Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/10/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/10/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Belle checks on Phillip after the man punched him. Phillip tells her that he's okay and he'll handle this.

Gabi cries to Hope at the police station about Marlena and Arianna disappearing. Hope calls Rafe, leaving a message to call her as she hugs Gabi.

Eduardo sits in his hotel room with John. There's a knock at the door so they grab their guns but it's Rafe. Eduardo reminds Rafe that he asked him to stay away but Rafe says he has a unit on standby. Eduardo questions Rafe willing to risk getting Arianna killed. Rafe assures him that Gabi is safe at the station and wants to know what he's dealing with. John takes the blame. Rafe questions who they are dealing with. Eduardo says they are men who would kill Arianna without hesitation. Rafe asks for the next move. John says they are waiting for their next instructions. Eduardo says the agency could bury the police department. Rafe asks what they want. Eduardo says they want them. Rafe doesn't know why John is part of this. John responds that he's the same as Eduardo. Eduardo's phone rings from a man who tells them to listen carefully.

Joey, Claire, and Theo show Ciara that they have Chase tied up but Ciara says she can't do this. Joey tells her that she is in charge and can do whatever she wants. Ciara doesn't want to and turns away. Theo tells her they can leave if it's too much for her. Ciara decides this is good and tells them they can go. Claire tells her to text if she needs anything. Theo worries that Chase could get loose but Joey assures that he's tied up. Ciara promises Theo that she's okay so he exits with Joey and Claire. Ciara begins talking to Chase about playing little league with him. Ciara tells Chase that she loved him as a brother and questions how he could do this to her.

Phillip tells Belle that he will call her later but Belle doesn't want to leave him alone with the guy. Belle wants to call the cops but the man reveals that he is a cop. Phillip understands he was just trying to get his attention which he did and identifies the man as a commander. Phillip promises Belle that he will call her later so she exits.

Chase cries to Ciara that he didn't mean to hurt her. Ciara questions what he was doing, reminding him that she said no and tried to get away. Chase cries that he couldn't stop and repeats that he didn't mean to hurt her. Ciara yells at him asking what he did to her. Chase screams that he raped her. Ciara argues that he knew exactly what he was doing when he raped her.

Belle goes to the nightclub and starts using her phone then puts it away.

Phillip acknowledges the man is the cop from Chicago, whose daughter died in his hotel room which Deimos was using to blackmail him. Phillip tries to explain but the cop yells that he let his daughter die.

The man on the phone instructs John and Eduardo that he will text an address for them to go to with no police or Marlena and Arianna will die.

Ciara wishes she never met Chase. Ciara screams that he ruined everything. Chase apologizes. Ciara calls him a disgusting creep and says there's no excuse. Ciara says nothing ever gave him an excuse to rape her. Chase asks what she's going to do now. Ciara asks if he's worried and feeling helpless. Ciara argues about what he did to her. Chase apologizes and asks if there's anything he can do. Chase cries that he'll do anything. Ciara tells him to just shut up as there's nothing he can do to take it back. Ciara calls him a monster, just like his dad.

Phillip apologizes to the cop and repeats that he had nothing to do with it. Deimos interrupts, recording on his phone and warning him to get his hands off Phillip. Deimos says he will e-mail the video to the commissioner to add to his questionable record. Deimos brings up what else he knows about the cop and threatens to share that as well.

Chase tells Ciara to just do whatever already as he wants it to be over. Ciara says that's too bad. Ciara then calls Hope and asks if she's busy. Hope says she's not at all and asks if she's okay. Ciara says she's not. Hope asks where she is. Ciara tells her that she needs her now and that she's at the old warehouse. Ciara tells her to hurry so Hope says she's on her way and hangs up. Ciara tells Chase that he will never get to hurt someone this way again.

JJ comes to the station. Hope tells him that she has an emergency so she asks him to stay with Gabi and to call if he hears from Rafe. JJ agrees and Hope exits. JJ assures Gabi that Rafe is on this while Gabi cries about feeling helpless. JJ encourages that Marlena will take care of Arianna. JJ promises they will find her and she will be safe.

Eduardo gets the address that doesn't ring a bell to him but John knows it. Rafe recognizes it as an abandoned warehouse by the airport. Eduardo reminds that they said no cops but Rafe argues that cutting the cops out makes things worse. Eduardo pleads with Rafe to let them take care of this. Rafe tells him he better hope so and swears to make him pay if he gets their family hurt. Eduardo knows they will play with their lives if needed.

Claire, Joey, and Theo sit together in the town square having coffee. Claire tries to bring up school to change the subject. Theo asks Joey about Steve being arrested for killing Ava but they don't want to talk about that. Theo decides it's been too long and they need to see if Ciara is okay. Theo rushes off as Claire tries to argue but they end up following out.

Hope arrives to the warehouse to find Ciara and sees Chase tied up. Hope asks what happened here and why Chase is tied up. Ciara says not to untie him as she did this. Hope questions why. Ciara informs Hope that Chase raped her. Hope asks Chase if this is true and when this happened. Ciara says it was awhile ago and she just couldn't say anything. Ciara calls Chase sick and says she can't let him do this to anyone else.

