Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/23/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/23/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe gets a call at the police station and says he'll have someone there in five minutes. Rafe tells Shawn that they found a body in the abandoned building just like André said. Rafe tells Shawn to get there to confirm it's Stefano's.

Ciara returns to Jennifer's where Hope asks if she's okay. Hope informs her that Chase has taken off again and disappeared. Hope wonders how many times they have to tell him he's in danger. Ciara thinks back to Chase raping her.

André brings Chase to a secret room where he will never be found. Chase worries if he should pay for what he did and asks André why he's protecting him. André calls him a kindred spirit and says this is a place for refuge.

Joey tells Steve that he understands he had to sleep with a crazy woman to save Kayla. Steve insists on why and that it disgusted him but Joey isn't buying it. Steve thinks he should be grown up about this. Joey shouts back the same about what he did to Kayla. Steve asks if this is only about him betraying Kayla or is it about Ava betraying Joey.

Roman asks Kayla if she's having second thoughts about letting Ava leave town. Kayla says no. Roman asks if it's really what she wants. Kayla responds that she would really want to be alone with her and a baseball bat but she finds this the best way to get her out of their lives. Roman hugs her. Kayla comments on how much she hates Ava. Roman goes over Ava kidnapping her and leaving her to die. Kayla knows making her pay could take years and she just wants her life back now which she can only do if Ava is gone.

JJ escorts Ava back to her hotel room, demanding she get on the flight back to Italy. JJ tells her that she has thirty minutes but she argues that's not enough time to shower and change.

Theresa questions what is going on with Nicole, Brady, and Summer. Brady responds by asking Theresa what she is doing there.

Ava tries to flirt with JJ but he mocks her. Ava wants privacy to shower. JJ tells her that he will be outside the door and that she now has 20 minutes as he's going to make sure she gets on that flight. JJ exits the room. Ava opens her drawer and pulls out the bottle and syringe that she had delivered.

Theresa cries to Brady that she was calling and he wasn't picking up. Brady asks where Tate is. Theresa says he's with the nanny. Theresa asks if Summer is the woman he's been dreaming about. Summer goes over everything and questions who Brady is and what all this is about.

Joey questions Steve going there. Steve apologizes but he knows Ava turned on her charm. Joey knows he was wrong about her but he doesn't like to think about how much of an idiot he was. Joey doesn't want to talk about it and shouts that he wishes he was dead as he storms out of the house. Steve follows out after him.

Ava sees the text from Steve that she's a dead woman and throws her phone against the wall. JJ rushes back in and asks what's going on. Ava claims that she just knocked the lamp over. JJ decides that her time is up and they are going to the airport now.

Rafe explains to Shawn the situation with André giving them where Stefano's body is. Roman comes in with Kayla. Shawn exits while Rafe confirms to Rafe that there was a body in the building. Rafe argues that forensics will show that Stefano was shot with Bo's gun to make their case even stronger. Roman tells Rafe to keep him posted as he steps back out with Kayla.

Hope asks Ciara if she has any idea where Chase might go. Ciara says no and that she doesn't care. Hope asks what's going on with them then decides they will deal with it after they find him. Hope mentions that André's been released and worries that he may find Chase before they do. Ciara is sick of André and Chase. Ciara thinks Chase leaving does them a favor. Ciara tells Hope that she has no idea and walks out. Rafe calls Hope and asks if he can come over with news but Hope doesn't know if it's a good time. Rafe clarifies that it's good news and hangs up.

Summer questions Brady as he tries to explain. Summer asks who Nicole and Theresa are. Brady knows it's weird since he found Summer on the beach he's been dreaming about. Summer is weirded out and rushes out of the hotel room as Brady tries to stop her. Summer doesn't care since she doesn't know him and doesn't believe his dreams. Summer walks away. Theresa tells Brady to let her go. Nicole worries that he's pushing himself too hard as Brady goes after Summer. Theresa questions Nicole as to why she lied to her.

