Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/16/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/16/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

JJ meets Gabi in the town square before work. JJ invites her for coffee and kisses her.

Chad talks with Harold at the DiMera Mansion about wanting all the locks changed when he buys the mansion. Harold thanks him for letting him stay. Abigail enters. Chad reminds Harold that he works for them now, not Stefano or Andre. Chad notes Abigail is upset as she admits to being nervous about telling Jennifer that they are eloping.

Jennifer goes to her office at the hospital. Jennifer sits down still in back pain and gets a call that no one got the press release about the new pediatrics wing donor. Jennifer insists that she sent it last night and complains about being screamed at then hangs up. Jennifer goes to her computer and realizes she did not send the e-mail.

Hope tells Rafe that she doesn't regret killing Stefano, only that she didn't do it decades ago. Hope worries about Andre going to the police and telling them that she killed Stefano. Rafe says he knows they wouldn't believe him. Hope brings up being questioned after Seth Malcolm's death. Rafe wonders what Andre will do next after they destroyed his hidden camera.

Chase walks out of the town square and sits down frustrated. Andre walks by and sees him.

Ciara thinks back to her last argument with Chase when he stormed out. Ciara hopes that Chase is okay.

Andre greets Chase and asks where he's headed. Chase responds anywhere but home, remarking that they weren't his family. Andre gives him food to eat and asks what happened. Chase explains the fire in the house and says Ciara thinks he tried to burn the house down. Chase admits Ciara hating him would be tough.

Hope complains to Rafe about Andre breaking in to her house and stealing Bo's gun. Hope wonders what he plans on doing with it. Rafe assures he won't let him use it on her. Hope comments on Andre torching her house. Hope wants to find a way to catch him with the gun then gets an idea and says if they can pull this off, they can take care of Andre once and for all.

Jennifer can't believe she didn't even finish writing the e-mail. Jennifer then takes more of her pain pills.

Chad asks Abigail if she's sure she wants to tell Jennifer. Abigail says she has to. Chad thought maybe it would be easier to tell her after but Abigail talks about how Jennifer was planning a huge wedding. Abigail gets a call from Jennifer and tells her that she's on her way in. Jennifer asks her to hurry as she could really use her help. Abigail says she'll be right there and tells Chad that she has to go. Chad wishes her luck on whatever she decides as Abigail exits.

Chase decides he should go before someone tries to find him. Andre asks where he plans to go. Chase doesn't know but mentions an aunt in Chicago and can ride the bus. Andre warns him of the bitter cold in Chicago. Andre encourages Chase not to leave with Ciara thinking he tried to burn the house down. Andre says there's a possibility that she could fall in love with him.

Ciara walks through the town square and calls Chase, leaving a message apologizing for what she said and asking him to please come home.

Hope tells Rafe of her plan and feels they have no other option. Rafe says it's a big if as to if they can pull it off. Hope says people will stop asking about Stefano if they pull this off and she thinks it's worth the risk. Hope asks Rafe if he's with her or not.

JJ and Gabi sit together in the town square. Abigail interrupts and greets Gabi. JJ asks about Thomas. Abigail says it's his first day of daycare. JJ mocks Chad. Gabi points out that Chad did save Abigail and Thomas's lives. JJ is still against Abigail moving in to the DiMera Mansion. Abigail thinks back to her nightmare on Valentine's Day. Gabi tells JJ not to hold being a DiMera against Chad. Abigail encourages Gabi. Abigail then reveals that she and Chad are eloping. Abigail tells JJ to be happy since he won't have to show up to the wedding and fake a smile. Abigail exits. JJ bets it wasn't her idea and adds that Jennifer is going to flip.

Rafe agrees and asks Hope when she wants to put her plan in motion. Hope says there's no time like the present. Ciara comes home. Rafe tells Hope he's off to work and exits. Hope asks Ciara what she's doing home. Ciara tells Hope that she was feeling sick. Hope asks if she's upset about something else. Ciara says she should've told her sooner but hoped she could find Chase as he's been gone since the night of the fire. Hope can't believe he's been gone. Hope questions her not stopping Chase. Ciara admits she blurted out that she didn't want him there.

Chase tells Andre that he's done with Ciara. Andre argues that Chase is the victim here and needs to stand up for himself instead of running away. Andre talks about Aiden and encourages Chase not to lose Ciara.

Gabi apologizes to JJ if it sounded like she was lecturing him. JJ agrees that he should give Chad a chance. JJ wishes he didn't have to go to work so he could do something else with her. Gabi says they will soon.

Chad sits in front of the fireplace at the DiMera Mansion. Harold gathers up Andre's things to send to the Salem Inn. Chad tells him to make sure he sends everything as he wants Andre tossed out if he comes back. Harold asks if Chad really thinks Stefano is gone for good. Chad responds that he's never been so lucky before.

Hope questions Ciara saying she wanted Chase gone. Ciara says it just came out and asks Hope if it ever crossed her mind that Chase could have started the fire. Hope says no and that they have to find Chase. Hope calls Chase and leaves a message to call her as soon as he gets the message because they do want him there. Hope decides the guard will know where he is and calls him but Chase slipped him again. Hope tells the guard that he's being replaced. Ciara blames herself. Hope tells her they can't keep taking their anger out on other people. Hope tells Ciara to stay while she goes to find Chase.

