Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/8/16

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/8/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe goes to the DiMera Mansion to confront Andre and questions what he thinks he's doing. Andre comments on the scar on his face. Rafe says he got what he deserved and warns him to stay away from Hope.

Hope enters the living room and suggests watching movies with Chase and Ciara but they don't like the idea. Ciara complains about the guards having to follow them. Hope asks how going to see Theo went. Chase tells her how Theo called him a coward. Ciara and Chase argue loudly over what happened until Hope stops them.

Abigail questions Chad wanting to elope. Chad brings up Andre being crazy and jealous. Chad talks about not even having anyone to invite if they had a huge wedding. Abigail talks about her family. Chad doesn't think he can change JJ's opinion of him. Chad wants everyone to be as happy as they are on their wedding day. Chad tells her that they can go anywhere in the world as long as they have each other.

Fynn checks Kayla out in the hospital and tells her that she's fortunate not to have a skull fracture. Kayla thinks back to Ava knocking her out after their argument. Fynn wants to do an MRI but Kayla says it's not necessary. Fynn asks if there is something she isn't telling him. Joey sits by her side and thinks back to Ava telling him where to find Kayla.

Steve wonders why he can't get a phone call through to Joey and warns Ava. Ava promises that Joey found Kayla and they are fine. Ava says now it's time to find their son unless he wants her to call Kayla to tell her everything they did.

Rafe repeats his warning to Andre to stay away from Hope. Rafe adds that he's dead wrong about Hope being involved in Stefano's disappearance. Rafe calls it paranoid delusion and says he doesn't have any proof.

Abe finds Lani at the club and she tells him about taking Theo to lunch. Abe offers to buy her a coffee.

Steve tells Ava to get a hold of their contact while he makes sure Kayla is okay.

Kayla doesn't want any unnecessary tests. Fynn tells her that she is free to go home then and exits to get her discharge papers. Joey questions why she lied about what really happened. Kayla explains that Fynn would have to call the police and she doesn't want to make a move until she knows where Steve is and that he's okay. Joey tells her that he's so sorry as he feels like it's all his fault. Kayla understands that Ava used him and would've found another way to get to them. Kayla worries about not knowing where Steve is. Joey is sure he will call soon. Kayla asks Joey how he knew where to find her. Joey claims he broke in to Ava's room. Kayla warns about the dangers as Joey lies about that being how he found where Kayla was. Kayla continues to question him but Joey says he learned a lot from Steve and exits the room.

Hope says this is very hard for all of them. Hope tells Ciara that she has to forgive Chase and move past this. Hope orders them to work it out as she then steps away on a call. Chase doesn't know what else to say and is sorry if Theo is mad at her. Chase says it wasn't even about Theo as he was just angry. Ciara is worried about Theo since he's ignoring her texts. Ciara wants to go find him but Hope stops her.

Andre shows Stefano's ring to Rafe and tells him that he has all the proof he needs to make sure justice is served. Rafe threatens to arrest him for harassment. Andre calls him desperate. Rafe warns him again to stay away from Hope. Andre mocks his protection of Hope and questions if the law applies to him as well, bringing up how Rafe covered up Gabi's crime and lost his badge over it. Andre accuses Rafe of helping cover up a murder.

Joey and Kayla go home. Kayla assures him that she's fine but Joey worries that she could've been killed. Kayla worries about Steve but Joey insists he can take care of himself. Joey thinks back to kissing Ava and then walking in on Steve kissing Ava. Kayla wonders where Steve is but Joey doesn't know.

Steve calls Joey and asks about Kayla. Joey says she's fine and remarks that it took him long enough to call. Steve says he's been trying to get through. Steve brings up what Joey walked in on and tries to explain but Joey tells him not to come home, saying he and Kayla don't want him to. Kayla rushes back in and takes the phone from Joey. Kayla asks Steve where he is and what's going on. Steve informs her that he's out of the country. Kayla asks if it has to do with Ava. Steve confirms he's trying to track down her son. Kayla questions him. Steve says he'll explain when he gets home. Kayla insists she's fine and hopes Ava is not with him. Kayla shouts that she's going to call Roman to press charges to put Ava in jail for a very long time.

Chad tells Abigail that eloping will save money for a honeymoon while the DiMera Mansion is renovated. Chad knows he keeps asking her to compromise. Abigail cries about weddings being big in her family so she wants everyone to see how happy they are. Chad admits he's terrified that if they stay in Salem and Andre has his way then there won't be a wedding.

Abe hopes he and Lani can do this more often and apologizes for not having more time. Lani tells him it's okay as she's been picking up Hope's cases and doing over time. Abe is proud of her. Abe asks if everything is going well. Lani says mostly which Abe questions. Lani says that everyone misses Hope so the whole Seth Malcolm shooting has affected morale. Lani adds that they all know it was self defense but notes that Rafe has been out a lot lately. Lani says she knows Rafe is worried about Hope but she's afraid that he's in trouble.

Andre points out that Rafe can't even deny it and questions if he's lost his remorse because of Hope. Rafe questions Andre trying to lecture him. Andre guesses Hope has convinced herself that she's done a good thing by ridding the world of Stefano. Andre brings up the sacrifices that Rafe has made and asks if Hope has hinted even a little bit of affection. Andre remarks about Hope being twice widowed causing Rafe to call him a son of a bitch.