Rafe goes to see Hope, who tells him about Chase disappearing again. Rafe says he'll get someone on it. Rafe tells Hope about their plan with Stefano's body being identified and André going to jail. Hope isn't sure she can ever put this behind her. Hope worries about Chase and André being back on the streets.

Steve follows Joey to the town square. Joey tells him to leave him alone but Steve refuses and wants to talk. Joey argues that talking won't change what he did. Steve wants Joey to talk but he says he has nothing to say. Steve encourages him to yell and scream at him that he hates him. Joey shoves him and asks if that's what he wants. Steve hugs him as he cries.

Roman and Kayla come back in to the station with coffee. Kayla tells Roman that she gets that Steve had no choice but every time she looks at him, she sees Ava all over him. Kayla says maybe if Steve told her instead of having to see the video. Kayla worries about Joey. Roman can't see Steve telling Joey about it. Kayla worries about Ava doing it. Roman encourages her to hang in there as Ava will be gone in a couple of hours. Kayla decides maybe they can get their lives back if there's an ocean between them.

Ava asks JJ to carry her bags but he tells her that he's not a bellboy. Ava warns him that her suitcase is heavy so she could use it as a a weapon. JJ turns around to pick it up then Ava knocks him down with her purse and runs out of the room. JJ gets up and goes after her.

Steve wishes this never happened. He tells Joey that he can hate him as much as he wants but wants to spare Kayla having to see it. Steve suggests they go somewhere private and talk it out.

Rafe reminds Hope that Ciara won't do anything stupid knowing André is out. Rafe says he will deal with André and Chase in the next few hours. Hope wonders if it's a good idea for Chase to go to Chicago if he's going to keep running away but she doesn't want to feel like she's giving up on him. Rafe tells her not to feel guilty. Hope says Chase is still the sweet little boy to her. Hope then gets a call from Chase and says she's so glad he called. Chase has something he needs to tell her. Chase informs Hope that he's not coming back.

Brady follows Summer back to her spot on the beach. Brady knows things were confusing but he wants to explain. Summer agrees to let Brady buy her a drink and comments that he looks like he could use one too.

Steve sits with Joey outside the town square and says he hates himself right now. Steve adds that he didn't have a choice but that it feels like a pattern of making mistakes all his life and hurting the people he loves. Steve thought he was done with that and regrets ever getting involved with Ava. Steve says they should've sent her packing the minute she showed up as he knew it would blow up in their face and hurt them. Steve declares that he will spend the rest of his life trying to make it up as he's not quitting on them even if they need to quit on him.

Kayla tells Roman that she hasn't been sleeping very well so she's going home to get some rest. Roman encourages that Ava is gone and out of her life. Kayla hopes she stays gone and exits. JJ returns to the station and tells Roman that he lost Ava as she hit him with a brick in her purse. Roman demands to know where she went but JJ lost her. Roman insists they will find her and lock her up. Roman gets a call and says he's sending backup. Roman tells JJ that he has a new assignment and not to mess it up.

Hope asks what Chase means by not coming back. Chase says he's going to live with his aunt in Chicago as he can't live here anymore since it's too much. Hope doesn't want him to leave like this and asks him to come back so they can talk. Chase says no but Hope insists on talking in person. Chase says he doesn't need to as he has already made up his mind and there's nothing she can do to stop him. Chase reminds that he's 18. Hope says she's just worried about him. Chase tells her that she doesn't have to be as he's just a burden to her. Hope argues that he's not but Chase disagrees. Chase assures her that he will be just fine and hangs up. Hope tells Rafe that Chase hung up after saying he's going to Chicago. Rafe points out that she said that might be a good idea. Hope didn't mean it and doesn't think Chase wants to go but that he thinks he has to.

André tells Chase that he handled it really well. Chase notes that Hope sounded worried and wonders how she would sound if Ciara told her what he did. André repeats to Chase that they are not his friends but he is his friend. Chase asks André where he's going. André says he has a couple things to handle at the hotel but he won't be long. André assures him that everything will be just fine.