Rafe goes to the police station and in to talk with Roman. Rafe asks if anything has come up on Stefano yet. Roman says that Chad said he went to Europe. Roman asks if Rafe thinks he's lying. Rafe says no but what's nagging him is that Chad hadn't heard from Stefano and brings up Andre going to live at the Salem Inn. Roman asks if Andre has spoken to Stefano. Rafe says he doesn't know but brings up the scar on Andre's face. Rafe implies Stefano could've done it to him. Roman questions why Stefano would turn on him now after all these years. Rafe suggests maybe Andre just went too far this time. Roman argues that they no reason to believe Stefano was involved. Rafe points out that Andre will be scarred for the rest of his life. Hope interrupts and tells them about Chase missing. JJ comes in and Rafe sends him to help find Chase. Hope tells Roman that she's here to report robbery and vandalism on her house. Roman says the fire department said it was accidental. Hope says she thought so too until she found the hidden camera planted in her house. Hope adds that the only thing is missing is Bo's service gun. They talk about who could've done this. Hope brings up Stefano. Roman says he's in Europe so someone else would have to be doing his dirty work. Hope suggests someone could be working on their own so Rafe brings up Andre.

Theo meets Ciara in the town square. Ciara tells him about her fight with Chase and she can't find him. Theo questions why she's looking for him since he's a jerk and he thought she was mad at him. Ciara says she is but doesn't want Hope to worry about anything else. Theo calls Chase a lousy friend but Ciara points out that he doesn't have any other friends. Hope tries to say Chase didn't mean those texts to Theo. Theo tells her not to defend him and he thinks it's better if Chase is gone for good.

Andre tells Chase that he ran away once after being falsely accused just like him but he's back now. Andre says he was also judged for his father's actions like him. Andre tells Chase that what he has is a good friend. Andre suggests him to get a temporary room at the Salem Inn to work out what he wants. Chase asks why he would do that for him. Andre responds that sometimes doing good things in life makes you feel good. Andre asks to help him.

Abigail joins Jennifer in her office and finishes the press release she needed. Jennifer thanks her and could have sworn she sent it. Jennifer asks how Thomas is. Abigail says she's been checking on him all day. Jennifer tells her that it's up to her if she wants to keep working. Abigail knows she has a lot to think about. Jennifer asks about wedding plans. Abigail says they are still figuring out the details. Jennifer tells her to let her know if there is anything she can do. Abigail stops her and asks if she's sure she is okay. Jennifer responds that she's good and exits.

Roman returns to Hope in the interrogation room and tells Hope that they have everyone out to find Chase and they will find him. Roman understands she's trying to be strong for Ciara and Chase but worries about her. Hope talks about losing Bo and everything that happened with Aiden, Seth Malcolm, and her job. Roman reminds her that he's there for her whatever she needs. Roman asks her to talk to him. Hope doesn't know where to start.

Abigail calls Chad and tells him about Jennifer being in a work crisis so she doesn't think it's a good idea to elope right now. Chad questions that but Rafe arrives with cops so Chad hangs up. Rafe tells Chad that they have a search warrant and asks about Andre. Chad tells him that Harold said Andre moved out and is staying at the Salem Inn. Rafe questions them not being in touch. Chad hopes they never will be again. Rafe tells Chad about Andre being thought to have broken in to Hope's house. Rafe notes that Chad doesn't seem surprised. Chad admits he isn't surprised that Andre would retaliate against Hope. Rafe asks what he means by retaliate. Chad figured Rafe would know that Andre is accusing Hope of killing Stefano and Rafe of covering it up.

Chase eats with Andre in the Salem Inn. Andre thinks this is a win-win situation for both of them.

Theo tells Ciara that he's not jealous because he's pretty sure Ciara has good taste to not be stupid enough to fall for Chase. Theo admits he doesn't have a lot of friends but she's the best. Ciara thanks him and tells him the same. Theo says he can take Chase hurting him but if he hurts her, he will hurt him back. Ciara thanks him for caring. Theo hopes he didn't make it weird by caring too much. Ciara says no as she always feels able to tell him anything and she wants him to feel the same way. Theo invites her to the Pub so they walk off together.

Roman tells Hope to start wherever she likes. Hope thinks he knows she's struggling since losing Bo as she thought she was stronger. Roman encourages that she is strong. Hope cries that Bo isn't here because of whoever took him from her and she's so angry. Hope says she's scared and lost. Roman relates to when he and Marlena divorced. Roman says he needed to feel useful and thinks the same for Hope since she's had her work taken away from her. Roman tells Hope that he can pull some strings to get her back on the force if she'd like that. Hope admits it would be nice but she doesn't know when she will be ready, if ever.

Rafe comments that Andre is insane. Chad agrees. Harold brings in the last of Andre's bags that he was preparing to send to the Salem Inn. The cops go through them. Chad asks Rafe about Hope's house being vandalized and if everyone is okay. Rafe says they are but something was taken. The cop alerts Rafe that he found something in Andre's bag. Rafe goes to check and pulls out the gun. Chad guesses they found what they were looking for. Rafe responds that he sure did.

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