Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/24/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/24/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie calls for Victor but he's not home. Victor finishes a call in the town square, mentioning that Philip will not be returning to Titan.

Brady talks on the phone from the town square to John, inviting he and Marlena to a party at the nightclub tonight as he has an announcement to make. Brady turns around to see Victor. Victor questions his announcement. Brady tells him that he and Maggie are invited too. Victor responds that if it involves Theresa, he can count him out.

Nicole and Theresa go over work and Nicole asks Theresa about Abigail's wedding dress being part of their line. Theresa reveals she's been thinking about her own as Brady proposed last night. Nicole is surprised but congratulates her. Nicole ends things abruptly so Theresa thinks she's upset because she and Daniel were supposed to get married. Nicole tells her that she's genuinely happy for them.

Rafe, Dario, and Gabi's mom Adriana questions them about Eduardo as to why he's in Salem and why he's in the hospital. Dario tells Rafe to go ahead and fill her in. She refuses to leave the room until they tell her everything.

Nicole asks Theresa if they have set a date yet. Theresa says no as she wanted some time to plan. Nicole is sure the wedding will be beautiful. Tate starts crying from the bedroom so Theresa goes to check on him. Nicole looks down at the open ring box and then at her own ring. Theresa comes back with Tate. Theresa tells Nicole that she doesn't have to go. Nicole wants to go make sure the fabrics were delivered to the warehouse. Theresa asks her not to rush out as she should've known this would upset her. Theresa apologizes to her.

Brady tells Victor that he and Theresa are a family so he would love for them to come and be happy for them. Victor says he will think about it but mentions having a lot to catch up on with Titan. Brady is sorry that Philip let him down. Victor remarks that he's getting used to that with family members.

Eduardo greets Adriana and asks how she's doing. She tells him that she is strong. Dario yells at Eduardo, blaming him for everything and then storms out. Adriana demands to know what is going on. Eduardo informs her that she and Arianna were kidnapped because of him.

Maggie finds Victor in the living room and asks where he went. Victor says he went to the office and is feeling better. Maggie says she needs to tell him something. Victor tells her that he already knows about Brady's announcement and figures it has to be about Theresa. Maggie thinks they need to go since he misses Brady and they need to fix this. Victor agrees and asks if that's what she wanted to talk about. Maggie says it's something else important.

Theresa puts Tate back in his bedroom. Nicole tells Theresa that she doesn't have to apologize for telling her that she's engaged. Nicole admits it's hard to hear news like that and not think about Daniel but she has to deal with it. Theresa wants to be more sensitive. Theresa tells Nicole that she's her partner and she considers her a friend.

Adriana questions how Eduardo could let this nightmare happen to her. Eduardo explains that it was because of the dangerous work he was involved in. She asks if he left them because he loved danger more than his family. Eduardo says he came back for forgiveness as soon as he got out of it. Adriana yells at him for getting Arianna kidnapped. Eduardo explains that they used them to try and get him back. Eduardo admits he was foolish to want forgiveness and suggests he leave again. Eduardo asks what she's been doing. She responds that she's been a parent and working as a nurse. Eduardo praises her for the kids and says he owes her but she says she doesn't want anything to do with him. She has no idea why their children are still dealing with him as she storms out. Eduardo tells Rafe and Gabi that no one would blame them if they wanted nothing to do with him like Dario made it clear how he feels. Gabi calls Dario a hot head. Eduardo knows that he put their lives in danger which is unforgivable. Gabi feels confused and admits she would love to have her family back as she then exits the room. Eduardo points out that Rafe hasn't said very much. Rafe says he was waiting until he knew what he wanted to say but he needs time as he then exits the room as well.

