Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/25/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/25/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Ava tells Roman that Kayla is trying to kill her again and accuses her of injecting her with morphine in the first place. Steve argues that she would never. Ava threatens to press charges. Kayla calls her a lying psychopath as Roman holds her back.

Victor meets with Belle in the nightclub to ask why she wants to buy the place. Belle calls it business so her personal motives don't concern him. Victor asks if it involves Phillip.

Phillip goes to see Deimos and tells him that he's taken everything from him so now he needs his help.

Ciara falls asleep at Jennifer's and has a nightmare of Chase raping her then wakes up. Hope rushes in to check on her and tells her it's alright. Hope tells Ciara that she has nothing to be afraid of since André's been arrested. Ciara responds that André isn't who she is afraid of.

Chase remains in the secret room André took him too. Chase wonders where André is and goes out to look for him.

Belle asks Victor why he would think this has anything to do with Phillip. Victor brings up his falling out with Phillip and guesses he may have wanted Belle to go after something that belongs to him. Belle says no and informs him that they are no longer seeing each other. Belle wonders why Victor cares if things are that bad with he and Phillip. Belle insists that Phillip loves him very much. Victor responds that Phillip betrayed him so he doesn't think he could ever forgive him.

Phillip tells Deimos that he never wanted to hurt Victor and blames Deimos for blackmailing him. Deimos asks if now he does want to hurt Victor. Phillip says that's why he is here.

Hope asks Ciara who she's afraid of, assuring her that André and Stefano are gone so they don't have to worry and can get rid of the guards. Hope is sorry for all of this. Ciara tells her not to worry as she's okay and just had a bad dream. Hope goes to get her some hot chocolate. Ciara gets a text from Theo, asking if she's OK.

Roman returns to Ava's room alone. Ava thanks him for getting Kayla out as she wants her arrested, complaining that she's the victim. Roman brings up that Ava agreed to leave town and questions why she went looking for trouble. Ava claims she just wanted to talk to Steve. Ava argues that Kayla won't be satisfied until she's dead. Roman questions why Kayla would attack her and then call 911 if she wanted her dead. Ava suggests because Steve walked in otherwise she would've left her to die. Roman tells her that no one would believe that. Ava asks how she would get morphine when she was in custody, pointing out that Kayla is a doctor. Ava threatens to go above Roman and find someone who takes her seriously.

Joey and Jade joke around together at the party. Joey talks about being over high school as he drinks. Joey tells Jade about Ava being the biggest mistake of his life as she was insane and used her to break up his parents marriage. Joey remarks that he's never hated anyone as much as he hates her.

Belle asks Victor if he's willing to sell or not. Victor wants proof that she can come up with the money. Belle offers him cash and says she wants to invest in her family's future. Victor brings up Stefano recently losing a large amount of money that Sami may have had something to do with. Victor asks Belle if that's where this is coming from. Belle asks if that would be a deal breaker. Victor says it would sweeten the deal and congratulates Belle on her new club. Victor leaves to have his lawyers draw up the papers. Belle is excited and calls Claire, leaving a message to meet her at the Edge of the Square nightclub as she has a huge surprise.

Deimos questions why he should trust Phillip. Phillip says he knows how badly he wants to bring down Victor. Phillip reveals the formula to the drug serum that he wanted.

Claire joins Belle at the nightclub. Belle reveals that she's about to own the place. Claire questions why. Belle tells her it's for her, thinking it's the perfect venue for her to sing at when she's ready. Belle wants to do everything she can to help make her dreams come true. Belle asks if she's happy. Claire knows she's trying to be nice and support her but it makes her feel like she doesn't have confidence that she can make it on her own. Claire argues that Belle is trying to buy back her love and trust. Claire says it's not that easy to make it up to her. Belle feels there's nothing she can do to make her happy. Claire remarks that Belle just wants to feel less guilty for ruining their lives. Belle says she loves her and is sorry that she doesn't seem to know how much.

Hope sits with Ciara, having hot chocolate. Hope goes to get cookies and ice cream. Ciara gets a text from Claire, inviting her to a party. Ciara responds that she's in. Hope comes back so Ciara informs her that Claire invited her to a party. Hope brings up what happened with Theo before. Hope asks Ciara to be responsible, warning her that drinking will only make her problems worse. Hope reminds her what happened to Eric and warns her to take it seriously. Ciara tells her she won't drink tonight. Hope wants her to leave if anyone else is drinking. Ciara says she will. Hope tells her that she's trusting her and wants her back by midnight. Ciara hugs her and goes to get ready.

Kayla and Steve return home. Steve offers to leave if she wants. Kayla understands why he did what he did but it will take her a long time to get past it. Kayla says as long as Ava is out there, she'd feel better if he stayed. Steve feels the same. Kayla adds that it doesn't mean she wants him touching her so he can sleep on the couch.

Claire shows up to pick up Ciara. Claire greets Hope and asks if Ciara can spend the night. Hope suggests Claire spend the night with them instead. Claire agrees. Hope reminds Ciara to be careful and no drinking as she and Claire exit. Claire is glad Ciara could come as she had a huge fight with her mom. Ciara tells Claire that she's going to get trashed. After Ciara and Claire leave, Theo shows up looking for Ciara but Hope informs him that he just missed her. Theo mentions Ciara not answering his text. Hope notes that he's worried about her and asks if there's something going on that she should know about. Theo tells Hope that Ciara said she was fine and then exits.

