Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/22/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/22/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Steve return to the police station, unable to believe that they didn't find John. They conclude the safehouse was the last place and wonder where John is. Steve finds something on his phone and tells Rafe that it's way worse than they thought.

Yo Ling brings food to John and says his associates will be coming for him shortly. John demands to know what he's done with Paul. Yo Ling tells him that he has wonderful things planned for Paul. He adds that the benefits of the blood transfusion far outweigh the risks. Yo Ling walks away while John shouts that he's his son.

Steve shows Rafe what he discovered about Yo Ling and how the phantom alliance no longer exists. Rafe thinks it just means Yo Ling is acting on his own. Steve wonders where he and John are. Steve says they have to get back to work. Rafe worries about wasting time. Steve pulls out a map. Rafe wonders if maybe Yo Ling is playing them.

Yo Ling's men bring an unconscious Paul to another room and strap him to a chair.

Eduardo wakes up in his hospital room to see Dario is still there. Eduardo questions why he stayed all night. Dario tells him that he has some questions for him.

John continues to struggle with the pole he's tied to.

Rafe tells Steve that it didn't click for him until Steve said expand the grid. Rafe talks about calling backup to the warehouse but Yo Ling still made John disappear. Steve realizes Rafe thinks they never left the warehouse but argues that it was a simple building. Rafe points out that the only way John could have disappeared is if he went underneath.

John keeps trying to break free but can't. One of Yo Ling's men returns to him. John tells him that he's working for a total nut job in a bad situation. John tries to convince him to let him go but he refuses and says he'll be back to get him in a few hours as he exits. John is left struggling with the handcuffs against the pole until he finally breaks the pole and falls to the ground while still handcuffed.

Rafe and Steve go over blueprints of the warehouse. They figure out there's a wall that used to be a door and try to think how to get down there. They decide on crawling through the air duct. Rafe says he will call a team to meet them there as they exit.

Yo Ling wakes Paul up, tied to a chair with his mouth taped. Yo Ling claims he will show him the way as his men put headphones on him and a device over his eyes to make him watch something.

Rafe and Steve arrive back at the warehouse with their guns raised. Rafe points out a surveillance camera above as they sneak by. They move a crate over to the camera. One of Yo Ling's men watches four screens set up for the cameras. Steve climbs on the crate and disconnects the camera. The man watching is confused and tries to turn the screen back on. He hits it and it does come back on as Steve changes it's direction.

Yo Ling's man that John talked to returns to get him only to find he's gone. John surprises him from behind and chokes him out. John then takes his keys.

Dario goes over Eduardo being trained to be a cold-blooded killer. Eduardo admits that is a fact and spent his whole childhood in a panic. Dario asks how many people he killed. Eduardo responds that he very rarely failed an assignment and before long, he was being sent all over the world. Eduardo says sometimes to complete the infiltration, he had to have a family. Dario brings up their family. Eduardo knows he can never make peace with what he did. Dario questions if he just left and started another family. Eduardo tells him that what started with his mother was a tactic turned real as he loved them all. Dario remarks that he must have loved killing more and destroying families like he destroyed theirs.

Rafe and Steve prepare to move when they sense someone behind them. They turn with guns drawn only to find Marlena, who tells them not to shoot.

John frees himself from the handcuffs and rushes to shut the door as someone walks by. John then uses the keys to sneak out.

Rafe doesn't care why Marlena came but tells her that she needs to leave now. Marlena says she came to help. Steve repeats that she has to go. Marlena questions staying home instead of finding John. Rafe tells her that she needs to leave while Steve adds that it's too dangerous. Marlena argues that she can help so they accept her in and Steve gives her a gun.

John enters a room looking for Paul but uncovers a woman. John tries to wake her up to no avail and rushes back out of the room. John then finds Paul and rushes to him, telling him that he will get him out of this.

Rafe, Steve, and Marlena make their way through the air duct as they continue with guns drawn. A man runs up and grabs Steve from behind.

