Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/16/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/16/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Summer arrives, telling Brady that she thinks she just ruined everything. Brady tries to calm her down. Summer says she almost told Maggie that she's her daughter and worries about coming off badly as she tries too hard. Theresa suggests just getting it over with or she can just tell her so they won't have to worry about it anymore.

Maggie looks at a photo of Daniel at home. Nicole enters and asks how she's doing. They both say they are keeping busy. Nicole wonders if there was something special to do with Daniel's medical books. Maggie says she could've e-mailed about that and asks why she really came.

Kate goes to see Deimos at his new apartment. Kate gives him a housewarming gift to get rid of negative energy and bring him luck. Kate talks about the apartment needing all positive energy after Ben lived there. Kate asks if Deimos has thought about what she said. Deimos said he did. Kate reminds him that a vendetta against Victor could never end well. Deimos agrees that for Victor it won't.

Rafe, Marlena, and Steve remain talking to Eduardo about anything he can remember about the academy. Rafe suggests Steve can try talking to the ISA. Rafe assures Marlena that they are using every possible resource to get John back. Hope arrives and asks what she can do, refusing to lose another person they love.

John continues to struggle with being tied to the pole. Yo Ling returns and tells him that will gain him nothing.

Nicole tells Maggie it may have been selfish for her to come but cries that Maggie is the only one that really understands how much she misses Daniel. Maggie hugs her and says she knows. Nicole thought it was supposed to get easier but it feels like it's just getting harder. Nicole says she can't go on like the rest of the world but Maggie encourages that she has to like Daniel would want. Maggie believes that love is the one thing stronger than grief. Nicole talks about Brady having Daniel's heart and his dreams with everything becoming about Summer. Maggie calls it amazing that he found her but Nicole disagrees, feeling she can't trust Summer.

Summer tells Theresa that Maggie has to find out from her. Brady suggests telling her sooner than later but Summer worries that Maggie could hate her. Brady encourages her and tells her to go get some rest then he will call her later to figure out her next move. Summer then exits. Brady notes Theresa is upset. Theresa doesn't understand dragging this out and thinks Summer needs to tell the truth. Brady says he has to respect Summer's wishes. Theresa says she's trying not to be jealous between Summer and Nicole. Brady asks about Nicole. Theresa brings up their past bur Brady assures her that he and Nicole are not in love. Brady tells Theresa that she's the most important woman in his life. Brady again reaches for the ring but Tate starts crying to Theresa goes to check on him.

Deimos tells Kate that he will have a scar on his chest for the rest of his life but he's never had someone like Kate. Deimos says she made him realize that he doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in a quest for revenge but he wants to enjoy his future and life. Deimos hopes to do that with her. Kate asks if he means that or if he's just telling her what she wants to hear. Deimos asks why he would want to obsess over Victor instead of her as he then kisses her.

A nurse tells Rafe that Eduardo is doing well but needs to rest so she asks him to keep it brief. Rafe suggests Marlena to get some rest but she can't sleep. Rafe wishes he could call someone for her. Marlena doesn't want to upset the family. Hope comes back and says she contacted all security footage. Rafe and Hope assure Marlena that they will find John. Hope asks Rafe how he's doing. Rafe responds that he's okay as Eduardo is doing good and Arianna is back safe. Rafe thanks Hope for coming. Rafe mentions hearing that Chase was arrested and says he's sorry. Rafe asks how Ciara is doing, hoping that Hope isn't blaming herself. Hope says she can't talk about it right now. Steve comes out of Eduardo's room and calls over to Rafe and Hope that he thinks they've got a lead.

Nicole admits to Maggie that she saw her and Summer at the Pub then followed her here. Maggie asks why she's so worried about Summer, not realizing she knew her. Nicole reveals that she went to LA and happened to be with Brady when he rescued Summer from the water. They agree that she needs help. Nicole talks about Brady thinking Daniel's heart led him to Summer and she wants him to be careful. Nicole warns Maggie to be careful. Maggie notes that she barely knows her. Maggie asks if Nicole thinks she's dangerous.

Summer sits at her hotel looking at an article on Maggie as Dario then arrives, surprising her.

Kate tells Deimos that she can't stay as she has a meeting so she has to go while they continue kissing.

Steve explains to Rafe and Hope that he was talking to Eduardo about his experiences in the agency and from judging from the past, how they likely took John to a safehouse nearby.

John argues with Yo Ling. He reminds John that he's his father but John says he's no father to him. John talks about thinking his father was a good guy and bonafide war hero but now he wishes he did die in battle. Yo Ling picks up a cockroach and talks about them compared to humans. Yo Ling tells John that he loves him and this hurts him that he may lose his life in the effort they are about to engage in. John tells him to go crawl in a hole and let the disease consume him. Yo Ling tells John that the blood transfusion will take place in the morning.

