Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/26/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/26/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

At home, Victor asks Maggie where Caroline went. Maggie informs him that Caroline moved back home which shocks Victor, who questions why she left and didn't say goodbye. Maggie points out that Caroline knew he would try to stop her again. Victor asks why she didn't stop her. Maggie says it's her life and decision. Victor argues that Caroline has to stay there so he can keep an eye on her.

Rafe goes to see Chad at the DiMera Mansion and tells him that they need to talk as André has been arrested for murder since they found Stefano's body.

Roman goes to Jennifer's to see Hope and asks if she's alone which she is. Hope tells him that Rafe already told her that André was taken in to custody. Hope hopes that André is put away for good but Roman points out that they both know he's innocent. Roman reveals that he knows what really happened and has known since Rafe brought him the case but he wanted to hear it from her. Roman tells Hope that he loved Bo with all his heart but he loves her too so he will always be there for her. Roman asks Hope to please be honest about what happened the night she went to see Stefano.

Joey smothers Ava with her pillow in her hospital bed until she stops responding. Steve shows up and pulls Joey away. Steve checks Ava's pulse to confirm that Joey killed her. Steve hugs Joey and shuts the door as the fire alarm continues ringing. Joey starts crying. Steve tells him to go home and stay there without talking to anyone. Joey cries that he doesn't know what happened. Steve sends him out of the room and tells him to go straight home. Joey's bloody bandage from when he cut his hand lies near the door. Steve stays behind in shock with Ava now dead.

Maggie tells Victor that Caroline is strong-willed but Victor feels she's being stubborn and foolish. Victor brings up Deimos being capable of anything for revenge against him. Maggie reminds him that Caroline was adamant and insists she will be fine. Maggie feels they can keep an eye on her even if she's not in the house since they can keep in close touch. Victor talks about being unable to sleep. Maggie is sorry he's upset. Maggie kisses him and says she loves him. Victor tells her that he loves her too. Maggie tells him not to stay up too long as she goes to bed.

Caroline finishes a call outside the town square, saying she is finishing a walk. Caroline drops her phone and Deimos then appears to pick it up. Caroline recognizes him but Deimos claims not to know her which she doesn't believe. Caroline knows he did research before coming to see Victor so he knows she is Caroline Brady. Deimos remarks that he can see why Victor was so infatuated with her all those years. Caroline warns him to stay away from them. Caroline has a vision of Deimos shaking hands with Dr. Seth Malcolm. Caroline then passes out and faints into Deimos' arms.

Chad sits down in disbelief as Rafe explains that Stefano's body was found buried in the foundation of a building. Chad asks who found him and how they knew. Rafe informs him that he was right where André said he would be. Chad knew it was possible but hearing the actual words affects him. Chad asks for details. Rafe explains that Stefano was killed with Bo's gun which was found in André's luggage with his fingerprints all over it. Rafe thinks it's obvious why André tried blaming he and Hope. Chad asks where André is. Rafe tells him that he's in custody. Chad wants to see him now and exits.

Roman tells her it's time to come clean as she owes that to him and herself. Hope admits to Roman that she killed Stefano. Roman tells her to tell him everything but she says she can't because a lot of it is hazy. Hope says she blocked out a lot of it but cries that she knows she shot Stefano with Bo's gun. Roman understands she was going through so much and was pushed over the edge, blaming himself for not being there for her. Hope says she did it so she is to blame not Roman or anyone else as it's all her. Roman asks Hope what happened. Hope tells him that she went to Stefano for a confession because she knew he was responsible for Bo's kidnapping but he denied it. Hope cries that she had wanted Stefano to pay for all the destruction he caused and he pushed her too far with what he said about Bo. Hope shouts that Stefano was trying to humiliate her and wanted her to lose it so she did as she flashes back to shooting Stefano. Hope cries that she would've confessed but she couldn't do it to Ciara and Chase since they both just lost their fathers. Roman understands she was trying to protect them but questions why she didn't come to him. Hope yells that she couldn't then lets it slip that it was bad enough that she involved Rafe. Hope says she couldn't drag Roman in to this but now that's exactly what she's done. Hope questions letting André take the fall for what she did.

Steve opens the door to Ava's room. The guard at the door is there and a nurse runs in to ask what happened and checks on Ava. Steve takes the blame, declaring that he killed her and smothered her to death.

Deimos brings Caroline to his hotel room where she wakes up, questioning what happened. Deimos explains that she passed out so he brought her here. Caroline questions not taking her to the hospital. Deimos says she only fainted and he thought she would be more comfortable here. Caroline doesn't want anything from him, only how he knows Dr. Seth Malcolm.

Rafe brings André to the interrogation room to see Chad. Rafe says he'll be right outside and exits the room. André tells Chad that he has to believe he's innocent as it was Hope who killed Stefano in cold blood and is trying to frame him. André tells Chad to help him and show him some mercy as his brother. Chad responds that he feels nothing but hatred and disgust for him so he will not lift a finger to help him.

Roman tells Hope that André terrorized the town for a very long time and never paid for his crimes so he has no problem letting him go to prison for the rest of his life. Roman adds that Bo was a hero who did whatever it took to protect those he loved so now that's what he's going to do. Hope hugs him as she cries. Roman gets a text from Steve to come to the hospital immediately as he needs his help. Roman tells Hope that he has business to take care of. Hope says she needs to ask him something before he goes. Hope states that she's not sorry that Stefano's dead and never will be sorry after what he's done to so many people but she still took a life so she needs to know if he thinks she's a terrible person. Roman says of course not and hugs her. Roman tells her absolution will be something she will have to do for herself as he then exits.

