Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/14/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/14/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Joey, Kayla, and Steve sit at the Pub discussing what they need against Ava in court for Steve to plead self-defense. Joey doesn't think Steve should do time for self-defense. Joey wants to tell the truth that he killed Ava as he was protecting his mom. Steve tells Joey that he has to let them handle it. Kayla tells Joey to see if Caroline needs help in the kitchen. Joey blames himself for this mess as he heads to the kitchen. Kayla comments that Joey is so like Steve. Steve admits it scares the hell out of him. Steve tells Kayla that he will do anything to protect her and Joey as he loves them both. Steve promises to get them through this.

Shawn and Lani investigate the crime scene of the warehouse, acknowledging a symbol on one of the men's bodies. They don't know what it means but Shawn hopes it will lead them to where ever they took John.

Eduardo is stretchered in to the hospital. Gabi rushes to Rafe asking if Eduardo is going to be okay. Rafe tells her that he doesn't know. Gabi confirms Arianna is alright and can't believe that Eduardo was shot. Rafe informs her that Eduardo took a bullet for him. JJ joins them and adds that Eduardo saved Rafe's life. Gabi is glad they are okay. Marlena approaches with questions. JJ informs her that Eduardo was shot. Marlena asks where John is.

John argues that his father died in the Korean war. The old man explains that he was left for dead as Timothy then but he escaped to the mountains of China where he recovered and took the name of Yo Ling. He brings up John turning his back on the agency. John questions him turning his back on his country. He responds that his country left him for dead so now he wants to right the wrongs. He talks about forming what became the Phantom Alliance. John says he now knows who he is and what he is. John asks how long he's been watching him and how long he's known he's his son. Yo Ling admits it's been a long time. John then passes out.

Rafe explains to Marlena that they are trying to trace the call from the warehouse to find John. Marlena realizes it wasn't about her and Arianna but always about John. Marlena blames the agency wanting John back to kill for them again. Rafe asks what else she knows. Marlena tells him about Winterthorne Academy being their recruiting center. Marlena mentions John saying the organization was evil.

Yo Ling dumps water on John to wake him back up. John accuses him of destroying his life by turning him in to a killer. Yo Ling argues that killing is sometimes necessary for a higher purpose. John asks his father how many people he's killed but he says it doesn't matter. He talks about everyone seeing John's promise and talent, claiming his destiny was to follow in his footsteps. John realized he was the one who put him in the academy. He talks about tracking him down after his mother abandoned him and being adopted by the Alamains. He talks further about John's training and being groomed to be one of the alliance's elite. John questions him sitting back and watched him get brainwashed. He argues that they were educating him. They go over Petrov betraying him and delivering John to Stefano. John questions why he has him back after all this time. Yo Ling calls it the key question.

Rafe fills Gabi in and she can't believe their father was an assassin. Rafe explains how he tried to break away several times but they wouldn't take no for an answer. Rafe mentions Marlena thinking John was the ultimate target. Gabi repeats that she can't believe Eduardo being an assassin. Rafe points out that they knew nothing of his past. Gabi adds that if he doesn't make it through surgery, they never will.

Kayla reminds Steve that he has a meeting with Belle to get to. Steve tells her to try not to worry and says he will let her know what happens as he exits the Pub. Joey returns to Kayla and notes that they seemed to be getting along. Joey tells Kayla that if she doesn't forgive Steve, it's like Ava won. Kayla tries to leave for work but Joey asks if Steve will get off. Kayla tells him that Steve said not to worry as she then exits.

Steve meets with Belle in the town square and shows her the photos of Ava's shrine, calling it proof that she was coming after them. Steve points out that she had writing in blood on the pictures of Kayla. Steve insists that he killed Ava in self-defense. Belle says it doesn't prove a threat but it gives her something and does document that she was blackmailing and terrorizing him. Steve thought Belle would be more excited. Belle says she has to see what Justin thinks. Belle feels he wouldn't want to go trial and she exits to go see Justin.

John struggles with remaining handcuffed to a pole. Yo Ling talks about his time in China. He mentions tracking a bacterial disease and says that he has the same disease that Caroline had. He talks about following the cure and hearing about the drug serum that Bo discovered. John realizes Yo Ling is the one who kidnapped Bo and tortured him for the drug serum to use on himself. He admits that he hired someone else to do it for him. John blames him for Bo's death. Yo Ling remarks that Marlena and Arianna would have been collateral damage. He says sometimes lives are the price to be paid for the greater good.

