Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/5/16

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/5/16


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Abigail and Jennifer come home from JJ's police academy graduation. Jennifer complains about her back after having to sit for so long so she goes to lay down. Theresa arrives and asks Abigail if it's a bad time as she brought her wedding dress that she designed. Theresa shows her the dress and Abigail loves it, calling it her dream dress. Abigail goes upstairs to try it on.

Nicole asks Brady if he thinks their business is going to make it. Brady thinks Nicole has a good head for business, Theresa has good designs, and they are being realistic. Nicole accidentally calls Brady, Daniel.

Kate finishes a call at the club about getting the money she needs as Deimos arrives and offers to give her whatever she needs but she turns him down. Deimos questions her sounding like she doesn't trust him. Kate says being Victor's brother means any of his words could be a lie. Deimos offers to buy her lunch.

Roman praises JJ at the police station and says Jack would be proud. Roman and Rafe go to show JJ around.

Chad goes to his hotel and finds Andre inside. Chad tells him to stop breaking in. Andre brings up Chad coming to see him and reveals the bandage on his face. Andre tells Chad that Hope did it and also killed Stefano. Chad notes that he's not giving up on the idea. Andre tells him that it's now up to them to make sure Hope is brought to justice.

Hope paces at home and tells herself that she can't just sit around waiting for Andre to make his next move as she's stronger than him and he won't take her down.

Nicole realizes she called Brady, Daniel but Brady tells her that she doesn't have to explain. Brady asks if she's jumping into business too soon but Nicole insists she needs to or she'll lose it with time on her hands. Brady questions if it's really what she wants after all that has happened since the accident.

Abigail comes downstairs in her wedding dress and tells Theresa that it's perfect. Jennifer comes in with a big smile and is thrilled to see Abigail in her dress, saying the style is perfect on her. Abigail asks if she's okay since she seems different compared to when they first got home.

Andre tells Chad that he never believed Stefano fled the country or sent them that text. Andre explains that he followed Hope and found out that she was spending a lot of time with Rafe so he kept an eye on him. Andre says he discovered Rafe keeping an eye on an abandoned warehouse scheduled for demolition. Andre informs Chad that he got in to the warehouse and looked around until he found Stefano's body. Chad asks if he's sure. Andre says of course and that the bandages came from being trapped in the building when it exploded. Chad says he was outside and saw that. Andre says he's lucky to be standing. Chad argues that Stefano being dead doesn't mean Hope did it. Andre questions that being all he can say about the death of his father. Chad brings up Stefano's list of enemies. Andre reveals Bo's gun and says it was used to kill Stefano. Chad argues that it doesn't mean anything. Andre goes over Rafe looking over a building with Stefano's body in it. Andre insists that they need to strike back. Chad doesn't trust Andre's word. Andre questions Chad not believing him. Andre states that it is their duty to avenge his death. Chad responds that killing is more Andre's style while he has Abigail and their child to think about. Andre declares that this family is his destiny. Chad tells him to forget it as what he's saying is insane and he wants no part of it.

Rafe brings coffee to the station. Theo comes in and asks Roman for Abe but he's not there. Theo says nobody else can help him and goes to leave but Lani stops him and offers to go get lunch so they can talk.

Kate says she doesn't really know if Deimos is really Victor's brother since he never mentioned him. Deimos says Victor had good reason to keep silent as he was in prison for being convicted of killing a woman. Deimos argues that Victor killed her but he spent 30 years behind bars for it. Deimos explains that the woman was Helena who was engaged to Victor. Kate guesses Deimos seduced her and Victor found out which he confirms. Kate realizes they weren't close. Deimos says they both grew up in the street while he was proud of it but Victor tried to cover that up. Kate asks if he's back to make Victor pay. Deimos says he hoped they could come to an understanding. Kate asks if he forgives him. Deimos responds that he wants to make things right. Kate questions where he got money after being in prison. Deimos asks why they are still talking about him. Deimos assures her that he has money and wants to discuss her future. Deimos insists that Kate will change her mind.

Andre shows Chad the ring that he took off Stefano's hand. Andre yells at Chad to think about it, insisting that Hope gunned down a helpless old man in a wheel chair. Andre feels that he sees anger in Chad's eyes. Chad calls it disgust and tells Andre once more to stay out of his life. Andre brings up the DiMera Mansion but Chad says he arranged to pay the taxes and take control of the house himself. Andre questions if he and Abigail will be living in the mansion. Chad confirms and says he wants Andre gone as soon as his name is on the deed. Chad tells Andre to take his revenge fantasies somewhere else. Andre warns that if Chad turns on him now, he's turning his back on his legacy which he won't be able to change. Andre then exits.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she lied down and now feels incredible. Jennifer continues praising the dress, adding that she had no idea Theresa could be so creative. Jennifer exits the room. Theresa asks Abigail if she's okay since she didn't seem like herself. Abigail says she's fine but had a lot of back pain since the accident. Theresa notices that Jennifer was put on meds. Abigail insists that she's doing better now. Theresa apologizes if she upset her. Theresa guesses Jennifer is taking opiates and encourages Abigail to find out if she's taking more than the daily dose. Abigail questions her but Theresa thinks Jennifer will listen to her. Theresa decides to go. Abigail asks if she can stay in the dress a little longer. Theresa says of course and hopes Jennifer feels better about the wedding since Abigail is marrying the man she loves.

