Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/4/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/4/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Caroline meets Victor at the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor asks her about meeting Deimos. Caroline mentions he smells like evil. Victor informs her that Deimos means to hurt him. Caroline asks why he hates him so much. Victor says they go back a long way. Caroline wants the whole story.

Deimos talks on the phone about the file Phillip gave him on the drug serum as he lays out his photos of Victor's family.

Belle goes to the nightclub where Phillip questions her buying the club from Victor. Phillip asks why she took off before he woke up. Belle responds that she shouldn't have been there as it was wrong.

Ciara lays in bed having visions of Chase telling her that nobody will believe that she didn't want him too.

Chase remains in the shed where Andre took him. Chase grabs his phone and looks at Ciara's number but decides that would just make everything worse. Chase calls his Aunt Sharon who lives in Chicago and says he's been thinking about what she said about him coming to live with her in Chicago.

Ciara comes downstairs and looks at the couch, causing her to have flashbacks of Chase raping her. Hope walks in and asks her what's wrong. Ciara says she's okay but feels like she's getting sick. Ciara assures that she will be alright and has to get to school. Hope asks if she can talk to her first so they sit down. Hope knows some awful things have happened lately and that it's been painful for her. Hope assures her that she loves her and is there for her. Hope tells her that nothing else matters but her. Ciara hugs her and tells her she's so great. Ciara feels like she keeps messing up. Hope understands terrible things have happened to her and she's come out stronger every time. Hope tells her how proud she is of her. Ciara says that there's something she has to tell Hope. Hope encourages her to take her time. Ciara changes the subject to Hope being the strong one and wishes she could've been strong like that. Hope encourages her and brings up possibly going back to the force. Ciara knows Hope loves being a cop so she thinks it's a great idea. Hope asks if she's sure she's okay. There's a knock on the door and Claire arrives to pick up Ciara. Hope tells them to have a good day as Ciara exits. Claire asks her what's the matter but Ciara says she's fine. Claire notes that Ciara doesn't look like she slept at all. Claire wants to know what's wrong but Ciara insists it's nothing. Claire says it's obviously making her crazy so she should get it out and they can deal with it together. Ciara agrees but not here and they walk off together.

Chase's aunt tells him that it's not a good time as she sold her house. Chase finishes the call and wonders what to do now. Chase questions where Andre is as he then walks out.

Deimos comes across Maggie seated alone in the town square. Deimos greets her but Maggie says goodbye. Deimos guesses Victor gave her orders when it comes to him. Maggie understands that 30 years in prison must have given him a terrible feeling of waste but says Victor used that time to make a wonderful life. Maggie questions why Deimos is so determined to hurt him. Deimos asks if Victor hasn't told her the truth.

Victor explains to Caroline his history with Deimos over Helena. Caroline realizes it may be difficult for him to talk about but Victor wants to continue. Victor explains how when Helena's body was found after falling off a cliff when they argued, Deimos was next to her with blood on his hands and a note from her that she never wanted to see him again so he was sent to prison. Victor says that's the first time he's told anyone the whole story. Caroline asks if that is the whole story as she has to ask if he murdered Helena and let Deimos get convicted. Victor says no. Caroline questions Victor handling all this stress. Victor assures her but knows Deimos will go after the people he loves instead of to him.

Belle tells Phillip that he wants a life with Claire which Phillip takes to mean she wants a life without her. Phillip thought they were having fun last night and questions if they are just friends with benefits. Phillip asks how she really feels about him.

Claire and Ciara walk out of the town square with Claire asking for answers on what's going on. Ciara thinks back to the rape. Ciara tells Claire that they have to get to school and rushes off. Claire follows her through the town square and catches her but Ciara tells her not to touch her. They then run in to Chase. Ciara questions what he's still doing here when he's supposed to be gone. Chase tries to explain. Ciara rushes off. Chase tries to follow but Claire stops him and wants to know exactly what's going on.

Caroline reminds Victor about not getting too stressed. Maggie comes home and Caroline exits. Maggie asks what that was all about. Victor suggests they sit down. Maggie asks if it's about Deimos and mentions she ran into him at the town square and he said that Victor's keeping something from her. Victor says for once he isn't lying. Maggie assumes it's about what happened all those years ago. Victor begins to tell her about the day before his wedding and what he left out.

Phillip still wants an answer from Belle. Belle reminds him they agreed not to label anything and she doesn't want to discuss how they feel. Phillip wants to talk about how they feel but Belle says she won't answer. Phillip says he doesn't want a one night stand with her as he needs more than something casual. Phillip adds that he doesn't want to be with anyone else or for her to be with anyone else. Phillip asks if he gets what he wants.

Claire asks if Chase did something to hurt Ciara. Chase asks what made her ask that. Claire says she's in a really bad place and freaked out when she saw him. Chase says no and asks if she said anything about him. Claire says no and that Ciara is in a bad place right now. Claire takes Chase's hand and suggests they team up to help Ciara. Chase says he can't. Claire asks if he wants to hang out later but Chase informs her that he's going to Chicago to live with his aunt for good. Chase tells her that living in Salem isn't really working for him anymore. Claire wants to go have coffee on his last day but Chase won't agree. Claire asks if he's still hung up on Ciara. Chase says no because she doesn't even want him around anymore. Chase then agrees to hang out with Claire and says he will text her. Claire says they will have fun as she goes to try and find Ciara. Theo then confronts Chase and asks what he did to Ciara. Chase suggests asking her and questions how he should know. Theo calls Chase a coward and a liar. Theo knows he did something to Ciara. Chase is glad he's going to leave tomorrow so he doesn't have to deal with them and their dumb questions. Chase then storms off.

