Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/18/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/18/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn continues to argue with Belle about her stealing money from the DiMeras. Belle mocks him judging everything she's done for the last two years. Shawn declares he's done and warns her that she's screwing up big time. Shawn tells her that it's wrong that she's putting their daughter in harm's way. Belle calls him arrogant and tells him to go to Hell. Shawn goes to leave as Eric arrives and apologizes if it's not a good time.

Brady has his dream about being on the beach in Malibu and seeing the woman identified as Summer. The dream then switches to Brady seeing her screaming in a psychiatric care room.

Rafe tells Andre to share his idea of what happened to Stefano first as he and Roman take him into the interrogation room. Roman asks where Stefano is but Andre says he's not sure and brings up the text that he had moved to Europe. Roman asks why he would relocate at this time unless he was running for his life. Roman suggests maybe Stefano thought Andre would shoot him as he brings out Bo's gun which was found in the DiMera Mansion. Roman asks Andre how it got there.

Chase goes to the Salem Inn looking for Andre but he's not there. Chase sits down in frustration and thinks back to forcing himself on Ciara and raping her.

Ciara sits alone at Jennifer's crying.

Brady looks over a notepad of everything he has about the dream and wonders what Daniel is telling him. Theresa comes home and asks what he's so worked up about.

Andre responds that he's not sure how Bo's gun got in the DiMera Mansion but he doesn't live there anymore. Rafe questions how he explains it being in his suitcase. Andre suggests Harold found it and put it there by mistake or maybe Stefano took it from Bo or Hope. Andre declares he's never seen that gun before. Rafe and Roman ask if he's sure about that since it's the same gun Bo used which led to Andre's supposed death in the past. Roman says Stefano has disappeared and the only trace he's left behind is blood on the statue. Roman says they think Stefano is dead and the only person with means, motive, and opportunity to murder him was Andre.

Ciara remains crying then jumps up and wipes her tears when Jennifer comes home. Ciara tells her that she scared her as she thought she was at work. Jennifer tells her that she will make her something to eat and heads to the kitchen. Ciara looks back at the couch and sits down crying.

Belle tells Eric that it's a great time as Shawn was just getting the hell out. Shawn exits. Eric tells her that he can come back another time but Belle says they need to talk with his hearing coming up. Belle is afraid she has some bad news.

Nicole is in Daniel's office and talks on the phone with Maggie about packing up his personal things from his office. Nicole gets emotional about finding all the wedding presents he had delivered there.

Brady explains to Theresa that he woke up from his dream and wrote down the name of the Psychiatric Care that he saw. Theresa is worried and doesn't think it's healthy for him to be obsessing over this. Brady thinks it's Daniel's dreams. Theresa doesn't think he can do anything about it. Brady says he's fine but Theresa worries about him waking up agitated. Theresa asks him to please listen to her and take care of himself.

Ciara gets a text from Chase asking if she's OK and that he needs to see her. Ciara grabs her things and goes to rush out but Theo arrives. Ciara hugs him and Theo asks what's wrong. Ciara asks him to please get her out of here so they exit together.

Andre asks Roman that if he was going to frame Hope, why wouldn't he just bring the gun to him. Rafe tells Andre that nothing he says matters because the evidence links back to him. Andre states that Stefano is dead and he is buried in the foundations in the building being constructed. Andre adds that Stefano was shot, most likely with that gun. Roman asks if he's confessing. Hope watches through the window. Andre says he's not confessing that he killed Stefano, because it was Hope that pulled the trigger and adds that Rafe is doing everything he can to cover it up. Lani joins Hope at the window. Hope greets Lani and says she didn't hear her come in. Lani asks if she has any idea what's going on in the interrogation room. Hope says no as she's not a cop but here as a witness. Hope tells Lani that her house was broken in to and torched. Lani tells her to let her know if she can help. Hope tells her that Roman and Rafe have it under control.

Roman tells Andre that he's mistaken if he thinks he will take his word over his detectives but he appreciates him telling where the body is buried. Roman brings up Andre's fingerprints all over the gun and thinks they will have more than enough to lock him up for a long time.

Belle tells Eric that he will have to serve some time and probation is not really an option. Belle says that the minimum is three years. Eric asks about the maximum which Belle reveals is fourteen years.

Nicole opens a wedding gift which is a mug that says Salem Cares with a heart on it. Nicole then grabs her phone.

Brady tells Theresa that she doesn't have to worry as Fynn says he's fine. Theresa brings up almost losing him and his heart transplant. Theresa argues that it's a big deal and brings up he and Nicole's history then his dreams about another girl. Brady promises her that she doesn't have any competition. Theresa cries that she's starting to feel left out with Nicole and the mystery girl getting his attention. Brady assures her that she's always on his mind and in his heart. Theresa is scared of not knowing what's going on with him. Brady thinks Daniel's memories are in his head and he needs to find answers so he can focus on her, Tate, and their business. Theresa asks what if he doesn't find answers and they are just dreams. Brady says he will let go but he first must make sure he's done everything he can to find the answers. Brady reveals that's why he's decided that he is leaving for LA today. Theresa responds like hell he is.

Eric goes to the nightclub and orders a whiskey then finishes the drink.

Nicole meets Mr. Alvarado from Salem Cares. He tells her that sending the mug was a mistake since it was before his accident and he's sorry if it caused her any pain. Nicole tells him that she likes hearing how people felt about Daniel. Nicole says she asked him to come to take all the presents to people who could use them. He tells her that she and Daniel both have such good hearts and thanks her. He agrees to have the gifts picked up as soon as possible. Nicole stops and says she wants to keep the mug and one of the blenders as she has the perfect place for it.

