Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/25/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/25/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Philip joins Belle at the Pub and asks her what was going on with Marlena. Belle calls it a long story. Philip guesses she doesn't want to tell him about it because it's about them.

Nicole and Dario have coffee in the town square. Nicole mentions missing Daniel and guesses he's regretting going for a drink with her but Dario says not at all.

Maggie enters Summer's hotel room and apologizes for behaving badly when she gave her the news. Maggie says she had no idea she had child out there all these years. Summer understands and says she handled it all wrong, apologizing for telling her the way she did but Maggie says she's glad that she did. Maggie notices her bags are packed and asks where she's going.

Deimos sits in his apartment having a drink. He unbuttons his shirt and looks at the scar on his chest from Victor. Deimos opens a box and pulls out an old photo of he and Victor then makes a call to Victor, saying he wants to see him.

Summer informs Maggie that she's going back to LA but Maggie asks her not to. Summer says she understands why she was unhappy to see her as she doesn't need another complication. Maggie argues that she's not a complication but her daughter so she wants to get to know her very much. Summer asks if that's true, why did she give her up in the first place.

Deimos goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Victor. Victor gives him ten minutes and comments on being sick. Deimos states that he comes in peace. Deimos tells him that he would like to end the war between them. They argue over who started it. Victor calls him still a jealous child. Victor brings up Deimos turning Philip against him. Deimos points out Victor being estranged from Brady as well. Deimos clarifies that he didn't come to apologize and says turning Philip was just showing him how it felt to be betrayed by his own blood. Victor questions why he ends it there. Deimos says he listened to some advice to try and make love not war. Victor questions what brought on this change of heart. Deimos informs him that he met a wise and beautiful woman who convinced him that his hatred for him was like poison and the only cure for it was to let it go. Deimos declares she is the reason he's here today.

Dario understands Nicole is surrounded by reminders of Daniel and asks if she ever thought about getting away. Nicole tells him that she can't because she just started her own company. Nicole also wants Parker to have a familiar home to visit. Dario brings up how his dad left and now he wishes his dad never came back. Nicole calls it unfair how people who shouldn't be parents are while people that should be never get the chance.

Summer tells Maggie that she had to ask because she's been wondering her whole life. Maggie explains that she was very young and wasn't ready to have a baby. Summer asks who her father was. Maggie informs her that his name was Noah, who came to work on the family farm. Maggie tells her how he gave her attention when she was injured from her car accident and made her feel special then one day they got carried away. Maggie doesn't know why she was shocked by her pregnancy but she was all alone since her parents died in that car accident. Summer tells her that she's sorry. Maggie recalls not being totally alone since she had Hank, the farm hand who worked with her dad and became a father figure. Maggie says he was the one who told her that her baby died. Summer tearfully asks if her father left because of her but Maggie informs her that he left before he knew she was pregnant.

Belle asks why he thinks Marlena was upset about them. Philip feels everyone is. Belle doesn't know how she feels but explains that there was a situation with John. Belle says it's all fine now but she can't really talk more about it. Philip is glad everything is okay. Belle mentions not telling Brady as they were afraid the stress could affect his health. Belle brings up Brady having a party tonight. Philip is not shocked that he's not invited and asks what it's for. Belle tells him that Brady and Theresa have big news. Belle encourages Philip to reach out to Brady and come to the party. Philip questions why he would crash his party. Belle decides he would be her date. Philip doesn't think Brady would be thrilled by that but Belle says everyone will have to get used to it. Belle adds that if he doesn't come, people will think he doesn't care.

Victor questions Deimos about the woman he met. Deimos tells him that her name isn't important. Victor calls this impossible. Deimos brings up Maggie and how her love turned Victor to the nice man everyone thinks he is today. Deimos tells Victor that he's doing his best to extend an olive branch to him. Victor tells him that talk is cheap so he will have to show him that he's changed.

Nicole talks to Dario about knowing she and Daniel would never have kids but they had Parker and now she barely sees him. Nicole is tired of talking about herself and asks if Dario saw his dad. Dario tells her that he visited him in the hospital as he got shot which surprises Nicole. Dario states that Eduardo's past came back to bite him again. Dario reveals that they found out why she left their family; because he was a trained assassin which shocks Nicole.

Summer is surprised that her father never knew about her. Maggie explains that there was no way to tell him as she didn't know where he had gone and didn't even know his last name. Maggie says he left the farm and she never saw him again. Maggie talks about her guilt over losing her baby. Maggie says for the longest time, she didn't know if she could have a child and thought that was her punishment. Summer questions why she was told that she died. Maggie guesses he was trying to protect her. Maggie calls it one of the most painful things she ever endured so having her here now is a gift and she has Daniel to thank for that.

Philip tells Belle that she's made it very hard to say no. Philip says if he goes, it won't be to listen to Brady lecture him about how he betrayed the family but for her. Belle asks if he's staying in Salem even if he's not working for Titan. Philip says of course he is. Belle questions if he's thought about what he wants to do. Philip admits he's thought about her offer to bankroll her new business and says he has a great idea.

Deimos questions what he has to do for Victor to prove his sincerity. Victor tells him to leave town and never come back. Deimos tells him that won't happen as all the family he has left is right here. Victor questions trusting him and why he feels compelled to get his approval to stop hating him. Victor asks if the woman wanted him to make amends. Deimos laughs it off and informs Victor that he was here yesterday and had a nice long chat with Maggie. Deimos notes that she didn't tell him and asks if there's trouble in paradise.