Claire goes back to Jennifer's and finds Ciara in the living room. Claire figured she was going to bail on school. Claire informs Ciara that Chase is moving to Chicago. Ciara says good. Claire questions why she's so down on him. Claire argues that Chase has been going through a rough time too. Claire brings up how she feels about Chase. Claire hoped she could talk Chase in to staying in Salem when they meet up later. Ciara yells at Claire not to meet up with him as he's dangerous and just like his dad. Claire questions what Chase ever did to her. Claire asks if he said something. Claire finds Chase sweet and sexy which upsets Ciara. Claire asks why she gets so upset talking about him and if he did something to hurt her. Claire points out that Ciara is not denying it which she takes to mean he did hurt her. Ciara flashes back to being raped. Claire asks if Chase hit her but Ciara just looks away. Claire starts to realize but says that can't be it. Claire then asks if Chase raped her. Ciara finally admits it and Claire hugs her as she cries.

Belle tells Phillip that she's made herself clear more than once. Phillip points out that she has changed her mind. Belle says she just sometimes likes to be with him but she isn't ready for a commitment. Belle doesn't want labels but Phillip likes to get what he wants. Phillip knows she's afraid but brings up their history and chemistry. Phillip guesses she feels the same way and kisses her.

Victor tells Maggie that Helena's death was an accident but what Deimos did set it all in motion so he felt he got what he deserved. Maggie questions Victor never telling her about it. Victor feared losing her if he told her. Victor wanted it to stay buried until Deimos got out of prison. Victor brings up how Deimos turned Phillip against him. Maggie says she's next on his list. Victor declares it's going to stop now and exits the mansion.

Claire asks Ciara if she's sure. Ciara can't believe she would question it. Ciara tells her how she kept saying no. Claire is shocked and asks if she's told Hope. Ciara says no because she's too ashamed. Claire asks if she's gone to the hospital to get checked out but Ciara says it's too late. Claire worries about a possible STD or pregnancy. Claire suggests a blood test but Ciara refuses to go to the hospital and argues that no one would believe her anyway. Claire thinks Ciara should tell Hope but she says she can't. Claire says she won't tell anyone but asks what Ciara is going to do. Ciara doesn't know but hopes the horrible memory will stop making her feel so sick and angry. Claire goes to answer the door and comes back in with Theo, who came to see if Ciara is okay. Ciara tells him that she's not feeling well and claims it's the flu. Theo offers to get anything she needs. Ciara thanks him but says it's okay. Ciara apologizes about the party and says she's just going through a lot right now and should probably just be alone. Theo asks what's going on. Theo reminds Ciara that he's her friend. Hope comes home and questions the kids not being in school. Hope asks what's wrong and what's going on here. Ciara tells Hope that she came home cause she was feeling worse and that Theo and Claire wanted to make sure she was alright. Hope sends Theo and Claire to go back to school while she checks on Ciara. Theo tells Claire that he's not going to school because Ciara's in trouble as they exit. Hope wants Ciara to tell her what's really going on here. Ciara just wants to go back to bed so she rushes upstairs.

Chase walks through the town square and hides when he sees Rafe and Shawn walk by.

Belle stops Phillip and says she doesn't like being put on the spot like this and wants to keep things easy with no strings. Phillip questions how he's going to do that when he knows what he really wants. Belle says she won't let him push her into something. Belle wants to just work on being happy. Phillip realizes that there's no way he is going to change her mind because she has no clue what she really wants. Phillip tells Belle that until she figures that out, she's never going to be happy. Phillip exits the nightclub.

Deimos puts his photos in his drawer as Victor enters his room with a guard. Victor tells Deimos to pack his bags because he's leaving Salem. Deimos asks if it's because the truth about his lies is finally starting to come out. Deimos wants to give it another month to see if he's still the beloved patriarch of the family. Victor questions Deimos thinking he can turn his family against him. Deimos brings up Phillip and then Maggie having questions for him today. Victor's guard grabs Deimos and threatens to break his bones. Victor rips open Deimos' shirt and holds a knife to his chest.

Chase walks out of the town square and wonders where Claire is as he looks around for her.

Claire tells Theo they need to let Ciara be alone for awhile but Theo worries that something is wrong. Claire gets a text from Chase but ignores it. Theo asks why Claire won't tell him what's wrong with Ciara. Claire says she has no idea how to help her.

Ciara lays in bed crying.

Caroline walks through the town square and stops as she has another vision of Victor having a heart attack at home.

Victor uses the knife to make a mark in Deimos' chest and calls it making a deal with the devil as he then exits with his guard. Deimos goes back to the photos in his drawer and lays them out, then stabs each photo with the knife, leaving it stuck on Victor's photo.

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