Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/15/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/15/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady comes across Maggie in the town square and asks why she's not at Abigail's wedding. Maggie tells him that Victor is sick so she's getting his prescription. Brady tells her to tell him that he hopes he feels better. Maggie asks about Summer. Brady tells her that she feels terrible for blowing her interview with her. Brady asks Maggie to give Summer another chance. Maggie questions why it's so important to Brady like he is Summer's savior.

Jennifer tries to calm Abigail down as she insists that she saw Ben at the door. Jennifer assures her that Ben wouldn't come back where everyone is looking for him. Doug agrees. Abigail argues that they have no idea what Ben is capable of. Julie tells her that Chad is outside with the police so they will catch Ben if he did show up.

Chad talks outside on the phone with guards. Eric and Lucas tell Chad that there is no sign of anyone outside. JJ arrives and asks Chad if Ben was there. Eric and Lucas head back inside. Chad tells JJ that Abigail says she saw Ben but no one else did and there is no sign of intrusion. Chad and JJ talk about a plan then head back inside. JJ asks Abigail if she's okay. She says she is now and apologizes to Chad, feeling stupid. Chad understands she thought she saw something. JJ tells Abigail that at least he got to make it to the wedding now. JJ tells them about the emergency with Arianna and Marlena that was keeping him. Lucas rushes out to be with them. JJ then reveals he also heard something on the way over about Ben.

Brady pleads with Maggie to give Summer another chance at the volunteer job. Brady compares it to Alice giving Maggie a job. Maggie argues that this is a lot of responsibility. Maggie calls him relentless. Brady feels Daniel would be doing the same thing and asks Maggie what she says.

JJ and Chad tell Abigail the story they came up with that Ben was spotted in Louisiana. Chad says it makes sense that Ben wouldn't come here. Abigail is thankful that Ben is nowhere near the house. Chad promises to never let anyone hurt her. Abigail feels silly. Abigail asks Chad if he will still marry her so Julie calls for everyone to get back in place. Doug steps aside with JJ and Abigail. Doug says under better circumstances, Jack would be walking Abigail down the aisle and he was honored but now JJ is here to do it. JJ agrees as Abigail thanks Doug.

Maggie tells Brady that she can't make any promises but agrees to keep her mind for volunteers. Maggie wishes Brady luck as she notices he's holding a jewelry bag. Maggie then goes to get Victor's medicine.

JJ walks Abigail down the aisle back to Chad. The minister begins the ceremony. Jennifer stands to read a poem on Abigail's behalf. Julie reads a passage that Chad chose from Jack's book about family holding him together.

Maggie runs in to Summer at the hospital. Summer apologizes for how her interview went, blaming her nerves. Maggie isn't sure why she was so nervous. Summer offers to buy her a coffee and do it over. Maggie agrees to coffee so they exit together.

Abigail says her vows to Chad. Ciara and Theo smile at one another as everyone watches. Chad then says his vows to honor her and her love. The ceremony continues and both say I do. They place the rings on their fingers. The minister declares Chad and Abigail now husband and wife as they kiss and everyone applauds. Ciara takes pictures of Chad and Abigail with Doug and Julie. Outside the room, Jennifer talks to her mom on the phone. Eric joins her as she hangs up and calls it a beautiful ceremony. Eric begins to question Jennifer about her pills. Jennifer doesn't want to hear his attitude and tells him to butt out so he does and heads back in to the living room. Eric goes over and pours a drink.

Nicole and Theresa talk about work at the Pub when Maggie arrives with Summer. Maggie sits with Summer and asks about her and where she grew up. Summer informs her that she grew up in Texas as she was adopted until she was old enough to move to Los Angeles. Summer talks about taking a long time to find herself. Maggie asks if that's where Daniel came in. Summer calls him the best friend she ever had. Summer apologizes if she made her sad. Maggie says she's happy that someone else remembers Daniel. Summer talks about her studies never panning out. Maggie appreciates her honesty. Summer says she's easy to talk to and figured it would be good to get everything out in the open so there's no more surprises. Maggie asks what she means.

Jennifer returns to Abigail while Chad steps aside with JJ. JJ hates lying to Abigail but admits it's worth it to see her happy. Chad and JJ hope that Ben is on his way out of the country. Chad instructs Harold to make sure all the windows are locked. Theo congratulates Chad. Chad says he couldn't have done it without him and says he feels like Lexie was right there with them. Chad assures Theo that she would be proud of him. Chad comments on Theo having a thing for Ciara but Theo says they are just friends. Abigail thanks JJ for coming. JJ just wishes Rafe, Roman, Hope, and Gabi could have been there too. JJ asks about Maggie. Abigail tells him it's fine since he and Jennifer were there. JJ tells her that everyone will come to her anniversary party. Abigail knows JJ wants to check on Gabi and tells him it's okay to go. JJ hugs her and thanks her as he then exits. When everyone steps away, Eric returns to pour another drink but stops. Eric goes to Jennifer and apologizes. Eric offers to walk her home but Jennifer says she's going to stay awhile. Eric tells her he will see her soon as he goes to say goodbye.

Nicole and Theresa continue going over work. Theresa gets a text from Brady to meet her at home. Nicole agrees to stay and work, adding that she will keep an eye on Summer as Theresa exits.

Summer tells Maggie that she just wants her to know everything about her with no surprises. Maggie asks if she has any questions. Summer says Brady told her a lot about her. Maggie says she meant about the job and questions why Brady would be telling her about her personal life.

Brady lights candles at home and pulls out a wedding ring then hides it in the couch as Theresa comes home. Brady calls it alone time for them which Theresa likes. Brady notes that she's been really patient through everything with Summer. Brady knows he hasn't been that easy to live with through it. Theresa tells him there's no place she would rather be as they kiss.

Nicole looks across the Pub at Summer and Maggie. Summer tells Maggie that Brady was trying to make her feel more comfortable about talking to her. Summer apologizes and feels this has become so awkward. Summer goes to rush off but Maggie stops her and questions what she's not telling her. Maggie asks if it's about Daniel, wanting to know what it is. Summer claims everything is fine and that she really enjoyed talking to her as she then exits. Nicole continues watching.

Abigail walks alone in the living room of the mansion towards the door where she imagined Ben. She breathes a sigh of relief and then pours some champagne.The doors then open and Abigail drops her glass when she imagines Ben's voice.

Brady asks Theresa if she ever thinks about the future as they continue kissing on to the couch. Brady asks her where she sees herself in ten years. Theresa jokes that she hopes right here as she keeps kissing him. Theresa says they will still be crazy in love. Brady wants to make it happen and reaches for the ring but they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Summer arrives, telling Brady that she thinks she just ruined everything.

Chad finds Abigail at the back door and asks what's going on. Abigail worries about the doors opening and hearing her name from the garden but Chad assures her that nobody is there. Abigail insists it was Ben. Chad insists that Ben will not get anywhere near here with the guards. Abigail wants to get Thomas and go somewhere that Ben won't find them. Chad tries to argue but Abigail declares she cannot stay here and is leaving Salem tonight as she rushes upstairs.

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