Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/29/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/29/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady wakes up to answer the door of his hotel room as Summer was pounding at the door. Summer tells Brady that she couldn't sleep so she went for a walk but ended up here. Summer talks about everything Brady threw at her today. Brady tries to calm her down as Summer asks him what's the matter.

Rafe asks Hope how she could've killed the wrong man. Hope explains Deimos wanting revenge against Victor. Hope adds that Victor says he can prove Deimos was working with Dr. Seth Malcolm. Hope worries about what if Deimos had Bo tortured and she avenged Bo's death by killing the wrong man. Rafe tells her not to jump to conclusions. Hope talks about how she wanted it to be Stefano. Rafe understands and says it doesn't matter as he still thinks it was Stefano. Hope tells him that there is more than just what Victor said. Hope then tells Rafe about the call she got, saying she killed the wrong man. Rafe suggests it could have been Andre. Hope thinks it could be someone tried to lead her to Deimos. Rafe doesn't want her to find out and wants her to lay low. Rafe warns her that she cannot go after Deimos.

Gabi finds JJ at the nightclub. JJ tells her that he's having a bad day. Gabi insists that he will be a great cop. Gabi recalls when she met JJ and how he protected her which she will never forget. JJ asks her to dance and she accepts. JJ thanks her. Gabi tells him that whatever is troubling him today will be better tomorrow. JJ isn't sure but feels better now as they kiss.

Nicole returns to the Malibu beach bar and greets Dario. Nicole refers to herself as a lost soul who can't sleep. Dario offers to buy her a drink and comments on a lot changing.

Brady gets Summer a glass of water. Brady says this was the first night in a long time he hadn't been dreaming. Brady is glad he was there to pull her out of the ocean. Brady gets that it must have been a very bad and weird night for her. Summer informs him that the night was bad before she ever saw him and then he screwed up her plan. Summer reveals that she wasn't drunk and she went in to the ocean on purpose. Brady says he knows but asks her why. Summer cries that she's just so lonely and says she's been drowning her whole life.

Hope tells Rafe not to worry as she won't go rogue again. Hope wants to get something on Deimos. Hope says she will never sleep another night if Stefano wasn't behind Bo's kidnapping. Rafe is still amazed at how strong she's been. Hope calls it all an act and says she's falling apart inside as the last six months have been the worst of her life. Rafe notes that she's still standing. Rafe gets a text from Roman to come to the station right away. Hope advises him not to keep Roman waiting. Rafe encourages Hope not to worry as nothing will happen to her as no one is coming after her. Rafe tells her to think about all the lives she saved by getting rid of Stefano as now no one has to worry about him.

Nicole informs Dario about Gabi modeling again after Kate hired her and they all thought she deserved a second chance. Dario is happy for her. Nicole tells Dario that she will text him some of her pictures. Nicole talks about hiring Gabi being Kate's idea so she's capable of a nice idea. Dario questions them not getting along. Nicole explains to him that they were partners but didn't get along. Nicole talks to Dario about Brady and Theresa being together and having Tate. Dario asks her about Daniel. Nicole is surprised he didn't know as she thought Gabi or Rafe told him. Dario tells her that he hadn't talked to them. Nicole informs Dario that Daniel died in a car crash. Nicole doesn't know if she will ever get over losing him. Nicole apologizes for putting this on him as she holds back tears. Dario mentions that Melanie must be a wreck. Nicole says they just keep telling each other how lucky they are to have known Daniel for as long as they did. Dario is sorry for her loss. Nicole toasts to Daniel and all of her memories. Nicole then asks Dario if he knows what Summer meant to Daniel.

