Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/11/16

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/11/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Steve goes home where Kayla wakes up and runs up to hug him, wanting to know where he was and what happened.

Ava lies alone in bed and thinks back to kissing Steve then to finding out her baby died. Ava gets up and screams as she starts trashing her hotel room and throwing everything in sight.

Marlena sits with John at home as he holds old newspaper clips, saying he wished he knew his father.

Chase's phone rings in his backpack where he left it by the door when he came home. The backpack then suddenly bursts in to flames and Hope's house catches on fire.

Andre sits at the DiMera Mansion watching his hidden camera feed of Hope's house catching on fire.

Ciara and Chase come down the stairs followed by Hope to try and stop the fire.

Rafe stands at the police station and picks up his phone, looking at Hope's number. Rafe decides she's probably asleep and sits back at his desk.

Hope backs Chase away from the fire and yells for them to get out of the house. Ciara calls the fire department. Hope grabs the fire extinguisher while yelling for the kids to get out of the house.

John talks to Marlena about his mother setting him up to be killed. Marlena asks what they know about his father seeming like a good man. John says he was but this box of clips and photos is all he has of him. John wonders what his life would have been like if his parents raised him.

Steve sits with Kayla and says he was so worried about her. Kayla says Ava kept her in some room but she's fine. Kayla asks what happened with him and if he found the baby. Steve informs her that he tracked him and the baby didn't make it but he still doesn't know if it was his and may never know. Steve declares it's over now so they can put it behind them. Kayla asks if they can, feeling that there's something in Steve's eye that he isn't telling her. Kayla mentions Joey being distant and distracted as well. Kayla argues that she knows them and feels Steve is trying to protect her from something. Kayla says they aren't doing that anymore as she doesn't want any secrets. Steve responds that he will always protect her and there's no where he wants to be but with her. Kayla thinks it's something important and asks where Ava is. Kayla questions if Ava was with him when he found out about the baby and hopes that she wasn't.

Ava remains crying on the floor of her room.

Hope gets the fire put out then hugs Ciara and Chase, telling them it's okay. Hope wants the paramedics to check them out just in case. They wonder where the fire started and figure it was a short in the outlet which Hope calls possible.

Marlena knows how hard this is for John. Marlena thinks John probably has some of his father's qualities that he's passed on to Brady, Belle, and Paul. Marlena tells him that he is brave and honorable. Marlena points out that if his parents did raise him, they might not have met. John jokes that in that case he wouldn't change a thing.

Steve admits to Kayla that Ava went with him as the condition to let Kayla go. Kayla complains that she used it to get close to him. Steve tells her that he left her there to get away from her. Kayla worries that she's coming back and wants to call Roman to have her arrested but Steve hopes finding out about the baby will keep her away from them. Kayla would be relieved to put this nightmare behind them.

Chase checks on Ciara. She says she's fine and praises his bravery for going after the fire. Chase knows how much the house means to them. Ciara heads back upstairs as Hope talks with a fireman about the fire. He tells her to stay somewhere else tonight as a precaution. Hope grabs her phone and calls Jennifer, who is asleep on the couch. Jennifer claims she didn't wake her and asks what's going on. Hope asks if they can crash at her place. Jennifer says she always has an open invitation and asks if everything is alright. Hope responds that it is now but it could've been a lot worse.

John wants to think that fate would've brought he and Marlena together regardless. Marlena agrees. Marlena looks at the old photo and thinks John resembles his father. Marlena asks if he's now ready to move on but John says not quite.

Steve tells Kayla that he lost it when he found out Ava had knocked her out and was keeping her locked up. Steve admits he was afraid he would never see her again and almost killed Ava with his bare hands but he needed her to tell him where she was. Steve tells Kayla that he loves her. Kayla says she kept thinking about all the time wasted being apart and she knows now more than ever that they belong together so she'll never let him go again. Kayla kisses him and suggests something good came out of this but Steve argues that nothing good came out of Ava being back in their lives. Steve says he already knew they never wanted to be apart. Kayla just wants to put a positive spin on it but Steve shouts that there isn't one as Ava is poison. Steve yells that he hates Ava for what she tried to do with them. Kayla tells him that they have been through enough so they should be grateful that they are together and alright. Steve responds that he's beyond grateful to have her back safe but he wishes he could turn back the clock so they could've sent Ava packing the minute she showed up. Steve regrets letting their guard down and not following their instincts. Kayla encourages him to just be grateful. Steve blames himself for Ava staying when Kayla tried to warn him. Steve reveals to Kayla that Ava's leukemia was also a lie so she isn't dying and only pretended to be sick for sympathy. Kayla declares that Ava is out of her mind.

Ava grabs her phone to send a message.

