Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/15/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/15/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady sits at home with his laptop and looks up a picture of Daniel's first wife Rebecca but realizes that she is not the woman in his recent dreams.

Nicole and Theresa sit outside the town square, complaining about trying to find a building for their work office when Theresa gets an idea and rushes off.

John joins Eduardo in the town square and says he wanted to thank him in person. Eduardo explains how he neutralized the threat. John knows the agency will pull them both back in or eliminate them. Eduardo suggests next time they will send someone more careful. John wants to hit first but Eduardo warns him to rethink that.

Kate meets Deimos at the night club where he greets her with a Valentine's Day present.

Victor talks with one of his men and orders him to convince Deimos to leave Salem or eliminate the problem.

Belle finishes a call at the police station and notices Phillip upset about being unable to find anything on Deimos. Belle thought John was helping Phillip look in to Deimos but Phillip says he's left messages but John is blowing him off. Belle finds that weird and says she will look into that.

Eduardo and John walk out of the town square. Eduardo talks about not wanting to do anything against the agency as he wants to concentrate on his family. John is sorry he wound up in the middle of all of this. Eduardo is glad to have someone he can turn to for help and trust. Eduardo declares that right now just has to be about family but he hopes he's not too late.

Kate reminds Deimos that Valentine's Day was yesterday. Deimos tells her that they didn't see each other then so they can celebrate today. Kate opens her gift which is a necklace that leaves her speechless. Kate then says she can't accept it.

Nicole follows Theresa home where she informs her that her and Brady's place is perfect to be their office. Brady comes out as Theresa explains how she wants their place to be temporary headquarters. Theresa says they will talk business as soon as she gets back while she steps out. Nicole asks if Brady is sure he's okay with this. Brady says he is if she is. Nicole argues that Theresa doesn't really want them being together. Nicole brings up Brady's dreams but he assures her that it's not a problem as Theresa understands that having Daniel's heart will affect them both. Theresa comes back in to the room. Nicole asks if she's sure she wants her there as she feels she's intruding on her space. Theresa says it's just for a few weeks so they all agree. Theresa suggests they work on budgets together. Brady interrupts, having to meet Fynn for his check up at the hospital. Theresa points out that she was supposed to go with him as Brady explains that he had to reschedule. Brady kisses Theresa goodbye and exits. Theresa then turns to Nicole and says they need to get a couple of things straight.

Phillip meets John outside the town square. John explains to Phillip that he did some research and found that there were calls coming in to Dr. Seth Malcolm from Greece. John asks Phillip how long Deimos has been in the states. Phillip points out that he was in Greece but he was in prison. John encourages looking in to these calls.

Deimos doesn't understand why Kate can't accept his gift. Kate argues that she hardly knows him and they have no relationship. Kate calls it inappropriate. Deimos apologizes and tells her that he would love to have a relationship with her as he thinks she's fascinating. Deimos praises her having a backbone to turn down his offers. Deimos apologizes if he insulted her with his gift. Kate stops him and accepts the gift on the condition that he put it around her neck so he does as Eduardo walks in and sees them together.

Fynn checks Brady at the hospital and tells him that his vitals are perfect. Fynn says a nurse will be in to take some blood. Fynn notes that something is wrong and encourages Brady to talk to him but Brady tells him that it's nothing.

Phillip thanks John and says he may know people that can help with the calls. Phillip tells him to text him if he finds anything else. John stops him and says he knows Belle tricked him in to this meeting so he wants to know what the hell is going on between he and Belle. Phillip responds that he's not sure but admits he would like to see her a lot more and thinks she would like to see him. John thinks Belle and Claire's lives are messed up right now because Phillip is sniffing around too much. Phillip promises not to hurt Belle and is more worried that she will hurt him because he thinks he's falling in love with her.

Lani tells Belle that Shawn is out at a crime scene. Belle asks why she thinks that's why she's at the station. Lani talks about Belle spending so much time at the station and being bound to run in to him. Lani argues that they need Shawn focused on work and not his ex ruining his life. Belle tells her that it's none of her business and to butt out.

Theresa talks to Nicole about how they didn't always get along. Theresa knows Nicole is affected by Daniel's heart being inside of Brady. Theresa tells her to just be herself as they get it. Theresa reminds her of starting DJ Wear to get away from Kate. Theresa encourages her to just let go. Nicole cries about it being a rough couple of days since yesterday was supposed to be her wedding date. Nicole explains how she got the flower delivery that Daniel arranged. Theresa hugs her and cries that Nicole just can't get a break.

Fynn tells Brady that his blood work came back all good and encourages him not to overdo anything at work. Brady stops and admits he wasn't completely honest before about not holding anything in. Brady brings up the recurring dreams. Brady says in the beginning it was Nicole he saw and thought the woman now was Rebecca but it's not. Brady describes her and Fynn identifies her as Summer, a woman that Daniel took under his wing and tried to help out with psychological issues though it was nothing sexual. Brady asks if she is still in LA. Fynn isn't sure but encourages Brady not to obsess over this new vision as it will pass and he should focus on the here and now with Theresa and Tate.

