Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/17/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/17/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa wakes up on the couch with Brady, making sure that his proposal wasn't just a dream. Theresa says she just got everything she ever wanted and kisses him. Brady gets up to get something to eat and promises he won't be long.

Lani and Shawn talk at the police station about hoping to find John. Shawn tells her to have a good night and goes to leave but Lani asks if he wants to go get a drink. Shawn agrees and they exit together.

Claire plays the piano and sings at the nightclub. Belle enters and watches her from the door.

Maggie tells Deimos that she doesn't have time for a chat. Deimos says it's about Victor. Maggie tells him that he's not feeling well so she needs to go to him. Deimos informs her that he came to tell her that he regrets all the things she's done. Maggie calls it quite the change of heart. Deimos wants Maggie to help him tell Victor that he wants to end this feud once and for all.

Chad and Abigail go to their room with Thomas. Chad carries her in and plans to make every minute of her life perfect. Abigail says she just wants him as they kiss. Abigail goes and puts Thomas to sleep. Chad tells her that he is going to take her on a real honeymoon. Abigail thanks him for being so good to her. Abigail can't believe she freaked out and thought she saw Ben, worrying that she ruined the wedding. Chad assures her that their wedding was amazing. Abigail tells him that he makes her so happy as they kiss.

Brady gets food from the Pub and finds Summer there so he greets her. Brady asks if they are okay. Summer says sure. Brady notes that she seems in better shape than before. Summer jokes that she's always up and down. Brady knows it's been hard and he's sorry for that but he still thinks the best thing to do is be honest with Maggie. Brady doesn't know what she has to lose by telling the truth as she's not asking for a hand out or anything. Brady asks if he said something wrong.

Maggie questions Deimos forgiving Victor just like that. Deimos understands her skepticism. Maggie brings up Deimos turning Phillip against Victor. Deimos says he just wanted to show Victor what loss and betrayal felt like. Maggie thinks he already knew, commenting that his children mean everything to him. Deimos opens his shirt and reveals the scar on his chest from Victor which surprises Maggie.

Belle continues watching Claire sing. Belle claps and praises Claire for the song. Claire thanks her for letting them use the nightclub for Ciara's birthday party. Belle says she would do anything for her. Claire points out except stay with Shawn. Belle tells her that people change. Claire comments that life can suck.

Shawn and Lani have a drink in the town square. Shawn thanks her for everything she did during rescuing Marlena and Arianna. Lani admits she was terrified as she had never been in the line of fire before but admits it was exciting. Shawn compares Bo to Eduardo in always getting in to dangerous situations. They toast to keeping it under control in dangerous situations.

Brady tells Summer that there's nothing to be afraid of as the worst case scenario would be Maggie saying she didn't want her to contact her but he knows that won't happen. Summer brings up being given away when she was born and that she never tried to find her. Brady thinks she deserves to know why. Summer agrees to do it and asks him to come with her. Brady agrees to go in the morning but Summer wants to go right now.

Maggie questions believing Deimos that Victor gave him the scar. Deimos tells her to ask Victor herself. Deimos talks about spending 30 years in prison for a crime that he did not commit. Deimos says he came to a realization that if he's going to have any kind of life, he needs to put this behind him. Maggie calls it kind of late for that insight. Deimos questions how he can prove to her that he sincerely wants to make peace with his brother.

Chad and Abigail make love in their room.

Maggie continues questioning Deimos. Deimos decides it's clear that he asked too much of her but he hopes she will change her mind. Maggie tells him not to hold his breath. Deimos asks if he can have a glass of water. Maggie tells him to stay right there as she goes to get it. While she's gone, Deimos reaches in to Maggie's purse and switches a bottle of pills with a different one. Maggie returns with a bottle of water. Deimos thanks her and says he hopes she will reconsider helping him as he then exits.

Chad and Abigail lay in bed together. Abigail has a nightmare about Ben and wakes up in a panic. Chad assures her that she's safe and everything is fine. Abigail asks him to check on Thomas so he gets up to check.

Belle assures Claire that she cares about her feelings which is why she's working hard to get along with Shawn. Belle tells her that Philip is back in her life. Claire knows and admits she walked in on them kissing earlier. Claire says she started to get excited about singing at the nightclub but then she saw them together and it looked like they were really serious about each other so she just wanted to disappear. Belle knows how much she loves her dad but Philip makes her happy. Belle thinks it wouldn't be the worst thing if she and Philip got back together.

Lani asks Shawn if he wants another round of drinks. Shawn brings up they have a dinner date planned and invites her to the Pub so they head there together.