Jennifer hides her pill bottle as the doorbell rings and Hope arrives with Chase and Ciara. Hope apologizes and asks if she's sure it's okay. Jennifer says they are always welcome and brings them in to the living room. Hope thanks her as Jennifer asks what happened. Hope informs her there was a fire at the house but they are all fine. Jennifer is glad the house didn't burn down. Ciara notes Chase being really brave. Jennifer tells them that the guest rooms are ready so Hope sends Chase and Ciara up to go to bed. Hope feels terrible about waking Jennifer up but she insists she's fine. Hope notes that Jennifer seems really exhausted. Jennifer admits she hasn't slept a full night since the car accident. Hope understands and knows she's still in shock over Daniel as well. Hope suggests they could go to Julie's bed and breakfast instead but Jennifer assures her that it would be nice to have the company. Hope decides she needs to get back to the house to talk to the fireman for some definitive answers as to what exactly started the fire. Jennifer tells her to just wait until the morning but Hope insists she needs to go back and will feel better once she knows what started the fire. Jennifer tells her that she will look after the kids. They hug as Hope then exits. Hope calls Rafe, who has walked out of the town square. Hope thanks him for picking up. Rafe asks if she's okay. Hope says she doesn't know but she needs him to meet her at her house as she thinks Andre finally struck back.

John tells Marlena that there are still people out there that are turning orphans into assassins like he and Eduardo that need to be stopped. Marlena refuses to let him take on this battle as she does not want to lose him.

Steve admits he's mourning a boy who could've been his son but his head tells him it was just another of Ava's lies. Steve still feels a sense of loss. Steve gets a text and Kayla takes his phone to read it. Kayla reads the text from Ava, saying she regrets putting him through this but she has to go away to grieve her child and he won't see her again. Steve points out that he does not believe a word.

Ciara and Chase come in to the living room. Jennifer asks if everything is okay and they say they are. Ciara says they are still wired so they are not really sleepy. Jennifer figures they are running on adrenaline and offers to make them food. Ciara says they aren't really hungry. Ciara tells Jennifer that she can go on to sleep while they will wait up for Hope. Ciara thanks her for everything as Jennifer heads upstairs. Chase asks Ciara if she's okay as she's acting weird. Chase can't help but wonder if Ciara thinks he started the fire and if that's why she's not looking at him.

Andre continues watching his hidden camera of Hope's house and notes that she has called for backup, saying she should be running scared.

Hope tells Rafe that she thinks they should call Shawn for forensics to find proof that Andre caused the fire. Rafe reminds her that it would put Shawn in a bad place without an official investigation. Rafe points out that they are in this together. Hope shouts that if not for the smoke detectors, they would've been dead so they have to do something to stop Andre.

John tells Marlena that he wouldn't be him if he backed away from this now. Marlena tells him that appeasing her won't work. Marlena admires that he wants to do what's right but taking on this shady agency without help or backup is madness. John calls it madness to let other people suffer like he did when he knows he can help with his training and experience. John swears he'll be fine. John brings up Marlena calling him brave and heroic. Marlena calls him stubborn as well. John tells her that nothing can ever separate them. Marlena admits she knows that. John tells her he loves her as they hug.

Joey comes in to the living room to see Steve is home. Steve hugs him as Kayla gets a call from the hospital and steps out. Joey warns Steve to never touch him again. Steve tries to explain but Joey doesn't want to hear it. Joey accuses Steve of betraying Kayla. Steve says there is something else he needs to know. Kayla comes back and tells Joey that she knows what this is about as Steve told her about Ava so he shouldn't be mad at him.

Chase asks Ciara if she thinks he started the fire. Ciara says no but admits the thought crossed her mind. Ciara brings up everything that has happened since Aiden. Ciara recalls seeing Chase throwing matches at the blood stains on the floor. Chase brings up his mean texts to Theo and doesn't know how Ciara could ever trust him. Ciara wants to trust him. Ciara thought maybe Chase did it to make her thing he was brave and heroic. Chase questions her thinking he would actually do that. Chase gets that she thinks he's nuts and out of his mind just like his father.

Rafe tells Hope that they are not going to take out Andre. Hope shouts at him to give her options then because she won't live in this kind of fear anymore. Hope declares that Andre has to be stopped.

Andre continues to watch the hidden camera and laughs at Rafe and Hope.

Rafe asks if Hope thinks one of Andre's guys got in and rigged the outlet. Hope thinks it happened when Bo's gun was stolen too. Hope worries if maybe Andre left something else for them so they begin to search the house.

Andre continues watching and wonders what they are up to as Hope finds the hidden camera and shuts it off.

Steve tells Joey that he told Kayla that he had no choice but to go to Indonesia with Ava. Kayla adds that she understands Steve did what he had to in order to save her life. Joey remarks that he bets he did and walks out.

Ava makes a call to book a one way flight back to Salem.

Ciara tells Chase that she doesn't think he's like his father. Chase doesn't want to hear it. Chase decides he's leaving her since they don't want him there. Chase doesn't want to be around her judging him for what his dad did. Chase says they can go to Hell. Ciara agrees then that no one wants him there anyways as Chase storms out of the house.

Hope barges in to the DiMera Mansion and questions Harold as to where Andre is. Harold informs her that Andre packed up and left after saying goodbye. Harold adds the mansion is in foreclosure. Rafe comes in and says the place is empty so it looks like Andre left in a hurry. Hope wonders where he would've gone. Rafe hopes the fire was a parting shot but Hope believes it was just the beginning as they exit.

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