Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/22/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/22/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Outside the town square, Ava approaches Kayla and tells her they should talk about what happened. Kayla threatens to call Roman. Ava wants her to know everything that happened and why it happened. Kayla then slaps Ava.

Steve goes to the nightclub and orders a drink as he thinks back to having sex with Ava and trying to explain it to Kayla. Hope arrives and tells Steve that he looks like hell. Steve comments on Hope's world crashing down since he's been back. Hope is still grateful for Steve bringing Bo home and asks him to talk to her.

André returns to Chase at the Salem Inn. Chase questions where he's been. André explains that he was at the police station because he's a DiMera and wrongfully accused.

Theo and Ciara go to Jennifer's. Theo offers to get her a glass of water. Ciara tells him that he doesn't have to babysit her since he has other things to do but Theo insists and suggests watching a movie. Ciara heads inside and looking at the couch reminds her of Chase raping her there. Theo knows something bad is going on with her and wants to know what it is.

Brady remains on the beach and looks around until he spots Summer just like in his dream. She gets up and heads into the ocean where she is overtaken by the waves. Brady yells her name and rushes after her. Nicole arrives looking for Brady as he rushes in to the water and dives in to save Summer. Nicole rushes down to the water calling out for Brady.

Ciara tells Theo that she's fine. Theo knows something was wrong and that she was about to tell him before Joey showed up. Theo guesses Chase did something. Ciara yells at him to stop. Theo asks about watching a movie. Ciara wants a margarita and says she knows where Jennifer keeps the drinks. Theo warns her that it's not a good idea. Ciara argues that she's almost 18 anyways and says she's never been the good girl.

Steve tells Hope that he's alright. Hope asks if that's why he's here drinking vodka. Steve tells her that he had some trouble with Joey and then things got rocky with Kayla because of Ava. Steve wishes he did something about Ava a long time ago. Steve explains to Hope how Ava faked her diagnosis of leukemia and how Joey had a crush on her. Steve continues how Kayla tried to take Ava on but it blew up in her face. Steve tells Hope that Ava had him right where she wanted him. Steve declares that he might end up losing Kayla and Joey for good.

Ava talks to Kayla about her night with Steve as Kayla tries calling Roman. Kayla leaves him a message to call her back immediately. Kayla tells Ava to give it up as Steve already told her everything. Ava questions her believing him. Kayla calls her pathetic and tells her to shut up. Ava claims that Steve made up a story to make her feel better. Kayla threatens Ava.

Nicole helps Brady as he carries Summer out of the water and to the beach. Brady questions what Nicole is doing here. Summer regains consciousness and tries to question Brady but she passes out as he tries to explain. They bring Summer to Brady's hotel room. Summer wakes up asking where she is and what she's doing here. Nicole tells her that Brady saved her from the water. Summer questions Brady knowing her name. Brady asks why she walked in to the ocean. Summer claims she wanted to swim. Brady points out that she had her clothes on. Summer argues that he can't keep her there and she doesn't even know who he is.

Steve explains to Hope that Ava knocked Kayla out and locked her up until he agreed to help her find her kid but she still wouldn't tell him where Kayla was so he agreed to Ava's terms. Hope realizes that's why he's afraid of losing Kayla and Joey. Steve adds that Ava sent the video to Kayla and he feels like scum. Hope comments that people like Ava make them do unspeakable things and she might have done worse. Steve wishes he could have found another way. Hope argues that Ava would have let Kayla die and asks if Joey knows. Steve says he doesn't know about he and Ava. Hope warns him to make sure Joey doesn't find out the same way that Kayla did.

Ava knows Kayla would want to kill her since she lost with Steve. Kayla accuses her of blackmailing with recording the sex. Ava argues that Steve only thinks he hates her. Roman calls Kayla back so she tells him to get there before she kills Ava.

Nicole suggests calling paramedics or a hospital but Summer insists she's fine. Summer blames the accident on having too much to drink. Summer says she just lost her balance. Brady informs her that he was watching the whole time. Summer tells him that she wasn't trying to kill herself and she's glad he pulled her out but now she's going home. Brady gets up to stop her but starts having trouble breathing. Nicole tries to keep him calm.

