Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/9/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/9/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Maggie tells Victor that she has to go to the hospital to interview Summer for a volunteer position. Phillip enters. Victor questions how he got in. Phillip explains that Henderson let him in. Maggie exits as Victor asks Phillip what he wants. Phillip tells Victor that he's going to get a phone call soon so they need to talk before that happens. Victor gets a call. Phillip asks him to let it go to voicemail but Victor answers. Victor hangs up and tells Phillip that he will have his head for this.

Shawn goes to the nightclub questioning Belle about this being her law office. Belle tells him that she bought the club for Claire to sing at. Shawn mocks the idea and accuses her of trying to buy her way out of screwing up with Claire while using stolen money to do it.

Joey talks to Kayla on the phone from home and questions her not wanting him to leave the house but understands since he got them into this mess in the first place. Joey lays on the couch and thinks back to killing Ava until there's a knock at the door and Claire arrives. Joey tells her it's not a good time and no one is supposed to be here but Claire tells him that something really bad has happened to Ciara.

Chase wakes up in the building he's staying at.

Abe walks through the town square with Theo and asks how he's feeling. Theo admits to thinking about Stefano every day. Ciara walks by which distracts Theo.

Ciara walks out of the town square and comes across a group of kids that were at the party. They invite Ciara to drink with them.

Theresa goes home where Brady is working on his tablet. Theresa joins him and says they have the place all to themselves so they start kissing until Summer arrives and asks Brady if he's ready to go which upsets Theresa. Theresa questions where they are going. Brady informs her that Summer has an interview with Maggie at the hospital. Brady asks Summer if she minds if he shares the news. Summer says only if she keeps it to herself. Brady reveals to Theresa that Summer is Maggie's daughter. Theresa suggests telling Maggie somewhere more private. Brady explains that Summer doesn't want to say anything until they get to know each other better. Summer says she can't do it any other way. Brady encourages that she will get comfortable around Maggie very quickly. Summer still isn't sure how she feels about all of this. Theresa mutters that it makes two of them.

Victor can't believe Phillip stole the drug serum formula. Phillip claims he borrowed it. Victor questions how he could even think to do it. Phillip responds that Victor told him to.

Abe knows it's hard for Theo to talk about Stefano. Theo tells him he has to go as there is something he needs to do and rushes off.

Ciara takes a drink with the kids from the party. One of the guys puts his arm around her which causes her to flashback to Chase raping her. Ciara tells him to let her go as Theo shows up and forces the guy away. The kids insult them and walk away. Theo asks if Ciara is okay. Ciara says she's not. Theo hugs her and tells her that he's there now.

Shawn continues accusing Belle of trying to buy Claire's love with stolen money. Belle questions giving the money back when Stefano is dead and Andre is in jail. Shawn brings up Chad but Belle shouts that it's Sami's money and she wanted her to have it. Shawn mocks Sami making bad decisions. Shawn says he wants Claire to earn everything in life. Belle doesn't care what he thinks and reminds him they are getting a divorce.

Victor mocks the idea of Phillip telling him to take the drug serum. Phillip explains that Victor told him he had to convince Deimos that he was against Victor so he offered proof of his loyalty. Victor continues questioning his thinking.

Brady and Summer wait at the hospital. Summer worries about Maggie not showing up or making a bad first impression but Brady encourages her. Summer comments on seeing a picture of the Kiriakis Mansion and can't believe how extravagant it is. Maggie arrives so Brady points her out to Summer. Brady greets Maggie. Maggie talks about a friend having a baby girl. Brady then introduces Maggie to Summer. Maggie remembers that she bumped in to her in the town square the other day. Maggie mentions losing a charm off her bracelet then that she didn't find but it means a lot to her. Summer thinks back to keeping it. Brady asks if she's okay and she says she's fine. Summer hopes Maggie finds her charm. Maggie tells her not to worry about it and asks her about knowing her son Daniel. Maggie would like to hear about her time with Daniel, adding that they still miss him so much. Maggie asks if she has hospital experience. Summer says kind of as they sit down to talk about it. Summer explains that she's never worked at a hospital but she's been in hospitals.

Joey sits with Claire and questions what's going on since she went silent after telling her something happened with Ciara. Claire wanted to tell him but remembered Ciara didn't want her to talk about it. Claire says she can't just do nothing about what Chase did to her.

Chase paces in the building that Andre brought him to and thinks back to raping Ciara. Chase then exits.

Ciara thanks Theo but says she's late and has to go. Theo questions where she's going. Ciara says she has to do something. Theo feels something is really wrong. Ciara argues that she's fine and just stressed out. Theo feels she doesn't talk to him anymore. Theo says he can tell she's unhappy so he's going to tell her what he thinks it happened. Theo calls Chase messed up and guesses he took things a little too far. Ciara turns away.

Shawn tells Belle that he has not forgotten that they are in the process of getting divorced nor that they have a daughter. Belle thinks Shawn is jealous of she and Claire getting along. Belle says she can live with things as long as Claire gets to live her dream. Shawn argues that the Belle he married would never rationalize things like that. Shawn remarks that she's reminding him of Phillip.

Phillip argues to Victor that he took a calculated risk like him. Phillip says he's on the inside with Deimos so he can help him. Phillip argues that giving away the drug serum doesn't hurt him. Phillip thinks Victor just mad that he didn't come up with the idea to bring Deimos down. Victor responds that he doesn't need him for anything. Phillip tells him that goes both ways. Victor is mad that Phillip thought he could play him. Phillip can't believe it took him this long to figure out he doesn't want his forgiveness. Phillip then walks out.

