Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/3/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/3/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kayla visits Steve in the interrogation room at the police station. Steve tells her that he laid awake all night worried about her and Joey. Kayla reveals to Steve that Joey told her the truth that he killed Ava and Steve is covering for him.

Joey sits outside the town square and thinks back to killing Ava. Joey gets up to leave but runs in to Jade, who asks what's wrong with him.

Brady and Theresa return home with Nicole and Summer. Theresa finds a note from the babysitter that she took Tate out. Brady takes Summer to the guest room which annoys Theresa. Nicole reassures Theresa. Brady comes back and tells them that he's going to check in with the hospital. Brady tells them to be nice as he exits. Nicole brings up Abigail's wedding. Summer comes out and asks where Brady went. Theresa says he went out.

JJ reveals to Chad that Ben has escaped prison. Chad can't believe it. JJ bets Clyde had something to do with it. JJ adds that someone will have to tell Abigail as she then walks in and asks what it is.

Kayla questions Steve not telling her. Steve says he didn't know what to do and how she would react. Steve insists that Joey can't tell anyone else. Kayla says Joey feels horrible and wants to take responsibility but Steve says no. Steve adds that Roman already knows Joey was in Ava's room because his blood was on the pillow. Steve says he covered but Joey has to keep quiet. Kayla worries about if Steve can beat this. Steve assures her and says they can't give up as Ava wanted to destroy them all. Kayla asks what Belle says. Steve explains that she thinks he has a shot with self-defense. Kayla adds that she will testify with what Ava did to her. Steve hopes they can put this behind them but Kayla isn't sure Joey can. Steve says they will have to help him do that and he doesn't want Kayla to worry. Belle enters and informs Steve that he's up next in front of the judge.

Chad greets Abigail as she asks what she has to be told and why JJ is involved. Chad tells JJ to tell her the truth. JJ lies to Abigail and says he just found out about them moving up the wedding so he didn't want her thinking he didn't like the idea. JJ says he sees how happy Chad makes her and he's glad they found each other. Abigail asks if he's giving his blessing. JJ says he is as Chad thanks him. JJ calls it him making peace. Abigail asks if he will be at the wedding on Friday which JJ confirms. Abigail hugs him and thanks him. JJ tells her that nothing and no one will ruin her wedding day.

Kayla hugs Steve as he assures her that Belle will take care of everything. Justin warns Steve to get going as he has enough problems as Steve is escorted away by the cops and Belle follows.

Joey knows he was a jerk to Jade. Jade argues that he was way worse but she suggests going to the park to get high. Joey gets a text from Kayla that she's on her way to Steve's arraignment now. Joey tells Jade that he has to go and walks away.

Nicole praises Theresa for her work on Abigail's wedding dress. Nicole suggests they could use it to launch their line. Summer interrupts to thank them for letting her stay since she doesn't know anyone in Salem and doesn't have money for a hotel. Theresa hopes it all works out for her and goes back to Nicole. Summer asks if there's another tablet for her to get online. Nicole allows her to use her tablet. Summer takes Nicole's tablet from her purse and also slips Nicole's sunglasses into her pocket. Nicole and Theresa resume talking about Abigail's wedding dress while Summer uses the tablet to look up Maggie.

Abigail tells Chad that the caterer has officially approved their menu. Chad is just happy to marry her as they kiss. Chad tells her that he has an errand to run. Abigail asks what it is but Chad just says he'll be back to her soon as he exits. Abigail remembers her dress and calls Theresa. Abigail informs Theresa that they are moving up the wedding to Friday so she isn't sure if the dress will be ready by then. Theresa tells her not to worry about it. Nicole argues that it isn't ready yet but Theresa assures Abigail and hangs up. Theresa tells Nicole about the wedding being moved up. Theresa decides to head out to the shop to tell everyone to work overtime on the dress. Theresa exits while Nicole calls it a chance for her and Summer to get to know each other.

Brady goes to the hospital and greets Maggie. Maggie talks about being surprised that he was going out to California since he's still recovering from the heart transplant. Brady doesn't want her to think he was being careless with his health as he's fine and just got checked out. Maggie says it must have been a really important trip. Brady confirms that it was. Maggie asks if it was a success.

Theresa goes to see Abigail. Abigail tells her that she didn't have to come but Theresa wanted to assure her that the dress will be ready on time. Theresa thinks they have everything under control. Abigail asks if there's something wrong. Theresa says it's just her life. Abigail asks if she wants to talk. Theresa regrets saying anything. Abigail knows they aren't friends but she enjoyed working on the dress with her so she's happy to listen if she needs to talk. Theresa notes that it's a little weird as they sit down. Theresa tells Abigail about Brady's heart transplant and the situation with Summer. Theresa hopes she's doing the right thing by telling her as she informs Abigail that Daniel thought Maggie was Summer's mother. Abigail doesn't believe no one in her family would know anything about Maggie giving up a child for adoption. Theresa argues that Summer is playing Brady and there's something off about her. Abigail can't believe that Summer is also staying at their house. Theresa worries that Brady doesn't even know Summer. Abigail encourages Theresa to talk to Brady, feeling that Summer can't stay in their house. Theresa agrees and is glad they talked as she then exits.

Brady reminds Maggie about his dreams and how he found the woman in them. Maggie would like to hear about it but she has to meet a distributor and then get back to interview applicants at the hospital. Brady understands she has a busy day. Maggie says they will catch up soon as they hug. Maggie tells him to stay well and exits the hospital.

