Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/12/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/12/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Doug and Julie sit together in the club with old photos of various couples. Julie comments on having hope for the future and understanding the power of love on Valentine's Day.

Nicole answers the door to a delivery of flowers for Valentine's Day. Nicole doesn't know who sent them since there is no card but the delivery guy reveals the sender wrote a letter instead of a card. Nicole takes the letter and flowers then shuts the door. Nicole opens the envelope and reads the letter as being from Daniel for what was supposed to be their wedding day. Nicole breaks down crying as she finishes reading it.

Nicole visits Daniel's grave and imagines Daniel's voice calling her name. Nicole then goes back home and continues imagining Daniel's voice repeating her name. Nicole opens the door and imagines Daniel showing up as she then faints. Nicole dreams of talking to Daniel, who says he had to come back to tell her some things he didn't get to. Nicole wants to believe her vision as she imagines Daniel encouraging her. Nicole dreams of kissing Daniel and then wakes up on the couch.

Doug and Julie look over an old photo of Mickey and Maggie as they talk about how they were happy to the end. Julie talks about remembering the lovely times on this holiday and looking forward to a brighter future no matter how dark the present seems.

Theresa is asleep and dreams of being Brady's maid as he prepares to marry Nicole and then Victor having her fired only for Brady to stop her and propose. Theresa is then waken up by Brady with a rose. Brady admits he had forgot Valentine's Day and they kiss.

Julie comes back to her table to find Doug gone and guesses he was depressed by Valentine's Day but he comes back and surprises her with roses as they then dance together.

Abigail wakes up in bed and looks up to see Chad asleep in the chair holding Thomas. Abigail dreams of Valentine's Day with Chad and seeing Chad struggle with his inner DiMera which ends up with Chad locked up in a secret room of the DiMera Mansion while the evil Chad takes over and wants Abigail to sign a prenup. Abigail's dream ends with her poisoning the evil Chad and reuniting with the real Chad. Chad then joins Abigail in bed and she wishes him a happy Valentine's Day. Abigail tells Chad about her dream as Chad tells her that a love like theirs comes once in a lifetime and they kiss in bed.

Julie brings up leaving Salem which Doug questions. Julie says she just got a terrible chill.

Ava is asleep and dreams of Steve confronting her about losing Kayla and Joey. Ava dreams of convincing Steve to murder Kayla in order to keep Joey in his life only for Steve to turn on her so Kayla can kill her.

Steve wakes up on the couch with Kayla. Steve tells her it's Valentine's Day. They talk about falling asleep to a movie as Steve mentions having sweet dreams all night long.

Ciara is asleep on the couch at home and dreams of being the star of her own movie, telling her life story in the town square. Ciara talks about having two sides to her, the saintly side and the dark side as she then discusses her friendship with Theo. Theo joins her dream with a heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day. Ciara then discusses her friendship with Chase and says that he kind of scares her but she kind of like that. Ciara relates her saint side to Theo and her dark side to Chase. Ciara's dream ends with her being approached by Theo and Chase at the same time and giving them both a kiss. Ciara wakes up after declaring she hopes she figures things out soon.

Rafe is at the police station and daydreams of being at the DiMera Mansion with Andre who challenges him to a game of chess and then saving Hope from Andre. Rafe snaps out of it and looks down at his calendar, realizing it's Valentine's Day.

Doug and Julie walk through the town square together. Julie says what happened earlier was that she got to thinking what her life would be like if she ever lost him. Doug assures her that he isn't going anywhere as they kiss. As they leave, Chad and Abigail come through the town square with Thomas. Rafe and Hope walk through the town square. Ciara and Theo walk through the town square eating yogurt together. Steve and Kayla walk in and sit at a table together. Brady and Theresa walk through kissing. Nicole walks in to the town square alone and sadly looks around as she hears Daniel's voice telling her that he loves her.

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