Steve returns home looking for Kayla but sees Joey asleep on the couch. Steve wakes him up. Joey asks what he wants.

Ava tells Kayla that she better split before Roman comes. Kayla warns her that Roman will hunt her down. Ava responds that she'll hire an expensive lawyer and walk. Ava claims all she did was smack her after she broke in to her hotel room. Kayla brings up what else she did. Ava asks if Steve tells Kayla to keep her eyes open when they make love. Kayla punches Ava. Ava adds that Steve liked it rough. Kayla starts choking Ava until Roman arrives with JJ to break it up.

André asks Chase if he's having a problem. Chase says he thought Ciara really liked him since she always acted like she did. Chase wishes his dad was here but can't believe he just said that. Chase doesn't get it since Ciara acted in to it at first. André agrees as Chase explains that he took control but then Ciara was telling him no. André says that's just playing the game. Chase says before long he couldn't hear and didn't stop. Chase adds that he didn't want to stop. André asks if he's saying he and Ciara had sex.

Ciara finds the margarita she wanted. Theo stops her and questions what she's doing. Ciara says she just wants to drink. Theo questions her about what happened today since he knows when she's upset. Ciara argues that they aren't kids anymore. Theo tries to stop her but Ciara drops the bottle and it smashes as she yells at him not to tell her what to do. Hope walks in and asks what is going on here.

Nicole tries to get Brady to sit down but he insists he's fine. Summer asks what's wrong with him. Nicole explains that Brady had a heart transplant and still carried her out of the ocean. Nicole wants to call 911 but Brady says he just needs to sit for a minute. Nicole doesn't think sitting will fix it. Summer thinks she's right. Brady insists that he will be fine without paramedics. Brady says he just got dizzy and mentions Fynn. Brady tells Nicole that she can call Fynn's specialist to confirm that he's okay. Summer recognizes Fynn's name. Brady asks how she knows him. Brady asks if she's going to tell him about herself. Summer questions if he came here looking for her.

Steve tells Joey that he needs to talk to him. Joey doesn't want to talk but Steve says it's important as there is something he needs to know and he needs to hear it from him.

André encourages Chase about going all the way with Ciara. Chase points out that she didn't want to so he's like one of those creeps on TV. Chase calls himself a monster like his dad. André disagrees and says a monster is someone who invents a cover story and blames someone else like Hope. André supposes Ciara is just like Hope. Chase asks why he's talking about Hope and Ciara like that since they had been nothing but good to him. André asks if it doesn't occur to him that they are just trying to polish their perfect image. Chase calls Ciara the greatest girl he's ever met but now he hurt her so bad and can never make that go away.

Theo lies to Hope that drinking was his idea as he told Ciara that he wanted to try a margarita and the bottles broke when Ciara tried talking him out of it. Theo takes the blame and says he'll clean it up but Hope says they are guests in the house and will clean it up. Hope adds that she's not happy about this. Theo apologizes. Hope suggests he go. Ciara tells her that Theo is lying as she got the liquor out and he hated the whole idea. Hope admits she suspected that and apologizes to Theo. Ciara doesn't see the big deal. Hope tells Theo that she needs to talk to Ciara alone so Theo exits after telling Ciara he will call her later. Ciara asks how much trouble she's in. Hope says that depends on her definition of trouble. Ciara asks what that means. Hope tells her she won't ground her but she is very worried about her. Hope knows she's grieving her dad and has been through a lot. Hope can see that this is all tearing her apart. Hope tells her that getting drunk only puts off the pain until being sober again. Hope says the only way to get through this awful time is to drive right through it. Ciara admits she got stupid for a little bit. Hope says she just wasn't thinking and hugs her, wishing she could take away all the pain. Ciara tries not to cry.

André knows what it's like to long for forgiveness. Chase argues that Ciara will never forgive him after what he did to her. Chase admits that he raped her. André points out that he loved her. Chase says that doesn't change anything. André encourages Chase to forgive himself to move on. André says it's one of the hardest lessons he ever learned. Chase questions how he can move on knowing what he did. André tells him to give himself time and promises to protect him as long as he can.