Nicole tells Brady that she wants him part of the business as she would be lost without him to guide her. Nicole is sure Theresa says the same. Brady calls it not the same for her. Nicole admits that for her, he's keeping Daniel alive. Nicole apologizes if that makes him uncomfortable. Brady understands but it's still Daniel's heart which is probably why he's having these dreams. Nicole asks if he had any more. Brady says they are easing up. Nicole calls it weird for Brady to dream about thing he doesn't know. Brady calls it just a feeling that can't be true. Nicole asks if he talked to Fynn about Malibu. Brady says he didn't say much and nothing Daniel probably didn't already tell her. Nicole wants to know what Fynn said but Brady doesn't think it's a good idea. Brady calls it hard for them both.

Chad goes to Hope's and says he needs to talk to her. Hope tells him it's not a very good time but Chad says it's important and about Stefano. Hope asks what she can do for him. Chad says he talked to Andre and saw his terribly messed up face after the explosion in an abandoned building. Chad adds that Andre says he saw Stefano's body in the building. Hope laughs it off as Andre making it up. Chad brings up that Andre said Hope killed Stefano and that Rafe helped her cover it up so he thought she should know. Hope is glad he told her. Chad asks if it's true. Hope confirms that she saw Stefano the night he disappeared but says Andre is out of his mind. Chad exits so Hope then calls Rafe and asks him to come over immediately.

Deimos tells Kate that he invested his money before prison. Kate questions Deimos about his offer. Deimos likes the risk and says she fascinates him. Eduardo walks in and sees them together as Deimos asks Kate to consider going into business with him. Kate laughs and notes that he doesn't give up as Eduardo stares on.

Nicole apologizes for bugging Brady about his dreams. Brady asks her to stop beating herself up and holds her hand as Theresa walks in.

Chad enters the Horton living room and sees Abigail in her wedding dress. Chad is amazed but Abigail gets upset and covers up, reminding him that he's not supposed to see her in her dress. Chad tells her how beautiful she looks so she hugs him.

Deimos tells Kate to let him know what she decides as he exits. Eduardo asks Kate what she has to decide. Kate responds that it's whether or not to take a loan from Deimos to buy out Nicole and Theresa. Eduardo apologizes for not being able to help since long term investments are not his style. Kate asks what his style is since she hardly knows him. Kate talks about being intrigued by him but now she's thinking he's hiding something. Eduardo responds that everyone has something to hide but Kate says not her anymore. Kate declares she's been with far too many men like him. Eduardo asks if this is about him not inviting her in yesterday. Kate says she's in a new place in her life so she wants to know exactly who she's dealing with. Eduardo is sorry she feels that way. Kate asks if he's not going to change then. Eduardo says probably not. Kate takes that as they have nothing else to talk about so Eduardo exits.

Theresa greets Brady and Nicole, apologizing for keeping them waiting for their meeting about the company. Nicole says she was just showing Brady the financials she came up with and he thought they looked good. Nicole wants Theresa to look them over too. Theresa asks if they have talked to Kate but neither have. Theresa says that worries her a little bit since if Kate doesn't buy them out, their whole plan could go up in smoke.

Roman tells JJ and Shawn that they are going to be tailing a new guy in town who just got out of prison and is on the Interpol watch list, it's Deimos Kiriakis.

Deimos looks over his photos of Victor, Maggie, Caroline, and Phillip until there's a knock at his door and Kate arrives. Deimos notes it didn't take long. Kate tells him that she appreciates the offer but is going to have to pass. Deimos asks why. Kate calls it something she wants to do on her own with no silent partners. Deimos says good for her as he's impressed.

Rafe goes to Hope's. Hope worries that Andre must have been following him and saw Stefano's body. Rafe asks about Chad's reaction. Hope says Chad thought Andre was insane. Rafe says the rest of the world does too and that Andre has nothing so he'll fold if they just ride it out. Hope asks what if she can't do that.

Kate joins Theresa, Nicole, and Brady with the money she promised. Kate says it was a quick ride and asks what they are going to do with the money. Theresa tells her that they will be starting their own company, a clothing line with Theresa's designs. Kate wishes them luck and exits. Theresa and Nicole celebrate while Brady calls for a toast. Brady says he knows it will work and tells Nicole that she will be great.

Rafe assures Hope that she doesn't need to worry as he will take care of it if she just leaves it to him. Hope gets a call from Andre, who plays classical music into the phone from the DiMera Mansion. Hope puts it on speaker for Rafe to hear then hangs up and declares so much for Andre folding.

Theresa, Brady, and Nicole toast to DJ Designs. Brady feels light headed so Theresa convinces him to go lay down. Brady congratulates them and heads for the bed. Nicole decides she should go and tells Theresa that she's really glad they are doing this. Nicole exits.

Chad tells Abigail about Andre being in his hotel room and how he claims that he found Stefano's body in a warehouse. Chad tells her about Andre's face after the building explosion and how he wants him to help avenge Stefano's murder. Chad suggests they take Thomas and leave for awhile. Abigail asks where they would go. Chad suggests getting married in Paris.

Brady sleeps and has his recurring dream about the Malibu beach with the same song playing. He sees a woman and wakes up again at that moment. Brady wonders who the hell she is.

Shawn asks Roman if Deimos has been a problem. Roman says they don't know yet but at least they don't have to keep tabs on Stefano anymore since he apparently disappeared. Roman hopes that Stefano is gone for good.

Rafe goes to the DiMera Mansion to confront Andre and questions what he thinks he's doing. Andre comments on his face. Rafe says he got what he deserved and warns him to stay away from Hope.

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