Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/24/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/24/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole tells Theresa that she did try to stop Brady and she called the doctor who said there's nothing to worry about. Theresa complains about Brady just having a heart transplant. Nicole knows she's worried about Brady. Theresa argues that Brady just went after a woman who was in a mental institution. Nicole says he's doing it for Daniel. Theresa declares that Brady needs to stop thinking about Daniel and start thinking about his son. Theresa rushes out to go find Brady but Nicole stops her and tells her that Brady could be the one person that can get through to Summer and he needs to know her connection to Daniel. Nicole asks Theresa to let Brady deal with this but Theresa doesn't care about Summer. Theresa says she's out of here and storms out. Nicole goes after her.

Brady is surprised by Summer telling him of Daniel's theory that she was his sister. Brady asks how she and Daniel even met as Dario watches from the bar.

Kayla returns home to find her door cracked open. She pushes it open looking for Joey but finds Ava passed out on the floor. Steve comes in. Kayla tells him not to ask as Ava got in somehow and has injected herself with morphine. Steve tries waking her up. Kayla thinks back to receiving the sex tape from Ava.

Summer explains to Brady how she was dating a guy for a year and a half until he decided he couldn't handle her mood swings anymore so she had to check in to St. John's. Summer says she ran in to Daniel on the beach when she came out. Summer says it was nothing romantic but they were just two lost souls as Daniel moved out here after his wife died. Summer recalls Daniel was in a dark place but he always made time for her. Summer notes that Daniel didn't like LA much and wanted to live in a slower pace. Summer says it broke her heart when Daniel moved away as he was her best friend. Brady knows how she feels since he was his best friend too. Summer bets Brady's relationship with Daniel wasn't as wild as hers. Summer informs Brady that if she doesn't take her meds, she gets in big trouble. Summer talks about Daniel always pulling her up when she was down. Summer adds that she wouldn't be talking to Brady now if not for Daniel as he saved her life. Brady responds that he saved his too.

Joey walks through the town square and stops to think back to when he kissed Ava then to walking in on Steve kissing Ava and arguing with him. Joey throws a chair and walks out of the town square.

Steve asks Kayla what to do. Kayla says she'll give her mouth to mouth if she stops breathing but other than that, there's nothing they can do. Kayla says there's a chance she won't survive depending on how much she injected. Steve tells Kayla this is the last time they are going to deal with Ava. Kayla argues that she'll always be around as long as she has a heartbeat.

Nicole brings Theresa back and insists on her talk with the doctor. Theresa questions why Brady would go in to the ocean to save a lunatic. Nicole tells her that Brady saved her. Theresa knows Brady wouldn't let anyone drown. Nicole gets that she's scared. Theresa cries about how they could've lost him as Nicole hugs her.

Dario remains watching from the bar. Summer and Brady talk about Daniel saving their lives. Summer says Daniel knew her better than anyone else. Brady asks when he first brought up them possibly being related. Summer says it was 2 or 3 years after he moved to Salem. Summer suggests playing darts so Brady agrees.

Kayla wonders how Ava got in anyways and what if Joey would have been there. Steve tells her that Joey bolted when he tried to explain what happened. Steve says he told Joey everything as he didn't want him to hear it from Ava. Steve admits Joey didn't take it great and said he needed to go off and think but he doesn't know where he went. Kayla worries about Joey being out there somewhere. Steve blames himself but Kayla says it's their fault for ever letting Ava back in to their lives.

Theresa wants to see Brady and make sure he's okay. Nicole decides she's going to take a shower and suggests they can go track Brady down together after. Theresa tells her to make it quick but Nicole thinks they should give Brady time to see this through. Theresa understands this is about Nicole and Daniel too. Nicole mentions wanting to know Daniel's connection to Summer and how Daniel had never mentioned her. They agree to give Brady time as Nicole goes to shower.

Summer and Brady play darts. Summer throws a bulls-eye. Dario asks how they are doing. Brady says he's good. Dario knows to get Summer an unsweet coffee. Brady asks Summer why Daniel thought they were related. Summer talks about being adopted. Summer says her birth mother was said to be a woman on a farm in the midwest and had a condition so she couldn't take care of her. Brady asks if anyone ever mentioned Salem. Summer says someone might have but it's kind of hazy. Summer recalls Daniel telling her that he found his birth mother in Maggie, who matched the description of living on a farm but Daniel said not to get her hopes up. Summer explains that Daniel sent her a DNA kit and that she lost it but later found it and sent it back but never heard anything. Summer says Daniel probably never had a chance to run the test.

Joey sits outside the town square where a girl approaches. She comments on it seeming like he's having a crap day. Joey calls it a crap month and the girl relates to it. She introduces herself as Jade and reveals she knows he is Joey.

Kayla checks on Ava. Steve tells her to let Ava die since she wanted to overdose. Kayla responds that as much as she hates her, she won't let her die as much as she can help. The ambulance then arrives.

