Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/23/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/23/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion followed by Abigail. Chad asks if Thomas is okay. Abigail says he's asleep. Abigail admits it's hard to leave him and cries about being freaked out and vulnerable. Chad assures her that the police will find Ben soon enough and encourages her to stay positive. Abigail questions what there is to be positive about. Abigail says everywhere she looks, she sees Ben. Abigail questions how no one can find him. Abigail calls Ben an evil genius since he's gotten past police guard and through locked doors, believing that he's in Salem. Chad then admits that he lied about Ben being in Louisiana.

Gabi and JJ finish eating in the town square where Gabi insists on paying as a way to thank him for helping her through Arianna being kidnapped. JJ is happy to be her bodyguard. Gabi is happy to have Arianna back but can't totally relax knowing the person who did it is still out there. JJ assures they won't let her out of their sight. Gabi wants this nightmare over and for everyone to be safe.

Rafe and Marlena bring Rafe's mother to the hospital and introduce her to Kayla. Kayla asks about John. Rafe says he's with Steve. Rafe wants his mom to be checked out but she doesn't think it's necessary. Kayla agrees to have her checked so Rafe takes her to a room. Steve and John arrive with Paul who is feeling dazed and passes out.

Dario suggests Eduardo get out of town as soon as he can. Eduardo wants to make sure Rafe is safe. Dario argues that Rafe doesn't need him to protect him. Dario says they were fine all these years without him so none of them need him. Dario tells Eduardo to leave Salem and never look back.

Paul regains consciousness and asks why they are all looking at him. John and Kayla calm him as Kayla takes him to do some tests. Rafe comes back and says his mom is fine but he doesn't understand what she was doing in that warehouse. John suggests it was a backup plan for Yo Ling to try and drag Eduardo back in. John still can't believe it all. Steve is glad they could help. John states that he's so lucky to have family and friends like them. Gabi arrives with Arianna, relieved to see Rafe is okay. Rafe confirms to her that it's over. Dario comes out and they comment on the whole family being together. Gabi says almost as her mom then comes out. Gabi is shocked to see her and they hug. Dario goes over and hugs her as well. They all go to a waiting room for privacy. Gabi asks what happened and what's going on. Rafe explains to Gabi that their mom was found in the warehouse with John and Paul. Gabi asks her what happened but she doesn't know. She explains that she was walking a week ago when she was grabbed and pushed in to a van. She recalls getting a shot of something and that's all she remembers then woke up in that room. Rafe asks if she was hurt. She says there was no pain or bruises and no one told her anything. She knows Rafe went to save John and Paul but wonders how she is connected to that. She questions what they are keeping from her and wants to be told.

John, Marlena, and Kayla talk with Paul in a hospital bed. Paul says he's feeling weak. Kayla says she will be back to check on him as she exits. John is sorry Paul had to go through this as he feels responsible for looking in to his past, otherwise none of this would have happened. John says now that he knows his real mother and father, he thinks the past was better left buried.

Kayla goes to Steve and tells him that he's so brave for going after John like that. Kayla admits she's not surprised. Steve is glad everyone is alright. Kayla says John is lucky to have a friend like him. Kayla is relieved and admits she was worried about him. Kayla informs Steve that she never stopped loving him which made this so difficult as she didn't know if she could forgive him. Steve understands and will give her all the time and space she needs no matter how long it takes.

Abigail questions why Chad would lie to her about Ben being in Louisiana. Abigail admits she never would have gone through with the wedding if she knew Ben was anywhere near Salem. Chad says that's why as he didn't want to let Ben ruin their wedding day. Abigail questions what Chad would have done if Ben interrupted the wedding with a gun. Chad says he wouldn't have been able to due to his guards. Abigail argues that Ben was there and staring at her. Chad tells her that they searched the property and no one saw him but Abigail insists that she saw him outside the door. Abigail asks if Chad thinks she's losing her mind and making it up. Chad knows he traumatized her so he thinks it's her imagination. Abigail tells Chad that she's not imagining it. Abigail pulls out her torn nightgown and declares that Ben is back and she knows he's stalking her.

Marlena steps out as John sits with Paul and apologizes for getting him in to this. Paul tells him there's no reason to be sorry as he had every reason to look in to his past. John thinks they would be better off if he never knew his father was a sadistic maniac. Paul states that this experience has shown him just what kind of man John is; brave, strong, intelligent and someone who would do anything for his family.

Rafe tells her mom that there is plenty of time for the details but they want to focus on getting her better. She insists that the doctors assured her that she's okay so she wants to know why she was being held captive. Rafe tells her that they are still investigating. Gabi takes her out to call her sister to let her know she's okay. Dario comments that Rafe obviously doesn't want to tell her about Eduardo. Rafe knows she's been through enough and isn't ready to see the man who broke her heart. Rafe thinks finding out why he left will break her heart all over again.

Chad admits to Abigail that he doubted her and didn't think she could handle knowing Ben was nearby. Chad agrees that Ben somehow snuck on to the estate and shredded the nightgown. Chad hugs her and tells her he's sorry as she cries. Chad didn't want to ruin their wedding night and apologizes again, asking if she can forgive him. Abigail understands what he was trying to do but says they are married now so they can't have any more secrets ever. Abigail tells him to trust that she can handle whatever obstacle and face them together as a team. Chad agrees that they should go on the offensive. Chad has an idea but says they will need some help.

John and Marlena return to Steve and Kayla. John can't believe Steve risked everything jumping bail to come find him. John says he and Rafe will go to bat for him, calling him a real hero. Steve tells him the real hero is Marlena, mentioning how she knocked out the guy who grabbed him. John says they are lucky to have fantastic women in their lives. Steve knows how lucky he is. Marlena mentions that Paul will have to stay a couple more hours at least so she suggests John go home and get some rest. John says there is just one thing he needs to do first and heads towards Eduardo's room.

