Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/18/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/18/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Joey has a nightmare about Steve being arrested then wakes up on the bench outside the town square. He gets a text message from Ciara, inviting him to her 18th birthday party at the Edge of the Square nightclub.

Jade and Henry sit in the town square together when they get the invite from Ciara as well. Theo walks by and notes that he didn't get a text which Jade calls weird. Theo says he'll see them later as he walks away. Theo then gets a text from Ciara that he gets his own special invitation because there's no one she wants there more than him.

Claire and Hope help Ciara decorate the nightclub for her birthday party. Ciara makes sure the playlist and sound system are ready but feels like she's forgetting something important. Claire tells her to breathe and steps away. Hope checks on Ciara. Ciara insists that she's fine and excited for her birthday. Hope just doesn't know if it's because of the party.

Marlena and Steve sit around, complaining that they don't know what's going on with John. Steve says they have narrowed it down and just have to make sure they get the right location. Steve promises Marlena that he will get John back for her. Marlena worries about his condition. Rafe comes in and confirms John's location with Steve.

John calls out to Paul, who is now tied up across from him. Paul wakes up and panics, not knowing where he is or what's going on. John says that's what he's trying to figure out. John asks how he got here but Paul doesn't know. Paul recalls walking home when he was grabbed and handcuffed then thrown in a van. Paul guesses he was drugged and wonders why John is here and what the hell is going on. John fills Paul in. Paul can't believe John's father came after him for his blood and calls it crazy. John wants to blame the disease but knows it's more than that. Paul thought he died in the war but John explains how he went in to hiding and changed his identity. They talk about all the time John spent looking for his father. Paul tells him he's sorry. John says they have to figure out why he brought Paul here. John says it's not good so they have to get him out. John encourages Paul to work on breaking from being tied to the pipes.

Ciara assures Hope that she isn't obsessing over Chase and just wants to have a party with her friends. Ciara says she can't change what happened but she won't let it stop her from having fun. Ciara tells Hope that she loves her family but tonight she just wants her friends. Hope tells her it's her night and promises it will be her way. Ciara responds that she just wants to have a party.

Joey calls Roman and says he needs to talk to him about something. Joey tells him he will come to the station and hangs up. Joey then turns around as Kayla arrives and asks what's wrong. Joey says nothing but Kayla doesn't believe him and questions who he was talking to.

Steve and Rafe identify the building as a thought to be abandoned medical facility. Marlena asks what they are waiting for. Rafe tells her that she's not going anywhere. Marlena argues that Steve isn't either but Steve brings up his years of experience. Marlena refuses to stay behind when John is in trouble but Rafe doesn't want her risking her life. Rafe convinces Marlena to let them go. Steve assures her that Rafe is right. Steve tells Rafe that they need to gear up for going to rescue John. Rafe brings up Steve not violating his parole and tells him he can still pull out but Steve insists because John is his friend and partner so he's seeing this through to the end.

Gabi visits Eduardo in the hospital and thanks him for saving Arianna and Marlena. Gabi informs him that Rafe told her about Eduardo's past as an assassin.

Ciara and Claire go over the playlist for the party. Claire encourages her to have fun with nothing to worry about. Travis the bartender arrives which causes Claire to complain to Ciara about Belle not having faith in her. Hope comes back to give Ciara her birthday present which turns out to be the keys to Bo's '67 mustang. Ciara hugs Hope thanking her as she can't believe it. Hope tells Ciara that Bo would want her to have it and she loves her more than she'll ever know.

Jade tells Henry that she's going home to change. Henry asks about a birthday present for Ciara. Jade says she has something in mind and goes home. Henry goes over to Theo and asks if he wants to go shopping. Theo says there's something he has to do first so he'll see him at the party. Theo goes over to a shop window in the town square and pulls out his wallet.

Joey claims he was just checking his messages. Kayla knows he's been dealing with a lot and encourages him to trust Steve. Joey says it won't change what he did. Kayla sits him down and argues that it doesn't define him as Ava was crazy and used him until he snapped. Joey repeats that he killed someone. Kayla argues that he was under pressure and not in the right state of mind. Joey shouts that it doesn't matter if Steve pays for what he did and rushes off.

Jade and Henry go to the nightclub for Ciara's birthday party with presents for her. Jade gives her alcohol which makes Ciara laugh but she says they are being watched tonight so they will stick to soda. Jade agrees to put it to the side in case she changes her mind. Jade asks Ciara if she invited Joey because he's not answering her texts.

Joey goes to the police station to see Roman and asks if they can talk in private but Kayla rushes in, telling him not to. Kayla tells Joey to trust Steve but Joey insists on talking to Roman. Roman warns Kayla as he wants to listen to Joey with whatever it's about. Kayla refuses to leave. Roman threatens to make this official if Kayla doesn't leave. Roman then brings Joey to the interrogation room and tells him to start at the beginning.

Eduardo is sure Gabi is shocked by what Rafe told her about his past. Eduardo understands if she doesn't want him in her or Arianna's life. Gabi tells him that she's still here. Eduardo says he can never make up for what he did before in abandoning his family. Eduardo adds that the circumstances were beyond his control as he was so lost. Eduardo owes her whatever he can do to make up for it. Eduardo missed being with his family and wanted them back. Eduardo apologizes.

