Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/19/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/19/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady walks the beach in Malibu then sits down, thinking back to what he said about how he feels Daniel is telling him to go there to answer a question.

Nicole finishes a call about her trip to LA. Theresa comes in and asks what trip. Nicole tells her that she's leaving soon but came to get her laptop charger. Theresa asks her again what trip since she's her business partner and should know where she's going.

Phillip enters the Kiriakis Mansion to talk to Victor but he tells him he's busy. Phillip wants a couple of minutes but Victor says he's a traitor and tells him to get out. Phillip shuts the doors and tells him that even if he never forgives him, he's going to explain why he did what he did.

Belle sits at the nightclub having a drink when Marlena joins her. Belle guesses it's lecture time but Marlena says it's not but she will listen if she wants to talk. Belle tells her about Shawn and Claire saying they don't recognize her anymore. Belle adds that she doesn't recognize herself anymore.

Ava plays the video on her phone of her and Steve having sex.

Steve sits outside of the town square where John finds him and asks what's happening. John comments that he looks like he just lost his best friend. Steve thinks maybe he has. John asks him to talk to him.

Kayla goes home and puts her things down. As she goes to get some tea, her phone rings with a text message from Ava.

Nicole tells Theresa that she's going to Chicago and claims she's checking on fabric deals. Theresa says she's the designer so she's going with her.

Brady looks over his notes on the dreams he's been having.

Steve fills John in on what has happened. John doesn't know what to say. Steve tells him that he had to do it but hasn't told Kayla. Steve hoped he could keep quiet and Ava wouldn't come back. John says this is eating him up. Steve worries about losing Kayla. John says he's definitely going to if she finds out he kept this from her.

Kayla goes back to check her phone and receives Ava's message with the video of her and Steve having sex. Steve comes home to find Kayla on the couch and asks if she's okay. Kayla says he can tell her if that's not too much to ask. Steve sits down and says there is something he needs to tell her. Steve says he's been trying to figure out the best place to start. Kayla gives him her phone and says he can start here as the video plays. Steve cries that he's so sorry and asks to explain.

Ava checks her phone and repeats that she sent it to her.

Nicole tells Theresa that she doesn't need to go as she is just looking at deals but not ordering anything. Theresa still wants to come. Nicole says she's also doing personal things like checking on Chloe and Parker. Nicole says Theresa can check on her budget figures but Theresa reminds her that she already did that. Nicole asks her to do it again as she has to go. Nicole then exits.

Brady enters a bar in Malibu and orders a ginger ale. Brady tells the bartender that he's looking for a woman named Summer but the bartender is new. He tells Brady that the regular bartender should be there soon. Brady then hears the song from his dream on the jukebox. The regular bartender shows up and turns out to be Rafe and Gabi's brother Dario Hernandez.

Belle talks to Marlena about thinking of when she and Shawn had everything figured out with Claire growing up. Belle says somewhere along the way she lost herself. Marlena says it might take some work to find herself but Belle isn't sure she wants to. Belle talks about screwing up with Shawn and hurting him while Claire acts like she would rather have any other mom. Marlena encourages her. Belle doesn't know why she always has to be the responsible one. Marlena guesses she's talking about Phillip.

Phillip explains to Victor about the woman who overdosed in his room in Chicago and how Deimos blackmailed him. Phillip confirms to Victor that Deimos never gave a damn about the drug serum but only about hurting Victor by getting him to betray him. Phillip apologizes. Victor tells him that he's such an idiot and asks why he didn't come to him when he got in trouble. Phillip doesn't know. Victor says his problem is not thinking. Phillip agrees to go. He stops and talks about living his life trying to live up to what he wanted him to be. Victor says he never expected him to be perfect, just loyal to the family. Victor says he would've guided Phillip through the whole mess if he came to him instead of trusting Deimos. Phillip calls it the worst mistake of his life. Phillip says he just wanted to explain things and repeats that he's sorry. Phillip says he'll do whatever it takes. Victor says he knows exactly what he can do.

Brady can't believe Dario is there as he thought he was still in Argentina. Dario says it just wasn't for him. Brady questions him coming to LA instead of back to Salem. Dario says he was looking for something else. Dario talks about Rafe thinking he never tried hard enough and Gabi wanting him to get a lucky break. Dario asks how Brady found him. Brady calls it coincidence as he's looking for a girl named Summer. Dario quickly says he knows Summer as she's been a regular since before he started. Brady asks if he has her number but he doesn't. Dario tells him she will probably be in soon.

