Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/7/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/7/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ goes to the DiMera Mansion to check in with Chad about Ben's escape from prison. JJ explains that Ben hasn't been in contact with Clyde and is likely still in the country but has no money or ID. JJ tells Chad that they need to warn Abigail that Ben is out there in case he shows up at her door.

Abigail talks to Jennifer at home about wedding plans. Jennifer gets a back pain but insists she's doing better and takes more of her pills. Abigail worries that Jennifer isn't doing better. Jennifer argues with her and tells Abigail that she doesn't need her advice because she's no medical expert.

Brady goes to see Summer at her hotel room and apologizes for Theresa not telling him that she was sending her to a hotel. Brady tells Summer that it turns out Daniel had already run the DNA tests on her and Maggie but died before he could share the results. Brady reveals he has the results but he didn't want to open it until he was with her. Summer thanks him but she's not sure she wants to know.

Eduardo goes to see John and tells him that he's been doing some research. Eduardo says he's come across an interesting connection between Deimos and Ilya Petrov from John's past at Winterthorne academy.

Maggie asks Victor where he went. Victor tells her that he just had something to take care of. Maggie wants to know what that means and asks if it was Deimos. Maggie questions if he trusts her or not to tell her. Victor says he waited to tell her about Deimos because he wasn't sure it was worth worrying about but now it's certainly nothing to worry about. Victor declares that he did what he had to do.

Deimos has a medical kit delivered to his room for the cut Victor made in his chest. Kate then arrives at his door and sees him with the wound.

Abigail asks Jennifer if she needs to worry about her. Jennifer says she's fine and apologizes for snapping at her. Abigail calls it unlike her. Jennifer admits she feels a little edgy and blames it on anxiety for the wedding. Jennifer talks about everything that has to be done before the wedding. Jennifer assures that she can handle all of it and wants to get going on it so they exit.

Chad thought JJ decided not to tell Abigail. JJ wants her to know that she needs to watch her back. Chad yells that he has guards watching Abigail. Chad says he just wants her to have a great wedding day. JJ worries about Abigail ending up dead because of Ben. Chad says he just has to get through Friday to not ruin the wedding and asks JJ not to say anything.

Gabi sits with Marlena in the town square, talking about Marlena babysitting Arianna. Gabi thanks her for watching her while she has a meeting. Marlena says she can pick her up at the park and to call her any time. Marlena is sorry she's a single parent. Gabi talks about not having a father for most of her life. They agree to make sure Arianna remembers Will.

John asks Eduardo how there can be a connection between Deimos and Petrov since Deimos was in prison and Petrov was killed. Eduardo reveals that Petrov wanted everyone to think Victor killed him which shocks John. John questions Eduardo investigating the agency after telling him to back off. Eduardo informs him that he was investigating Deimos and stumbled across this. John calls it unbelievable and asks why he was researching Deimos. Eduardo tells him it's because of Kate.

Kate asks Deimos who did this to him and guesses it was Victor. Deimos says it was his idea of revenge. Kate knows Deimos still won't stop. Deimos vows to wear his scar as a badge of honor. Kate offers to take a look at it but Deimos says it's nothing to see and assures it's not infected. Deimos insists that he will be fine but Kate wants to bandage him so he allows her to and they end up kissing until Deimos gets overly aggressive and throws her onto the bed.

Summer doesn't know if she's ready to either inherit a family or find out she's all alone again and she isn't sure how to feel about either one. Brady says he will leave the results with her and she can look at them or not. Summer talks about wanting to find her parents when she was little but then grew up and felt she didn't need them. Brady relates his mother dying when he was a baby. Brady encourages Summer that this could help her find peace. Brady decides he will leave her to think about it but she stops him and says she wants him there if she's going to open the envelope.

Gabi meets Nicole and Theresa at the nightclub. They inform Gabi that they want her to leave Kate and model for them. Theresa asks what it will take to lure her away. Gabi admits she would love to leave Kate but worries that Kate would kill her since she's under contract. Nicole and Theresa laugh off the contract and Nicole argues that life is too short.

Paul walks through the town square and runs in to Henry, the kid who got in a fight at the party after being called a fag. Paul hopes he's pressing charges but Henry says he won't be since he drank too much. Paul tells him not to take the blame because what happened that night wasn't his fault.

John asks Eduardo about Kate now being involved with Deimos. Eduardo explains that Kate felt he was overly secretive so they were over before they began. Eduardo mentions Phillip sharing information about Deimos with him and he's not liking what he's finding.

Kate shoves Deimos off of her and they argue. Deimos apologizes for getting caught up. Deimos comments that waiting thirty years would be worth it to be with someone like her. Kate then kisses him and they move more calmly onto the bed.

Gabi asks Nicole and Theresa why they want her out of all the models. Nicole calls her terrific but Gabi asks if it's about sticking it to Kate. Theresa says that's not the main reason. Gabi admits to feeling a little burned out. Nicole and Theresa continue to encourage Gabi about their job. Gabi points out that Kate is Arianna's grandmother so she would make her life miserable. Nicole points out that she already is. Theresa asks what Gabi wants. Gabi wishes she knew.

Paul assures Henry that he has nothing to be ashamed of. Henry brings up when Paul came out of the closet and everyone called him a hero. Paul points out that it wasn't everyone. Henry says it almost gave him the guts to come out to his parents but his parents are involved in the church. Paul never thought his family would accept him but his mom told him that she had always known. Paul asks if Henry wants to live a lie forever. Paul tells him to let him know if he needs any support when he decides to tell them. Henry thanks Paul and walks away. Paul pulls out his phone and calls Sonny, leaving a message that he was just thinking about him and wondering how he was doing. Paul says to call if he ever feels like talking.