Nicole tells Brady that the doctor wants to know how he's feeling now. Brady responds that he's fine. Nicole continues on the phone. Brady informs Summer that he lives in Salem and was very good friends with Dr. Daniel Jonas. Brady understands that she knew Daniel and Fynn when they lived in Malibu. Summer admits that she did and she was good friends with Daniel then stuff happened and Daniel ended up leaving town so she hadn't seen him since. Summer says she misses him. Brady sees that. Summer says Daniel is such a good man. Nicole finishes the call with the doctor. Summer asks Brady how Daniel is doing.

Kayla tells Roman that she lost it as she yells at Ava. Kayla argues that Ava knew Roman was coming and wanted her to look her worst. Roman questions what Ava gets coming back to town. Ava says that's her business and accuses Kayla of trying to kill her. Roman and JJ disagree. Roman brings up what Ava did to Kayla. Roman warns her to shut up now as she's in enough trouble as it is. Roman says he will book her then throw the book at her. Ava warns him to think about if he wants it to play out like this.

Hope asks Ciara if something else happened with Theo. Ciara says no so Hope guesses it was Chase. Ciara doesn't know where he is. Hope knows Ciara doesn't like Chase living with them. Ciara doesn't understand why they have to take care of him. Hope questions what happened since she was with her on this. Ciara brings up Aiden trying to kill Hope and says she can't live with that, adding that Chase would never be like a brother to her. Hope says that would decimate him if he heard that as it's pretty harsh words but those are her feelings. Hope suggests finding a way to work this out.

Joey asks Steve what he has to tell him. Steve tells him that he had to do what Ava wanted or she wouldn't tell him where Kayla was. Steve informs him that finding her kid wasn't enough for her. Joey asks what she wanted. Steve reveals that she wanted him. Joey can't believe he did it and that he couldn't think of something else. Steve argues that she was out of her mind and he was afraid that she would leave Kayla to die so he did it.

Ava can't wait for this case to go to court and brings up the sex tape with Steve, adding that the jury will have to see it so it will go viral and the whole town will know he cheated on Kayla with her. Ava tells Roman to go ahead. Roman tells Kayla not to listen to her. Kayla wants Ava as far away as possible from her and her family. Kayla tells Ava that she can buy herself a one way ticket to the other side of the world and never come back. Roman disagrees with letting her go. Kayla tells Ava that the hard way is going to trial in federal court. Ava argues against the kidnapping charge. Roman insists that they can make it stick. Kayla asks Ava what it's going to be.

André tells Chase that he has his own problems to deal with. Chase asks what he's supposed to do if he takes off since he can't go back to Ciara. André says he won't abandon him, he just might have to leave the country for awhile. Chase asks if he's supposed to live on the streets. André says they will have to find him some place safe where no one can find him. Chase asks what that means. André says his problems concern him and depending on what Ciara tells the authorities, they might come after him for what he's done so he will have to be prepared for that.

Hope believes they can live together in peace and plans to go upstairs to talk to Chase. Hope tells Ciara they will be okay and heads upstairs. Ciara looks down at the couch and has flashbacks to Chase raping her. Ciara then rushes out.

Steve tells Joey that he wanted him to hear it from him. Steve apologizes for lying before and says he couldn't handle Kayla finding out because he didn't want to hurt her but now she knows and he hates what he did. Joey points out that he still did it. Steve doesn't expect them to forgive him but he hopes maybe they might understand.

Kayla asks Ava for her choice. Ava asks what time her plane leaves. Kayla says as soon as possible. Roman doesn't like it, thinking she's getting off too easy. Roman instructs JJ to escort Ava to her hotel to pack up her things and get on the flight. Roman warns Ava about locking her up if she comes back to town. JJ escorts Ava away.

Summer asks why Brady and Nicole are looking at her like that when she just asked how Daniel is. They get interrupted by a knock at the door and Theresa arrives. Theresa questions what the hell Nicole is doing in LA and why she is in Brady's hotel room.

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