Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/1/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/1/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

At the DiMera Mansion, Chad has a drink over a photo of Stefano. Chad says he still can't believe he's really gone. Chad wonders how many times Stefano has done this. Chad imagines Stefano appearing and telling him he will listen to whatever he wants to say.

Jennifer finishes a call with Abigail in her office as Eric appears in the doorway and thinks back to kissing Jennifer. Eric heads on inside and greets her.

Steve is brought in to the interrogation room at the police station to Roman. Roman tells him about starting the day arresting Andre for the murder of Stefano and now arresting Steve for the murder of Ava. Roman asks Steve what really happened at the hospital. Steve sticks to claiming he smothered Ava with the pillow but Roman questions why there's blood on the pillow that doesn't match Steve or Ava.

Joey sits at home and imagines Ava appearing before him.

Eric notes Jennifer is working late and questions if she was afraid of him showing up at her house. Jennifer asks why he would think that and explains that she was fixing her PR disaster. Eric brings up their kiss.

Kayla approaches Joey at home and he screams for her to stay away until he realizes it's her and not Ava. Kayla encourages him to sleep but Joey says he can't. Joey cries that he can't let Steve go to jail for murder.

Steve tells Roman that all he knows is what happened. Steve claims he got in to it with Ava and went off after she threatened Kayla again so he smothered her with the pillow until Joey came in. Roman stops him to question Joey being there. Steve insists that he came in after and suggests that's where the blood came from since he had a cut on his hand. Roman questions Joey witnessing the crime. Steve suggests Joey must have taken the pillow from him. Steve tells him that he's confessing so he doesn't need a witness and questions why Roman would want to involve Joey when he already has him. Steve asks Roman to leave Joey out of it.

Chad sits in front of his vision of Stefano and calls him the scariest son of a bitch he's ever met. Chad says this family is weird, creepy, and exciting. Chad talks about running at first until coming around because of EJ's kids. Chad mentions missing them and Lexie. Chad talks about never buying in to being proud of being a DiMera but he always did want to make Stefano proud. Chad calls it a terrible feeling to feel like a substitute for the son his father really wanted. Chad remarks that Stefano never listened so that's how he knows he's really dead. Chad brings up Andre and Harold saying he changed in the end. Chad wants to know what happened to him because he doesn't know who or how to be and part of him can't go on unless he knows.

Jennifer doesn't remember her and Eric kissing, suggesting Eric could've been confused from drinking. Eric insists that they kissed and says he knows why she doesn't remember.

Joey and Kayla talk about Steve's confession. Kayla encourages Joey to be strong and then notices the cut on his hand. Joey admits he was at a party and cut it on a bottle. Joey mentions the bandage fell off. Kayla tells him that Steve is tough and has been in worse. Joey argues that it's not right or fair. Kayla hopes the jury can understand that. Joey continues to argue against it. Kayla questions him. Joey says he promised Steve but he can't let him go to jail. Kayla says they will do everything they can to stop him. Joey then admits to Kayla then Steve didn't kill Ava, he did.

Chad imagines Stefano talking to him about his journey. Stefano says he is now paying for eternity and encourages him to be the man he wants to be as there is nothing stopping him now as Chad cries.

Eric reminds Jennifer of what happened that night and that she also admitted she had a problem with her painkillers. Eric declares that he's way past help but Jennifer isn't and said she would get help. Jennifer doesn't remember any of it and suggests Eric is confused. Eric thinks she had a blackout and blames the pills. Jennifer laughs off him sounding so sure that this happened. Eric thinks they need to go to a meeting together and suggests tomorrow morning. Jennifer insists she's fine and goes back to working. Eric offers to stay but Jennifer says she's fine. Eric reminds her the meeting will be at the hospital tomorrow so Jennifer agrees and Eric leaves.

Joey cries to Kayla that he killed Ava. Joey says he was really drunk from the party and doesn't know what happened as he was really mad about what she did to Kayla. Kayla argues with him and tells him to promise never to say this again as Joey continues to cry it's his fault. Kayla tells him that he's not going to jail as Steve's already done it. Kayla tells him to just let Steve's plan play out. Kayla wants him to promise her not to say anything about this again as she hugs him.

Abigail goes in to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and finds Chad asleep on the couch. She wakes him from his dream of Stefano. Abigail asks about him not coming to bed. Chad says he came down for a drink but that he had a dream of his father visiting him. Abigail relates to the feeling from when Jack died so she doesn't think it's crazy. Chad says the dream was a good visit and he feels completely free. Abigail asks what he wants to do now. Chad suggests planning an immediate wedding as they kiss.