Dario brings nachos and coffee to Summer. Brady talks about the theory being wild. Summer asks about Daniel never mentioning it. Brady guesses Daniel wanted to be sure first and talks about having these dreams now like Daniel trying to speak to him. Brady believes Daniel wanted him to finish what he started and get Summer to Salem to meet Maggie. Brady asks Summer what she says to that.

Joey asks Jade how she knows him. Jade notes that they go to school together. Jade looks at his phone and is impressed by his music. Joey doesn't think they have any classes together. Jade informs him that it was last semester but he never paid much attention. Joey remembers it was after he got kicked out of boarding school. She remembers seeing him sometimes before as she was a grade ahead of him but got held back for missing too many days. Jade talks about promising her parents to make better choices at school. Jade invites Joey to a party.

Kayla instructs the paramedics as Ava is stretchered out of their house. Kayla calls Roman and informs her that Ava broke in and tried to commit suicide by injecting herself with morphine. Kayla explains that she was just taken away in an ambulance. Kayla says she and Steve are heading to the hospital. Roman agrees to get there as soon as he can and hangs up. Steve tells Kayla that Ava was going for something other than suicide as she had an agenda. Kayla agrees that Ava loves herself too much and that the reports will show she injected just enough to make it look bad but not kill herself. Steve wants to find out why.

Nicole finishes her shower. Theresa tells her that Brady finally texted her back that he and Summer are at a bar on the beach in Malibu. Theresa mocks Summer's name. Nicole tells her to leave her attitude and not get jealous. Theresa argues that Nicole wants to find out how Summer was involved with Brady while she just wants to get Brady back to Salem.

Summer tells Brady it's a lot to take in and questions flying somewhere she's never been with someone she doesn't really know. Brady knows it's a lot. Summer asks what Salem is like. Brady says it's nice and encourages her about meeting his family. Summer says it sounds like he has a nice family. Brady says he does though things have been different since the accident and he's been trying to find out who he is and what he wants. Summer relates to that but notes that she didn't have her family. Brady tells her this could be a new start for her with a new family if Daniel was right. Summer admits it sounds exciting but scary. Summer asks what if Daniel was wrong and the DNA is not a match. Brady believes in Daniel and doesn't think he would've experienced the dreams if he weren't positive. Brady asks if she wants to take a trip.

Fynn talks to Kayla and Steve about Ava at the hospital. They talk about her mental history. Fynn goes to check on Ava. Steve asks Kayla about her run in with Ava outside the town square. Kayla explains that Ava provoked her and kept telling her that Steve loved her. Kayla admits she attacked her. Steve points out that's exactly what she wanted her to do.

Fynn checks on Ava. She asks where she is. Fynn tells her that she's safe at the hospital and will feel better soon. Fynn says he has to run some tests then will come back to see her. Fynn exits and tells Kayla and Steve that Ava is conscious as he goes for tests. Steve says it's time to talk to Ava but Kayla stops him and tells him to stay away from her. Kayla tells him to leave it to her as she heads in to Ava's room.

Summer tells Brady that she's not sure she's ready and worries that Maggie would be blindsided. Brady encourages her. Summer comments that even her psychiatrist thinks she's a mess. Brady brings up Daniel and compares Maggie to him. Theresa and Nicole enter. Nicole is surprised to see Dario at the bar while Theresa joins Brady. Brady says they just got to talking. Theresa wants to get Brady home. Summer agrees that it's time for Brady to go home. Brady agrees but asks if Summer is coming with them.

Joey questions Jade wanting him to go to a party. Jade tells him it will be fun but Joey says it's just been a weird day. Jade encourages that it might help. Joey agrees to go so they walk off together.

Roman arrives at the hospital and asks Steve if he has any idea why Ava would want to overdose in their living room. Steve suggests to get their attention but they figure there's more to it. Roman brings up Kayla telling him what Steve did and thought the days of him hurting Kayla were over. Steve says there's a reason it happened and he's sorry. Roman tells him that doesn't cut it anymore so he hopes Kayla kicks him out the door.

Kayla stands over Ava in her hospital room. Ava guesses she is to thank for saving her life. Kayla tells her to cut the crap and questions what kind of game she's playing.

Nicole tells Dario that they just got there and don't know how long they are staying. Dario suggests she come back later so they can talk. Theresa questions Brady wanting Summer to come back to Salem. Brady says there's a good reason but it's Summer's call. Summer tells him that her life is too complicated so she can't leave. Summer says she's sorry but isn't going back with Brady which makes Theresa smile.

Roman goes over Ava with Fynn. Roman then joins Steve looking in the window of Ava's room.

Ava asks Kayla why she's being so mean. Ava tells her that she's not playing any games but Kayla doesn't believe her and tells her it stops now. Ava responds that's where she's wrong. Ava says she got her as she looks to the window and starts to panic. Steve and Roman rush in as Roman tries to calm her down. Ava shouts that Kayla injected her and is trying to kill her.

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