Brady finishes a call, saying Theresa won't be available until tomorrow. Brady tells her that he's done with interruptions as he locks the door and unhooks the phone as they resume kissing.

Summer questions what Dario is doing here and if he needs a place to crash. Dario tells her he went to Rafe's but he wasn't there and he can't get in touch with he or Gabi. Summer asks how he found her. Dario figured Brady put her up in the best hotel in Salem and asks about meeting Maggie. Summer explains that Maggie doesn't know she's her daughter yet and isn't sure she ever will. Summer questions why Maggie needs another grown up daughter when she already has two that aren't messed up like her. Dario asks about what Summer needs.

Deimos and Kate finish kissing. Deimos tells her to come back soon as she then exits for her meeting. Deimos gets his phone and makes a call, asking if the medication he ordered is ready or not. Deimos says to have it ordered to his new address ASAP. Deimos' computer screen shows he is searching Myasthenia Gravis.

Rafe sits with Eduardo and asks if he knows anyone who might know where the safehouses are located. Eduardo says what he can mentioning his cards before he falls back asleep. Rafe says he'll be okay and gets Eduardo's wallet from his jacket. Hope comes back in as Rafe says he's still trying to wrap his mind around everything like finding out where Eduardo was all these years and why he never talked about his past. Rafe informs Hope that Eduardo was a trained assassin.

Nicole tells Maggie that she doesn't have any reason to believe Summer is dangerous but she still hoped Maggie would talk to Brady. Nicole argues that Brady doesn't need Summer's drama in his life right now. Maggie agrees to talk to him and thanks her for her concerns. They acknowledge Brady meaning a lot to them both. Maggie thanks her and they hug.

Summer argues that she was doing fine in LA. Dario declares that her walking in to the ocean was a cry for help. Dario says she would be crazy not to take advantage of having a mother that's loaded. Dario talks about all the cons they have pulled off and how this could be the biggest. Dario tells Summer that all she has to do is pretend to be the happy heir as Maggie's daughter. Dario encourages her that she could buy a mansion in Malibu and then she will be doing okay in LA.

JJ's friend Rory goes to Deimos' apartment and talks about what he went through to get the medication that he asked for. Rory warns him that this could mess him up bad but Deimos tells him to let him worry about that.

Summer tells Dario that Maggie is a nice person so she can't screw over her mother that she waited so long to meet. Dario tells her that she's just getting what is owed to her. Summer talks about not wanting to mess with Victor but Dario feels he deserves what he gets after he had to work for him. Summer questions when this became all about him. Dario says he's just trying to help. Dario decides he'll go try to find his own family so he may or may not be back. Dario then exits.

Deimos pays Rory which makes him happy. Rory hopes he'll be a regular but Deimos tells him that he never wants to see him again and he'll keep it that way if he values his life. Rory tells him to chill and exits. Deimos prepares to take the pills.

Brady and Theresa continue kissing. Theresa wants to go to the bedroom but Brady says there is something he wants to do first as he drops to one knee.

Nicole finds Dario in the town square and tells him that he didn't have to come all the way to return her sunglasses. Dario informs her that he didn't even find them. Nicole thanks him for looking anyways. Dario says he came to see Gabi and Rafe and to collect on the drink she promised him. Dario suggests tonight but Nicole says she can't. Dario jokes about how it's going to be. Nicole asks him about spending time with his family. Dario says he hasn't been able to reach them and only has Nicole and Summer as friends in Salem. Nicole questions him still being in touch with Summer. Dario says she texted him a few weeks ago. Nicole decides she will cancel her plans and go out for a drink with him.

Rafe tells Steve, Hope, and Marlena that Eduardo gave him a list of possible locations but it might take several days to find where they have John.

Brady tells Theresa that he wasn't originally planning to do this today but talks about his love for her and praises her. Brady talks about everything they have been through making him realize what it's all about as she stood by him. Brady pulls out the ring and proposes to Theresa. Theresa immediately says yes and kisses him to the floor. Theresa cries in happiness, telling Brady how much she loves him. Brady puts the ring on her finger as they continue kissing.

Maggie calls Brady, leaving him a message to call her when he gets a chance. Maggie hangs up as Deimos then enters the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie questions what he's doing there. Deimos thought they should have a little talk.

Rafe and Steve go over locations to start. Marlena declares that she's going with them. Rafe thinks Hope should stay close to home for Ciara. Hope agrees and tells Rafe that if anyone can find John it's he and Steve.

John remains struggling with being tied to the pole. Another person is brought in under a hood by the men and tied to the pole across from John. John shouts at them asking where Yo Ling is. The men remove the hood revealing it's John's son, Paul unconscious and now tied up.

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