Lani tells Belle that it's no big secret with her and Shawn. Belle tells her that it's personal and private. Lani brings up that Shawn is worried about his family all the time and needs to know if things are going to work or not. Lani tells Belle to figure out what she wants and stop making Shawn worry. Belle tells Lani that she can tell Shawn that he's no longer her priority because she has someone else to focus on. Belle then walks away.

John tells Phillip that they have been down this road. Phillip assures that he doesn't want to see Belle get hurt. John questions Phillip thinking he can carry a love affair while going against Deimos. John assures that someone always gets hurt and tells Phillip to think this through as he exits.

Victor talks to his guard on the phone and says he wants this handled today.

Victor's guard sits near at the nightclub where Deimos and Kate continue chatting.

Outside the nightclub, Phillip arrives and sees Eduardo outside. Eduardo tells him about Deimos being with Kate inside. Phillip brings up telling Kate to stay away from him. Eduardo asks what he knows about him. Phillip says more than he like to and tells Eduardo what knows about Deimos. Eduardo thought Kate was smarter than that. Phillip thought they were an item. Eduardo responds that he's not what Kate is looking for. Phillip adds that neither is Deimos.

Theresa tells Nicole to start thinking of them as family. Nicole thanks her and says it's good to see her and Brady so happy like a perfect fit. Theresa encourages that Nicole will be happy again some day when she's ready to fall in love. Nicole worries she'll never find Daniel again.

Maggie visits Brady at the hospital and asks about his check up. Brady tells her it went perfect and asks about Victor. Maggie asks if he's heard about Deimos but he hasn't and asks who that is. Maggie responds that he's Victor's brother who has been around a while with a grudge. Maggie informs Brady that Deimos murdered the woman Victor was going to marry so he'd been in prison for thirty years. Brady can't believe it. Maggie adds that Deimos claims Victor set him up and is apparently making threats. Brady asks how Victor is handling all of this but Maggie has no idea.

Phillip tells Eduardo more about Deimos as they watch Deimos and Kate. Eduardo says it would be a shame to see Kate get hurt by a guy like that. Phillip gets a text and has to go. Eduardo says he will do some digging and see what he can come up with on Deimos. Phillip notes that he's already tried and got nothing but Eduardo says he has unique sources as Phillip exits.

Theresa talks to Nicole about her work dreams but apologizes for being insensitive to Nicole. Nicole tells her it's okay and that she should be happy. Theresa brings up an article about finding love after a terrible loss and tries to encourage Nicole but Nicole sticks to only wanting Daniel.

Brady asks Maggie if she thinks Deimos is dangerous. Maggie worries that it's not healthy for him to be dragged in to things too much. Brady insists on wanting to hear about this. Maggie asks him not to get upset as she explains that Phillip betrayed Victor and sided with Deimos. Brady can't believe it and asks what Deimos wants but Maggie doesn't know. Maggie tells him that Phillip and Victor are not speaking. Maggie encourages Brady to drop by for a visit to assure Victor that he loves him as he feels abandoned. Brady insists that he does love him and that he would love to patch things up but he's not ready to go back to Titan. Brady tells Maggie about his new business venture with Theresa and Nicole but he's not sure that's what he wants to do.

Kate tells Deimos that she's late for a meeting. Deimos suggests dinner and says he will call her. Kate exits and runs in to Eduardo on the way out. Deimos exits and walks past Eduardo, who then turns and walks out after him.

Theresa apologizes to Nicole for getting too excited and not thinking. Nicole says she has to learn to deal but it's just hard. Brady comes back home and hugs Theresa after telling her about his checkup. Nicole has a flashback to kissing Daniel then imagines him turning in to Brady. Nicole tells Theresa that they accomplished a lot but she has places to be so she will call her. Nicole then exits. Brady asks if anything was wrong. Theresa complains that it's like Nicole needs someone's permission to fall in love again. Brady argues that she's mourning and questions Theresa pushing her. Theresa argues that it's dangerous for Nicole to not have someone to love and support. Theresa admits she was so awful before Brady came in to her life. Theresa tells Brady that he saved her and kisses him. Theresa tells him she is never letting go as they hug.

Phillip finds Belle in the town square and says he got her text. Phillip thanks her for setting him up with John as he might be on to something. He asks her to lunch but she says she can't. Belle says she asked to meet so she could do this face to face. Belle thinks they should take a break and give each other some space. Phillip agrees if that's what she wants and asks what brought this on. Belle says she needs to focus her energy on Claire. Phillip says what they had was fun and admits he needs to focus on finding a way to make things up to Victor. Belle thanks him for making this easy and kisses him on the cheek then walks away.

Nicole goes to the nightclub and orders a drink but stops herself from drinking it. Nicole tells herself that she's strong and can do this.

Deimos walks out of the town square and runs into Victor's guard. Deimos realizes Victor sent him. He tells Deimos to leave Salem but Deimos says Victor will have to send a lot more than him. He threatens him so Deimos punches him out and walks away. Eduardo comes around the corner and follows.

Maggie comes home to Victor and asks what he's been doing. Victor responds that he was waiting for her. Maggie asks him what he's up to and what's going on. Victor tells her there's nothing for her to worry about. Maggie exits. Victor then gets a text from Deimos saying nice try but he will always lose to him.

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