Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/17/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/17/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve and Kayla talk at home. Steve says he will never take anything for granted after what happened. Kayla brings up him thinking that Ava will never leave them alone. Steve assures her that Ava is gone and it's over. Kayla asks him what happened while she was gone.

Ciara and Theo walk through the town square together. Ciara gets a call from Hope, talking about Chase. Ciara assures her that she's fine with Theo and a guard in the town square but they have to find Chase.

Chase and Andre continue eating together at the Salem Inn. Andre comments on things being complicated for Chase with Hope and Ciara. Chase feels he was never really apart of their family. Andre brings up Aiden but Chase doesn't like thinking about him.

Chad confirms to Rafe that the bag was Andre's luggage. Rafe points out that the gun was Bo's and stolen from Hope's. The cop brings up bloody bandages in the trash. Chad asks if this is still about the break-in at Hope's. Rafe responds that he has so many questions right now. Chad questions if he thinks Andre had something to do with Stefano's disappearance.

Shawn talks with Hope at the police station. Hope informs him about Chase missing. Hope adds that Rafe thinks it was Andre. Hope tells him not to worry. Hope gives Shawn a pendant of Bo's to welcome him to the police department. Hope tells him how proud she is of him. Shawn hopes he could be half the cop that Bo was. Shawn adds that Hope is a legend in the department. Shawn praises her and mentions that everyone wishes she would come back.

Rafe tells Chad that he's just collecting evidence. Chad insists on Andre's loyalty to Stefano. Rafe asks if he mentioned any other evidence towards Hope murdering Stefano. Chad points Rafe to the statue with Stefano's blood on it that Andre calls proof that Hope killed Stefano. Rafe questions that being proof. Rafe asks how Andre can be so sure that Stefano is dead.

Claire comes home where Belle tells her to go pack for a road trip for fun. Claire asks where they are going. Belle suggests anywhere and wants to spend time with her. Claire reminds her that she has school and questions how she could even afford the trip.

Ciara and Theo talk about Hope looking out for her. Ciara admits it's kind of nice with everything that has happened. Ciara brings up Theo's feelings for her and says she never would have guessed. Theo says it's not a big deal. Ciara doesn't want them being best friends to change so Theo says it won't. Ciara goes to get them more hot chocolate.

Andre tells Chase not to fear the darkness in himself or it will consume him. Andre talks about Chase wanting to feel loved and brings up Ciara. Chase says she doesn't. Andre encourages him towards that goal. Chase argues that Ciara hates him but Andre disagrees and argues that he can win Ciara over. Chase thought she would eventually but he blew it. Andre blames that on fear of his impulses. Chase says Ciara likes nice guys but Andre argues that she will just be friends with Theo. Andre encourages Chase to fight for Ciara and do anything to be with her. Chase decides he has to go and exits.

Roman goes to see Steve and Kayla. Roman says he got Kayla's message that she wants him to arrest Ava. Roman says he would love to but needs charges. They explain to Roman that Ava kidnapped and locked up Kayla until Steve agreed to help find her baby. Steve explains the baby situation to Roman. Roman knew Ava was still trouble. Roman talks about fraud and kidnapping then asks where she is. Steve says he left her when he found out Kayla was safe. Steve adds that Ava said she wouldn't bother them anyone but Kayla insists that she is going to be back. Roman says he'll have a lookout at the airport and hopes that she's smart enough to stay away since her plan blew up.

Ava returns to her hotel room in Salem and rips up pamphlets about things to do in Salem.

Belle tells Claire that everything is fine with money. Claire questions her and then guesses she's taking money from Phillip. Belle says she would never. Claire remarks that Belle whored herself out to Phillip. Belle almost slaps her and Claire tells her to go ahead.

Kayla talks to Steve about a feeling she's getting. Joey comes home and she greets him. Joey tells her school was fine and starts to just walk away. Steve tells him not to walk away from his mom. Joey questions him having a problem with it and says he can't breathe in this room as he walks out. Kayla question that and tells Steve that she wants to know what happened between them while she was gone right now.

Ciara asks Theo about his uncle Andre and comments that he's kind of creepy. Ciara mentions being glad Stefano is gone but apologizes since Theo misses him. Theo gets that everyone hates him but he was always good to him. Theo talks about Stefano remembering his mom like he does and he never wants to forget her. Ciara encourages him. Chase walks in to the town square where a cop catches him.

Rafe goes to the police station and reveals to Roman, Hope, and Shawn what they found in Andre's bags including Bo's gun, the bloody bandages, and the blood on the statue. Rafe declares he thinks Andre may have killed Stefano.

Belle apologizes and says she would never hit Claire but what she's saying is wrong and she would never take money from Phillip. Claire questions how she has so much money now then. Belle admits that Sami gave it to her. Claire realizes that's the money Sami took from the DiMeras which she overheard from Belle talking to Marlena. Belle says she doesn't have that money but Sami gave her a loan of her own. Claire doesn't believe her and argues that the DiMeras will kill her if they find out. Belle says she doesn't have that money. Claire asks when she became such a good liar.

The cop tells Chase that he has a lot of people looking for him. Chase says they shouldn't be. Ciara spots him and tells him to come back home because everyone is worried about him. Chase asks if that's what she wants. Ciara says that it is and asks him to come back to Jennifer's. The cop says he will escort them. Ciara tells Theo that she will call him later as they walk away.

Chad goes to see Andre at the Salem Inn. Chad tells him about Rafe showing up with a warrant and how they found Bo's gun in his luggage. Andre calls that impossible but Chad says he saw it happened and that they claim Andre killed Stefano. Andre calls it laughable and asks if they really think they are going to get away with this. Andre says it's all Rafe and Hope's doing. Chad asks Andre if he killed Stefano.