Rafe tells Dario that their mom doesn't know about Eduardo now and it can wait until later. Gabi returns with their mom, who says her sister didn't even know she was missing. Rafe is glad she is with them and safe. She calls it a miracle to be reunited with all of her children and granddaughter. She talks about Arianna getting big. She tells Dario that she's so happy he's back here. Dario states that it was time to be home with family and hugs her. She says that's the way it should be with their family altogether. She mentions their sister Arianna always being in their hearts while Gabi points out her daughter being her namesake. Gabi mentions going to check on her friend so she exits. Their mom turns to Rafe and Dario, accusing them of keeping a secret from her and she demands to know what it is.

John visits Eduardo in his hospital room, telling him he's glad he's alright. Eduardo thanks him and apologizes, feeling he turned his back on him by letting him get caught when he got so focused on Rafe. John tells him not to apologize for saving his son's life and they are all safe now. John says without the information Eduardo gave to Rafe, Steve, and Marlena, he wouldn't be here. Eduardo asks if he has any idea who was behind it. John tells him it was Yo Ling, who Eduardo has never heard of. John then reveals it was his father who was driven mad by disease and corrupted by power. John confirms he's now dead and so is the phantom alliance so no one is coming after them anymore. John tells Eduardo that they are free of their past. Eduardo states that they may be free from the threat but he thinks they never fully escape from their past.

Gabi goes to check on Paul in his hospital room. Gabi asks him what happened. Paul talks about his grandfather being a freak who wanted to turn him into a soldier puppet and take John's blood. Gabi calls it crazy. Paul is glad that everything turned out fine. Paul then remembers Gabi's mom being there. Gabi says it was a huge shock but she's okay now and is happy to be with her family. Gabi says she just wanted to check on him to see he was alright. Paul thanks her for coming by as she then exits.

Rafe and Dario tell their mom there is no secret. She talks about a time when they wrestled in her garden and blamed the dog but she could see through their lies which she can still see now. Gabi returns with Arianna. Rafe says he has to go check on forensics at the warehouse while Dario steps out to make a call as they tell Gabi to look after mom.

John and Marlena sit together at home. John is grateful that she risked her life for him but still feels she shouldn't have done it as too many people need her other than him. Marlena says she's here with the man she loves but John still believes she didn't need to take that risk. Marlena reminds him that she can't just sit around when something needs to be done. Marlena doesn't understand that he resents her rescuing him when he was grateful to Rafe and Steve. John worries about if something happened to her as they hug.

JJ goes to the DiMera Mansion and examines the torn nightgown, talking with Chad and Abigail about thinking Ben did it. JJ says he will take it to the station to be tested for fingerprints. JJ points out that there is no physical evidence that Ben was there so he doesn't know what to think. Chad says he has an idea to trap Ben but they are going to need JJ's help. Chad finishes explaining his plan and asks what they think. JJ thinks it's risky while Abigail says she will do whatever it takes to put Ben back in jail. Chad heads upstairs. JJ apologizes to Abigail for going along with the lie about Ben being in Louisiana. Abigail tells him it's fine and she will forgive him this time but he can't go behind her back again. JJ promises it won't happen again and asks how she's holding up. Abigail admits she's not great as she thought the whole nightmare with Ben was over but his escape is bringing back memories. Abigail talks about keep seeing when she was kidnapped and held at gunpoint. Abigail brings up Ben's murders. JJ promises they will catch him before he can hurt anyone else.

John tells Marlena about how Yo Ling's brain was being eaten away by the disease and how he thought the blood transfusion would give him a couple more years. Marlena is sorry that his search for his family ended up like this. John is sorry as well but declares his father is Timothy who died in the war, not who he later became so that's who he chooses to mourn.

Rafe visits Eduardo in his hospital room. Rafe says for a minute, he thought they could patch things up as he saved his life and he won't forget that but then he remembered what kind of damage he could do. Eduardo questions what he's talking about. Rafe asks if he knew his mother was kidnapped in the same warehouse. Eduardo can't believe it and wants to go see her but Rafe tells him that the last thing she needs is him back in her life. Rafe asks Eduardo to just stay away from her.

Chad brings Thomas downstairs which makes Abigail happy. Chad tells her that she can relax now but she disagrees. Abigail brings up that Ben still thinks Thomas is his son and worries about Ben taking him. Chad assures her that won't happen. Abigail questions how he can be so sure. Abigail understands he's trying to protect her but feels hurt and thinks it's irresponsible because Ben is a psycho serial killer. Abigail refuses to calm down. Abigail says she's been rethinking the plan and she thinks they need to leave further away. Chad argues that they have to face this head-on as they can't keep running away as that will just prolong his hold on them. Chad wants to stop him. Abigail worries about something happening to Thomas. Chad swears to her that nothing will ever happen to Thomas so Abigail agrees to trap Ben.

Rafe asks Eduardo if he doesn't think his mother has been through enough. Rafe doesn't think she could handle coming face to face with Eduardo and her life was risked because of his past. Dario enters the room and yells about wanting him to feel bad. Eduardo declares he was selfish for wanting to come back to Salem to reconnect with his family so the minute he's able, he's leaving Salem. Rafe and Dario's mom enters, saying she was looking all over for them but then sees Eduardo and can't believe it's him.

John talks to Marlena about how strong Paul is but worries about if Yo Ling would have completely brainwashed him. Marlena is glad he got to him when he did. John is thankful that it's all over.

Paul begins to hear Yo Ling's words as he has a nightmare about the brainwashing process he was put through, telling him that he would be the messenger.

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