Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/21/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/21/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope arrives to the nightclub, shocked and disappointed as Ciara is drinking on top of the bar and dancing in front of the cheering crowd. Hope goes and cuts off the music. Hope approaches Ciara and asks what's going on. Ciara get down saying no one can hurt her.

Lani and Shawn eat together in the town square. They talk about what happened at the Pub and Lani apologizes for Belle seeing them kissing.

Philip walks Belle back to her door. Belle says she had a good time but Philip thinks she was trying to prove a point to herself when she kissed him after seeing Shawn with Lani. Philip questions if she's ready for Shawn to move on. Belle responds that they both need to move on.

Kayla returns to the station to Roman and Joey and asks what's going on. Steve arrives as well and questions the same. Roman says they were discussing the murder case. Joey declares it's too late as he told Roman everything.

Hope announces the party is over and tells all the kids to go home so the nightclub clears out. The bartender assures Hope that he did not serve her so one of her friends must have. Claire refuses to leave. Hope tells Ciara that she's breaking the law and scolds her about trusting her. Theo and Claire clean up the mess of a broken glass bottle that Ciara dropped.

Steve argues against whatever Joey told Roman and insists that he killed Ava while Joey is just trying to protect him. Roman tells Steve to save it for the judge. Roman declares that he has no intention of arresting Joey for Ava's murder which surprises them. Roman tells them that they are all going to pretend this conversation never happened. Roman tells Joey that he knows what kind of woman Ava was and that she used him. Roman says he won't let this situation ruin his life. Roman decides whatever happened, Steve is responsible like he said. Roman declares it began with Steve years ago so it will end with him too.

Belle goes inside with Philip and greets Marlena then asks her what's wrong.

Shawn tells Lani that he just wanted to leave because Philip gets under his skin not because of Belle. Shawn says Philip is Belle's problem so she can do whatever she wants as long as it's not affecting Claire. Shawn assures Lani that he didn't regret the kiss and kisses her again.

Hope asks to speak to Ciara alone so Claire and Theo leave. Ciara complains that she feels sick and confesses that she didn't even drink that much. Ciara apologizes as she knows Hope trusted her but she thought the party would help her forget what happened but it was too hard to pretend. Hope tells her that she can't pretend and has to face the horrible thing that happened to her. Ciara doesn't want to talk about it but Hope says she has to since it happened and isn't going away. Hope promises she would take away her pain if she could but she can't. Hope tells Ciara that they will get her professional help.

Philip says he will leave Belle and Marlena alone to talk but Marlena says that isn't necessary. Philip tells Belle that he will call her tomorrow and exits. Belle asks Marlena what's going on. Marlena tries to tell her not to worry but Belle insists. Marlena reveals to her that she and Arianna were kidnapped earlier then John tried to rescue them but something went wrong. Marlena explains that Eduardo was shot while John was taken by the organization he's been fighting for most of his life. Marlena assures that they will get John back.

Claire and Theo walk through the town square. Claire blames herself for Chase being brought up at the party. Claire hoped her song would show Ciara how strong she is but instead it made her emotional. Theo praises her for her song but Claire feels she ruined the party. Theo tells her that Chase ruined everything so all they can do is be there. Theo thinks back to Ciara kissing him and says he just wants everything to be okay. Theo then reveals to Claire that he called Hope. Claire is surprised but admits it was the right call. Theo states that he didn't know how to help her but hopes that Hope can.

Ciara tells Hope that she doesn't want to go to professional help but Hope argues that she has to talk to someone so she agrees. Ciara can't help feeling ashamed. Ciara admits that she liked Chase, thought he was cute and liked that he liked her. Ciara questions how she could've trusted him or ever had those feelings. Hope relates it to her feelings with Aiden. Ciara apologizes for making things harder for Hope. Hope says this is about helping her heal and assures her that what happened is in no way a reflection on her. Ciara cries that it's hard to be strong. Ciara thanks her for understanding. Hope repeats that she wishes she could take away her pain as they hug.

Joey tells Roman that he will find someone who will listen to him if he won't. Joey shouts about the truth and not letting Steve go to prison for something he did. Roman argues that Joey is just starting his life while this on his record could destroy him. Roman encourages Joey to control his anger. Roman says if there's justice, Steve can beat these charges. Joey thinks a judge would go easier on him but Roman says they don't know that. Roman warns Joey that if he comes forward now, Steve will face perjury charges too. Kayla pleads with Joey to listen to him. Joey questions them deciding for him and accuses them of treating him like a child. Joey then rushes out of the station.

Claire asks Theo if they should go back to the nightclub and take the blame for everything. They talk about not knowing how much Ciara can take. They then see Shawn and Lani together which surprises them as they didn't know. Claire remarks that she thought Shawn still wanted to work things out with Belle.

Belle can't believe Marlena saying she's going to get John and tries to talk her out of it but Marlena argues that she is not going to sit around and do nothing. Marlena declares no one can talk her out of this.

Steve catches up to Joey outside. Joey screams that he can't keep lying and can't live with himself if Steve goes to prison for something he did. Joey talks about being angry when Steve left them before but now it would be because of him. Steve wants to be the father he should've been all these years. Steve says it's on him since he's responsible for bringing Ava into their lives. Joey cries that he can't forgive himself. Steve understands but tells him that the worst thing he could do is break Kayla's heart which would happen if he goes on trial. Steve tells him that he has to leave town to take care of something as a good friend is in trouble but he can't talk about it. Steve adds that he can't go if Joey is going to be a loose cannon. Steve tells him that it will be a long time before this goes to trial and promises that it will work out. Steve advises Joey to keep his head down and his mouth shut.