Joey comes home as Kayla was about to make a call. Kayla questions if he's okay and if he's been drinking. Kayla then gets a call from the nurse, who tells her to come to the hospital right away as there's been some trouble involving Steve.

Deimos claims to Caroline that the name of Seth Malcolm doesn't ring a bell but Caroline tells him that she saw them together. Deimos claims to have never met him. Caroline asks if he's sure. Deimos says his sources told him about her visions and he would love to know more about that. Caroline isn't going to tell him a thing because she doesn't trust him. Caroline demands to be let go. Deimos says she is free to go whenever she would like as he only brought her here out of concern. Caroline gets up dizzy but insists she's fine. Caroline then exits.

Justin goes to see Victor and questions him still having work to do. Victor says no one else is going to with Phillip out of the job. Justin tells Victor that he might have a solution. Justin suggests bringing Sonny home to be his right hand man and he can groom him to take the reigns. Victor agrees to consider it. Justin adds that he has some news that he might be interested in. Justin confirms to Victor that Stefano is dead. Victor mentions hearing the rumor. Justin says he now has confirmation and it looks like André killed him.

Chad screams at André, asking why he would kill their father. Chad asks if it's because he didn't worship him and his ego couldn't take it. André repeats that he didn't kill him. André says he was by his side to support him while Chad turned his back so his sudden display is a contradiction. André calls Chad miserable to the family name. Chad talks about Stefano doing a lot of terrible things but he had a semblance of humanity since he loved his children and grandchildren. Chad argues that André has no heart and is nothing but pure evil. André warns Chad that if he walks away from him now, he will regret it for the rest of his life as Chad then opens the door. Rafe asks if everything is okay. Chad says it's just great as he exits.

Cops block off Ava's room as Kayla shows up with Joey. Steve tells her that she shouldn't have brought Joey. Kayla goes towards the room. Steve tells Joey not to say a word. Kayla comes back and asks what's going on. Roman shows up wanting to know too. Steve tells them that he killed Ava.

Victor tells Justin that he always considered Stefano a worthy adversary and were briefly allies but he believes he's behind what happened to Bo so good riddance. Justin didn't expect him to shed any tears and doubts many people will. Justin then exits. Caroline returns. Victor asks if she's alright. Caroline reveals to Victor her vision of Deimos with Seth Malcolm. Victor brings up her visions not being too right lately but Caroline insists on this one and believes Deimos had something to do with what happened to Bo.

Roman takes Steve to the waiting room and questions what the hell happened. Steve says he wasn't going to give Ava another chance of hurting them and trying to press charges against Kayla so he couldn't bare the thought of Kayla going to prison. Steve tells him that Ava was a threat that he knew would never go away.

The nurse confirms to Kayla that Ava is dead after Steve told her that he killed her. Kayla calls it impossible as Ava's body is stretchered out. Kayla sits with Joey and tells him it's okay but Joey responds that it's not and nothing's ever going to be okay again. Steve and Roman come back. Steve tells Kayla to take Joey home as he's about to be arrested. Joey shouts that he can't do this. Steve tries to calm Joey and tells him there's no going back. Steve encourages Joey to just listen to him and go home. Steve tells Roman that he doesn't want any special treatment as he killed Ava so he wants Roman to arrest him.

Abigail brings Thomas in to the DiMera Mansion and asks Chad how he's doing. Chad responds that he's not sure other than conflicted. Chad knows Stefano was not a stand up guy or a role model. Chad felt justified turning his back on him in the end but he didn't think that would really be the end as he thought Stefano would always be there and maybe someday change so they could work things out. Chad points out that Stefano never got to meet his grandson Thomas. Abigail encourages that he would've loved him. Chad says he's a fool to feel sad for Stefano when he tormented people his entire life. Abigail assures that Stefano loved him. Chad remarks that he had a funny way of showing it. Abigail points out that he's his father so he shouldn't deny himself the right to mourn him.

Hope turns out the light and starts to head towards bed but gets a call from Victor, who tells her that he came across some interesting news about Dr. Seth Malcolm and his brother Deimos. Hope asks what he knows. Victor thinks there's a tie between them and suggests getting on it first thing in the morning. Hope thanks him and hangs up. Hope then gets another call from a voice who shouts that she killed the wrong man causing her to drop down in shock.

Roman has one of the cops handcuff Steve and instructs him to read his rights on the way to the station. Steve tells Kayla it's over as Ava is out of their lives for good. Steve is then escorted away.

Chad tells Abigail that he's done wallowing and feeling sorry for himself. Chad admits he's sad that his father is gone but he doesn't think Stefano would want him sitting around feeling glum and morose. Chad thinks Stefano would want him to grab life by the horns and live life to the fullest. Abigail asks what he wants to do. Chad wants them to begin their new life together immediately. Chad wants to do a real wedding right here in Salem. Chad asks how that sounds. Abigail responds that it sounds perfect and kisses him.

Deimos pulls out a phone from his drawer and deletes several old text messages from Seth Malcolm.

Hope walks out of the town square where Rafe meets her. Rafe asks what's wrong. Hope tells him that Roman got the whole truth out of her about killing Stefano and their cover-up. Rafe asks what he's going to do. Hope says nothing since Roman believed Stefano deserved to be dead and that André deserved to be in prison the rest of his life. Rafe thinks that's a relief but Hope tells him there's more. Hope says she was so positive that Stefano was behind Bo's kidnapping but what if she was wrong and she killed the wrong man?

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