Ciara and Claire show up at the party. Ciara doesn't like the place but says she'll deal with it. Joey and Jade dance together until Joey drops his drink and cuts his hand on the glass. Jade grabs paper towels to wipe his hand. Joey looks at Jade and imagines Ava then pulls away. Jade wants to help but Joey shouts that she can't and nobody can. Joey then rushes out.

Lani meets Paul at the bar at the nightclub and talks to him about his baseball career. Paul offers to buy her drink. Lani agrees if he autographs a baseball for Theo. Paul tells her that he knows Theo and he's a great kid. Lani tells Paul that Theo has been distracted lately by a girl.

Theo finds kids from school in the town square, who inform him about the party. They suggest Theo go there because nobody is at the place that Claire claimed to Hope that they were going. After the kids walk away, Chase appears around the corner.

Deimos continues to question Phillip. Phillip argues about his loyalty. Phillip tells Deimos that Victor wanted him to spy on him to earn his forgiveness. Deimos suggests he could be doing that. Phillip argues that he knows how dangerous Deimos can be and he wants to be on the winning side. Deimos asks what else he could possibly give him since he got the drug serum. Phillip points out that he doesn't know Victor like he does. Phillip tells Deimos to take or leave his offer and exits. Deimos pulls out his phone and makes a call to have Phillip followed to find out what he's up to.

Steve tells Kayla that Joey won't be happy to see him when he comes home. They say goodnight as Steve prepares to sleep on the couch. Joey comes home and sees Steve in the window. Joey takes some pills and heads inside. Joey asks Steve what he's doing there as he thought Kayla kicked him out. Steve says they had a rough afternoon as Ava broke in and overdosed on the floor but she's okay. Joey can't believe she tried to kill herself. Steve explains that Ava was trying to set Kayla up for attempted murder. Joey says he hates Ava so much and can't believe what he ever thought of her. Steve assures her that Kayla will be fine. Joey argues that none of them will ever be fine again because no matter what they do, Ava always wins. Joey shouts that he's tired of letting Ava control their lives.

Ciara and Claire dance at the party as Theo arrives and sees them. Claire tells Theo that she would've invited him but didn't think it was his scene. Theo says it's not. Claire goes to get him a soda. Theo questions Ciara ignoring his texts. Ciara tells him that she's tired of him being worried as it gets boring. Theo is sorry to bore her. Ciara encourages him to dance but Theo doesn't want to so Ciara remarks that he might as well go home if he's not going to dance, drink, or have fun. Chase shows up outside the party.

Phillip walks through the town square and comes across Belle sitting alone. Phillip asks if she's okay. She says she is but Phillip asks if she wants to talk about it. Belle doesn't want to cry on his shoulder after just asking for space. Phillip understands she was worried about Claire and guesses something happened with her. Belle knows she's not mom of the year but she's trying. Belle feels like there is nothing she can do to make Claire understand how much she loves her. Phillip encourages her and reminds her of when they were that age. Belle wishes she could be more like her mom. Belle decides she should go. Phillip offers to walk her home so Belle takes his hand. Phillip tells her to never forget how special she is as he kisses her. They kiss until Belle pulls away and apologizes for sending him mixed signals. Belle says Claire needs to know that she's putting her first. Phillip asks what that has to do with him. Phillip declares that Claire has to learn to live with the fact that Belle is not going back to Shawn. Phillip tells her not to lie to Claire or herself that she wants him as much as he wants her.

Lani talks to Paul about Theo's girl problem. Lani worries about Theo obsessing. She talks about Theo being the most loyal and honest person but he's been through a lot. Lani adds that if anyone tries to mess with him, they will be the ones hurting.

Claire returns to Ciara and asks what happened with Theo. Ciara responds that he wasn't in the mood to party. Claire mentions that she was hoping Chase might be there since he's out there alone. Ciara declares that if Chase shows up, she's leaving. Claire asks why. Ciara talks about Hope being worried. Ciara shouts that she hates him. Chase watches from outside as Claire asks what Chase did to her. A fight breaks out between two guys at the party as one calls the other a fag, which Theo tries to break up. Claire and Ciara see the fight and rush out of the party. Chase watches them go.

Joey goes to the hospital and pulls the fire alarm causing everyone to rush out which allows him to sneak in to Ava's room. Joey calls her a bitch and tells her that he hates her more than he can say. Joey accuses her of using him to get his parents back together just so she could tear them apart. Joey asks why she can't leave them alone. Joey declares there is only one way to get rid of her.

Phillip and Belle end up in bed together. Phillip asks if she's sure. Belle doesn't know. Phillip talks about knowing her since preschool and having a crush on her then. Belle jokes about him being good at getting her attention. Phillip agrees to wait as long as she needs but Belle doesn't want to wait and they begin kissing.

Paul runs in to the kid from the fight at the party in the town square and notes that he's upset. Paul asks him to talk to him about whatever it is because he can help.

Claire and Ciara return to Jennifer's. Ciara finds a note that Hope went to get food. Claire asks Ciara why she hates Chase but she falls asleep in the chair. Chase appears outside and peeks through the window at them.

Ava asks Joey what he's doing as he shuts off her monitors and then begins to smother her with a pillow.

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