Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/10/16

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/10/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Victor questions why Phillip didn't stop this. Phillip is relieved that Victor is asking about work. Phillip says he's been distracted. Victor guesses it's by a woman. Deimos arrives and interrupts them. Phillip says no as Deimos greets him. Victor questions what the hell is going on.

Chad and Abigail wake up together and look at pictures of Thomas. Chad wants to do everything for the rest of his life to make sure his son is happy.

Rafe goes to the club where Eduardo greets him and asks if something is wrong. Rafe says no. Eduardo talks about his favorite drink and offers him some so Rafe takes a drink.

Hope has a nightmare of coming home to find Andre holding Ciara and wakes up when she dreams of shooting him. Ciara checks on her and asks if she's okay. Hope says she's fine and just woke up from a bad dream.

Andre brings Chase some food outside of the town square. Andre comments on how most people turn away when they see him but Chase hasn't. Andre assumes Chase has had his share of darkness. Chase acknowledges who he is and mentions that Hope says he wants to hurt them all.

Chad talks about always wanting to make sure Thomas has everything including a great place to live. Chad knows Abigail isn't sold on the DiMera Mansion. Abigail isn't sold on Andre letting Chad kick him out or Stefano never coming back. Chad argues that the place will be theirs and then says he doesn't want to talk about his family but instead their family as they kiss.

Shawn questions Belle buying an expensive ring and getting defensive about it. Belle argues that she is a lawyer with high paying clients. Shawn talks about loving her and wanting another shot. Belle questions him criticizing her. Shawn says he's just concerned about her and the choices she is making. Shawn offers to help her if she has done something to cross a line.

Andre asks Chase if he thinks he's going to hurt them all like Hope does. Chase asks if he's going to. Andre says of course not. Chase brings up that Aiden told him to stay away from him before he died. Andre jokes about DiMeras being bad news. Chase talks about living at Hope's for now. Andre guesses he's not happy with the situation and notes him giving the guards the slip. Chase says he got out of there as Andre laughs about them both not liking being told what to do.

Ciara asks Hope about her dream but she claims not to remember it. Ciara informs Hope that Theo decided he's really in to her and how it came out when she talked to him about Chase. Ciara admits she feels weird about it since she's known him all her life as her friend. Hope suggests he could be more than a friend.

Andre knows it must be difficult for Chase to live in Bo's house when he killed his father. Chase says it's okay sometimes but other times he hates it. Andre says it does have advantages like getting the chance to see Ciara every day. Chase says it doesn't matter. Andre argues that things can change sometimes but Chase says not for him. Chase says he can promise and try really hard like his dad but something happens and he hurts people.

Eduardo asks Rafe if he's been in touch with his mother. Rafe tells him that she's in Mexico taking care of his aunt who is ill. Eduardo offers any financial assistance but Rafe says he got it covered as he's been taking care of his family all his life. Gabi arrives from a modeling shoot and they greet her. Gabi is surprised to see them together as Eduardo invites her to join them. Gabi sits with them and happily calls it a family meal.

Victor awaits an answer. Phillip tells him not to believe anything Deimos says as they need to talk alone. Deimos tells him that he can't change facts that he lied to Victor. Victor questions what that means. Phillip calls it complicated. Deimos then reveals to Victor that Phillip has been working for him ever since he came home from Chicago. Phillip argues that he's lying but Deimos begins to explain the situation of a woman overdosing in Phillip's hotel in Chicago. Deimos says he stepped in to make sure Phillip didn't suffer the consequences so he got him to come home and spy on Victor for him. Victor asks Phillip if it's true. Phillip reluctantly admits that it is.

Belle asks how many times Shawn is going to insult her and tells him to stop worrying about her as she's fine without him. Belle then storms out. Lani appears and asks if he wants some company.

Eduardo tells Gabi and Rafe that the worst year of his life is when he walked out on them. Eduardo asks about their brother Dario. Gabi thinks he recently resigned from Titan. Eduardo brings up reaching out to him but Rafe suggests he shouldn't. Rafe says he was a teenager and could leave the house when Eduardo left while Dario was stuck there. Gabi goes to check in with the babysitter. Eduardo asks Rafe if everything is alright as he seemed elsewhere when he first came in. Eduardo wonders if he's having trouble with a woman.

Ciara tells Hope that it's complicated. Hope asks why. Ciara says she doesn't know if she wants to date Theo or ever will but if she dates anybody then she has to deal with Chase since he is really in to her too. Ciara thinks dating anyone will make things a lot worse for Chase.

Andre thinks Chase is being too hard on himself. Chase says he's just stating facts that he hurts people. Andre feels that's because people hurt him and lashing out is only natural. Andre says it takes a person with a strong will to fire back and that's what he sees in him. Chase question why he's being so nice to him. Andre feels they have much in common. Andre talks about being alone and misunderstood at Chase's age and how he wishes he had someone who understood to talk to. Andre tells Chase that if he needs someone to confide in that won't judge him, that person is him. Andre encourages him to call him. Andre gives Chase his number and tells him to use it if he feels alone and needs to talk to someone. Chase thanks him and says it's good to have a friend. Andre suggests he get going before Hope sends the guards. Chase thanks him again for the food. Andre reminds him that Hope hates him. Chase assures him that she won't know they met up. Andre asks him not to mention it to Ciara either. Chase agrees and gets up. Andre reminds him not to forget his backpack and hands it to him as he walks away.