Claire informs Joey that Chase raped Ciara. Joey can't believe it. Claire admits it scares her since she couldn't tell Chase was violent. Joey wants to make sure Ciara is okay. Claire thinks she's dealing with it but she wants to know where Chase is since he needs to pay for what he did.

Theo sits with Ciara and asks if she's told Hope. Ciara says no as she only told Claire but wishes she hadn't. Ciara tells Theo to forget about it but he can't. Ciara cries that she can' tell Hope because things have been so horrible for so long and that Hope will blame herself for bringing Chase in to their lives. Ciara asks Theo to promise to keep it to himself. Theo shouts that he just wants to help her. Ciara tells him to forget this conversation and that's how he can help her as she rushes off.

Chase walks through the town square and finds a newspaper with an article on Andre's arrest. Chase sees Ciara walk by and follows her out.

Theresa sits at home and looks at Brady's number on her phone.

Maggie questions Summer being hospitalized and asks what happened. Summer asks if it matters since everyone has problems and gets sick. Maggie says she was just concerned and hopes everything worked out alright. Summer says she's here so she guesses it did. Maggie asks her to tell her about herself. Summer doesn't really talk about herself much so she doesn't know what to say. Maggie asks why she wants to volunteer. Summer decides this was a big mistake and suggests forgetting about it as she apologizes for bothering her and quickly exits. Maggie turns to Brady and asks what that was about.

Belle wondered how long it would be before Shawn brought up Phillip. Shawn argues that she was a better person before hooking up with Phillip. Belle remarks that he never treated her right. Shawn brings up her cheating on him. Belle tells him to get out. Shawn says he can't stop her from moving on with Phillip but says there is no way in Hell that she's taking Claire with her. Shawn exits and Belle calls Phillip.

Phillip walks through the town square where he is being watched by someone from the bushes. Phillip answers the call from Belle, who mentions being in a bad mood. Phillip offers to come over but Belle says she needs some air so she will meet him in the park. Phillip walks out of the town square still being watched.

Abe goes to the police station and finds Shawn looking distracted. Abe asks if he's okay. Shawn says he's got it all figured out now and hands him the case file he asked for.

Belle meets Phillip outside of the town square. Phillip asks her what's wrong. She says she'll get over it. Phillip asks why she called. Belle brings up Phillip telling her how he felt and leaving it on her to figure out. Belle responds by kissing him.

Brady apologizes to Maggie. Maggie says she's just concerned because Summer seemed so agitated. Maggie notes that Brady seems upset too. Brady tells her that he has to go and exits.

Ciara goes home to Jennifer's and calls out for Hope but no one's home and the phone rings.

Joey tells Claire that Ciara needs to go to the cops but Claire says she can't even convince her to tell Hope. Theo arrives, saying he saw Claire's car outside and questions her not answering his texts. Claire says she and Joey need to talk but Theo realizes she told Joey and Claire realizes that Theo knows. They talk about not telling anyone. Joey questions not going to the cops and letting Chase get away with it. Claire says she has an idea but she needs help.

Brady follows Summer to her hotel room. Summer complains about hating hospitals, worrying about money after seeing the Kiriakis Mansion and then hearing Maggie talking about a new baby. Brady encourages her about meeting Maggie. Summer questions why he cares. Brady tells her that Daniel connects them.

Maggie returns home and tells Victor that it was a weird encounter as Summer freaked out and ran off after being asked why she wanted to volunteer. Victor asks why Brady was there. Maggie suggests moral support. Victor asks about Summer being pretty, hoping maybe she would lead to him dumping Theresa. Maggie tells him that Brady isn't in to her like that. Maggie notes Victor is drinking after Phillip left and how bad it was. Victor informs her that they cleared the air and know where they stand. Victor adds that he wants Maggie to never mention Phillip again.

Belle hopes that answers Phillip's question about her feelings. Belle admits she was scared at first but everything changed. Someone continues watching from the bushes.

Ciara answers the phone and says she's sorry as Hope is not there. It's Chase's aunt in Chicago. Ciara is surprised to learn that Chase is not with her as they thought he was staying with her. Chase is outside peeking through the windows at Ciara. Claire approaches from behind and startles him as Joey and Theo then grab Chase.

Brady brings Summer back to his place and sits with her, talking about the car accident with Daniel. Brady will never understand why he was saved and not Daniel. Brady says the heart in his chest is telling him that Summer needs to meet Maggie like Daniel would want. Summer tells him not to put himself down as he saved her life. Summer calls him a good man like Daniel was. Theresa enters and asks about Summer being back so soon. Summer says she was just going and apologizes for bothering as she exits. Theresa asks what she was sorry about. Brady informs her that she lost it while talking to Maggie. Theresa argues that Summer coming here was a bad idea and she should've stayed in LA. Brady questions her. Theresa shouts that she's held this in for so long but Summer is not his problem and it's not his job to save her.

Maggie knows Victor is angry at Phillip and hates Deimos but she feels they have put Phillip in a no win situation. Victor argues that Phillip has never had good judgment. Victor remarks that he should have Phillip in jail for what he's done.

Phillip is grateful for whatever changed Belle's mind. Belle says she just wants to be with him. A man then approaches and knocks Phillip down with a punch.

Theo brings Ciara to the warehouse where the party was and brings her to where Claire and Joey have Chase tied up. Claire tells Ciara that they found him so now she can do whatever she wants to him.

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