he's not the father, Chad is.

Chad continues trying to break out of the room and screams for JJ.

Dario and Nicole walk through the town square talking about Victor being cranky. Dario is glad he doesn't work for him anymore. Dario asks Nicole if she wants to get dinner but she declines, saying she's going to make it an early night. Dario thought she was just making an excuse to not go to Brady and Theresa's party. Nicole admits she is pretty sure it's an engagement party and feels it's too close. Nicole worries about upsetting Maggie. Nicole talks about working hard to get Maggie's trust but getting there so she always looks out for her. Nicole asks if she should be worried about Summer hurting Maggie.

Maggie tells Victor that any trouble in Summer's life began with her. Victor argues that now she sees a payoff. Maggie doesn't see any ulterior motive and brings up that she was packing to leave when she found her. Maggie needs Victor to give Summer a chance. Maggie realizes the time and says they need to get dressed for Brady's party. Victor decides he's going to pass on that. Maggie points out that Brady said it was important. Victor says he can't sit back and accept Theresa. Maggie encourages him that Brady really wants him there. Maggie says she is going regardless but she would feel a lot better with him. Victor agrees to stay for an hour. Maggie kisses him and goes to get dressed.

Theresa continues searching the floor of the nightclub. Belle talks to Brady about Philip having to call to ask if he was invited. Belle says they hoped Philip and Brady would work things out. Brady hopes they aren't together but Belle confirms they are. Brady questions if Philip makes her happy and treats her well which Belle confirms so Brady decides he's happy about it then. Brady compares it to people warning him about Theresa for months. Belle asks if things are good with them and Brady says she is totally together. Theresa remains crawling along the floor looking for her ring as John, Marlena, and Paul arrive. John questions if she's looking for something.

Ben tells Abigail that he is Collin's father, not Chad. Abigail informs him that the test was wrong so they did another. Abigail explains what happened when Thomas got sick while Ben was away so they had to test their blood again. Ben refuses to believe it. Abigail says they can go to the hospital if he wants but Ben says no hospitals. Abigail tells him that she's so sorry but knows one day he will be a great father when the timing is right. Abigail repeats that he's not Thomas's father. Abigail tells Ben that he doesn't have to worry about anything to do with the baby so he's free.

Marlena offers to help Theresa look for what she has lost but she says it's no big deal. Brady and Belle come over to greet them. Brady thanks them for coming. John says they wouldn't miss it. Marlena is curious about the news. Brady promises to tell once everyone is there. Brady and Paul go to get drinks. Belle catches up with Marlena and John about both of them being alright. John doesn't want to make tonight about them. Philip comes back in and greets them. Belle mentions being so glad that Philip decided to come tonight. Marlena notes that Brady seems happy about whatever this is for. Belle takes Philip to show him around. Theresa remains on the floor searching. John knows Philip sets Marlena off. Marlena says she's doing her best but talks about Philip hurting Belle before, feeling this is a recipe for disaster. Brady picks Theresa up off the floor and tells her to stop worrying about the ring as the guests are here. Brady tells her that they can get another ring. Theresa worries about how it will look. Theresa states that they cannot announce their engagement until she finds the ring so she goes back to searching the floor.

Abigail tells Ben that he's free to go where ever he wants and she swears not to say anything to anyone. Abigail tells him that he can go start a new life somewhere. Ben calls her a liar and argues that this is his son so she can't erase him. Abigail has flashbacks to Ben leaving them to die in the cabin as Ben tells her that this is his son and he's taking him with him.

Dario tells Nicole that Summer is not out to hurt anyone but is just looking for a place to fit in as she's had it rough. Nicole asks what something better for him would be.

Summer talks on the phone about a monthly rate if she wants to stay and looks through a stack of credit cards she has with different names. Summer then checks her bank account on her phone.

Theresa keeps crawling around the nightclub looking for her ring as Brady follows her. Philip commends Belle on the nightclub and goes to get them more champagne. Marlena comes over and comments that they seem close. Belle assures her that they are happy. Maggie and Victor arrive and greet John. John tells them that they are just waiting to hear what this is all about tonight. Victor jokes about hoping they'll break up. John says he just wants Brady to be happy. Brady picks Theresa up and tells her that everyone is here so they have to tell them soon. Brady says the ring doesn't matter and all that matters is he loves her. Brady stops her and says this is happening.

Abigail yells that Ben can't take her son. Chad finally rushes in along with JJ. Abigail screams for them to get Ben but JJ and Chad reveal that there is no one there. Abigail screams that Ben is standing right there as she continues imagining him holding Thomas while Chad and JJ see no one.

Dario tells Nicole that he doesn't know the answer as something better isn't about a place but he wants to find it soon. Nicole remembers that feeling. Dario encourages that she will find it again. Dario tells her that Summer wants to be happy, in love, and have a family with a real mother. Dario says that Summer deserves a mom like Maggie. Nicole questions if Maggie deserves a daughter like Summer, commenting that she seems pretty messed up.

Summer argues on the phone with the bank about a credit increase. She hangs up and looks up the estimated worth of Victor Kiriakis on her tablet.

Brady calls for everyone's attention at the party. Brady is sure they are all curious about their announcement. Brady acknowledges that they have given them all a reason to worry but hope for a reason to celebrate. Maggie sits down where the ring is on the floor but she then faints and everyone rushes to check on her.

Abigail screams at Chad and JJ that Ben has Thomas in his arms but JJ confirms he's not there as the electricity comes back on. JJ shows Abigail that Thomas is still in his crib. Abigail's vision of Ben disappears. Chad looks on sadly as Abigail rushes to open the doors but sees no one is there.

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