Claire tells Belle that she's about to get over herself and stop acting like a brat. Belle understands every kid wants their parents to stay together. Claire says she's not a kid anymore so she won't make it all about her. Claire tells Belle that she does want her to be happy so if she can't be with Shawn, that's sad but she has to learn to accept it. Belle knows she's mostly to blame for things not working out but assures she will move on and that she hopes Shawn finds happiness with someone else too. Claire asks if Philip makes her happy which Belle confirms he does.

Maggie takes pills from her purse which Deimos switched with something else. Brady arrives with Summer and asks if it's a bad time. Maggie says she was just going to check on Victor but she's sure he's probably already asleep. Brady tells her that Summer has something to tell her. Maggie knew there was something they weren't saying.

Chad returns to Abigail and tells her that Thomas is fine. Abigail is glad she didn't wake him up. Abigail cries that she doesn't want to be the kind of mom that's always freaked out and scaring the kids all the time. Abigail feels so on edge. Chad encourages her to talk to him. Abigail admits that she's scared that Jennifer is still on pain pills and that Ben is out there somewhere. Abigail cries about having a nightmare on her wedding night. Chad understands she's scared. Chad bets that Ben is in some other country by now. Chad swears that he will never let anything happen to her and Thomas as they kiss. Chad suggests going out for dinner after he showers. Chad goes to shower and then the phone rings. Abigail answers but no one speaks so Abigail asks if it's Ben. Chad returns from his shower and Abigail is holding Thomas. Chad notes that she's looking happier. Chad takes Thomas so Abigail can go shower. Chad tells Thomas that they are going to live happily ever after.

Summer sits down with Maggie and says the reason she's here is to tell her the truth about everything. Maggie asks what is everything. Summer informs her that she met Daniel when he was living in LA and they became pretty good friends as he took care of her and stayed in touch after moving. Summer mentions telling him the story of her life about how she was adopted. Summer explains that Daniel started thinking maybe he knew who her mother was so a few months ago he had her DNA tested. Summer says she never knew what happened until meeting Brady and finding out about the accident. Summer reveals that she found out Daniel did the test and it turns out he was right. Maggie asks what made Daniel think he knew who her birth mother was. Summer says it was what she told him about her, that she was 17 when she had her and lived on a farm around Salem. Maggie gets emotional and asks what she's saying. Summer cries that she's her daughter.

Belle runs in to Philip in the town square. Philip says he just left her a message, asking if she wanted to get together and now they are.

Claire sits in the nightclub and imagines singing there for her parents.

Shawn and Lani eat together in the Pub. Lani helps him wipe his face and they end up kissing as Belle and Philip walk in.

Maggie starts to cry and says she needs a moment as she can't believe it. Brady reveals that he has the papers and tells her that Daniel wanted her to know which is why he sent Summer to him. Maggie cries that it has to be a mistake. Summer says she just thought she had the right to know. Maggie cries that she can't do it and rushes out of the room. Brady tries to tell Summer that she'll just have to give her time from the shock but Summer shouts that time isn't going to do a damn thing.

Brady returns home to Theresa, who asks how it went. Brady admits it did not go great as Maggie left the room in total shock. Theresa asks if he's sure he did the right thing. Brady is sure he didn't handle it well at all but knows it's what Daniel wanted him to do so he didn't have a choice. Theresa hugs him.

Maggie sits alone at home looking at an old photo album as she cries.

Summer lays in bed, crying that Maggie doesn't give a damn about her so it was stupid to come and starts emptying her drawers.

Belle and Philip decide to go somewhere else after seeing Shawn and Lani kissing so they exit the Pub. Lani apologizes if she came on too fast but Shawn tells her that she just made his day and they continue. Outside the Pub, Philip asks Belle if she's okay. Belle says she is as she just told Claire that she hoped Shawn would be happy so she's more than okay. Belle then kisses Philip.

Chad puts Thomas back to sleep and returns to Abigail. Abigail doesn't know what she would do without him as they kiss. Abigail talks about thinking she was a strong person getting through boarding school, losing her father, and all of her horrible decisions in her love life. Abigail says she survived because of Chad but now she's falling to pieces over something that isn't happening. Abigail is thankful for Chad and they kiss. Chad suggests she go get ready for bed since she must be exhausted. Abigail jokes that she's not that exhausted as he still hasn't seen the nightgown she got. Abigail gets the nightgown from the closet but finds it torn up. Chad hugs her as she starts to panic.

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