Nicole is glad for a chance to chat with Summer. Summer asks Nicole about her and Daniel getting married. Nicole asks if she and Daniel were ever together. Summer says they were only just friends. Summer asks if it's tough for Nicole that Brady has Daniel's heart. Nicole admits it took some getting used to but says Brady is an old friend. Summer asks what the story is with Brady. Nicole suggests letting him tell her that and wants to hear more about her but Summer says there's nothing to tell. Summer decides she's going to take a walk to get to know Salem. Summer heads out for the town square.

Steve is released from the interrogation room. Steve tells Belle that she was great in there. Justin enters so Kayla questions him denying Steve bail. Kayla argues but Justin says he has to remain impartial. Justin takes Belle to his office to talk. Steve asks Kayla if she's heard from Joey. Kayla says she hasn't but she texted him. Steve is glad he stayed away from the station. Steve says he's free to go but doesn't know where to go. Kayla wants him to come home. Steve asks if she's really okay with that. Kayla wants he and Joey under the same roof no matter how she feels so they exit the station together.

Abigail gets a call but no one answers so she hangs up, noting that it was from a blocked number.

Chad walks out of the town square and sees a man on the phone who looks like Ben from behind. Chad spins him around then apologizes that he got the wrong guy.

Summer walks through the town square and runs in to Maggie. Summer helps her gather her things and Maggie quickly walks on. Summer looks down at a pair of earrings she kept.

Justin asks Belle who came up with the self-defense idea. Belle doesn't answer. Justin questions Steve hiring a lawyer fresh out of law school, believing he wants a lawyer who will let him call the shots. Belle questions him trying to intimidate her. Justin says he's trying to keep her from walking into an ambush. Justin warns Belle that she can't win this so she shouldn't let this go to trial.

Steve and Kayla return home. Joey comes in behind them and says he just got back from the courthouse but they already left. Steve tells him that he should've stayed away from there. Joey asks if everything's okay and if the charges were dropped. Steve informs him that he's out on bail as it's going to trial but Belle thinks he can beat this. Kayla encourages Joey about Steve's self-defense claim so they have to hope for a sympathetic jury. Joey doesn't want to let Steve go to jail for a murder he did not commit.

Nicole walks through the town square and checks her purse, realizing her sunglasses are missing. Nicole pulls out her phone and calls Dario, who jokes that she missed him already.

Summer looks at a photo of Brady and Theresa as she walks around the house. and then looks at a photo of Brady and Theresa with Tate. Theresa comes home and greets her. Summer comments that she has a beautiful family. Theresa understands she might not know what that's like. Summer tells her that she doesn't like being here any more than she does but she doesn't have the money to be anywhere else. Theresa offers to help her get a hotel room. Summer mentions that she hasn't even unpacked yet so Theresa happily goes to get her suitcase.

Steve tells Joey that this is not the time to do something crazy and assures him he won't go to prison. Steve says they'll find a way in court to prove Ava used Joey to try and destroy them. Steve says he will then do everything in his power to make up for this and make it right. Joey declares that Ava may be gone but she got what she wanted by tearing the family apart. Joey adds that he helped her do it. Kayla tells him to stop blaming himself since Ava worked him until she got what she wanted. Steve sits with Joey and agrees that Ava put them through Hell but she's dead now so she can't do anything else to them. Steve encourages that they have to pull together now and fight their way out of this mess. Joey questions how. Steve looks to Kayla and says he thinks he knows where to start.

Nicole asks Dario if she left her sunglasses at the bar. Dario says he hasn't seen them but will look around. Nicole thanks him. Dario asks how Salem is. Nicole says it's interesting after finding out that Brady was bringing Summer back with them. Dario asks how that's working out. Nicole isn't sure yet. Dario decides he'll see for himself as he's thinking about coming to Salem to see Rafe, Gabi, and Arianna as well as take her up on her drink offer.

Chad returns home to Abigail. They talk about being tired. Chad surprises her with a bracelet with Thomas's birth stone for her to wear at the wedding. Abigail loves it and talks about everything Chad went through when Thomas was first born. Abigail says she was sure Ben was going to kill them so she can't believe everything turned out so right and that they are here like this now. Chad assures her that nothing like that will ever happen as they kiss.

Brady comes home and questions Theresa taking Summer to a hotel without talking to him. Theresa claims there was no time and admits she didn't try to talk her out of it. Brady argues that Summer is lost and has only been a danger to herself. Theresa asks if that means she won't be a danger to anyone else. Brady questions why it's so damn bad that he's trying to help her.

Belle thinks Justin isn't too confident about this case. Justin questions her thinking she can sell the self-defense theory to a jury. Belle confirms that she does think so and tells him that she will see him in court as she exits his office.

Joey asks Kayla where Steve went but she doesn't know. Joey questions if she really thinks they will be able to prove what Ava was up to. Kayla assures him that Steve won't let Ava have the last word.

Steve goes to Ava's hotel room which is blocked off by police tape but he sneaks in anyways. Steve opens Ava's travel bag and dumps it out onto the bed. Steve wonders where her diary is since she always kept a diary. Steve looks through the drawers but doesn't find anything. He goes to the dresser and finds a key ring with a snake pendant on it. Steve says it's not the diary but it's a start.

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