Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/28/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/28/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail checks in with Chad's security outside the DiMera Mansion while a storm is brewing. She thanks him as he encourages about keeping everyone safe. Chad comes downstairs, finishing a call about attending a DiMera Enterprises board meeting in Zurick to cut ties with the company and his family. Chad asks Abigail if she's sure about this. Abigail confirms she will be okay and suggests Ben could be in South America by now. Abigail tells Chad to be safe and she loves him. Chad kisses her goodbye and instructs her to lock the door behind him as he then exits. Chad gets in his car and is driven away. Abigail remains inside, holding Thomas as it begins to storm outside. Abigail tells Thomas that everything is going to be fine and there's nothing to be afraid of while the wind increases against the door.

Abigail heads in to the living room where JJ is. JJ comments on Abigail being a mother and promises not to let anything happen to them. JJ asks if she's still okay with the plan, saying that they can always take Thomas back to Jennifer's. Abigail refuses to let Thomas out of her sight and says she won't go running back to her mom. Abigail declares she will face her fears which JJ commends her for. JJ makes sure she's okay as he goes to check the house again. JJ looks out the window, worried about the storm as he checks around the mansion. JJ then heads upstairs.

Abigail remains with Thomas in the living room and is startled by the storm but then Thomas starts crying. Abigail holds him and he stops crying as she assures him there is nothing to be afraid of. Abigail decides to take Thomas upstairs. Abigail hears a noise at the door and thinks back to Ben leaving them to die in the cabin. Chad returns as Abigail is scared and admits she thought he was Ben. Chad goes over everything in the plan going as planned with Chad being replaced by a lookalike and sneaking back in. Chad assures that if Ben is watching them, he knows Chad is gone. Chad says if he falls for it, they'll have him. JJ returns downstairs and welcomes Chad home, confirming that everything is okay. Abigail assures them that she's fine as she takes Thomas upstairs to put him to sleep. JJ and Chad talk about Abigail being okay. Chad is glad JJ is here for her. JJ hopes they can catch Ben and put him away for good because Abigail has suffered enough.

Abigail brings Thomas to his bedroom and feeds him with his bottle. Abigail continues to tell Thomas that they will be fine as the storm picks up. A window cracks open slightly from the wind. When the lightning flashes, a shadow appears.

Chad and JJ talk about not getting how Ben escaped the psych ward. JJ hopes Ben walks in to their trap. Chad feels JJ doesn't have much faith in it but insists he would do anything for Abigail and Thomas. JJ hopes it won't come to that. JJ brings up everything that has gone down in the DiMera Mansion and wishes Abigail didn't have to live in a place like this. Chad argues that it's just a house and the people who used to live there don't anymore. Chad assures that Abigail wants to stay here and that they are going to make it a place of love. JJ still feels the place is creepy. JJ is startled by the storm and decides he should check things outside. JJ walks through the garden with his gun and a flashlight, going by a ladder to the open window.

Abigail decides she should close the open window but sees the shadow on the door when the lightning flashes. Abigail calls out for Chad as she approaches the shadow. Abigail turns the corner in to the bathroom to see the shadow was just a stuffed animal. Abigail rushes downstairs with Thomas and has more flashbacks of when Ben left them to die in the cabin. The phone rings so Abigail answers it and hears heavy breathing. Abigail hangs up quickly but the phone rings again. Abigail answers, yelling for them to stop doing this but it's Jennifer who asks if she's okay. Jennifer says she called a few seconds ago but the connection was bad. Jennifer adds that she was out of breath because she ran upstairs to close the window in her room that was left open. Jennifer tells Abigail that she packed up the rest of her things if she wants to come get them in the morning. Jennifer holds her pill bottle in her hand as she talks to Abigail about her being gone from home. Abigail asks if she's okay. Jennifer assures her that she is and that she's happy for her. Jennifer tells her to say hi to Chad for her. Jennifer mentions a rattle that she wanted for Thomas and how it was on the dresser but it's gone now. Abigail tells her that she didn't take it and starts to panic as the electricity then goes out from the storm. Abigail goes in to the living room and puts Thomas back in his crib, repeating that everything is going to be fine. Abigail tells herself that Ben is not here and did not go in to her room at home. Abigail calls out for Chad and JJ but gets no answer. Abigail goes looking for a flashlight while still calling out for Chad and JJ. Abigail tells herself to get a grip because everything is fine. Abigail then imagines Ben outside the door. She rushes out the door and screams that she's not afraid of him, asking where he is now. JJ approaches from behind and brings her back in, asking what's wrong. Abigail cries that she's so sorry. JJ gets that she's scared but tells her it's just a blackout. Chad comes back in and Abigail runs to him. Abigail explains that she thought she heard something outside as she cries. Abigail rushes to check on Thomas and is relieved to see he's sleeping. JJ apologizes for not telling her where they were as they went downstairs to check the circuit breakers when the power went out. JJ lights a lantern they found. Chad assures Abigail that they are fine and everything is clear. Chad mentions the ladder outside the window but it was just left by the gardener. Abigail starts insisting that she saw Ben outside the door. Chad calls in for the security to watch the garden but can't get through. Chad encourages Abigail that it's just the storm as she cries. JJ decides he will check it himself and goes out to the garden. Chad continues encouraging Abigail. Abigail asks if he's telling her everything. JJ returns from the garden and confirms he didn't find anything. JJ mentions the security radios being down in the storm. JJ adds that he saw no footprints. Abigail questions if they are lying to her, pointing out that they did before. They assure her that no one is lying. Abigail insists that she saw Ben outside the door and that she's not going crazy. They say they believe her after her night gown was torn. Abigail wonders if maybe the nightgown got ripped up another way. Chad tells her not to doubt herself and just calm down. JJ tells her that they just set the trap and are expecting a move tonight so it's not weird to start seeing things. Chad suggests everybody calm down. Chad goes to get Abigail some tea. JJ assures Abigail that they will be just fine and if Ben shows up, they will take him down so he won't hurt her again. Abigail agrees as she looks out the window and thinks back again to when Ben left them to die in the cabin.

Abigail and JJ sit with Thomas. JJ talks about when Abigail would sing to him when he was a child. Abigail can't believe he remembers that. Abigail talks about how she's supposed to be having the time of her life but she's so freaked out by Ben stalking her. Abigail continues to insist that she saw Ben outside and asks if JJ believes her. JJ says it's not his call but all he cares about is protecting her and Thomas. JJ gets a call from security about a possible sighting. JJ tells Abigail to wait there as he rushes out to check on the alert.

The curtains blow in the wind upstairs near the stuffed animal that Abigail saw earlier.

Abigail sits with Thomas and mentions that Chad will be back soon when she sees someone go by the window. Abigail reaches into the drawer and grabs a gun. Abigail goes to look with her gun and lantern. Chad returns and asks Abigail what she's doing. Abigail says she saw Ben go through the door. Chad instructs her to tell JJ what's going on as he takes the gun and goes to check. Abigail turns around to see Ben holding Thomas. Ben says hello to Abigail as she stares in shock.

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