Eduardo tells Rafe that it's just an observation. Rafe laughs at the idea of Eduardo giving him advice about women. Eduardo admits he's made more than his share of mistakes so he thought he could try to help. Rafe tells him it's okay and he appreciates the gesture but what he wants is still a long way off.

Phillip tries to apologize to Victor. Victor tells Deimos to get out of his house and says the next time he sees him will be his funeral. Deimos agrees to leave to let him take care of his family problem and asks him to go gentle on Phillip. Phillip wants to explain but Victor doesn't want to hear it. Victor declares he put Phillip in charge of Titan and he betrayed him. Phillip admits he screwed up but he was in a terrible bind. Victor argues that there is no excuse as everything he's given Phillip, he's thrown away over and over again. Victor fires Phillip and asks where they go from here since he is his son. Victor declares they are done. Phillip says he loves him but Victor tells him to get out so he exits. Victor starts to get up but sits back down.

Eduardo pours another drink with Rafe.

Abigail wakes up while Chad is already up taking care of Thomas and tells her that she can go back to sleep.

Lani talks to Shawn about being happy with her promotion and feeling like she's where she wants to be. Shawn tells her not to make the same mistake he did in burying himself in his work which cost him his family.

Gabi returns to Eduardo and Rafe to tell them that she has to go put Arianna to sleep. Gabi says she had so much fun with them. Eduardo tells her how proud he is of her. Gabi hugs him and thanks him. Gabi says she'll see them soon as she exits. Rafe says he has to get going too. Eduardo does as well and they agree that this was a good night. Eduardo admits he let his job ruin his life and suggests Rafe reach out to whoever he's worried about instead of waiting. Lani walks by to the bar as Rafe sits back down and Lani looks over at him.

Hope and Ciara play cards at home. Ciara goes back to Theo telling her that he liked her and she doesn't know what to say or do. Hope encourages her not to do anything that doesn't feel right and to not be afraid to wait. They joke about playing cards. Hope hugs her as Chase comes in. Hope questions Chase being out as they thought he was asleep upstairs. Chase says he went out so Hope questions where he went and what he went to do.

Belle finds Phillip upset outside the town square and asks him what's wrong. Phillip apologizes for taking off on her earlier. Belle asks him to talk to her. Phillip says he shot out of here to get to Victor before Deimos so he could explain everything but he was too late so Victor knows everything and hates him now.

Chad continues taking care of Thomas and begins to tell him a story about an evil king who lived in his dark castle with his two sons while one son tried to get out and the other was just as evil as the king.

Andre stands at the DiMera Mansion looking at a photo of Stefano and at himself in the mirror.

Chad continues telling his story to Thomas about the prince overcoming the evil king. Abigail smiles hearing him tell the story of being in love.

Hope questions what Chase was thinking when she's had guards protecting him. Chase says he just wanted fresh air and he's fine, questioning why she's so upset. Chase shouts that Hope is not his mom so he doesn't need this. Chase yells that he's here and fine so she can back off. Chase storms upstairs. Ciara assures Hope that he'll be fine and won't do it again. Ciara notes that Hope is upset so she suggests calling Rafe to calm her down. Ciara hugs her and heads upstairs to go to sleep. Hope then grabs her phone.

Rafe works at the police station and is getting tired.

Andre wipes blood from the wounds on his face and says that bitch did this and he hopes she's saying her prayers tonight because she's going to find out what Hell is all about.

Phillip tells Belle that he's nothing to Victor now. Belle encourages that he will come around but Phillip says not this time. Phillip bets this was Deimos' plan from the start to break him in front of his dad to hurt him too. Belle thinks he's giving Deimos too much credit and insists Victor will come around. Phillip says he saw the look in his eye and will see that every day for the rest of his life.

Victor makes a call that he has a problem that he needs to make go away permanently. Victor thinks back to arguing with Deimos when he first came to Salem.

Deimos sits in his room with his photos of the Kiriakis family. Deimos rips up Phillip's photo then declares "and so it begins."

Abigail gets up from bed and praises Chad's bedtime story. Abigail tells Chad that she can't wait to marry him and doesn't want to waste any more time waiting on her family or planning. Abigail wants to elope to Paris just like he said so they can get married as soon as they can. Abigail kisses Chad.

Rafe daydreams of Hope coming to the station and telling them that they are right and almost kissing. Lani approaches and Rafe snaps out of it. Lani tells him to have a good night and exits. Rafe gets a text from Hope saying she's going to sleep and she will see him tomorrow. Rafe then exits the station.

Chase's phone rings in his backpack where he left it by the door when he came home. The backpack then suddenly bursts in to flames and Hope's house catches on fire.

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