Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/11/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/11/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad and Abigail have the DiMera Mansion set up for the wedding. Abigail calls it perfect. Chad says she's perfect and kisses her. Chad goes to tell Harold to start letting people in. Jennifer, Adrienne, and Julie arrive. Jennifer finishes a call with Maggie about not making it due to Victor feeling sick. Julie brings up finding out Ben has escaped. Abigail comes out and says she won't let it ruin her wedding day. Jennifer encourages that it's her day and will be perfect. Abigail declares that Ben would never show his face here and risk getting caught, believing that he's miles away by now. Abigail goes to check on Thomas and Chad follows her upstairs. Abigail thinks back to Ben leaving her and Chad to die in the cabin. Chad comes in and hugs her, telling her that it's okay.

John and Eduardo drink their cups from the bottle on the floor in the warehouse while the man on the ledge keeps his gun pointed on them. John says to let them go now. Another man with a gun stands next to Marlena and Arianna.

Chad tells Abigail that if Ben is freaking her out then they should postpone the wedding. Abigail refuses to let Ben take this away from them and ruin their wedding. Abigail tells Chad it's happening so Chad says he's ready. Abigail says they just have to track down the best man and maid of honor. Chad mentions leaving them messages but they aren't responding. They wonder what to do. Chad says he'll do his best to track them down while Abigail hangs tight. Chad adds that he'll get extra security to make sure things are fine. They kiss and Abigail thanks him. Chad says he won't be long and exits.

Gabi remains at the police station, hoping Arianna is alright as she breaks down crying.

John asks Marlena if she's okay. Marlena says they are fine. John and Eduardo step forward but the men on the ledge fire shots to keep them back as the voice warns that if they move, they will all die.

Ciara and Theo walk through the town square. Ciara helps Theo with his tie as he's dressed up for the wedding. Theo wishes Ciara would come too but Ciara feels she would just bring people down during the celebration. Theo asks what she did to Chase when they left. Ciara says as bad as she wanted to hurt him, she couldn't so she just called Hope and had him arrested. Ciara doesn't feel like she will get the payback she deserves.

Justin goes to Hope's office and gives her a folder for their case against Chase. Hope is surprised that it's just one paper.

Abigail and Jennifer arrange flowers for the wedding. Jennifer drops one and gets a pain while picking it up but insists she's okay. Adrienne watches as Jennifer goes to her purse for her pills. Adrienne asks if she's okay as she looks like she's really hurting. Jennifer claims she's good and her aches are no big deal. Abigail calls Gabi, leaving a message that she doesn't know where she is and is starting to get worried.

Gabi calls her mom but is shocked to find out that she left for Salem two weeks ago.

John yells for Marlena to go as they've got this. Marlena exits the warehouse with Arianna. Eduardo asks now what. The voice instructs them to go with the men.

Justin tells Hope that Chase confessed to her but has to confess with his lawyer present. Justin adds that if this case goes to court, Ciara will be on trial.

Abigail decides everything is good. Jennifer calls the room perfect while Julie agrees. Abigail thanks them. Abigail brings up getting her dress but they tell her that she has plenty of time as she still needs her somethings old, borrowed, blue, and new. Julie gives Abigail an old poem from her grandfather Tom that he gave to her and Doug when they were married so now she is sharing it with Abigail. Abigail reads the poem which says "The only one who really knows is the one you first danced with in perfect time, the time your heart said yes." Abigail thanks Julie and hugs her. Adrienne gives Abigail a locket with a photo inside of her father Jack as a baby to know that he is with her. Abigail cries and thanks her as they hug. Jennifer asks to give her something new and blue alone with Abigail so Adrienne and Julie exit. Jennifer gives her a sixpence to put in her shoe for good luck and talks about knowing she will be happy.

Chad goes to the police station and finds Gabi. Gabi realizes she forgot the wedding as Chad asks what's going on. Gabi explains that Marlena and Arianna were kidnapped. Gabi cries that she doesn't know if she will ever see her little girl again.

Rafe, JJ, and Lani arrive at the warehouse starting a shootout with the men there while John and Eduardo take cover and hide.

Justin tells Hope to get Chase to give a signed confession and he'll work out a plea deal where he does some time otherwise she and Ciara will need to know what they are up against in trial. Hope worries about Ciara going through that as she has already been through so much. Justin warns that if Chase won't confess, they may have no choice.

Jennifer can't believe how grown up Abigail is and talks about imagining what Jack would think now. Abigail admits she thinks about that a lot as well and especially today. Jennifer reveals a blue coloring of a bouquet that Abigail made as a child which Jennifer saved until this day. Abigail cries and hugs her as she thanks her.