Belle tells John and Marlena at home about Ava's death. John questions it but Belle confirms it's true. Marlena brings up the pain Ava caused. John says Ava won't be missed as she pushed Steve to the edge. John heads out to go see Steve. Ava tells Marlena that Steve's case will be keeping her busy the next few weeks so she called the judge in Eric's case and tells Marlena to be prepared. Marlena asks if he thinks Eric might have to go to prison. Belle confirms that he will have to go and it might be for a long sentence. Marlena asks how long. Belle reveals that Eric could be in prison for the next 14 years, leaving Marlena shocked.

Kayla fell asleep on the couch and wakes up to a knock at the door. She answers as Roman arrives. Roman asks if she was some expecting someone else but she says no and asks how Steve is. Roman says he was fine last night and asks how she's holding up. Kayla says she's just a wreck and can't believe this is happening. Kayla asks if he can tell her anything about the case. Roman says on the surface it seems pretty open and shut. Kayla asks what he means. Roman asks her to tell him if there's anything else about last night that he should know. Kayla says there's only what Steve told her and he doesn't have a reason to lie to her. Kayla admits feeling the world is a better place without Ava. Roman asks if there's anything else she needs. Kayla suggests seeing Caroline but not telling her about any of this. Roman agrees and tells her to call him after getting some rest as he exits. Kayla shuts the door and calls out for Joey, asking where he is.

Chad and Abigail go to her place and talk about wedding plans. They kiss until Jennifer walks in. Abigail asks her about just getting home. Jennifer says she had so much work to catch up on. Eric texts her that the meeting is started and asks where she is but she ignores it. Jennifer asks about the big news. Abigail announces that she and Chad are going to get married at the DiMera Mansion next Friday.

John goes to see Steve, who tells him there is no further investigation as he did it. Belle joins them and takes Steve to the interrogation room. Roman approaches John, who asks if it's as bad as he says. Roman says Steve confessed so it sounds open and shut. Roman adds that Steve doesn't seem to want a trial and he's sure Justin will oblige.

Eric runs in to Marlena at the hospital. Marlena asks if he's there to see her or the doctor. Eric says he was waiting for someone. Eric then gets a text from Belle about the sentencing date. Marlena is sorry she wasn't there when they discussed it. Marlena brings up the possible 14 years. Eric is worried about his friend who didn't show up for the AA meeting. Marlena suggests he could still go on his own but Eric says that wouldn't help. Eric asks if he can tell her something in confidence so she promises not to say anything. Eric tells her that he's worried about this friend and once he goes to prison, he doesn't think anyone will know what's going on with her big problem. Marlena asks who it is so Eric admits it's Jennifer. Marlena questions Jennifer having a substance problem. Eric explains it's the painkillers since the accident and that he saw her while high. Eric tells Marlena about Jennifer admitting the problem and he feels he has to make it right because he caused the accident so he's the reason she's taking the painkillers. Marlena argues that it's not his fault as whatever she chooses to do is up to her. Eric thinks she can't make the decision because she's in denial. Marlena encourages that her kids or Lucas will notice. Eric brings up Lucas being out of town and Jennifer trying to keep it under wraps. Marlena argues that she won't be able to for long if it's as serious as he thinks. Eric needs someone like her to keep an eye on things and asks her to do that for him. Marlena agrees to do anything for him. Eric hugs her and thanks her. Marlena is concerned about him. Eric says he has to check on Jennifer and will call her later as he exits.

Chad asks Jennifer if she's alright with their plan. Jennifer questions their rush. Abigail doesn't see a reason to wait. Chad assures it's whatever Abigail wants and she insists this is the wedding she wants. Abigail adds that she could use Jennifer's help if she's willing. Jennifer halfheartedly says she's in. Abigail asks if she could smile about it. Jennifer then shows happiness and hugs her. Chad tells them goodbye and exits. Abigail tells Jennifer that she will e-mail her a list of wedding plans and exits. Jennifer immediately goes to her purse and takes more pills.

Belle tells Roman to get the paperwork ready as she's going to push a bail hearing for Steve. Roman points out that there's a confession on record. Belle brings up that she wasn't present so she will plead self defense which Roman questions. Belle says she will explain in court as Steve is not going to prison for this. Belle exits as Steve is escorted away.

Eric goes to see Jennifer and reminds her about the AA meeting. Jennifer apologizes and says she can't make it. Jennifer tells him that Abigail just told her about the wedding next Friday so she has a million things to do. Jennifer puts her coat on and rushes out, telling Eric to just go without her.

Chad and Abigail return to the DiMera Mansion. They talk about being happy that Jennifer is on board and taking it well. They kiss as Abigail notes that Chad really is free. Abigail goes to finish running errands while Chad says he will clean up as she exits. Chad looks to the portrait of Stefano and thanks him for coming by last night as it's good to be free. JJ walks in looking for Abigail, revealing to Chad that he needs to talk to her because Ben Weston has escaped from prison.

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