Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/8/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/8/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve talks on the phone at home while Kayla works on her computer. Both are trying to get information on Ava to prove how she faked leukemia. Kayla suggests Steve take a break as he hasn't slept but Steve wants to continue. Kayla wants to go over his whole trip with Ava then.

Chad tells Abigail that they don't need to cancel the wedding but Abigail argues that they need to leave now because this is the first place Ben will come looking. JJ tries to tell her that they have things under control. Chad doesn't want to run but Abigail brings up that Ben still thinks Thomas is his son so he will come looking for them and all that matters is taking care of her son.

Eduardo gets the same text message John got with a photo of Arianna and Marlena, saying they will trade them for Eduardo and John. John shows up at Eduardo's room to confirm he got the same message. Eduardo says it has to be the agency trying to pull them back in with whatever it takes.

Chad and JJ encourage Abigail about the protection around the DiMera Mansion. Abigail questions them fighting this so hard. JJ points out that going somewhere else won't have people looking for Ben as hard as they are. Chad tells Abigail to just focus on the wedding. Chad declares that no one will take this day from them or their son. Chad promises no one will hurt her.

Kayla goes over Steve having sex with Ava but Steve doesn't want her to go through this. Steve says he will handle things but Kayla says that's how he ended up in bed with her in the first place. Steve tells Kayla not to think about it. Kayla says she's just looking for evidence to keep Steve out of jail. Steve talks about Ava being obsessed with him. Kayla questions if Steve encouraged her which Steve can't believe. Steve shouts that they can't do this now because they need to stick together to get through this or they could end up losing Joey.

John and Eduardo look over the photo of Marlena and Arianna but can't figure out where they are. Eduardo guesses they have to be close to make the trade. John worries about them being hurt but Eduardo says they have them where they want them. John states that they only have one play to bring Marlena and Arianna home safe so they have to give themselves up.

JJ and Chad go to the police station and talk to Rafe about trying to find Ben. Rafe explains how Ben could have gotten on a plane. Chad thinks that's why there's no reason to worry Abigail but JJ shouts about Chad not being with her 24/7. Chad says to keep him updated as he walks out of the station. Rafe tells JJ that he's right that Abigail had a right to know. JJ wants more units on the DiMera Mansion. Rafe is sure Chad has it locked up. Gabi rushes in telling Rafe about Marlena and Arianna disappearing. Gabi cries that she knows something terrible has happened as she hugs JJ.

Abigail remains with Thomas at the DiMera Mansion and talks about keeping him safe.

Rafe tells Gabi that she doesn't know something terrible has happened but Gabi insists. Rafe and JJ suggest that Marlena's phone could have died. JJ decides he will check the park while Rafe will make calls to Marlena's family. Rafe tells Gabi that he will handle this and hugs her.

Deimos texts Kate, thanking her for the day and suggests doing it again very soon. Ilma Petrov then shows up at Deimos's door. Deimos questions when he was last in public or in Salem. Petrov demands he give him what he wants. Deimos hands over the formula for the drug serum and confirms Phillip gave it to him himself. Petrov brings up how long he's been waiting for this. Petrov hands over a briefcase full of cash in return and declares their business is finished as he then exits. Deimos opens the briefcase and smiles at the cash inside.

Kayla tells Steve to write down anything he can think of while she will try to track down the doctor who helped Ava with her scheme. Steve tells Kayla that kissing her was the most exciting, dangerous moment of his life. Steve assures her that nothing else has ever come close to what they have. Kayla agrees that they need to stay focus on him and Joey. Kayla goes back to Ava and asks about the key Steve found in her room. Steve isn't sure what it's for but knows it's something Ava cared about, relating the tattoo on her back of the same snake. Kayla remembers the same snake on the wall. Steve wants to go check the room where Ava held Kayla captive. Kayla offers to come with him but Steve says she can't do that. Steve won't let Kayla relive when she was held prisoner. Kayla doesn't want him going to prison. Steve reassures her and says he will call her. Steve tells Kayla that he loves her. She tells him to be careful as he exits.

Jennifer joins Abigail at the DiMera Mansion. Jennifer asks what she can do. Abigail tells her that just being there is comfort enough. Jennifer starts to complain about the DiMera Mansion. Abigail stops her and says she doesn't need to hear this right now. Jennifer apologizes and says she will let it go right now. Jennifer then tries to praise the mansion but Abigail doesn't want her to be fake. Jennifer tells her not to stay there then and tell Chad that she can't stand the place, calling it a depressing atmosphere. Abigail argues that it's not depressing to her. Abigail says she's not crazy about the place but she is crazy about Chad. Jennifer questions Chad wanting to be there and brings up the things that have happened in the house. Abigail calls it the only thing of the DiMeras that Chad wants to hold on to so they are going to make it work. Abigail asks Jennifer to change the subject and leave it alone. Jennifer wants to know what's making Abigail anxious. Abigail says she's just feeling a little overwhelmed about everything and she doesn't want Jennifer to be upset. Jennifer claims she's totally fine and just wants her to be happy. Abigail says she is happy with the man of her dreams and her son so she can't wait for her wedding. Jennifer hugs her.