Hope tells Ciara that Theo probably needs more time so she shouldn't push. Hope asks Chase to give them a minute so he exits. Ciara tells Hope that she just wants to make sure Theo is okay but Hope doesn't want her going out. Ciara asks if it's because of Andre thinking she had something to do with Stefano's disappearance. Ciara wants the truth as to how much danger they are really in.

Steve tells Kayla not to worry. Kayla questions if he's with Ava. Steve promises to be home in a few days to explain everything. Steve tells her that he loves her and hangs up. Ava tells Steve that their contact is on his way over. Ava tries to hug him but Steve pushes her off and warns her to never touch him like that again.

Kayla calls Roman, leaving a message that she thinks Steve is in trouble and she wants to press charges against Ava.

Andre taunts Rafe to fight him but Rafe doesn't want to give him any ammunition against Hope or her family. Andre mocks Rafe not having the guts unlike Hope shooting Stefano dead. Rafe walks out of the mansion.

Hope reminds Ciara that they have to be careful. Ciara doesn't understand how Andre thinks Hope could be responsible. Ciara talks about not resorting to violence. Hope calls Andre insane and says she's sure he and Stefano kidnapped her so she couldn't bear it if anything like that happened again. Ciara insists on having to find Theo and promises to be careful so Hope lets her go out with a guard. Hope then goes to check the closet and finds that Bo's gun is missing so she begins searching the house.

Andre sits at the mansion, watching a secret camera he set up in Hope's house, laughing as she searches for the gun that he has with him.

Kayla tells Joey that she only got that Steve is overseas but she heard them on the phone and noted that Joey was very upset with him. Joey talks about Steve leaving on a plane while Kayla was missing. Kayla questions what he isn't telling her and reminds him what happened last time that he didn't tell about Ava. Kayla demands the whole truth now.

Ava pours a drink. Steve tells her to put it away but Ava thinks it might help him calm down. Ava tells him he saved his wife like a hero. Ava brings up how they used to make love. Steve assures that he hates her and she disgusts him. Steve calls her crazy and pushes her away. Ava asks why he has to be so cruel. Steve brings up her knocking out Kayla and blackmailing him in to having sex with her. Steve insists that Kayla is the only woman that he loves, not her. Ava asks how Kayla will take it when she finds out that he had to sleep with her to save her life and that Joey walked in on them.

Abe asks Lani why she thinks Rafe is in trouble. Lani regrets saying anything. Abe reminds her that it will stay between them. Lani says it's nothing specific but Rafe has been really preoccupied lately. Abe brings up Rafe being recently reinstated and how he lost his job before for covering up evidence against Gabi. Lani understands Rafe would lose his job if he ever did it again so she says she knows he wouldn't. Abe realizes she is worried that Hope would.

Rafe goes to see Hope, who tells him about Bo's gun being gone. Rafe informs her that he just saw Andre, who showed him Stefano's ring that was on his finger when he died. Hope panics about Andre seeing the body as they realize that Andre has the murder weapon as proof that she killed Stefano. Andre continues watching the hidden camera but loses the sound. Chase begins to come downstairs which gets Andre's attention.

Abigail asks Chad if there's any way Andre is right about Hope killing Stefano. Chad says it doesn't matter as Andre will find a way to make her pay. Abigail notes that he doesn't sound totally convinced. Chad knows what people are capable of when pushed too far. Abigail asks if he wants to elope because he's afraid Andre will convince him that he's right.

Ciara finds Theo in the town square and tells him that she was so worried. Ciara talks about being so angry at Chase and feeling really bad about all of this. Theo asks if it's because Chase did it because he likes her. Ciara explains that Chase is going through a lot and is angry about everything. Theo understands it's all about Ciara and he doesn't think it will get better because Chase still likes her and Theo says that he does too.

Steve's contact meets with he and Ava for the information they have on their son. Ava argues that it can't be this easy. The man notes that they five babies that came in at that time, two were African American, one was Asian, while the other two did not make it. Ava can't believe it and starts to cry.

Lani asks Abe if he thinks Hope did something else. Abe says he has no idea but that she was convinced Stefano was responsible for Bo's death. Abe notes Stefano leaving town without saying goodbye to Theo. Lani knows Theo was upset about that. Abe states that Stefano loves his grandson so this isn't like him and now his house is in foreclosure. Abe says it would be good news to nearly everyone in the town but if Rafe or Hope did something to make Stefano disappear, he is not going to be able to look the other way.

Hope doesn't understand how Andre got in with all the guards and wonder what else he did while he was there. Rafe argues that there's no way Andre can prove that Bo's gun killed Stefano and wants to have him arrested for breaking in. Hope says they both know he would be back on the streets in no time and worries that this nightmare will never end.

Theo tells Ciara that he knows she doesn't like him back. Ciara calls him an incredible part of her life that she never wants to change. Theo tells her it won't then. Chase appears and sees them together then runs out of the town square. Chase sits down on the bench upset as Andre approaches and comments that he looks like he could use a friend.

Joey tells Kayla that he's telling her everything he knows. Kayla asks if he's sure. Joey responds that he is and tells her to get some rest as he exits.

Steve tells Ava that they don't even know if their baby came through. The contact reveals more information. Ava cries that their baby is dead. Steve thanks the contact and he exits. Steve comments that it could've been his but maybe not. Steve tells Ava that there is nothing tying them together now. Ava questions if he's just going to leave. Steve tells her that he never wants to see her in Salem again as he walks out of the room, leaving Ava to break down crying over losing her baby.

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