Maggie informs Victor that last night after he went to sleep, something happened. Brady interrupts and says he thought Maggie was alone. Victor asks why he lowered himself to come to his house. Maggie reveals she asked him to come. Victor goes to leave but she asks him to stay. Maggie apologizes to Brady for running out on her and Summer. Brady tells her that he should've known how it would affect her. Victor questions what they are talking about. Maggie explains to Victor that Summer turned out to say she is Daniel's sister and Maggie's daughter. Victor questions how. Maggie explains that she got pregnant when she was very young and when she awoke, she was told her baby was stillborn. Victor can't believe it as she never told him. Maggie says she never told anyone and pushed the memory down as it was so awful. Brady questions her not knowing her child was alive all this time which Maggie confirms. Victor questions how Brady found Summer. Brady says he won't believe it but explains that he started seeing her in his dreams as if Daniel was communicating with him. Brady adds that he went to Fynn, who told him about Summer. Victor mocks the idea of Summer turning out to be the daughter of a woman who is married to a wealthy man. Brady confirms that he saw the DNA results that Summer is Maggie's daughter. Victor doesn't believe that she's not still after something.

Hope goes to the police station and finds Rafe in the interrogation room. Rafe says he was having trouble working in the squad room. Hope mentions Marlena telling her that he and Steve saved John. Hope is thankful he's alright and asks if he wants to talk about it. Rafe says he's good and asks about Ciara. Hope informs him that she found her at her birthday party, totally wasted. Rafe notes that it doesn't sound like her. Hope thinks she finally convinced her to start therapy with Marlena. Rafe knows it's hard to see her go through this. Hope blames herself for leaving her daughter with a rapist and feels she should have sensed something. Rafe argues that she is a great mother who invited Chase in to their home and no one could have predicted what he did. Rafe tells her it's not right to blame herself. Hope doesn't know what she would do without his friendship. Rafe tells her that he will always be there. Rafe's mom Adriana enters. Rafe introduces her to Hope.

Brady explains that Summer just wants to know her birth mother. Victor can't believe Maggie lived with the pain for so long. Maggie says she grieved for her baby but then had no choice but to go on. Maggie says when Summer told her that she was that baby, all the shame and guilt came flooding back so she can't imagine what Summer must be feeling now since she ran out of the room, abandoning her again. Maggie tells Brady that she called him to find out how Summer is. Brady says she is shocked and scared but had no idea that Maggie had been told her baby died. Victor questions who the father was. Maggie says it was just a boy who worked on the farm and asks for no more questions. Victor says he can't tell her what to do but wants her to be careful. Victor has a hard time with Summer popping up out of the blue and Daniel never telling them. Brady brings up the DNA test. Victor relates to finding out about unknown children. Maggie wants his support not his suspicion. Maggie decides she needs to lay down after not feeling well. Maggie gets up and feels dizzy.

Hope decides she will let Rafe and his mom catch up, telling her that it was nice to meet her as she exits. Rafe comments that she froze out Hope. Adriana says she was polite but notes that impressing his friends is not important to her today. Adriana decides that she wants to stay in Salem but worries that Gabi wants to forgive Eduardo and that Rafe doesn't seem that against it. She asks how she can convince Rafe that Eduardo can never be part of their family again.

Victor asks Maggie if she remembered to take her meds which she says she did not so she takes them now. Victor offers to walk her to the bedroom but Maggie wants to go for a walk. Victor thought she wanted to lie down. Maggie states that she's feeling better now so she wants to get some air. Maggie kisses Victor and hugs Brady then exits. Victor questions Brady springing Summer on Maggie with no warning. Brady argues that he was trying to do the right thing like Daniel would have wanted. Brady questions why he thinks everyone is working an angle. Victor says he's usually right. Brady believes in people and hopes that will keep him from turning in to Victor. Brady then exits.

Summer packs her bag and decides she should call Brady to tell him that she's taking off then stops and asks why.