Summer opens the DNA test results and says it confirms that Maggie is her mother. Brady tells her that she couldn't do any better and asks what she wants to do now. Summer thinks Maggie might need a little time to get to know her before she springs this on her. Brady questions her. Summer talks about Daniel being perfect while she hasn't done anything right in her life. Brady says that's not true. Summer just wants to make a good first impression before she lays this on Maggie. Brady promises that Maggie will be thrilled. Summer hopes he's right but says it's her decision that will change her life so she needs to do it her way.

Chad knows JJ is worried but says he wouldn't be keeping this from Abigail if he thought Ben was a real danger. Chad declares that he will make sure Ben gets nowhere near Abigail and that she deserves the wedding of her dreams so he won't take that away from her. Abigail then arrives and asks what's going on.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor calls it a surprise. Brady asks if Maggie is there but Victor says she went shopping. Victor asks how he's doing. Brady responds that he's getting better every day. Victor asks about Tate. Brady shows him pictures of Tate. Victor wants a picture for his desk. Brady hopes he's not replacing Phillip's photo. Victor thought Brady would be pleased. Brady says he's not but he's not surprised as he knew Phillip would eventually disappoint him. Brady argues that everyone disappoints Victor because he wants everyone to see things his way. Victor asks if he's reconsidered his decision to leave.

Marlena sits with Arianna outside the town square where someone watches them from the bushes.

Eduardo tells John that he's hoping to find something damning on Deimos to open Kate's eyes. John talks about Marlena wanting him to back off. Eduardo warns him that he'd be crazy to go after the agency by himself. John asks why else he would bring this to him. Eduardo admits he's tired of looking over his shoulder and walking away from people he cares about to keep them safe. John doesn't think anyone will be safe unless these people are stopped. John thought they wouldn't be safe until they were rid of Stefano and now that they are, he thinks anything is possible. John wonders where they would start. Eduardo suggests Deimos Kiriakis.

Kate and Deimos lay in bed together kissing.

Brady tells Victor that the answer is still no. Brady says he's had plenty of time to think about what he wants to do but Titan doesn't appeal to him these days. Maggie comes in and asks if this is a civil conversation. Brady and Victor say they understand each other. Victor decides to leave since Brady came to see Maggie. Maggie asks what she can do for Brady. Brady responds that he hates to ask but he needs a favor.

Deimos and Kate talk about Deimos' wound. Kate asks if he and Victor ever got along. Deimos says no and that they always followed their father's lead. Deimos states that he was never the favorite son. Kate kisses him and says she understands his need for revenge but it's not worth it. Kate knows Victor better than he does and says it will only be an endless cycle of retaliation and misery. Kate tells Deimos that he will never get those thirty years back. Deimos declares that he can't forgive him. Kate tells him that he can hate him but turn his back on him and let her help him forget as they continue kissing.

Jennifer joins Abigail and Chad in going over wedding plans as JJ paces nearby. They finalize the invitation list. Jennifer asks if Chad has anyone he wants to invite. Chad says the only family he wants or needs is right here. Jennifer decides she will call the guests. Abigail makes sure she's not too busy. Jennifer exits. Abigail asks JJ what's the matter with him but he says nothing. Abigail thinks JJ is acting weird but he blows it off. Chad blames himself but says they are working on it. Abigail points out JJ's inability to lie to her since she knows him. Abigail demands to know what's going on.

Theresa talks to Gabi about how designing was her dream but Kate made it feel like nothing. Nicole asks Gabi not to let Kate steal her joy. Paul arrives and joins them. Nicole jokes with him about Kate. Theresa and Nicole make an offer to Paul, saying they want both of them to work for them. Paul talks about how much Kate has made Gabi work overtime. Gabi decides they have convinced her that she needs change in her life if they can get her out of the contract. Paul says he's in too. Nicole jokes that their contracts are iron clad so they won't be letting her out. Gabi says they have always been great to her.

Brady tells Maggie about Daniel's friend Summer has decided to come to stay in Salem for awhile since she didn't have many friends. Maggie asks why he convinced her to come back with him. Brady says he thinks Daniel would've wanted that and points out Summer not having a job. Brady suggests a volunteer at the hospital as a foot in the door. Maggie questions her lack of experience and asks how much he knows about her. Brady really wants Maggie to meet Summer and thinks she will like her a lot.

Summer listens to music in her room while going through her things, putting on the sunglasses she took from Nicole along with Maggie's charm that she kept when she bumped into her.

JJ tells Abigail that he wants her to have the wedding of her dreams but he cares more about her having a happy life. Abigail assures that she will. JJ admits that Chad has Ben beat. Abigail questions why he would even say that right now. Abigail questions JJ not meaning it when he gave his blessing and now throwing Ben in her face. Abigail declares that Ben is completely out of their lives. JJ shouts that he isn't. Chad tries to cover but JJ reveals to Abigail that Ben has escaped and they have no idea where he is. Abigail can't believe it. JJ says they have been trying to track him down. Chad argues that Clyde will try to get him out of the country rather than risk him getting caught. Abigail thinks this is where he would come. Abigail can't believe Chad and JJ didn't tell her. Abigail decides they cannot stay here so they have to take Thomas and leave now.

Gabi walks out of the town square, calling Marlena that she's come to pick up Arianna but she doesn't see them.

Deimos and Kate walk through the town square together. Eduardo appears behind them and sees them together. Deimos talks to Kate about buying her gifts as they kiss and then walk off together. Eduardo watches on.

John sits at home and gets a text message saying "We'll trade them for you and Eduardo."

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