Brady tells Summer that she's not drowning anymore as he can take care of her. Summer questions why he would do that. Summer tells him to get real as she could be working him and lying to him. Brady points out that he could just check her out with Fynn. Summer asks about Daniel's mother, Maggie. Brady tells her that she is her AA sponsor. Summer is surprised as Brady tells her that cocaine was his thing. Brady says Maggie is always there when he needed her and praises her as one of the strongest and most loving people he knows. Brady doesn't know Maggie will get past losing Daniel but suggests maybe getting to know Summer will help her do that. Summer points out it's a big if to find out if she is Daniel's sister. Brady says it won't be hard to find out. Summer worries that if she's not his sister then Brady and Maggie will dump her and she'll be right back. Brady promises not to let her down. Summer argues that she doesn't want his charity. Brady feels he owes this to Daniel but Summer shouts that he's dead and will never know. Summer doesn't like small towns like Salem as she can be invisible here. Brady questions her having friends. Summer tells him that Dario is her friend who doesn't judge her. Brady asks about family. Summer reminds him that her parents are dead. Brady encourages that Salem is full of good people and she might like it. Brady adds that it doesn't mean she has to give up her life here. Summer asks if he really wants her to come. Brady tells her that she can fly tomorrow with Nicole, Theresa, and him. Brady wants her to come and asks what she says.

Dario tells Nicole that he only knows what Summer told him which is that Daniel was a good friend who protected her from herself. Dario talks about how Summer can go from screaming to laughing but Daniel never lost patience with her. Dario asks Nicole what else she wants to ask him. Nicole says she might not want to know the answer but Dario insists so Nicole asks if it ever got romantic between Summer and Daniel. Dario responds that if it did, she kept it to herself as she only talked about Daniel as a best friend.

Summer agrees to go to Salem and meet Maggie. Brady informs her that they are flying on a private jet which excites Summer. Brady tells her that she'll find out what it's like tomorrow morning. Brady wants to know she will be okay tonight and hopes she will tell him if she's afraid to be alone because she could stay here. Summer assures that she will be fine since she's flying on a private jet tomorrow morning. They confirm the time and Summer hugs him. Summer tells Brady that she forgives him for saving her life as she then exits. Brady shuts the door as Theresa comes out having woken up. Theresa hopes Brady knows what he's doing. Brady informs her they are leaving tomorrow and Summer is coming with them.

Rafe goes to the police station to see Roman. Roman sits him down in the interrogation room. Rafe asks what this is about. Roman tells him it's Stefano's murder. Rafe brings up Hope saying he questioned Andre and being satisfied so he thought the case was closed. Roman tells him he thought wrong. Rafe says the case file is everything he knows. Roman asks if that includes everything he knows about Hope's involvement. Roman reminds Rafe that he already lost his badge once by covering up a crime Gabi committed so he had very high hopes something like this wouldn't happen again. Rafe argues that Andre is a psychopath who has killed before and he stood to benefit more from Stefano's death than anyone else so he's guilty. Roman agrees that he's guilty of many things. Rafe asks if there's anything else. Roman says no so Rafe exits.

Brady realizes Theresa saw Summer hug him and assures her that it didn't mean anything. Theresa insists that she's not worried about Summer but about Brady taking on a rescue project so soon after heart surgery. Theresa remarks that you have to learn how to swim in the world. Brady points out that Summer was important to Daniel. Theresa argues that Summer could be making all of this up. Brady tells her that he's just doing what Daniel wanted to do. Theresa wants him to focus on his own recovery. Brady wants to get her back to Salem to find out if Maggie is her mother. Theresa thinks Maggie should have a right to have a say in the matter. Brady can't imagine Maggie wouldn't want to know her child especially after just losing one.

Hope sits alone on her bed.