Belle brings the photos to Justin as clear proof that Ava was a threat to Steve's family so she thinks he has to drop the charges. Justin calls her argument laughable and says no jury will acquit Steve when he explains self defense. Justin argues that he would be getting away with murder. Justin claims that Ava could have been dealt with by a restraining order or going to the police. Justin argues that it doesn't change the facts that Steve will have to stand trial for murder. Justin then exits.

Shawn joins Rafe at the hospital and tells him about the toxicology reports and the symbol on the man's chest being a Chinese symbol. Rafe decides to call Shane Donovan for further information.

John questions Yo Ling claiming what he does the greater good. Yo Ling talks about the US killing innocent people in the Korean war. John wants to understand what happened to the father he read about in the newspaper articles as he was a kind, decent man. Yo Ling says he was a nobody until he became the man he is now. Yo Ling talks about famous speakers leaving before their time and how he doesn't want that fate which is where John comes in.

Belle returns to Steve and tells him that she's not giving up as they are going to fight this. Steve says if he can't beat it, he'll do the time.

Joey comes across Jade outside the town square. She asks him what's wrong. He says it's nothing but she encourages him to talk to her. He says he can't. Jade insists that he can trust her, swearing she won't tell anyone. She asks if it's about Steve killing Ava. Joey responds that Steve didn't kill her then admits that he did.

Gabi worries about JJ missing Abigail's wedding and feels bad. JJ says he'll leave when he knows if Eduardo is okay and tells her how much he cares about her. Gabi thanks him and didn't realize until now how much she really needs him as they hug.

Fynn comes to Rafe and Lani, informing them that Eduardo made it through surgery. Rafe wants to talk to him but Fynn thinks he should rest. Rafe insists that Eduardo is their only hope to find John so Fynn agrees. Rafe says to let Gabi know that he'll be alright as he heads in to talk to Eduardo. Eduardo asks if Arianna is alright. Rafe confirms she is fine with Gabi and thanks him. Rafe says they both know the bullet was meant for him. Rafe knows he needs to rest but says they need to talk. Marlena comes in and asks Eduardo if he knows where John is. Eduardo is surprised that John is missing. Rafe states that the Alliance took him. Eduardo worries that they are trying to turn him. Rafe asks Eduardo to tell him everything he knows about the Alliance.

Joey explains to Jade that he thought Ava was his friend and that he loved her but everything she did was to tear apart his family and he knew as long as she lived, she would never stop. Jade recalls him talking about an older woman at the party. Joey says he left the party to go to the hospital to make sure she never woke up and then Steve showed up, saw it and took the blame. Joey tells Jade it's okay if she hates him. Joey states that what he did was horrible but letting his dad take the blame is even worse. Jade understands he was drunk and pushed to the edge. Jade says what Steve is doing is pretty great. Joey knows Steve loves him. Jade suggests he's doing what he thinks is right. Joey thinks he should do what he thinks is right because if Steve gets convicted, he won't be able to live with himself.

Steve goes to the hospital and tells Kayla about Justin wanting to go to trial which upsets her but she admits she just doesn't want to think about what could happen to him. Kayla then informs Steve about John missing and that the Alliance may have him.

Eduardo talks to Rafe about the alliance. Marlena asks if he knows where they took John but he doesn't.

John asks what Yo Ling wants from him. He says it's something very personal. Yo Ling mentions developing an acute blood disease but if he can heal that quickly then he can buy enough time to cure the other disease. He says he needs fresh, healthy, compatible blood and there's no better source than his own son.

Joey tells Jade that he can't let Steve do this. Jade thinks Steve knows what he's doing but Joey feels he doesn't have a choice but to turn himself in.

Gabi visits Eduardo with Arianna. Gabi thanks him. Eduardo is glad that Arianna is okay. Gabi thanks him for saving Rafe's life. Eduardo says there is so much to tell her and explain. Gabi understands but says they will have time now.

Rafe makes a call to get a guard outside of Eduardo's room and decides he will wait there until one shows up. Rafe goes to Marlena and asks her for everything John ever told her about Winterthorne. Steve asks about asking Eduardo. Rafe says he needs to rest. Steve wants to follow any leads. Kayla reminds him that he's only out on bail but Steve says John is his partner so he won't stop until they find him.

John questions Yo Ling wanting his blood. John shouts that there is no greater good and calls him a sick old man who got rich off heartless assassins. Yo Ling argues that he didn't get a penny and he owns nothing. He warns John that what he's asking him for could cost him his life but he will have the satisfaction of knowing he died for the future of the planet and for a sacred cause.

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