Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/9/16

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/9/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Theresa works on her designs at home. Brady comes in and Theresa tells him that she will be done in time for the meeting. Brady tells her that she doesn't have to be as it's just him and Nicole. Theresa insists that she wants to be there. Brady questions why. Theresa wants to keep an eye on him. Brady asks if he means keep an eye on him or he and Nicole.

Fynn goes to the police station and asks Shawn if he can file a report as his place was broken in to. Shawn informs him that he's in forensics and directs him to Lani.

Belle finds Claire outside the town square and asks her what's wrong and what happened.

Victor finds Caroline writing a note in the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor questions why her bags are in the foyer. Caroline informs him that she's leaving and can't stay in this house anymore.

Kate talks on the phone at the club about rebuilding Basic Black. Kate finishes her call as Phillip joins her. Phillip questions if she's in business with Deimos, warning her that it's a bad idea and she needs to be careful.

Deimos calls Phillip and leaves a third message, warning him about making him leave another message and that Victor is not more dangerous than he is.

Lani asks Fynn about being robbed and what was taken. Fynn explains that it was electronics like his blu ray player, wireless speakers, and a camera. Lani questions which item was so personal to him. Fynn informs her that the camera had things from his dates. Lani goes to put the information in as Fynn jokes with Shawn. Fynn asks Shawn if he called the woman who hurt him.

Claire informs Belle that she blew her audition and didn't make the cut as they told her to come back next year. Belle thinks she should feel encouraged but Claire feels awful and humiliated. Belle asks what Eve says. Claire tells Belle that she hasn't told Eve as she went straight from the audition to the airport. Belle questions her leaving New York without telling her. Belle says she was texted her that she was going home and knew Eve would feel like a failure if she told her. Belle tells her she doesn't have to protect Eve and should have no shame but Claire rushes off to go home.

Theresa asks what Brady is talking about. Brady talks about the look on her face all the times that she has walked in on he and Nicole. Brady assures her that she has nothing to worry about and has to be comfortable about them all going in to business with each other. Theresa admits it's weird to her that he has Daniel's heart, thoughts, and dreams. Theresa asks if it takes over when he sees Nicole. Brady agrees that it's weird. Theresa questions if he thinks it's okay for him to see her since he has complicated feelings. Brady assures her that he's fine and is getting stronger every day. Theresa encourages him to take it easy. Brady misses ten hour work days and running five miles. Brady admits he's frustrated sitting around. They joke about Brady needing a hobby. Brady says he found one form of therapy and goes to surprise her.

Kate questions Phillip warning her about Deimos again. Phillip insists that he is bad news. Phillip brings up Deimos' prison time. Kate points out that it was a crime he didn't commit and asks what this is about if Deimos was innocent. Phillip questions Deimos having money invested after being in prison for 30 years. Kate suggests not questioning a Kiriakis about money. Kate asks why Phillip is so adamant about this. Phillip decides he's late for a meeting and walks out of the club. Kate wonders what he's not telling her.

Shawn tells Fynn that he told Belle how he feels but she was not moved enough. Shawn talks about being cordial as Belle then arrives and asks what Shawn is doing here. Shawn informs her that he's working at the station now. Fynn steps out to let them talk. Belle thought Shawn was just having a long visit but Shawn says he's moved back and living here now then asks if that bothers her.

Brady comes back to Theresa with a ukulele and jokes with her about it as he plays and sings her a song.

Victor questions why Caroline would want to leave. Caroline wants to be in her old place again, feeling that she needs to be back at the Pub. Victor reminds her that she needs to be monitored but Caroline insists that she's fine and doesn't need any more injections. Victor points out that she doesn't know that and should see the doctor. Caroline insists on going. Victor asks why. Caroline wants her life back but Victor declares that it's not safe for her outside this house.

Phillip goes to see Deimos. Deimos questions why he hasn't been answering him. Phillip questions what he's doing with Kate. Deimos says he wants to invest in her company because she's an enchanting woman that he wants to help. Deimos wants to build capitol. Phillip tells him to do it somewhere else and leave Kate and Victor alone. Deimos questions Phillip thinking he can call the terms. Phillip tells Deimos that he will lose as nobody defeats Victor. Deimos points out Phillip betraying Victor and asks if he brought what he asked for.