Maggie meets with Julie at the Pub. Julie can't believe she has a baby that she never told her about. Maggie says it was too hard to talk or think about then she met Mickey and her life changed. Julie asks what she's going to do. Maggie doesn't know. Julie asks if she's tried to find her father too. Maggie doesn't think she could as he had already left her life when she was pregnant. Julie asks what he was like. Maggie recalls him as handsome, funny, and very sweet at least she thought so. Maggie admits she didn't know much about boys back then so when he started paying attention to her, she felt like her dreams had come true. Maggie admits she never told him that she was pregnant as he had moved. Julie questions why she was told her baby had died which Maggie can't figure out. Maggie says she is shocked to have a daughter that she didn't know about and that the person who brought them together is Daniel. Julie tells her that in a way, Daniel is still being her loving son. Maggie wishes he could be there now since he's given her this gift that comes with so much pain that she doesn't know how to accept it.

Rafe tells Adriana that Eduardo may have come back for forgiveness but reveals that he also came back for the funeral of a daughter that he had with another woman. She questions Rafe being able to stay in the same room with him. Rafe says he didn't want to at first but he was persistent and he saw him grieving the loss of his daughter. Rafe adds that he found out what he really did for a living. She questions the dangerous work. Rafe reveals that Eduardo was a hitman which shocks her. She says it can't be true and asks why he's not in prison. Rafe says he was never arrested. She asks if Gabi knows this. Rafe confirms he told her. She questions Gabi encouraging him to stay in Salem. Rafe notes that he says he's leaving town. She tells him they have to make sure he does and not to let him convince that he's a changed man as he will never change.

Eduardo calls in a nurse to ask how long before he can get out of the hospital. She tells him that his recovery is going to take some time. Eduardo asks how much time exactly. She says they will have to discuss that with the doctor and exits.

Nicole finds Dario sitting in the town square, noting that he looks like he could use a friend which he admits. Dario comments that she looks the same.

Maggie tells Julie that what happened to her isn't Summer's fault so she should be open to a relationship. Julie tells her to take her time to think it through. Maggie worries about what it will do to Summer. Julie comments that she's survived fine until now but Maggie corrects her that she hasn't. Maggie mentions Summer having serious emotional problems and recently trying to kill herself. Julie notes that it's terrible but not Maggie's fault as she didn't know she existed. Maggie says she does now so if she turns her back on her, it's heartless. Julie tells Maggie that she has the biggest heart of anyone she's ever met so she should listen to it.

Theresa sits with Tate, talking about getting married to Brady and that they are going to be the happiest family. Brady comes home and tells her that he's been busy planning a little get together at the nightclub with the entire family. Brady asks if she's ready to make the announcement. Theresa doesn't know with John and Victor there. Brady says the purpose is not for their permission but to let them all know what is going to happen. Brady encourages that she will win them all over just like she did him. Brady says they will love her like he does as he kisses her.

Victor makes a call to have a background check done on Summer Townsend.

Summer prepares to leave when Maggie shows up at her hotel room. Maggie apologizes for running out on her last night and says it's obvious they need to talk.

Dario reminds Nicole that they were supposed to have a drink last night but she never texted him. Nicole apologizes and admits she forgot. Dario asks what about now. Nicole calls it a little early for a drink. Dario says they can have coffee or whatever she wants as he's just sick of being alone. Nicole asks if he's okay. Dario says he will be if she lets him buy her a coffee.

Eduardo removes the wires and gets out of his hospital bed on his own, declaring it's time to hit the road.

Hope returns to Rafe in the interrogation room. Rafe apologizes for how his mom acted and swears it wasn't about her. Hope says it's fine as he's suddenly overrun by family. Rafe is glad they are all here, safe and in one place. Hope gets a call, asking if they are absolutely sure and who the hell let that happen.

Ciara walks out of the town square, looking for her keys when Chase appears and reveals that he made bail. Ciara questions how he got that kind of money. Chase says it doesn't matter and is trying to figure out where to stay. Ciara tells him to stay the hell away from her and shoves him as she rushes off.

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