Deimos suggests the cop leave town immediately and never bother Phillip again or he will become his worst nightmare. He turns to Phillip and says he will see him again but Deimos says he won't. The cop exits. Deimos remarks to Phillip that it was quite an eventful afternoon but fortunately for him, he came along.

Rafe questions John and Eduardo walking in to an ambush. Eduardo says it's the mission to bring Marlena and Arianna back, adding that they can do it if he gives them the room to operate. Eduardo begs Rafe to let them make this right. Rafe agrees to give them one hour and says he will call for backup if he doesn't hear from them in an hour. Eduardo declares that if he doesn't hear from them in an hour, it may be because they are dead.

Hope makes a call to come to the warehouse and tells Ciara that a unit will be there soon. Hope asks Ciara what happened. Ciara tells her about when Chase was missing and didn't want to come home so she begged him and apologized. Ciara goes over how they kissed and then she said no and tried to get away. Ciara asks if she did this. Hope points out that she said stop and said no so that's enough. Hope assures her it's not her fault. Hope approaches Chase and asks how could he. Hope screams at him as he cries. Two cops arrive. Hope instructs them to arrest Chase on first degree sexual assault. Chase cries as they handcuff him and read his rights. Chase says he's truly sorry and shouts that he never meant to hurt her and loves her as he's escorted out while Ciara screams at him to shut up. Hope hugs Ciara.

Phillip calls Belle that he's fine. She asks how he got him to stand down. Phillip says he just needed to blow off steam and he'll see her later. Phillip hangs up and asks Deimos if he owes him. Phillip asks why he helped. Deimos brings up that Phillip kept his word about getting him the drug serum so he's made a significant deposit in his account. Phillip asks what the catch is. Deimos says there isn't one as he said he wanted to work with him so he's hired.

Eduardo and John arrive at the location of the abandoned warehouse and walk around. John wonders why they picked this spot. They explore the warehouse until coming across a bottle on the floor. The man from the phone's voice then welcomes them.

Theo, Joey, and Claire return to the warehouse looking for Ciara but she's gone. They see Chase's ties were cut. Theo worries that Chase got loose and took her. Claire says they don't know anything. Joey says they have to find her so they run back out of the warehouse.

Hope brings Ciara back to Jennifer's and tries to comfort her. Hope mentions getting her tested at the hospital. Ciara knows she has to take tests again to make sure. Ciara mentions Chase saying he was a virgin. Hope doesn't know what to believe. Hope asks Ciara why she didn't come to her. Ciara cries that she didn't believe it herself so she didn't expect Hope to believe. Hope insists that she will always believe her and she can always come to her with anything. Hope brings up counseling as she thinks it would be good for her. Hope reminds her that what happened was in no way her fault. Ciara says she will survive and tells her not to worry. Hope goes to answer the door as Joey, Theo, and Claire arrive looking for Ciara. Hope tells them Ciara is there but it's not a good time. Theo asks if she's okay. Hope says she is and asks why. Claire tells her they were waiting for in the town square but she didn't come by. Hope asks if they were with Chase and Ciara earlier. Claire claims they were in the square but Chase wasn't with them. Hope agrees to let Ciara know they were looking for her. Hope shuts the door and goes back to Ciara. Claire, Joey, and Theo discuss Ciara calling the cops and they wonder if Chase was arrested. Joey and Claire walk away while Theo stays behind, saying he's going to check his messages. Theo pulls out his phone and texts Ciara from outside the door.

Phillip goes to see Belle at the nightclub and tells her that was just a misunderstanding. Belle asks if it was about the girl who overdosed in his room. Phillip tells her that it's done and he won't be coming after him.

The voice instructs John and Eduardo to drink from the bottle. John says not until they see Marlena and Arianna alive. A garage door is raised revealing Marlena with Arianna. John and Eduardo step forward but a man fires shots from above to stop them. The door shuts back and the voice instructs them to drink while they have time.

Ciara opens the door and sees Theo sitting outside. Theo asks about her calling Hope. Ciara confirms that Chase is in jail. Theo says that's good and asks if she's good. Ciara holds Theo's hand.

Belle questions how Phillip can be so sure. Phillip brings up the cop having skeletons in his closet and leaving when he realized they weren't so secret. Belle hopes he's right. Belle wants to get ice for his jaw but Phillip had something else in mind and kisses her. Belle calls him a sketchy character. Phillip promises to not let his shady past affect her and they continue kissing as Claire enters the nightclub and sees them.

Rafe returns to the police station. Gabi asks if he found Arianna and what is going on. Rafe explains that he doesn't know where they are but that John and Eduardo are using other contacts from their work. Rafe takes Gabi aside and confirms that someone took Marlena and Arianna to get at Eduardo and John. Gabi worries about Arianna being hurt. Rafe assures that Eduardo and John know what they are doing and will bring everyone home safe. Gabi asks what if they can't. Rafe hugs Gabi as she cries.

John and Eduardo prepare to drink from the bottle. John confirms it's not poison. Eduardo agrees that if they wanted them dead, they already would be. The man on the ledge above keeps his gun pointed at them as they toast their cups and take a drink.

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