Belle tells Shawn that she's glad he's here. Shawn feels it's not rushed and gives them time to figure things out but Belle clarifies that she's glad he is here for Claire as she's broken up. Belle tells him about Claire being so upset after her audition and leaving New York on her own. Belle tells him that Claire is heartbroken and needs a shoulder to cry on but made it clear she doesn't want her's. Shawn brings up if she was around more then tells her that if she wants to make progress with Claire then Phillip can't be in the picture.

Fynn talks with Lani about the robbery. Lani asks if maybe one of his dates that are on the camera could have done it. Fynn calls it an interesting theory and asks to take her out for a drink. Lani questions if he really tried that. Fynn says he had nothing to lose but Lani turns him down.

Brady finishes playing and singing for Theresa. Brady jokes about just trying meditation but Theresa encourages him. Theresa kisses him and tells him that she loves him and isn't going anywhere. Brady says he loves her too as they kiss.

Caroline questions what Victor means and if he's worried about her vision about him and Deimos with a gun. Victor tells her that he's worried about him. Caroline suggests maybe some of her visions aren't real. Victor wants to find out more about the serum and says she can help them out for curing her. Caroline argues that she doesn't have to live here for that to happen. Maggie comes in. Caroline thanks Maggie but wants her to convince Victor that she has to get out.

Phillip jokes about Deimos' anger. Deimos mocks his concern for Victor and asks if he's empty handed. Phillip tells Deimos that Victor didn't set him up and offers to pay him. Deimos says he just wants what he asked for and asks if he has the documents or not. Phillip then hands over the documents and says it's everything he asked for so they are now done.

Fynn visits Daniel's memorial in the town square and talks about missing him. Fynn goes to walk away but bumps in to Claire. Fynn goes to help pick her things up and recognizes her name as Shawn's daughter. Fynn tells her that Shawn is a good guy and is very proud of him. Fynn notes that Shawn would really want to know if anything is upsetting her. Claire asks if he knew Daniel. Fynn responds that he was his best friend. Claire says she's sorry. Fynn talks about moving here and thinking they had all the time in the world.

Belle reminds Shawn that he filed for divorce. Shawn doesn't want to fight with her. Belle asks what he expects. Lani calls Shawn back to work while Belle says she has a client. Shawn agrees to call Claire. Belle worries about Claire's feelings towards her but Shawn encourages her. Shawn tells her that he will work on it and insists that Claire needs them both.

Victor thinks Caroline should stay so they can keep an eye on her health. Caroline insists that she's fine. Maggie thinks Victor is right that she should stay with them. Caroline thinks she would be glad to see her go. Maggie says Caroline has been a pleasure to have around. Caroline jokes that the staff would disagree. Maggie brings up how good Caroline and Julie were to here when Daniel passed, so she would hate to see her go. Caroline agrees to stay tonight and they can sleep on it.

Phillip tells Deimos that the documents are Victor's biggest accounts. Deimos responds that it's what he asked for but it's useless. Phillip agrees but says that's what he asked for. Deimos points out that he brought that quickly but not the one thing he needs. Phillip argues that nobody can get the drug serum as there is nothing even in Victor's private fault. Deimos argues that he chooses to find nothing so he's of no use to him. Deimos declares they are finished.

Brady and Theresa continue kissing and begin to undress until Brady stops her and starts breathing heavily so Theresa grabs her phone.

Claire talks with Fynn about Belle and Shawn not wanting the same things. Shawn appears and sees them. Fynn gets paged back to work. Fynn doesn't know what else to say to Claire and encourages her to talk to Shawn. Claire says he was a help as Fynn walks away. Shawn approaches Claire so she questions if that was a setup. Shawn says Belle told her about New York. Claire complains about Belle telling everyone and being humiliated. Shawn encourages her that they will find the right school for her as Claire hugs him. Shawn asks if she has a few minutes to hang out so they walk off together.