Kayla doesn't know how to thank Roman as she knows what he's putting on the line to keep Joey's secret. Roman states that they aren't talking about it anymore. Kayla appreciates his sacrifice. Roman talks about doing this a long time and knowing sometimes there are different ways to make sure justice is done.

Hope tells Ciara that they are going home to Jennifer's. Ciara wants to go back to their own home since she wants to throw up every time she goes to Jennifer's after what happened there. Hope assures her that Chase can't hurt her now. Ciara wishes she hurt Chase when she had the chance but knows she did the right thing. Ciara worries about if Chase gets out. Hope tells her that they have a strong case. Ciara argues that there's no evidence so it's just her word against his confession. Hope promises that he won't recant his statement. Ciara worries about having to go on trial. Ciara decides it doesn't matter. Hope encourages that she will be there by her side. Hope calls her brave but Ciara cries that she's not. Ciara wishes she was brave enough to kill Chase so she doesn't have to be afraid anymore. Hope doesn't ever want to hear her say that and tells her that she did the right thing. Ciara brings up people being let off by the jury like the DiMeras. Hope talks about the guilt she would feel never going away. Ciara questions how she knows and if there's something she did.

Kayla and Roman talk about Ava. Roman is sorry they didn't lock her up. Kayla says after everything Ava did to Steve and their family, he can't claim self defense. Roman asks if she and Steve are trying to work through things. Kayla responds that her only real concern is Joey. Kayla wonders how Joey will deal with the trauma and guilt. Roman knows it will be rough. Kayla admits her other concern is Steve going to jail. Roman wishes he could make it all go away for her. Kayla tells him that being on her side means everything. Kayla doesn't know what would have happened if Joey went to anyone else in the station. Roman doesn't know that he actually helped Joey as he's afraid he will be haunted by what he did for a very long time. Roman tells Kayla that he loves her and exits.

Joey tells Steve that he can't do this to Kayla and he won't be the reason that Steve can't help his friend. Joey agrees not to talk to anyone else about what happened. Joey asks if he should be worried since this sounds dangerous but Steve tells him no. Steve says he'll be back before he knows he's gone but he trusts him to keep it together. Steve knows he's hurting but what Ava did to them was sick and sadistic, adding that she would stop at nothing to destroy their family. Steve understands that Joey knew that so he protected their family which is now what he's trying to do for him. Steve hopes someday he can accept that as they hug. Steve tells Joey he loves him and calls him a good man as he then exits.

Belle questions what if something happens to Marlena. Marlena tells Belle that she can't tell anyone but she's going to bring John home. Marlena tells her to have faith.

Hope tells Ciara that taking a life is every cop's nightmare and it haunts forever. Ciara asks if Hope has ever done that. Hope thinks back to killing Stefano.

Philip has a drink at the Pub. Roman comes in and sits at the bar. Philip asks if he had a rough night. Roman admits he's had better.

Steve returns to Kayla at the station. Kayla mentions talking to their daughter Stephanie but not telling her about what's going on. Steve tells her that he's pretty sure he got through to Joey. Kayla worries if Joey would've went to any other cop. Steve tells her that Joey promised to keep quiet but it's going to be hard for him as he's so tortured with regret and guilt. Steve thinks Joey understands now that he's doing what's best for everyone.

Joey walks through the town square and comes across Jade. Jade asks how come he didn't come to Ciara's party. Joey asks why she's not there now. Jade informs him that Hope showed up and he didn't miss much. Jade points out that he didn't answer her question. Joey informs her that he went to the police station and tried to turn himself in but he couldn't do that right just like he can't do anything right. Joey tells Jade that the only thing he's good at is killing people which Jade laughs at, joking that he sounds like the godfather.

Hope says she wants to talk to Ciara about something but Claire and Theo return. Hope thanks them for being good friends but warns that there will be consequences as she will be calling their parents. Ciara points out that only she drank. Hope asks who gave her the alcohol. Ciara tells her that it's no one she knows. Hope says she will find out and they are going home. Ciara asks if she can stay with Claire because she can't stay at Jennifer's tonight. Hope agrees to let her and thanks Claire for looking out for Ciara. Ciara hugs Hope and thanks her. Claire goes to gather Ciara's presents. Ciara apologizes to Theo for kissing him and calls it really inappropriate but Theo says he's not complaining. Claire comes back and they start to head out. Hope stops Theo and thanks him for calling her tonight. Theo wasn't sure if he was doing the right thing but Hope confirms he was. Theo asks if Ciara will ever be okay again. Hope assures that she will in time and calls Theo a good friend that really cares for her.

Jade is glad Joey failed at turning himself in as she wants to date him and encourages him to ask her out. Joey thought she was trying to be careful about who she hangs out with. Joey reminds her that he killed the woman he was crazy about so if she's looking for a quality boyfriend, she should look somewhere else. Jade stops him and says she likes that he's screwed up. Joey questions her not being scared of him. Jade admits that she thinks it's kind of exciting and then kisses him.

Philip tells Roman that every cop seems to be in a bad mood lately. Roman warns Philip that he has his eyes on him since he's seeing Belle, who he still considers family. Roman adds that he's not happy to hear Philip may or may not be in Deimos' pocket. Philip questions who told him that. Roman says who cares as he has much bigger things to worry about. Roman then exits.

Belle continues trying to talk Marlena out of this but Marlena says she has to do this. Belle questions what if something happens. Marlena tells her that the police will notify her if necessary. Marlena says she loves her and she will be home with John as she exits.

Kayla asks Steve if he's still going to find John. Steve says he's just waiting for the word for Rafe. Steve assures that they will bring John home and promises no one will get hurt. Steve tells Kayla that he loves her and kisses her. Kayla tells Steve that he better come back as she walks out of the station.

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