Nicole tells Theresa that she didn't want to upset her. Theresa thinks Nicole didn't want to tell her that she was chasing after Brady. Nicole argues that it's not about Brady but about Summer. Nicole explains that she found Summer's file in Daniel's office and that she was adopted and spent time in a mental hospital. Nicole states that Summer was important to Daniel which means she's important to her and Brady.

Brady brings Summer to the bar where Dario notes that he found her. Summer questions Brady asking about her. Brady explains that he knew Dario from Salem. Summer decides she needs to know what's going on here. Summer asks Brady why he didn't just ask Daniel about her.

Chase paces in the secret room André took him too. Chase turns the lights out and sits down sadly, thinking back to raping Ciara.

Ciara goes to her bedroom and sits on her bed, thinking back to Chase raping her. Hope comes in so Ciara pretends to be asleep. Hope goes back downstairs to Rafe, who tells her that they wrapped up the crime scene at the construction site and Shawn identified Stefano's body. Hope asks if a warrant has been issued. Rafe responds that they are looking for André now.

Theresa asks Nicole if Daniel ever said anything to her about Summer. Nicole says he never did. Theresa questions Brady's dreams about a woman he never met or knew about. Theresa asks why Daniel was interested in Summer. Nicole says the file was just about her history with nothing personal. Theresa asks what happened before she showed up. Nicole tells her about Summer walking in to the ocean and Brady saving her. Theresa yells at Nicole that she should've tried to stop him and asks what's the matter with her.

Brady reveals to Summer that Daniel died in a car accident. Brady adds that Daniel was his best friend and he was with him when it happened. Summer questions him being fine. Brady explains that he almost died as well but Daniel was declared brain dead so Brady got his heart transplant. Brady states that he's alive because of Daniel. Summer can't believe he's gone even though she hadn't seen him in ages as they always kept in touch. Brady reveals that he started having the dreams after the transplant. Brady talks about always seeing Summer on a beach. Brady thinks there's a reason why he had those dreams about her.

Nicole tells Theresa that she did try to stop him and she called the doctor who said there's nothing to worry about. Theresa complains about Brady just having a heart transplant. Nicole knows she's worried about Brady. Theresa argues that Brady just went after a woman who was in a mental institution. Nicole says he's doing it for Daniel. Theresa declares that Brady needs to stop thinking about Daniel and start thinking about his son. Theresa rushes out to go find Brady.

Brady explains to Summer that he thinks Daniel's spirit made the dreams happen because he wanted him to find her but he doesn't know why yet. Summer says strange things have happened in her life too. Summer asks for a favor and puts her hand on Brady's chest. Brady asks why she thinks Daniel wanted him to find her. Summer reveals that Daniel had this theory where he thought they were brother and sister.

André walks through the town square and runs in to JJ and Shawn. André asks what this is all about. Shawn arrests André and reads his rights.

Hope stares out the window as Rafe brings her a sandwich. Hope says she was just thinking. Rafe encourages her to stop worrying since André is going down and will never bother her again. Hope thanks Rafe for everything. Rafe gets a call from Shawn, who tells him that he will tell Hope now. Rafe hangs up and informs Hope that André has been arrested. Rafe decides he better go and encourages Hope to get excited since they did it and this is over but Hope continues to worry. Rafe exits and Hope goes back to looking out the window, hoping it's true.

Steve tells Joey that even if he hates him, that's alright because he will never stop loving him and Kayla no matter what. Joey says he needs to go think about all of this. Steve says he'll be at the house if he wants to talk any time. Steve hopes Kayla will be there. Joey asks if he really thinks she wants to see him right now. Joey thinks she deserves some peace and quiet. Joey then walks off.

Kayla returns home to find her door cracked open. She pushes it open looking for Joey but finds Ava passed out on the floor.

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