Summer and Maggie sit together outside the town square. Summer talks about being raised right by the parents she had but they didn't know what to do with her. Summer talks about getting in trouble as a child. Maggie relates stories of her daughter Melissa. Summer tells Maggie that it wasn't her fault. Maggie asks her where her parents are now. Summer informs her that they died a couple years ago. Summer talks about having different jobs to get by. Summer admits that she once stole jewelry from her landlady but got caught and went to jail. Summer senses Maggie is disappointed but felt she needed to be honest. Maggie understands that everyone makes mistakes. Summer then reveals it wasn't a one time thing.

Philip tells Belle that he's good at being cut throat in business. Philip notes that he's made a lot of money and a lot of enemies. Philip wants a job that he's passionate about which is music. Philip talks about a huge untapped market and says he's looking at starting a record label for undiscovered artists. Philip talks about the change in the music industry. Belle knows exactly who his first client should be and suggests Claire which seems to catch Philip off guard.

Nicole can't believe Eduardo was a trained assassin. Dario explains how the guy who trained him was pure evil and kidnapped John and Eduardo because he was pissed that they tried to move on. Dario continues that Yo Ling kidnapped Marlena, Arianna, and his mother. Dario says everything is okay now but feels if Eduardo never came back, none of this would have happened. Nicole points out that Yo Ling went after John too. Dario argues that Eduardo never even tried with his family and questions defending him. Nicole asks if it would hurt to give him another chance but Dario says no way in hell.

Summer comments that Brady and Theresa told her that Maggie wouldn't judge her. Maggie just didn't expect her to be so forthcoming about being an ex-thief. Summer claims she's reformed now and that she can thank Daniel for that since he gave her so much support through a rough time. Maggie thanks her for telling her that. Summer apologizes for laying a lot on her at once. Summer just wanted to tell her everything because she knew Daniel would have wanted her to. Maggie is glad that she did. Maggie decides she needs to get home. Maggie stands up and feels dizzy but blames it on getting up too quickly.

Victor tells Deimos that his only trouble is him and questions why Maggie would bother telling him about his visit. Deimos tells him that he's staying in Salem so he's leaving it up to him if they are civil or mortal enemies. Deimos knows he'd be dead if Victor spent 30 years in prison because of him. Deimos declares he's here ready to let it all go on one condition. Deimos tells Victor that all he ever needed from him was an apology.

Summer and Maggie return to Summer's hotel where she gets Maggie some water. Summer blames it on blurting everything out at once but Maggie is glad that she did. Maggie decides she needs to go home and lie down. Summer offers her place but Maggie thinks it better if she go home. Maggie stops before leaving and hugs her as they cry. Maggie says she will see her soon and then exits.

Philip questions Belle being serious. Philip says he hasn't heard Claire sing and is sure she's talented but questions her experience. Philip argues that the first artist signed says everything about the company so they should want the best. Belle asks how he knows she isn't. Belle says she wouldn't have bought her a nightclub otherwise. Belle tells Philip that she won't give him the money for the job without Claire. Philip jokes that she always ends up getting her way and agrees to have the papers drawn up. Belle looks forward to being his partner and can't wait to tell Claire. Philip and Belle then kiss.

Victor questions Deimos wanting him to say he's sorry, asking what he's supposed to be sorry about. Deimos goes over spending 30 years in prison for something Victor did. Deimos states that Victor killed Helena but even if he didn't, he could have helped him and turned his back. Deimos says all he has to do is say he's sorry and he will forgive him. Victor doesn't respond. Deimos questions what he was thinking and accepts Victor's decision, saying he should've known. Deimos warns him that how you make your bed is how you're going to sleep. Deimos then exits.

Dario apologizes for snapping at Nicole but tells her that Eduardo has never been part of his family's life so they don't need him now. Nicole feels the same about her father and jokes that they can swap stories. Maggie approaches but gets dizzy again and stumbles.

Claire joins Belle and Philip at the Pub. Claire questions why Philip wants her. Philip says that Belle tells him that she's the best of the best. Claire isn't sure she is ready. Philip tells her that they are in this for the long haul so they will take the time to develop her with a vocal coach and songwriters then they will make sure all the right people are there to hear her debut. Belle encourages the opportunity but doesn't want her to be pressured. Claire questions throwing money at her to try to make her happy. Belle says she's worked hard and deserves this but Claire questions if she does. Claire feels it's a bribe so she won't hate the idea of Belle and Philip together as much. Belle promises this is only about her. Philip adds that they believe in her. Claire says if that's true, she can't say no. Belle is happy and hugs her.

Summer paces in her hotel room and worries that Maggie hates her as she sits on her bed, telling herself that she's just shocked and it's going to be okay because it has to be.

Victor reaches in to his drawer and pulls out the same old photo of he and Deimos that Deimos had.

Nicole and Dario sit Maggie down in the town square. Maggie mentions being lightheaded this afternoon but adds that she didn't eat lunch with so much on her mind. Dario offers to get her something but Maggie just wants to go home. Maggie didn't realize Dario was back in town. Dario says he just got there. Nicole insists on taking her home. Maggie thanks her and she walks off with Dario and Nicole. Deimos appears around the corner and watches them go.

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