Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/2/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/2/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Caroline closes the Pub for the night as Roman and Abe join her inside. Marlena and John enter and talk about the storm outside, followed by Kate arriving and saying she cut her trip short for a special occasion. Victor then enters the Pub and hopes he's not late. Marlena says they just arrived. Caroline decides they are all here so they can get the show on the road. Caroline gets a 40 year old bottle of Irish whiskey and toasts to her late husband Shawn. Marlena asks if they should wait for Hope but Caroline informs her that she declined the invite. Marlena understands but Hope then shows up and says she decided she had to be here.

Everyone sits down as Caroline thanks everyone for coming. Caroline says they are here to celebrate the end of an era. Caroline talks about the town enduring horrors and torment for 34 years. Caroline talks about everyone suffering terrible losses because of Stefano. Caroline toasts to the death of Stefano DiMera. Marlena admits it didn't register when she first heard the news due to all the times Stefano rose from the ashes. Roman brings up the positive proof since Shawn tested the body's DNA. Kate never believed it would be Andre who ended up shooting Stefano as she always thought it would be John since he suffered the most at Stefano's hands. Victor feels any one of them would have been justified to put bullets in Stefano and some of them already did. Marlena isn't proud of that but Victor says he respects for her it. Roman brings up Stefano first coming to town in 1982. Caroline talks about the family feud as Roman mentions Stefano trying to assassinate him at his own wedding. Roman declares Stefano to be the most evil man he ever encountered. Roman brings up how Stefano hypnotized Carrie. John notes hypnosis being one of Stefano's favorite tools. Roman talks about the time spent trying to put Stefano behind bars. Roman says Stefano may have been missing a heart but his mind worked extremely well as he always seemed to be one step ahead. Roman flashes back to dealing with Stefano in the past. Roman always thought he could bring Stefano down within the law but now he's convinced that going outside the law would be the only way anyone could have defeated him.

Abe brings up Theo and how Stefano always treated him well. Abe thinks Theo is beginning to understand the pain that Stefano caused so many others. Abe knows Stefano loved family but for him love meant control. Abe says his kids couldn't help but be corrupted by him, even Lexie, as he flashes back to his past with Lexie and Stefano. Abe says there was no question that no matter what, Lexie still loved Stefano. Abe says being a child of Stefano was a curse as many of them were destroyed by his actions. Kate hopes Chad has learned to move on from his father's shadow. Victor talks about Stefano always traumatizing his children and jokes about almost feeling sorry for him.

Kate talks about being unable to cry over Stefano. John points out her always having a soft spot for him so he thinks a part of her would be sad. Kate said any soft spot she had hardened up a long time ago. Kate admits he did come to her rescue years ago when she was raising Lucas on her own. Victor jokes about Stefano turning her in to a hooker. Kate admits it wasn't ideal but it put her in touch with the right people and helped her reinvent herself so she is grateful. Kate is sure she's the only one who will say anything even remotely positive about Stefano because he could be charming at times as she thinks back to when she and Stefano were married. Victor remarks that they were made for each other. Victor knew Kate was blackmailed in to marrying Stefano but asks if she enjoyed being married to him. Kate admits that Stefano understood her in a way no one else really has. Kate says their downfall as a couple was because of his jealousy and unwillingness to forgive a mistake. Kate mentions stealing the company from under him as revenge. Victor points out that he ran her back out immediately. Kate says she's happier now anyway with Stefano out of everyone's life forever.

Hope looks out the window at the storm. John and Marlena step aside as John is happy about Stefano being gone. Caroline asks Victor if he got any further proof about Deimos with Seth Malcolm but he hasn't yet. Victor still assumes Stefano was behind what happened to Bo. Caroline asks Hope what she thinks. Hope says until there is proof that Deimos was involved, she fully believes Stefano was responsible. Roman, Abe, and Kate come over to ask what they are whispering about. Victor says his only complaint about Stefano's early demise is that he still owed him a favor. Abe guesses it has to do with Stefano's temporary stay on his tax evasion charges that allowed him to take back his company. Kate can't believe Victor double crossed her and worked with Stefano to kick her out of the job. Kate questions Victor and Stefano ever teaming up. Victor tells Kate that despite their hatred, they had an underlying respect. Victor admits he will miss going against a formidable opponent. Kate mocks him and asks if he'll miss the bloodshed as well. Kate brings up when Stefano decided their son was responsible for Tony DiMera's death as they flash back to that time. Victor states that they had truces at times but declares he's glad Stefano is dead and may he roast in Hell.

Kate suggests putting on some music to lighten up the mood so Caroline goes to turn on the radio but gets no signal with the storm. Everybody sits back down as Kate asks Marlena if it's strange to not have to worry about being kidnapped anymore. Marlena says she'll just have to adjust. Kate never understood Stefano's obsession with Marlena and asks what made her so special to him. Marlena laughs it off then admits she never really understood it. Marlena feels Stefano just wanted to win as she flashes back to playing chess with him in the past. Marlena states that Stefano put them all through so much and her love for John kept her strong as she flashes back to her almost wedding to Stefano. Marlena says Stefano caused her and her family so much pain. Marlena starts to bring up what Sami did and then changes to saying Sami was justified in taking her children out of Salem.

Roman and Abe bring up John having his identity stolen. John talks about the questions of his past still haunting him to this day. John reveals that he recently found out who his parents were. John says his mother isn't much to talk about but his father was a war hero. John says he doesn't remember anything else thanks to Stefano's hypnosis as he flashes back to a past argument with Stefano. Victor calls John the most formidable rival of Stefano's. John comments on how Stefano ended up dying alone while he ended up wtih the love of his life. Caroline asks Hope if she has anything to say about the death of Stefano.

Hope thinks back to killing Stefano and then tells Caroline that she prefers to leave Stefano dead so she doesn't feel the need to relive the past. Caroline says she understands. John stands to make a toast to Stefano. John says Stefano spent years trying to destroy their lives but he failed miserably. John declares Stefano is gone while they are all still standing despite the suffering. John thanks Stefano for testing them, making them stronger, and proving that love always wins in the end. They finish and prepare to leave. Marlena thanks Caroline. Kate notes that the storm has stopped. Kate, Victor, John, and Marlena exit. Caroline tells Hope to take care of herself as she hugs her. Hope briefly imagines Stefano appearing as she then exits the Pub. Caroline declares this was the right occasion to drink Shawn's prized whiskey. Caroline then shuts off the lights and heads to the back

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