Roman asks Rafe why he thinks Andre killed Stefano. Rafe responds that it's the only thing that makes sense. Rafe talks about the DiMeras recent money problems so he went to John and found out all of Stefano's bank accounts were drained. Rafe says he tracked the call from inside the DiMera Mansion. Roman questions if Stefano took the money and is playing dead. Rafe argues that Andre could have done it then killed Stefano and blamed Hope for it. Roman calls it a stretch. Rafe asks why Andre would break in to Hope's house, start the fire, and steal Bo's gun. Roman asks why Hope. Hope thinks it makes perfect sense and suggests maybe it was Andre. Roman gets pulled away on another case and says he will be back. Hope points out to Rafe that Roman is asking a lot of questions. Rafe says he's a good cop so he doesn't know if he's got this.

Shawn tells Roman that the blood on the statue matches Stefano's before Roman exits. Claire shows up and tells Shawn that Belle is in trouble. Claire explains that she got a lot of money from Sami and she thinks it was stolen from the DiMeras.

Steve sits with Kayla and admits that something happened. Steve explains that Ava proposed a trade to have sex in exchange for letting Kayla go. Kayla calls her completely insane and says she tried before and it didn't work so she questions why she would try again. Steve doesn't know and says it didn't go anywhere but Joey walked in and drew his own conclusions. Steve adds that Joey thinks he fell in love with Ava. Kayla gets upset about the idea of Ava touching Joey but Steve doesn't think she crossed the line, just that Joey is upset about it too. Steve thinks Joey will be fine in time. Kayla admits she's kind of relieved as she knew something happened but that's not as bad as she feared. Steve hugs her.

Andre tells Chad that his question is beneath him. Chad argues that he is capable. Andre argues that they are taking all the evidence against them and turning it back on him. Andre calls it an incredible plot. Chad continues to question him. Chad can't see two detectives killing Stefano and then planting the evidence against Andre. Chad bets on the guy who brainwashed him and says he'll never let that go. Andre questions why he would kill Stefano. Chad suggests that maybe Stefano turned on him first after finding out he wanted to get the passcodes from Sami for himself. Andre continues to argue. Chad questions believing two respected detectives or the guy that tried to ruin his life. Andre tells him not to worry about him but if he gets sucked in by Hope and Rafe's lies, that means Stefano won't get justice. Andre declares that Stefano was murdered by Hope and they cannot let her get away with it.

Rafe tells Hope that it's either Andre looks guilty or she does. Hope says they knew it would be a risk but she was willing to take it. Roman returns and confirms that the blood on the statue if Stefano's. Roman says as much as he would love to nail Andre, he would have to find the body. Hope suggests bringing Andre in until he gives up the body. Rafe mentions that Andre is staying at the Salem Inn so Roman exits to have him brought in.

Joey joins Theo in the town square and tells him about Steve being a jerk. Theo asks what he did. Joey responds that he proved who he really was again. Joey asks what's going on with Theo. Theo admits he told Ciara that he was in to her. Joey is excited that he knew it. Theo tells him that Ciara just wants to be friends and complains that she forgets he's even here when Chase shows up. Theo says that Chase doesn't care and does whatever he wants.

Ciara and Chase go to the Horton house but no one's home. Ciara asks where he spent the night last night. Chase responds that he found a spot. Ciara apologizes for accusing him of starting the fire. Ciara knows he's not his dad. Chase responds that's not him and is never going to be. Ciara holds his hand and says she won't be that stupid again. Chase suddenly tells Ciara that he loves her and everything about her. Ciara continues to argue that he's like her brother but Chase argues about their feelings. Chase says it's what they both want and kisses her.

Andre tells Chad that he saw Stefano's body in the abandoned warehouse and asks why he would try to show Chad if he did it. Andre tells Chad that he is all the family he has left but Chad argues they aren't family. Andre asks why he came to warn him then. Chad responds that he had to see for himself. Chad realizes Andre is telling the truth that Stefano is dead. Chad then goes to leave as Rafe shows up with a cop. Rafe tells Andre that he needs to come to the station to answer some questions.

Shawn goes to see Belle. Belle knew Claire would run straight to him. Shawn says Claire is scared that Belle lost her mind and questions her taking money from Sami. Belle says it's not DiMera money and nothing is going on. Shawn asks why she didn't tell him about it when he asked about the ring she bought then. Shawn asks what she is hiding.

Kayla kisses Steve and thanks him for telling her what happened. Kayla says they will talk to Joey and make him understand that Ava is crazy. Kayla can't believe she came back in to their lives. Steve blames himself for her paying the price. Kayla assures him that she's okay. Steve says never again as he holds her. Steve declares it's over.

Ava grabs her phone and reveals she filmed her and Steve having sex as she thinks back to it.

Chad returns to the DiMera Mansion and looks at a photo of Stefano.

Rafe brings Andre in to the police station. Roman thanks him for coming in and says they just had a few questions about the robbery at Hope's and Stefano's disappearance. Roman says they just want the truth. Andre says he does too.

Ciara stops Chase and says they shouldn't. Chase tells her to just let it happen and insists that he can't lose her. Ciara says she's not ready but Chase argues that she is and continues kissing her until she pulls away. Ciara wants him to stop but Chase says she doesn't and pulls her back down. Chase covers her mouth and tells Ciara that this is what they both want and that he loves her while Ciara continues telling him to stop.

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