Chad tells Gabi to stay strong and believe the cops will work it out. Chad declares he will cancel the wedding because Abigail would want to be here with her. Gabi tells him not to because she wants one good thing to happen today and says Abigail deserves to be happy. Gabi asks him not to tell Abigail. Chad agrees. Gabi apologizes for letting her down. Chad hugs her and assures they will be fine. Chad promises her that Rafe will find Arianna. Chad then leaves the station.

Rafe, JJ, and Lani continue the shootout with the men and John joins in. Eduardo says he has to move and tells John to give him cover. John shoots one of the men off the ledge while Lani shoots another down. Eduardo runs out of bullets but Rafe assures him he has it. Eduardo sees a sniper on the ledge aimed at Rafe without him knowing so Eduardo charges and jumps in the way, taking the bullet for Rafe. John shouts as Eduardo is shot and Rafe turns his attention to shooting the sniper above which is the last guy to go down. Rafe goes to check on Eduardo with JJ, Lani, and John. Rafe tells him it's over. Eduardo feels he lost Arianna but Rafe assures him that she's okay at the hospital with Marlena. Rafe tries to keep Eduardo awake as they call for an ambulance.

Chad finds Theo and Ciara in the town square, asking Theo if he's ready for the wedding. Chad tells Theo that Rafe got called in on an important case so he can't be his best man and he asks Theo to do it. Theo agrees to be his best man but only if Ciara goes with him. Chad and Theo convince Ciara to come.

Doug and Lucas arrive at the DiMera Mansion for the wedding and greet Jennifer, Julie, and Adrienne. Doug wants to see Abigail. Julie reminds them to not bring up Ben as they all hope he's gone. Abigail comes in and greets them. As the others talk, Jennifer sneaks in more of her pain pills. Eric then arrives and is glad he made it. Lucas greets him. Eric remarks that Jennifer must be in high spirits.

Rafe calls Gabi and tells her that Arianna and Marlena are fine. Rafe says they are at the hospital to get checked out. Gabi cries that she loves him so much and thanks him as she rushes out to get to the hospital.

Abigail goes back upstairs and gets in her wedding dress while checking on Thomas. Chad comes in. Abigail worries about Chad seeing her in her dress but Chad doesn't believe in the superstition. Chad tells her that they are going to make life awesome. Chad informs her that Gabi and Rafe won't make it but he'll fill him in later. Abigail questions not having a best man or maid of honor. Chad informs her that Theo will fill in as best man but he's not sure for maid of honor. Abigail decides she can just go with Jennifer and they agree it will still be a perfect wedding. Chad surprises her with another gift which is Thomas's birth certificate. Chad says his last name hasn't done any good so he didn't want Thomas to carry it so they listed him as Thomas Deveraux. Chad tells Abigail that he loves her as they kiss.

Theo and Ciara arrive for the wedding. Theo jokes with her about not being too serious and asks if she's going to have a party for her upcoming birthday. Ciara doesn't think she's up to it but Theo feels turning 18 is a big deal. They get up to get ready but Ciara has flashbacks to Chase raping her and tells Theo not to touch her as she rushes out.

Hope meets Chase in the interrogation room. Chase doesn't want to hear it but Hope tells him to lose the attitude. Chase asks what she wants and why he's here.

Rafe, JJ, and Lani stay with Eduardo as he struggles to stay awake. Eduardo asks what happened to John. Lani and JJ turn around to realize that John is no longer behind them. Rafe instructs them to go find him so they rush off.

John wakes up tied up in an unknown room.

Hope wants to know if Chase will hold to his confession to become part of official record. Chase questions her thinking he will back out and says that he won't. Chase declares that he doesn't really care what happens to him as going to jail might make up for what he did and what his dad did. Hope states that Aiden hurt them but couldn't ruin them as they are too strong for that. Hope then exits.

Theo follows Ciara out to the garden and apologizes. Ciara understands he was just trying to help and she freaked out. Theo knows what Chase did will take time to get better. Ciara argues that she just wants to forget about him and move on with her life. Ciara then declares that Theo was right and she will throw the biggest party ever for her birthday. Ciara takes Theo and heads back to the wedding. Theo stands up next to Chad while Ciara takes her seat. Abigail then begins her walk down the aisle alongside Doug. Abigail joins Chad then looks over his shoulder and screams when she sees Ben standing outside the door.

Gabi joins Marlena and Arianna at the hospital. Marlena encourages her about Arianna while Gabi thanks her. Marlena wants to get back to John but a cop informs them that Rafe just called and ordered for them both to stay put. Marlena thought everything was fine now and asks where John is.

John calls out from where he is tied up. The door opens and John asks who it is. He introduces himself as Yo Ling, revealing to be John's father. The old man approaches, asking if John recognizes him, telling him to look at his eyes.

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