Kayla doesn't want to know why as Steve told her it never happened. Kayla doesn't want to hear more lies. Steve shouts that he did it to save her life. Kayla tells him to pack his bag and go. Kayla asks when it happened and if Joey knows. Steve says no as everything he told her about Joey is true. Kayla asks when they did it. Steve cries that he never wanted to hurt her like this. Kayla tells him it's too late as she cries.

Dario tells Brady that sending him to Argentina for Titan did him a favor. Dario says he doesn't plan on being a bartender forever but it pays the rent and he likes the view of the beach.

Steve explains to Kayla how he and Ava got stranded in the storm in Hawaii. Steve says he made Ava promise she would tell him where Kayla was but once they were there, she changed it and said he had to have sex with her or she would never let Kayla out. Steve cries that all he could think about was Kayla. Steve explains how after that, she gave Joey the location. Steve cries that he did what he had to do to save her. Steve yells that he hates Ava and himself but he knew he couldn't live if he lost Kayla.

Belle tells Marlena that she and Phillip have history. Belle adds that Phillip has been really good to her and doesn't judge her like Shawn does. Belle says she doesn't want to talk about them and just focus her energy on Claire. Belle cries that Claire is the most important person in her life. Marlena is glad she is getting her priorities straight but Belle doesn't know what to do.

Phillip tells Victor that he will do anything. Victor tells him to go back to Deimos as if he's angry with Victor to find out his next move. Victor says if he can pull it off, they will discuss forgiveness. Victor then exits.

Kayla tells Steve not to touch her and that she's never hated anybody as much as she hates Ava. Steve calls Ava the worst thing to ever happen to them. Steve admits he lied to her and apologizes. Kayla remembers all the years that she was angry with him and didn't want to see him again but then he came back and wouldn't let up, promising that everything would be different. Kayla cries about finally letting him back in her life and letting her guard down.

Ava has a box delivered to her hotel room which inside is a bottle and a syringe.

Theresa imagines getting a phone call about Brady being found dead on the beach. Theresa stops herself and repeats that nothing will go wrong and everything is fine.

Brady asks if Dario stays in touch with Gabi and Rafe. Dario says not really as he likes to stay off the radar. Brady promises not to say anything if he doesn't want. Brady asks if Summer comes in every day. Dario says she's a sure bet by Friday and asks if it's a new romance. Brady tells him about Theresa and Tate. Dario congratulates him. Brady explains that he's trying to help out an old friend as he's never met Summer. Dario warns him that she has issues and you never know what you'll get with her. Dario mentions hearing that she was in a psych ward and she's pretty intense. Dario asks if Brady is really sure he wants to meet her.

Belle goes to see Phillip and asks for Victor. Phillip tells her that he just went upstairs. Phillip is glad Belle came and says he knows they are giving each other space. Phillip suggests they can keep things casual but Belle insists she just came to see Victor. Phillip calls for Victor. Phillip asks Belle if they can meet later as he needs to talk to her and it's important.

Brady tells Dario that he's going to leave since Summer hasn't shown up. Dario notes that she's usually there by now. Brady leaves his hotel information to contact him if she comes in. Brady notes that it's in regards to Daniel Jonas. Dario remembers him as Melanie's dad and asks if he knew Summer. Brady says to just tell her to contact him. Brady adds that there's no hard feelings from what happened in Salem and hopes Dario finds what he's looking for if he doesn't see him again. Brady then exits.

Theresa paces at home and decides to call Nicole, off the card she left for the fabric company in Chicago but finds out she is not there. Theresa calls that strange and suggests maybe she will go there after seeing Parker. Theresa notes that Nicole was nervous so she thinks she was lying and wonders if she's in LA. Theresa then imagines Nicole and Brady coming back together then stops and tells herself that it's crazy. Theresa wonders why she is so insecure.

Kayla tells Steve that she needs some air. Steve tells her that he loves her more than anything and asks her not to let this kill them. Kayla rushes out of the house crying. Steve pulls out his phone and texts Ava that she's a dead woman.

Kayla walks out of the town square and sits down on the bench. Ava approaches and tells her they should talk about what happened.

Belle doesn't think it's a good idea for she and Phillip to meet and keep space. Victor comes in and asks Belle about wanting to see him. Victor tells Phillip to close the doors on his way out so he exits. Victor asks what he can do for Belle. Belle informs him that she wants to buy his nightclub.

Theresa calls Brady, leaving a message for him to please call her back. Theresa then says to hell with it, she's going to LA.

Nicole goes to Brady's hotel room and knocks on the door but there's no answer.

Brady remains on the beach and looks around until he spots Summer just like in his dream. She gets up and heads into the ocean where she is overtaken by the waves. Brady yells her name and rushes after her.

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