Yo Ling returns to John and Paul with two men. He introduces himself to Paul as his grandfather. John questions what he wants with Paul and asks him to let him go. Yo Ling responds that he intends to. He points out that they are now together in one place like a family.

Eduardo tells Gabi that she is so compassionate for reaching out to him but warns her that it's dangerous to be close to him. Eduardo advises her to think twice before risking it. Gabi talks about her horrible history and says she's in no position to judge anyone. Gabi says that Eduardo saved her daughter and brother who are her world. Gabi credits him for them still being here.

Claire and Henry tell Ciara that they are planning something that has to wait until everyone is here. Henry asks about Chase but Ciara and Claire tell him that they don't talk about him anymore. Theo arrives. Ciara worried he wouldn't make it. Theo gives her his gift.

Kayla paces outside wondering where Steve is. Hope approaches and asks if she's okay. Kayla tells her she's not. Hope asks if she wants to talk as they sit down. Kayla figures Hope will hear about it anyways. Kayla admits part of her is afraid to tell her but she trusts her. Kayla reveals to Hope that Steve did not kill Ava, Joey did. Hope can't believe it as Kayla cries. Kayla explains how Steve is trying to protect Joey. Kayla argues their evidence to prove Ava was crazy but Justin said it didn't make a difference. Kayla worries about Joey thinking Steve will do time and that he's going to tell Roman the truth. Hope reveals to Kayla that Chase was arrested for raping Ciara. Hope knows Ciara is trying to be strong but pushes her away when she tries to talk. Kayla encourages her to be there for her. Hope states that part of her died when Bo died. Hope cries about not protecting her daughter as they hug.

Henry gets everyone's attention at Ciara's party and introduces Claire to sing. Ciara gets emotional during it and rushes out of the nightclub during Claire's performance, leaving Claire confused as she finishes and everyone applauds. Theo follows Ciara to the town square. Theo asks if she's alright and why she ran out. Ciara says she just needed some fresh air and keeps telling people that she doesn't want to talk. Ciara then grabs Theo and kisses him. Ciara says it's time to kick the party in to high gear and they head back.

John tells Yo Ling to let Paul go if he has a soul. John argues that Paul is a young man with his whole life ahead of him. Yo Ling agrees that Paul is young while pointing out that John has served his cause so now his blood will finish vital tasks that only he can accomplish. He points out that Paul will still be there when he's finally gone, to be the young vibrant future of everything he's built. Paul questions what that means. Yo Ling tells him that he will follow in John's footsteps and work with him. He says they will start by clearing Paul's mind. John yells at him for brainwashing. Paul questions what he wants with them. John begs him not to do this to Paul and to take him instead. John says he'll willingly do whatever he wants if he just doesn't do this to his son.

Rafe walks through the town square where he finds Dario. Rafe is surprised as they hug. Rafe says he has to go as he's on a case but asks where he's staying. Dario says he has a room at the Salem Inn but Rafe says he can stay with him. Rafe adds that he won't be home tonight so he can make himself at home. Dario asks about how Eduardo is doing. Rafe tells him he's okay but he's in the hospital after being shot. Rafe calls it a long story but Gabi is there now if he wants to see him. Dario says it will be great to see him so he'll head on over. Rafe notes that he's probably unconscious and walks off.

Hope remains with Kayla when she gets a text from Roman. Hope hugs her and wishes her luck as Kayla heads back to the station. Hope goes to leave but gets a call from Theo. Theo tells her that she needs to get to the nightclub.

Gabi comes out of Eduardo's room, shocked to see Dario at the hospital and asks what he's doing there. Dario tells her that he came to see her and Arianna. Dario adds that he ran in to Rafe who told him she was there and that Eduardo was shot. Gabi assures him that he'll be okay. Dario remarks about getting to say hi after all these years. Gabi says it's a long story that he won't like a lot of.

Yo Ling tells John that his love for him is as deep as John's for Paul even if he doesn't believe him. Yo Ling declares that it's time. John pleads that they can negotiate a compromise and begs him to stop.

Ciara gets drunk at the party and stands on the bar, speaking to the crowd about how no one can hurt her. Hope arrives shocked and disappointed as Ciara takes a drink on the bar in front of the cheering crowd.

Kayla returns to the station to Roman and Joey and asks what's going on.

Steve tells Marlena that the next time he sees her, he will have John. Marlena thanks him and gives him his phone. Steve remembers he had it on silent while they were working. Steve then sees a text from Kayla about the emergency with Joey. Steve assures Marlena that they are still on for tonight as he exits.

Dario goes in to see Eduardo. Eduardo can't believe it. Dario says he heard a little about what he was up to all the years he was gone. Dario declares if it's true, it's too bad the bullet didn't kill him.

John screams at Yo Ling's men as they take Paul away. John encourages Paul to be strong while Paul yells as he's taken away. John screams at Yo Ling to take him, not his son as Yo Ling starts to follow his men out.

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