Theresa argues that flying off to California could kill Brady. Brady assures her that he's taking a private jet and believes that Daniel is guiding him out there as it could change his life. Theresa asks what is wrong with his life here as it feels like he's running off to this dream girl.

Outside the town square, Theo asks Ciara why she's upset and then demands to know if Chase hurt her. Theo hugs her as she cries.

Andre tells Roman that they won't get away with framing him for Stefano's murder. Andre says Hope shot him and now Roman is trying to protect her. Andre tries to leave but Rafe forces him back down. Andre says they won't get away with this but Rafe responds that he won't. Hope remains watching in the window. Rafe has Andre escorted to a holding cell. Andre warns that he and Hope won't get away with this. Rafe points out his ring and asks didn't it belong to Stefano as he is taken away. Rafe and Hope exchange looks after Andre's gone.

Theo doesn't know what to say. Ciara tells him to just talk to her and tell him a story. Theo talks about being lost at the DiMera Mansion when he was little and how Stefano was nice to him. Theo misses Stefano and doesn't get why he left without saying goodbye. Theo notes that Ciara is still unhappy. Ciara is sorry he misses his grandfather. Theo doesn't know how to help her. Joey arrives and asks what's up. Theo tells him that Ciara is unhappy but not telling him why. Joey relates that he gets that way and sometimes doesn't want to be alone but doesn't want to talk either. Theo says he's like that too. Ciara thanks them. Joey says that's what friends are for. Ciara tells them not to worry but she's just kind of freaked out by life.

Jennifer comes back from the kitchen to find Ciara is gone. Jennifer then takes more pills from her purse. Eric shows up drunk banging on her door. Jennifer answers the door and Eric says she said she wanted to help him so here he is.

Brady assures Theresa that he is happy with his life but he feels like he owes it to Daniel to do this. Brady wishes she could understand but he has to do this so he's going. Theresa wants to go with him to figure it out together but Brady says she can't because her business launch is coming and she has to be there for that. Brady tells her that he'll be gone for a couple of days and the trip could just be a waste of time. Brady goes to say goodbye to Tate while Theresa answers the door as Nicole arrives with the blender as a house warming gift. Theresa tells Nicole that it's not a good time. Nicole asks what's going on. Theresa tells her that Brady is fine but obsessed with this woman from his dreams and he's going to LA to look for her. Nicole suggests maybe she's not even real. Theresa says Brady won't consider that as he thinks she holds some secret to Daniel's past. Theresa brings up the woman being in a psych ward in his dreams. Nicole states that the heart has reasons of which reason knows nothing. Theresa accuses Nicole of wanting him to go. Brady comes back out. Brady promises not to push himself and that he will call as soon as he gets in the hotel. Nicole wishes him luck. Brady notes that he's not really sure what he's looking for. Theresa promises to try not to stress out too much as they kiss goodbye and Brady exits.

Shawn walks through the town square and finds Lani going over case notes. Shawn stops and asks her to dinner some time. Lani asks if he really thinks that's a good idea. Shawn goes to leave but Lani stops him and agrees to dinner tonight.

Hope asks Roman if he thinks he can make the charges stick. Roman thinks they can with Stefano's body. Roman tells Rafe to get a court order to dig up the body. Roman notes how for Stefano, family came before everything so it's very strange for his own son to bring it all down. Roman exits. Hope asks Rafe if he thinks the charges will stick. Rafe responds that he does and they have Andre dead to rights. Rafe tells Hope to stop worrying and just take care of her kids.

Ciara says she has to go to the bathroom and rushes out. Theo tells Joey that he doesn't know what's wrong other than it's bad and she won't tell him about it.

Ciara goes to the bathroom and breaks down crying.

Jennifer takes Eric in where he stumbles in to the living room. Eric tells her not to waste her time as she offers him coffee and food. Eric remarks that she's as stoned as he is and asks how many pills she's taken today. Eric says he saw them and finds the pill bottle. Eric points out how they were full and now it's almost empty. Jennifer takes it away from him and warns him not to judge her when she's not hurting anyone while Daniel is dead because of him. Eric tells her it's all over her face just like everyone else. Eric wishes it was him too. Jennifer tells him not to say that. She knows how horrible this has been for him but encourages that he can beat this. Eric shouts that he wants it to kill him as he thinks about all the people he hurt. Jennifer suggests calling Lucas but Eric yells that he's beyond help and doesn't deserve it. Eric questions her sinking in the pills. Jennifer argues that she's not. Eric tells her to worry about herself. Jennifer claims she's fine. Eric asks what she's going to grab on to when there's nothing left to hold as he cries. Jennifer cries that she doesn't know. Eric grabs her and kisses her.

Nicole returns to Daniel's office to pack up his things. She finds a folder on Summer with the Psych Ward on it. She wonders what Daniel was doing in LA and who this woman is.

Brady goes to the beach in Malibu.

Nicole makes a call to book a flight to LA.

Rafe tells Hope that everything is set for the building foundation. Rafe never thought it would come to this but tells Hope that they have Andre signed, sealed, and delivered once they find Stefano's body. Hope warns him not to get cocky as they aren't in the clear yet. Hope says she just wants to go home to her kids so she exits. Roman stands near the window of the interrogation room.

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