Nicole asks Dario if he ever misses Salem. Dario feels he wasn't there long enough to miss it and goes over Brady sending him to work for Titan and getting him away from Melanie. Nicole asks why he gave up his work to be a bartender. Dario wanted time to figure out what he wanted to do. Nicole asks if he's figured it out. Dario tells her that he plans to get rid of his suits and ties. Dario asks when she's going back to Salem. She tells him she goes back tomorrow morning. Dario jokes that it's too bad since tomorrow is his day off and he could've given her the tour around. Nicole says it's time for her to get back to the real world and back to work. Dario tells her that her drink is on the house. Nicole thanks him and tells him the next round is on her if he ever finds his way back to Salem. Nicole adds that she will tell Rafe and Gabi that he looked good and says goodbye as she exits.

Rafe goes to see Hope at Jennifer's. Hope tells Rafe that what he said earlier really helped a lot. Hope adds that she's hungry and asks if he is too since she ordered barbecue and the kids are out. Rafe admits he's starving so Hope goes to get the food while Rafe heads in to the living room. Rafe gets a call from Dario, who asks how it's going. Rafe is surprised and asks where he is. Dario informs him that he's been in LA for a little over a year. Rafe notes that it's his first time calling. Dario says he won't call anymore if he gives him a hard time. Rafe asks why he's calling now and says he's not trying to pick a fight but was wondering why now. Dario says he just decided to check in and just wants to know how he, Gabi, and Arianna are doing.

JJ and Gabi walk through the town square together. Gabi thinks it's time to stop dancing around something. Gabi informs JJ that she asked the babysitter to stay overnight with Arianna and then booked a room at the Salem Inn. JJ asks if she's sure about this as they kiss.

Theresa finishes a call with the babysitter about Tate. She tells Brady about Tate trying to walk so Brady says they need to get home. They talk about missing him and never being away from him this long. Theresa apologizes for fussing about Summer earlier as she just never thought she would be this happy. Theresa just doesn't want anything bad to happen. Brady assures her that nothing will. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Theresa answers the door and it's Nicole. Nicole says she just came to say goodnight. Nicole asks how Brady is feeling. Brady tells her that he's tired but fine. Nicole asks if he wants to talk to the cardiologist. Brady informs her that he will check in with Fynn as he's heading back tomorrow morning. Nicole asks if she can ride back and Brady agrees. Brady reveals to Nicole that Summer decided to come back to Salem with them.

JJ and Gabi go to the Salem Inn and have sex.

Rafe finishes his call as Hope comes back in and asks who he was talking to. Rafe informs her that it was Dario which surprises her. Hope asks if he told Dario about Eduardo being in Salem. Rafe says he did but he didn't say much. Hope asks if Dario will come back to visit. Rafe says who knows since Dario was young when Eduardo took off so he doesn't really know how he feels about him. Rafe suggests maybe Dario will come back though and maybe his mom will come in for a family reunion but that probably wouldn't be a good thing. Rafe decides he doesn't want to talk about that and suggests putting all their troubles behind them for a minute. Hope agrees as they sit down to eat.

Nicole questions how Summer talked Brady in to taking her back to Salem. Brady explains that it was he who talked her in to it. Nicole questions why. Brady reveals to Nicole that Daniel thought there was a possibility that Summer was Maggie's daughter. Nicole questions how he knows Daniel thought that and believes that Daniel would've told her. Brady points out that Daniel would keep it quiet until he was positive so Maggie wouldn't find out. Nicole wonders if Summer is Daniel's last gift to his mother.

Summer packs her bag in her room.

Roman sits with the case file of Stefano's murder. Lani comes in and brings Roman a folder he asked for. She asks if he's still working on the Stefano murder. Roman says not anymore as the case is closed. Roman tells Lani to let it go so she exits and Roman shuts the folder.

Hope thanks Rafe for staying for dinner and not letting her eat alone. Rafe thanks her for asking him. Rafe decides he should get going. Hope agrees it's been a long day. Rafe tells Hope to try not to think about what Victor said. Hope says she will do her best. Hope stops Rafe and thanks him for making it possible for her to have a future with her kids and to maybe look forward to tomorrow. Rafe responds that he would do it again any time with no regrets for either of them. Hope wants to believe that's possible.

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