John tries to free Paul and shuts off the brainwashing methods that Yo Ling was forcing him to listen to and watch. John wakes Paul up and he recognizes him. John tells him that they are on the move and he's going to get him out now. John lifts Paul up and carries him over his shoulders. John brings him back to the room he was held in where he is met by Yo Ling and two men who aim their guns at him.

Marlena knocks out the man who grabbed Steve by hitting him from behind with her gun. They continue on their search.

Yo Ling warns John that his men would like to use his head as target practice. One of the men take Paul away from John. Yo Ling credits John for almost escaping and says his training never left him. Rafe, Steve, and Marlena arrive with their guns drawn. Rafe orders the men to drop their guns and put their hands above their head as he prepares to arrest them. Yo Ling watches as John goes over to Paul and tells him it's over as they are going home.

Eduardo understands why Dario wouldn't believe him but he had to leave to protect them. Dario guesses they would've all been killed if he hadn't which Eduardo confirms. Dario questions if he's all sorry and wants forgiveness now. Eduardo tells him that he will be sorry for the rest of his life. Eduardo questions if he came back to apologize and make it up to them. Eduardo says if he can. Dario asks if he put all that life behind him and thought it was safe to make it up to them but it didn't work out for him as he instead got shot. Dario points out that Rafe almost got killed by the sleazebags he used to be teamed up with. Dario declares that they will always be in danger if Eduardo is around so the only way they will be safe if he gives up his apology and disappears.

Marlena questions what's going on and why Paul is there. Yo Ling comments on John's life and Marlena risking her life to save his. Marlena questions who he is. John reveals that Yo Ling is his father which shocks her. Steve can't believe the head of the phantom alliance is John's father. Yo Ling suggests they all have tea as they have a lot to talk about. Rafe suggests reading him his rights. Yo Ling questions what they know about rights when they poison their planet and slaughter their people in wars. John explains that Yo Ling was about to transfuse his blood for a few more years and to have Paul follow in his footsteps. Yo Ling is adamant that Paul still will. John declares Yo Ling and his alliance will be finished. Steve reveals to him that the alliance is already finished as they turned on each other and threw Yo Ling out months ago. Yo Ling argues that he threw them out. Yo Ling warns John that it will cost him his head if he stands in the way. John responds that he has a gift for all humanity called capital punishment as he ties Yo Ling's hands together. Yo Ling tells him not to be a fool. John tells them that he's all theirs so Rafe begins reading him his rights. John states that it's too bad he didn't die in Korea but they are going to get it right this time. Yo Ling responds that he isn't going out of this world on any terms but his own. John says he doesn't have a choice. Yo Ling argues that there is always a choice. Yo Ling then pulls out a poison capsule and puts it in his mouth to kill himself. John grabs him and shouts that he doesn't get to go out like this, repeating that he owes him answers as he dies on the floor. Rafe finishes a call with backup and says they found another man in the surveillance room so they have stretchers and bodybags on the way. Rafe and Steve escort the two men out of the room. John tells Paul that things will get better soon. John talks to Marlena about Yo Ling's attempt to brainwash Paul. They hope that John got there quick enough. John can't believe Marlena took this risk. Rafe informs him that it wasn't part of the plan but she wouldn't take no for an answer. John says he absolutely believes that. John asks Rafe how Eduardo is. Rafe confirms he's doing okay and will make a full recovery. John is sure Eduardo's past came as a shock to Rafe. John hopes Rafe and Eduardo can work things out because he loves him more than he'll ever know. John tells Rafe to think about his father for who he is now, not who he used to be as they look down at Yo Ling.

Eduardo admits to Dario that he really believed he could make this work since it was over, he was out and could make things good for his family but he was wrong. Eduardo agrees that he never should have came back in to their lives.

John asks Paul if he's ready to try and get out of here. Rafe, Marlena, and John begin to escort Paul out but John remembers the woman he uncovered earlier. John and Rafe go to rescue her, only for Rafe to be shocked that the woman is his mother!

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