Eduardo shows up at the police station and asks Rafe if he's seen Gabi today. Rafe says she was just there. Eduardo asks how she was. Rafe claims she was fine. Eduardo says he needs to talk to Gabi about Arianna. Rafe admits she's missing with Marlena and now gets the feeling that he knows something about it. Eduardo takes Rafe in to the interrogation room. Rafe questions if he knows where they are. Eduardo says he doesn't but he won't find them either. Eduardo shows Rafe the text message. Rafe questions what's going on. Eduardo insists that he will get them back and tells Rafe to just keep Gabi safe. Rafe argues with him. Eduardo wants Rafe to trust him but Rafe demands to know what's going on and how he's a part of it. Eduardo explains that his work in security is not what he thinks. Eduardo reveals to Rafe that he was a trained assassin and how he was brainwashed by an outside agency. Eduardo tells Rafe that this is why he left Rafe's mom and why he left Eve. Eduardo talks about cutting all ties before he left so he was sure they had to let him go. Eduardo explains that they took Marlena to force him to go back. Rafe argues about Eduardo endangering Arianna's life. Rafe calls him a selfish son of a bitch and asks what's wrong with him. Eduardo swears that he believed he was clear. Rafe says he'll call Gabi and have JJ bring her here but Eduardo doesn't want her involved in this. Eduardo tells Rafe to let him handle this but Rafe says that's not going to happen. Rafe says he will be there whatever he does.

Deimos hides the briefcase of cash under his bed as he answers the door to see John. John tells Deimos that he's looking for Petrov and wants to know his dealings with the agency. Deimos claims not to know but John demands to know what he knows about Petrov.

Joey comes home and asks Kayla where Steve is. Kayla tells him that he went to investigate the room where she was held up. Joey wants to go help but Kayla says Steve will just send him away. Joey asks if Kayla forgives Steve but Kayla wants to focus on getting him cleared of the charges first. Joey knows what Steve did sucks but says if she can forgive him, why not Steve. Kayla says it's different and asks if Joey forgives him. Joey confirms that he does, pointing out what he's doing for them. Joey states that he's lucky to have Steve as a dad.

Steve goes to where Ava held Kayla captive. Steve sees the snake design painted on the wall and that there is a keyhole in it. Steve pulls out the key from Ava's room and uses it to open a secret door in the wall.

Deimos warns John to back up but John knows money was wired into his account from Petrov. Deimos continues to deny knowing anything about the agency. John demands Deimos get Petrov on the phone. Deimos tells him that it's none of his business.

Kayla tells Joey that it's a good lesson to not assume. Joey argues that they have to clear Steve because he didn't kill Ava so he's not letting him go to prison for him. Kayla encourages that Steve won't go to prison since they have a good lawyer and a good case. Joey asks about Kayla forgiving him.

Steve goes in to the hidden door and down a set of stairs to find a shrine of candles and the wall covered in pictures of Steve. Steve then sees another snake design on the opposite wall with a photo of Kayla next to it. Steve continues examining and uses his phone to take pictures. Kayla then shows up. Steve tries to stop her from seeing it but Kayla refuses to leave and sees the shrine Ava had built of Steve.

John tells Deimos that he doesn't care about what he does with the money as he just wants Petrov. Deimos claims he has no idea where he is and suggests John leave before this becomes a very unpleasant situation.

JJ walks out of the town square with Gabi. Gabi complains that her daughter is out there somewhere. Gabi finds Arianna's stuffed animal on the ground and panics that they were here.

Abigail looks in the mirror with her wedding dress until she is startled by a noise. Chad walks in and Abigail worries that something is in the hallway so Chad goes to investigate. Chad comes back and confirms that everything has been checked so no one is there. Chad tells Abigail that this is why he didn't want to tell her about Ben as he hugs her.

Gabi cries holding Arianna's stuffed animal. JJ assures that they will find them.

Eduardo returns to his hotel room and opens his bag. He removes a case, opens it and takes his gun out then loads the gun.

Deimos tells John that he has nothing for him so he's asking him one last time to leave. John tells Deimos to tell Petrov that he won and he'll turn himself over. Deimos claims to have no idea what that means. John warns that there will be a bloodbath if Marlena or Arianna are harmed. John then exits.

Steve tells Kayla that he used his phone to take pictures of the walls as evidence. Kayla sees the pictures of herself next to the snake and one with the words "gone forever" written on it. Steve hugs Kayla and tells her that she survived.

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