Caroline goes to ask Henderson to bring her bags back up as Maggie hugs her. Victor thanks Maggie. Maggie knows he's scared for Caroline but she's determined to go so she will leave in the morning unless he comes up with a good reason. Victor says he'll come up with something. Maggie suggests the truth. Victor calls it a bad idea. Maggie asks to give her the truth. Maggie talks about Stefano being in Europe now so no longer a problem. Victor worries that Deimos may be an even bigger threat.

Phillip asks if Deimos is going to turn him in to the police chief in Chicago and holding that over his head. Deimos says he just used that to get him to betray Victor and get what he wanted. Phillip questions if he even wants the serum formula. Deimos says it would be nice. Phillip asks if he just wants revenge on Victor. Deimos says that Phillip gave him the means to do that. Deimos points out that Phillip was willing to betray his father to save himself. Phillip tells him that he can't do this. Deimos responds that it's going to break Victor's heart.

Fynn comes to check on Brady and tells him he's fine. Theresa worries about the pain. Brady thanks him for coming so soon. Fynn says a few pains are normal as long as he isn't exerting himself. Brady asks what counts as exertion. Fynn suggests whatever he was doing. Theresa assures it won't happen again. Fynn says they just have to wait a little longer and encourages them as he exits.

Shawn brings Claire to the police station and shows her around. Claire can't believe he's here for real. Shawn tells her that he has to get back to work. Claire is happier to be in Salem with him there. Shawn admits he would have been happy for her in New York but he's thrilled that she's staying in Salem, adding that Belle is too. Claire disagrees but Shawn asks her to try and cut Belle some slack. Claire agrees only for him as they hug goodbye and Claire exits.

Phillip walks through the town square on his phone and runs in to Belle. Phillip tells her not now as he's busy and he leaves a message for John that he needs information on Deimos. Belle mentions not seeing John lately. Phillip talks about being busy again but then worries that it upset her. Phillip tries to explain that he just has to take care of this as Belle encourages him to go ahead and that she's fine. Phillip stops to tell her that the photos of the woman in the envelope that she saw in his room was the woman who overdosed in Chicago that Deimos was holding over him. Belle is understanding as Phillip rushes off.

Maggie asks what Victor thinks Deimos is up to. Victor knows Deimos would use Caroline, Maggie, or anyone he could to hurt him. Maggie asks what he thinks Deimos would do to hurt him. Victor says if it wasn't clear how Daniel's accident happened, then he would swear that Deimos was behind it.

Kate finishes another call at the club about work as Deimos enters. Deimos tells her that she really is a force of nature. Kate says she's just taking care of business. Deimos asks if something is wrong. Kate says he just caught her at a busy time. Deimos guesses that she's been talking to someone who doesn't like him.

Theresa has Brady lay down for a nap. Brady tries to argue that he can still make the meeting but Theresa tells him that she already texted Nicole to reschedule as he needs to rest his heart. Brady asks for her to get his ukulele so he can play a song. Theresa grabs it and plays as she sings the song he was singing earlier until he falls asleep.

Belle goes to the club and has a drink. She switches rings on her finger as Shawn enters and approaches, asking if she's replacing her wedding ring. Belle says she saw it in a window and couldn't resist. Shawn notes that it looks expensive. Belle says it's her money so she can spend it as she wants to. Shawn asks what she's talking about.

Deimos tells Kate that he knows Phillip is protective of her and guesses that he told her to stay away. Kate says that nobody tells her to do anything. Deimos thought so but feels there is a change. Kate feels this had been moving too quickly. Deimos asks how that's possible when they haven't even had a first date. Deimos appreciates Phillip's concern and is sure he would be suspicious of any new man in her life. Deimos wants to know all about Kate. Kate is tired of men who want to know about her but not tell anything about themselves. Deimos says this is obviously about another man and not him. Deimos says he's already told her the worst of his past and he doesn't even know what she likes for dinner which he's tired of. Kate tells him that she likes fish and steamed vegetables. Deimos calls it good comfort food. Kate notes that's what Victor used to say. Deimos asks about them no longer being together. Kate says they had more than enough reasons but Phillip was the best thing to come out of their relationship.

Phillip rushes in to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks why Victor didn't answer the phone. Victor has his tablet with him and asks what the hell this is all about.

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